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The great Phoenix-Scottsdale Super Bowl myth: Locals will rent their houses & condos out for big bucks

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One of the great myths of this Phoenix-Scottsdale Super Bowl - and probably every Super Bowl - is the buzz about locals being able to rent out their homes or golf condos for major cash during the week. You couldn't pick up the Arizona Republic in the… more »

PGA Learning Center in Port St. Lucie the only fun practice center anywhere: As Johan Santana will find out

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Golf Range Magazine - not to be confused with Soccer Practice Fields International - just named the PGA Learning Center one of the Top 100 golf ranges in America. Sorry, Golf Range, but the list both starts and ends with the PGA Learning Center. It… more »

A helping hand in the Bahamas shows side of islands not as grating as Patriots' overblown greatest-ever farce claim

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I don't know if the Bahamas should be encouraged that it has a few defenders or if it should be discouraged that it has so many less defenders than the New England Patriots - in response to's Willie K. Wolfrum writing a largely admittedly f… more »

Greg Norman does the right thing by keeping slave ruins at new Blue Skark Golf Club in the Bahamas

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Spend any time in the Bahamas and you'll quickly come to the conclusion that the only thing holy here is the U.S. dollar. Though, if you think about it, it's refreshing that at least one country still worships our falling currency. Still, this is a la… more »

Sean Connery - the "real" James Bond - finally turns into a wimp over Bahamas golf

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I always thought Sean Connery was a tough guy, the rare soul who managed to stay cool as his hair turned gray. I thought Connery stood out as several generations' version of a man's man, the gruff confident character you didn't want to mess with.Now,… more »

Self adjustable golf clubs at PGA Show are annoying from any distance

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I'm not even at the PGA Show in Orlando like's version of Jack Lemmon (out cold by 8 p.m. every night, Tim McDonald) and Walter Matthau (can't find anything better to do at 9:45 p.m. on Friday night in a party town than stare wistfully at h… more »

Lynch laugh aside, Nick Faldo shows at Bob Hope why he's now golf's most entertaining color commentator

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Nick Faldo probably wishes he could have back that laugh he let out at Kelly Tilghman's inexplicable - and still pretty much unexplained by her - lynch Tiger Woods line. And if he doesn't, he should. For most TV talking heads, you could brush it off as s… more »

Bob Hope a bad PGA tournament on great Palm Springs area courses like Classic Club & SilverRock

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The Bob Hope Chyrsler Classic - the first PGA event of the season in the continental U.S. - has turned into a bad tournament pretty quickly. Only a few years ago, you could find both Phil Mickelson and Justin Timberlake out in the California desert. T… more »

Can't blame Cabo or Jessica Simpson for Cowboys QB Tony Romo being ultimate choker: Think again America's most pathetic fans

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Cabo - one of the great luxury golf destinations on the planet - has been taking a lot of flak lately. All because Dallas Cowboys quarterback/starlet boytoy Tony Romo spent an excused break there with Jessica Simpson before choking away another playoff g… more »

Linking Duke to Kelly Tilghman's "lynch" Tiger Woods' comments grossly unfair

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I enjoy a good natured rip of the self-righteous bluebloods at Duke as much as the next guy. Mostly because the most famous Dukie is Sports Ultimate Faker himself - Mike Krzyzewski, the coach who preaches family and fair play and spends his time screamin… more »

Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman owes her career to Tiger Woods for accepting apology

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Everything would have turned out a lot different for the Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman if Tiger Woods hadn't taken it upon himself to try and make her "lynch" remarks go away. Tilghman has to know that. She has to know that being a friend of Tiger's,… more »

Rory Sabbatini goes baby man with media boycott at Hawaii's Mercedes Championship

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Rory Sabbatini straddles the fine line between being the most compelling golfer in the world not named Tiger Woods and being a punk. Well, Sabbatini went and took another dip into punkhood at the PGA Tour's season-opening Mercedes-Benz Championship by… more »

Tiger Woods sits courtside at NBA game on eve of PGA Tour season: Take that Finchem?

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Tiger Woods spent his Wednesday night watching an Orlando Magic-New Jersey Nets game courtside in Mickey Mouse country. While the PGA Tour was preparing to kick off its 2008 season in Hawaii several time zones away. What's wrong with this picture?… more »

Boo Weekley tries to prove he's dumber than John Daly, but fails

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Boo Weekley made a heck of an attempt. Really, he did. The character from the Florida boondocks who infamously talked about wind that could "make your butt hole pucker up" once on the Jim Rome show walked through an airport x-ray machine with two bullets… more »
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