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Rory Sabbatini threw his sister from a golf cart, now it's time to throw down vs. Tiger Woods in FedEx Cup

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Rory Sabbatini is three shots back of the lead at the second FedEx Cup tournament after a morning 68 in Boston. He currently is looking up at leaders Ryan Moore, who eagled 18, and Mike Weir, who apparently just remembered he still plays golf. Like ev… more »

Yao Ming and Ichiro know: Mocking K.J. Choi's English at FedEx Cup shameful and inaccurate

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HARRISON, N.Y. (Aug. 27, 2007) No one enjoys a good tweak of the largely pampered millionaires in pro golf more than myself. But taking shots at PGA Tour player K.J. Choi's English as some did - including's own PGA Punter who's blog and sta… more »

Steve Stricker can never wear Tiger Woods' nipple shirt, but he can lead him in FedEx Cup

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HARRISON, N.Y. (Aug. 26, 2007) - You'll never catch Steve Stricker in one of those Tiger Woods nipple shirts. But now Tiger will have to catch him in the FedEx Cup standings. Stricker won the first Cup playoff tournament with Tiger nowhere in the stat… more »

Mickelson & Els make early moves in FedEx Cup Barclays, but this is Sabbatini's trophy

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HARRISON, N.Y. (Aug 26, 2007) - Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els excited the crowd early in the final round of the FedEx Cup's first event. There was Mickleson, having vowed to play like the old go-for-everything, brains-be-damned Phil, birdieing the fir… more »

Ernie Els shows he's the most exciting golfer not named Tiger again in FedEx Cup

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HARRISON, N.Y. (Aug. 25, 2007) - Steve Stricker leads the first ever FedEx Cup tournament heading into the final round of The Barclays. Hunter Mahan tied the course record at Westchester Country Club with a 9-under 62. But the most exciting golfer in the… more »

Tiger Woods skips FedEx Cup, but comes to New York to promote his new EA Sports video game

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HARRISON, N.Y. (Aug 25, 2007) - Tiger Woods decided not to come to the New York area for the first tournament in PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem's endlessly promoted FedEx Cup. But he will be in the city to promote his own video game Tiger Woods PGA To… more »

Impossible not to call FedEx Cup a success after two rounds of Barclays

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HARRISON, N.Y. (Aug. 24, 2007) - Is the FedEx Cup destined to never live up to golf's majors? Of course. Does PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem need to put in a rule eliminating no-show stars like Tiger Woods from the playoffs? Absolutely. Is the $10 mil… more »

Vijay Singh misses cut in first FedEx Cup tourney, continuing to show why he's done

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HARRISON, N.Y. - Vijay Singh sat in the Westchester Country Club locker room, staring straight ahead. The 44-year-old Singh who talked before the first FedEx Cup playoffs started about contending for major events until the age of 50 was looking at his ne… more »

Rich Beem, still the Jerry Seinfeld of PGA Tour, the perfect FedEx Cup Cinderella

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HARRISON, N.Y. (Aug. 24, 2007) - A number of things have gone wrong with PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem's first FedEx Cup. One thing that could not be working out better is Rich Beem's emergence as the playoffs Cinderella at Westchester Country Club.… more »

Barclays leader Rory Sabbatini: Ernie Els is just as cocky as me

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HARRISON, N.Y. (Aug. 23, 2007) - Rory Sabbatini fired a first-round 63 to take the lead in The Barclays, the first of the four FedEx Cup tournaments and he fired at the absent Tiger Woods again, completely dismissing Tiger's "fatigue" claim. In other wor… more »

Jeff Maggert touts's Skip a tourney, you're eliminated Tiger FedEx Cup plan

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HARRISON, N.Y. (Aug. 23, 2007) - PGA Tour veteran Jeff Maggert is either a religious reader of Or he's a rare genius among professional golfers. This afternoon at Westchester Country Club, Maggert argued for the same plan that yours tru… more »

Vijah Singh shows why his No. 2 ranking in FedEx Cup is ridiculous

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HARRISON, N.Y. (Aug. 23, 2007) - Anyone who's really followed golf this year knows that the idea of Vijah Singh being the No. 2 player in the world makes as much sense as High School Musical 2 winning an Oscar. Singh isn't even one of the 10 best players… more »

Great thing about FedEx Cup: Singh, Micklelson, Furyk pairing in The Barclays

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HARRISON, N.Y. (Aug. 23, 2007) - The only thing that's an easier target in sports right now than The FedEx Cup is Michael Vick. In fact, PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem's playoff baby has gotten such a bad rap that you half expect PETA to show up at th… more »

New York mayor/presidential maybe Michael Bloomberg goes sandbagger in FedEx Cup pro-am

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HARRISON, N.Y. (Aug 22, 2007) - A lot of people are dubious about New York mayor billionaire Michael Bloomberg's claims that he isn't interested in running for president. It turns out that they should be dubious about his golf game. Or at least his handi… more »

Breaking news: Phil Mickelson may go Tiger and not play entire FedEx Cup either

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HARRISON, N.Y. (Aug. 22, 2007) - With every top golfer but Tiger Woods playing in the FedEx Cup playoff's first tournament, The Barclays, everyone's assumed that the rest of the playoffs will have all the top players and Woods. Not so fast, Phil Micke… more »
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