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Comment from: James Smith [Visitor] Email
If you are going to write a review about a resort that some people spend their whole lives dreaming about at least get your facts straight. Here is what Mr. Baldwin left out:

He fails to mention to readers that the $65 and $35 rates at 3:30 are for NINE HOLES only. Moreover, he fails to note that Bay Course has a par 4 right on the ocean, and a par 3 over the ocean.

Lastly, the name of the tournament played each January is the Mercedes-Benz Championship. Beginnig in Oct. 2008 the Bay Course will host a full field LPGA golf tournament, The Kapalua LPGA Classic.
2007-12-06 @ 22:21
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
Sorry James. No one's kicking you off after nine on either course if you pay the twilight rate (except for the few more days when there's only nine open on Bay). As long as you get that cart back before 6 p.m., you play as long as you can.

And the Bay Course still isn't close to being the equal of the Plantation. I didn't say it was bad. It's still not close to the Plantation. And almost every big name course in Maui, except perhaps Dunes by the airport, has ocean holes. The difference in course conditions between the two isn't even close either.

Plantation's in great shape, probably the best shape of any course in Maui, right now. Bay needs some work.

For full stories on both, stay tuned to WorldGolf.com in the coming weeks.

Lastly, everyone calls it the Mercedes or the Mercedes Championship. Only sponsors care if the Benz is worked in.

2007-12-07 @ 01:11
Comment from: hugh gentry [Visitor] Email
Regarding your reply to James:
It is true that you can play until dark
(up to 18 holes)if you pony up the extra
$35 for another 9. Otherwise, rest assured
that you will be removed from the course
after your 9 holes.
Also many people prefer the Bay due to its
friendly playability and ocean holes (of which
the plantation has zero).
As for the "Benz" in the tournament title,
it seems to me that as a journalist you'd
be interested in providing accurate information
to your readers.
2007-12-07 @ 14:07

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