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Comment from: David McIntosh [Visitor] Email
Regarding Mickelsons so called "blow up" on Sunday. Ok, he sprayed his driver about, and lets hope he does at Carnoustie. The man is a genious with the wedge and his discovery shots cannot be matched by anybody. Well Mr Ballesteros in his hay-day was as good or maybe better and we all enjoyed watching him play didn't we? Would you prefer to watch one of the golfing robots play or Mick? As regarding Harmon saying "we have sorted out the problems for The Open", hes hardly going to say negative remarks is he? Its easy to slag off people sitting behind a desk.
2007-07-16 @ 06:39
Comment from: Dan [Visitor] Email
Morgan choked at the Jamie Farr Classic with a 2 shot lead.
Why hadn't anyone on travelgolf wrote a story about that yet?

How about that pull hook into the trees on 18, even if ESPN decided to pull the plug on it.
And how about when she punched it out, and hit her 3rd shot a mile to the right to have it kicked out by the crowd, but she still couldn't get it up and down for par.

If Lefty deserves a story so does Morgan. It just proves that Morgan couldn't win when she was in a pressure situation. The only time she won was when she had it handed to her.
2007-07-16 @ 08:03
Comment from: Fine line [Visitor] Email
Dan you sound like a limp wristed Wie fan trying desperately to put down Pressel while you're heroine's career crumbles before it even began.

It must kill Wie fans to know that Pressel has not only become the far superior player(not only did she win first, but a major no less), but that she seems to have shed that pudgy girl image and now even looks better than Wie(when the last time you even saw her smile).

So she came up a little short against Se Ri, at least she was in contention, something Michelle need not worry about these days. Pressel closed with a 69, somewhere Michelle Wie is sitting on a couch eating cheetos musing about what a fine line it is between a 69 and an 82.
2007-07-16 @ 09:16
Comment from: Get over it [Visitor] Email
"but she still couldn't get it up and down for par."

Ironic coming from an obvious Wie fan, considering this sounds like a description of every time Wie was in contention. I forgive you for not remembering, however as those days seem like so long ago.

Dan--Are you really a man or a high school girl, still not over the "mean" comments Pressel made about Wie all those years ago?
2007-07-16 @ 09:30
Comment from: Booger [Visitor] Email
David McIntosh is right. Who wants to
watch a bunch of golf-bots with no style?
Look at old film of Arnie - he'd be savaged
as a lucky hacker by the press today.

Mickelson's ability to self-destruct makes
him more compelling, and more fun to pull
for. In other words, he is a professional
version of ourselves. We blow up on the
course, so why should we savage Phil when
he does? Bad luck and golf are star crossed
2007-07-16 @ 11:12
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Fine Line and Get Over It, you two are IDIOTS!!! How can you read anything into what Dan wrote regarding MW? You both seem obsessed with her, whereas Dan was merely making an observation. What if it had been Creamer, or Kim (pick any one you like) or any other, non-Hawaiian golfer? Would you still have gone Wie-co on Dan. Therapy time, boys.
2007-07-17 @ 15:22
Comment from: Fine Line [Visitor] Email
RonMon--You look like a hook-nosed weasel and you're blog sucks. How's that for an observation?
2007-07-18 @ 12:14

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