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Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
If nothing is done, Tiger ought to threaten to base his play on the Euro Tour and limit his play in the States to as much as Seve used to. Think THAT would get Finchem's attention?
2008-03-05 @ 09:08
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
As the rules state "If the player unduly delays play...." why does the whole group have to be put on the clock? If the LPGA can penalise an individual, why can't the PGA?
2008-03-05 @ 10:41
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Wendy, there you go expecting a blog of BaldOnes to contain facts! Silly girl, he's not one to let little things like facts get in the way of a blazing blog! ;)

"If you can't play well, play FAST". Learned that when I was a kid on public courses. I think we need to re-teach that philosophy.
2008-03-06 @ 13:17
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
I do not know the "facts" to which you refer, BV, but this topic is of interest to most golfers. Putting the group on the clock appears to me a convention or agreement rather than part of the strict rules of golf, but I am happy to be put right on this. Hence my post was a genuine question, and in no way implied any criticism of CB's blog. BTW we have all put forward suggestions about dealing with the slow play of the group ahead of us - but how do we amateurs deal with the slow play of a member of our own group or playing partners? I have my own methods of course.
2008-03-06 @ 14:31
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
I like to roll my tee ball up behind them as they're hitting their 2nd shots. That usually lets them know that their snail's-pace could be life-threatening. Works every time.
2008-03-07 @ 09:42
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
If someone in your own group is slowplaying, just TELL them you think they are taking too long. That's MY way of dealing with it Wendy...just being upfront about my perception that their play is gonna turn a 4.5 hour round into a 6 hour round.

And Wendy - I really wasn't concerned about your original post. I was merely using it as a springboard to take a shot at the old Bal One. Didn't intend any disrespect, ma'am!
2008-03-07 @ 14:27
Comment from: IntelliTurf [Visitor] Email
Name a great golfer with a slow play problem? The greats know they need to be free and athletic and not frozen over the ball. Pick a club and hit it.
2008-03-07 @ 22:20

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