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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Rather than weep for the children of Buffalo, we all should hold hands and weep for at least one adult of Las Vegas. Sadly for Baldwin, he is unable to discern that women and men can share tee decks. Or, do they have gun-toting marshals on duty in your land, forcing women to play one and only one tee deck? Funny, but here in the land of the free, women can golf their balls wherever they wish (will be posted on a Baldwin blog, too, in case he forgets to check.)
2007-08-26 @ 00:04
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor] Email
Tiger's mantra..."show me the money."
2007-08-26 @ 19:33
Comment from: jshuler [Visitor] Email
Tiger and the PGA help each other out. The PGA definitely have shown that they do not care about Tiger's ability to play 4 tournaments in a row at the high level (right after he has played two back to back tournaments, one of which was a major in hellish conditions) that he does. They are grousing that the guy who makes their entire league tick needs a break, but they are unwilling to address his needs. I think the PGA sucks off of Tiger, and I commend him for not buckling under their pressure and playing when he knows he is not full steam.

I am surprised that any golfer would think that playing six golf tournaments in seven weeks as the primary focus of every media attention, is comparable to jetting to NY for a promo tour. Of course it's a different mentality and obviously a nice break in the pressure Tiger is under when playing.

Tiger benefits from the PGA, and I believe he is very sensitive to playing as many tournaments as he feels he can play on a competitive level. The PGA, as acknowledged this week by their pouting, is extremely dependent on Tiger for their high ratings and purses. I think the PGA should show a little appreciation to Tiger by fixing this foolish FedEx Championship where it's at least a few weeks from the last major. I'm sure Tiger is not the only top player who would appreciate this.

And one more obvious point - Tiger has a new daughter that he has had very little time to relax with. To show no sensitivity to the guy who is one of the major forces in making golf relevant these day, is very small hearted.

Sure the PGA can change the rules and require the players to make every tournament in the championship, but I think they know that Tiger would just bow out, and then they really would be in a pickle.
2007-08-26 @ 20:24
Comment from: Rick [Visitor] Email
If they changed the rules so that anyone who doesn't play every event would be summarily eliminated, then Tiger would already be out this year.

And then the "Champion" would be someone else. How would that make the Cup look?
2007-08-27 @ 09:52
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Who do the comments from RONMON make no sense?? They are USUALLY at least a teeny bit comprehensible (like his posts)....but these boggle the mind!
2007-09-05 @ 13:55

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