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Sounds like Japan Casio Open turned down Michelle Wie, not other way around

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The mainstream golf press has managed to miss an important development in Michelle Wie's career saga. While it's been widely reported that Wie will not be playing in Japan's Casio Open this year, the strong words of the tournament sponsor spokesman se… more »

John Daly off to a bad start as a golf course designer

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John Daly is off to the kind of start as a golf course designer that the Colorado Rockies enjoyed in the World Series. That's no start. Daly, who's wasted more talent than any athlete since Mickey Mantle, is already on his fourth "Signature" design in… more »

Palm Springs golf unaffected by California fires

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Palm Springs has always been something of its own world. Even though it's only an hour and 45 minutes from Los Angeles and two hours and 15 minutes from San Diego, it's as different in vibe from those places as Rush Limbaugh is from Al Franken.That's… more »

Enough with Phil Mickelson as symbol for California fires

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Phil Mickelson is one of the great self promoters in the history of modern sports. He's almost as good as Derek Jeter, who's turned so-so stats and some supposed winning mumbo jumbo into ridiculously over-the-top praise and a contract way out of whack fo… more »

Mike Weir actually wins one: It's O Canada in Scottsdale bars!

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There aren't that many tourists in Scottsdale right now. But the ones who are in Arizona's top party town early tend to be Canadians. Probably because they know their country usually turns into one big block of ice around October 1st. It couldn't have… more »

Scottsdale's Grayhawk actually better than it looks on TV for Fry's

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This isn't a great time to be playing golf in the Phoenix-Scottsdale resort corridor. Many courses are closed for overseeding. Others are just coming out of it and not looking their best yet. Everyone's pretty much still dealing with the aftereffects of… more »

Scottsdale restaurant Vu loses chef luster, San Diego golf resort nets big gain

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Vu became one of the most pretentious restaurants in all of Scottsdale after it racked up well-deserved praise from big-time restaurant critics and regular good food lovers like myself (it's hard for a man to call himself a "Foodie" and look in the mirro… more »

Michelle Wie only wishes she could be washed up John Daly in Vegas at Open

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Michelle Wie only wishes she could be John Daly in Las Vegas for a non-headline tournament like the Open.Not the Daly in his prime with major hardware on his shelf. Don't be ridiculous. No, right now Wie would settle for being women's golf's… more » Open shows TPC Canyons actually a better course than private TPC Summerlin

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People tend to romanticize the course they cannot play over the course they can. It's just golfers' nature. The Open in Las Vegas is proving why that's often wrong and foolhardy. For TPC Canyons - the high-end public course used in the Frys -… more »

Watch PGA Tour players in Las Vegas for less than a $5.99 steak at Open

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Las Vegas isn't as ridiculously cheap as it used to be. You can still find those $5.99 steak & egg dinner specials, but you have to search them out. And sometimes go off The Strip to Fremont Street. Still in the land where everyone wants to live t… more »

Are most golfers really as nasty as Tim McDonald makes them sound?

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I once called up National Golf Editor Tim McDonald at his home and found myself talking to a guy who sounded like he hadn't been above the Mason-Dixon line in about 40 years. This guy made Elmer Fudd seem like a city slicker. I think he to… more »

Annika Sorenstam does the right thing unlike Michelle Wie, turns down Samsung exemption

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Annika Sorenstam is showing the class that Michelle Wie will apparently never have, turning down a special exemption to play in the Samsung World Championship. This is the exclusive 20-golfer field tournament, the one that was supposed to be limited to m… more »

San Diego Padres completely robbed of baseball playoffs by sham umpiring: A golf destination done wrong

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Ah, the first day of the major league baseball playoffs - the time when golf clubhouses mercifully switch off the infomercials and European Tour replays of the Golf Channel and put on actual live sports. Baseball's playoffs also give golfers even more of… more »

Does Canada realize how embarrassing its ridiculous delight in Mike Weir over Tiger Woods is?

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Canadians are funny. Not always intentionally either. Still, you'd think even people who love hockey (which automatically drops your IQ at least 50 points) would understand how embarrassing this frenzy over Mike Weir beating Tiger Woods in a glorified ex… more »
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