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Tiger Woods shoots down bad team player rap in dull Presidents Cup

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Guess those Tiger critics will have to whine about his swearing. Or maybe bring up rumors about his supposed tipping habits. There's really nothing else left now. Tiger is shooting down that rap about him being a bad team player in the U.S.'s Presiden… more »

Woody Austin, golf's Will Ferrell, makes Presidents Cup worthwhile with lake fall

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The difference between Woody Austin and Will Ferrell is that Austin doesn't know he's a jackass while Ferrell relishes it. It doesn't matter though. Austin still manages to entertain by making a fool out of himself - without even trying. The latest an… more »

Jack Nicklaus already laughing at pathetic International team at Presidents Cup

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Jack Nicklaus must think he's playing the New York Mets in late September or going against a squad coached by U.S. Women's Soccer goalie-switching genius Greg Ryan. In other words, Nicklaus has to believe he's facing something truly pathetic that only de… more »

A PGA Tour drug testing policy without known penalties: That's pure Tim Finchem

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PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem is like a parent whose kids laugh at him because he promises to punish them when they throw food on the floor and never does. He conducts himself with all the real authority of a Iraqi government official. Finchem's l… more »

Absurd new saggy pants law craze could carry over to Tiger Woods' mock turtlenecks

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America often now seems to be all about passing as many laws as possible to restrict individual choice and put as many people as possible into the jail system. So it's no surprise that several cities across the country are proud of their new so-called sa… more »

O.J. Simpson's Las Vegas robbery defense: I hang out with golfers, who can golfers scare

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If you think O.J. Simpson pulled off the ultimate legal wrangling move with the Johnnie Cochran stylized "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" straining to put on the gloves show more than a decade ago, you're not giving the Juice enough credit. It appear… more »

Cleveland restaurant Sans Souci better than Notre Dame ditz Brady Quinn will ever be

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Cleveland is no longer the Mistake by the Lake. Unless it comes to football. The Browns are still like the Titanic sunk in the lake. Under a whale. With diarrhea. But some of Ohio's golf is surprisingly good, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame can be in… more »

Tiger Woods sprint to 60 wins amazing with or without FedEx Cup

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Just six days after Phil Mickelson gave the FedEx Cup some short-lived thrills by taming Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer in history reminded everyone just how wide the margin really is. With his final round 63 Sunday in Chicago, Tiger wrapped his arms a… more »

Southwest Airlines threatens to kick off passenger because mini skirt too short: The lowest moment in aviation history

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Southwest Airlines, the carrier that perfected making air travel feel like bus travel before everyone else with its scramble-for-your-seat policy, is at it again. SWA's latest cutting edge innovation is threatening to kick off a passenger who was minding… more »

Not news to readers that honest Phil Mickelson going FedEx Cup skipping, a la Tiger

4 feedbacks » first reported that Phil Mickelson would probably skip one of the next two FedEx Cup tournaments back on Aug. 22 from The Barclays. So Mickelson's confirmation today that he is opting out of this week's third playoff leg in Chicago is no gr… more »

Butch Harmon's Tiger tips allows Phil Mickelson to win FedEx Cup Deutsche

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You're not supposed to be able to beat Tiger Woods playing in his group. You're certainly not supposed to be able to psyche him out. But there was Phil Mickelson throwing up a 66 in the final round of the FedEx Cup's second tournament, the Deutsche. P… more »
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