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Lorena Ochoa should be embarrassed by pathetic competition for Female Athlete of the Year

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The golf media has dutifully reported how Lorena Ochoa's won various Female Athlete of the Year awards - Associated Press, the Kiwanis Club, Sports Institute of the Obvious, etc, etc ... The stories all make it sound like this is some great accomplish… more »

Wright's at Arizona Biltmore stands out as Phoenix's holiday version of Tavern on the Green

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Everyone knows that if you're looking for a special holiday season restaurant meal in New York City, Tavern on the Green is the place. The food's not great (especially for New York) but there's no way to match the celebratory season atmosphere. It's the… more »

Sure Rory Sabbatini pulled a near Wie weasel withdrawal, but Tiger Woods needs to fight his own battles

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Yes, it's true that Rory Sabbatini pulled off a withdrawal from one of Tiger Woods' tournaments (how long before every PGA Tour event has Tiger in its name?) last weekend that was almost Team Wie-like in its gutless guile. Though in fairness to Sabbatini… more »

Newly engaged Greg Norman deserves credit for staying in his age bracket with Chris Evert

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Greg Norman is taking some criticism for his engagement to former tennis star Chris Evert. OK, some of its understandable. (Norman's ex-wife - a former flight attendant - lashed out in an interview with the London Sunday Telegraph that only makes her loo… more »

Welcoming drinks a great new hotel trend, but Hawaii needs the Cabo kick

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Hotels are doing a lot of things these days to try and differentiate themselves. You haven't lived (OK, died a slow death while still breathing) until you've heard a Westin hotel rep explain their new lobby scent program in detail (love the Westin beds,… more »

It's time for Tiger Woods to follow Oprah into Presidential politics

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With Oprah throwing her weight behind Barack Obama, Will Smith practically declaring he's willing to endorse any one who will have him, and Sean Penn going ... well, crazy Sean Penn, there's only one thing missing from this presidential race. Tiger Wo… more »

Save the golf for the rainy days on that dream Hawaii trip

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Tim Hurja of Hawaii Golf Central - a golf and hotel packaging service for the islands - tells me that unlike with other destinations he books, a majority of Hawaii vacationers who call him aren't just looking for a golf trip. In Hawaii, golf is just one… more »

Eat cheap on that Hawaii golf trip: It's no Scottsdale or Las Vegas

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One of the joys of that splurge golf trip is a blowout meal or three that you'll remember almost as long as the courses. In Hawaii, it's best not to spend too much time looking for those great meals. You're better off concentrating on everything else tha… more »

Island hop on that first Hawaii trip: A Kauai regret

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While planning my first Hawaii trip, I received tons of advice from people who'd been there before. Mention you're going to Hawaii and you get more unsolicited opinions than Hillary in a Iowa coffee shop. Much of the counsel centered on whether to isl… more »
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