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Maui's best twilight golf deals are Kapalua's Plantation & Bay courses by far

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Generally, Maui golf is expensive. Not especially so given the greens fees in other West Coast meccas like Scottsdale and Las Vegas. And not at Cabo's high-end luxury level where fees seem to start at $250 and negotiate up in the Mexican coast's successf… more »

When the sea's a mad drunk, think twice about that Lanai to Maui ferry ride

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When the shuttle bus driver picking me up at the Four Seasons Lodge at Koele simply laughed and pointed at the big dark clouds when I told him I was taking the ferry to Maui, I probably should have taken the hint. By the time the construction workers who… more »

Aloha means you're an ass: A Hawaii native tip

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The quickest way to out yourself as a dorky tourist in Hawaii is to go around saying, "Aloha" to everyone. This works better than one of those fanny packs.And you don't necessarily want a bunch of people happily screaming "Aloha" to you either.Th… more »

Hawaii is even more beautiful than you heard

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Like many people planning their first trip to Hawaii, I'd heard endless stories on how picturesque everything is. Which usually triggered a shrug or a polite nod on my part. If you're in the travel writing business, you should look at over-the-top PR cla… more »

How low can Wayne Gretzky go? Nationwide Tour host beneath Great One & so not Timberlake

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If you've spent much time in Phoenix, you have an idea of what a precipitous plunge Wayne Gretzky's career has taken recently. His record as Coyotes coach is well under .500 and maybe worse yet, his team is one of the least interesting in a league that a… more »

Raven at Verrado a unique Thanksgiving golf option in greater Phoenix-Scottsdale

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Some people like to gorge on golf along with that turkey on Thanksgiving. If you find yourself in the Phoenix-Scottsdale resort corridor, one of the most enjoyable ways to do is to drive out to Raven Golf Club at Verrado.This golf course is a little… more »

Not to go Michael Vick, but yapping chihuahua dogs should be banned from golf course homes

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No one's endorsing Michael Vick here, but someone needs to take a stand and ban little yapping dogs - mainly chihuahuas - from golf course homes. Or better yet, ban their owners. In the past, I've went into how golfers should feel free to fire at home… more »

Impossible to overestimate the impact of Justin Timberlake as new host of Las Vegas' PGA tournament

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The only thing bigger for Las Vegas' often disregarded PGA tournament than the news that pop star Justin Timberlake has signed a five-year deal to be the event's host would be if Tiger Woods put his name on a 10-year binding contract to play in it. Do… more »

Golf courses charging extra on Veterans Day a disgrace

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Like many Americans, I spent Veterans Day golfing. Unlike most I was working - and if you saw my swing - you'd realize it definitely qualifies as work - but it's still great to see so many golfers out having a good time. Until, you realize that many o… more »

Just reopened, renovated Pelican Hill brings wow power with South Course's back nine stretch

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Such fussy care has been put into the details at the renovated, just reopened Pelican Hill Golf Club - from using shrub that will never grow taller than three feet to insure those ocean views are never again obscured, to carts with seats so plushy green… more »

Florida's PGA National Champion gets better again in Tiger Woods hunt

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PGA National's Champion Course is the host of one of those tournaments (the Honda Classic) that's desperately trying to woo Tiger Woods. Tournament officials believe they have a real chance because PGA National is in Palm Beach Gardens, close to Tiger's… more »

British Columbia resort Predator Ridge gets GM gem in Whistler steal

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Most golf pros and general managers are unremarkable to mediocre. That's the way it is in almost every profession - golf writers included.Unfortunately, you tend to remember the truly bad ones most too - the pro who puts his own game ahead of his cus… more »

Simply select where you want to play, find a tee time deal, and golf now!

Dates: November 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017
Just 12 miles from Jacksonville, Fla., and 20 miles north of historic St. Augustine, TPC Sawgrass offers two championship golf courses that are open for the public to enjoy – THE PLAYERS Stadium Course, Home of THE PLAYERS Championship, and Dye’s Valley Course, host of the Tour Championship.
Price range: $393