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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Beyond fairness, it's calumny, lible, and the list goes on. Johnson deserves to spend some time 'neath the axles for his lurid attempt at salubrious commentary. Whoa, the room is spinning...
2008-01-12 @ 11:03
Comment from: Jim Kennedy [Visitor] Email
I fully agree with your comment about Tilghman, insofar as it has nothing to do with Duke University. She's a big girl and said what she said. I won't even defend it, even though her words may have been innocent enough in context.

What I do take issue with is your calumny toward Coach K. You may not like him, but it is unclear why. You cite no persuasive evidence. You think he's a hypocrite because he preached family and is hard on his players? Have you ever asked a player how he feels about Coach K's coaching? Try a former player -- say Grant Hill. You think he curses at refs? Not clear. I've watched anumber of games over the years and it is very rare that the refs pay him any attention. Certainly no more than any other coach. The myth that Duke gets all the calls is just that, a myth.

And point out a beat writer that he has ever tried to intimidate. Can't do it, can you. Why don't you ask someone like Al Featherston who actually knows. And the commercial? Do you know what he did with the money? Before you turn that into a negative, you might want to check.
Finally, as far as supporting the lacrosse coach, there are a number of reasons why he would/could not do it. First, he was in no better position to know the underlying facts as anyone else; second, how do you know he didn't. Conversations with the university president or the AD (a close friend of K) are not likely to make it into the public forums.

You're certainly entitled to your opinion. But please be certain you aren't being motivated by envy of K's success or colored by some other bias.

Sticking to golf might be a good thing. You seem to know something about it. Can't say the same about your knowledge of what makes Hall of Fame/Olympic basketball coaches tick.
2008-01-13 @ 04:06

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