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Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email
Head butting and rolling around on a golf course?

"The Price is wrong, Bob!"
2008-06-14 @ 18:35
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]
You couldn't be more wrong Chris Baldwin. Every single day this week you've written crap about Adam Scott-related things. This just made me want to yell and scream out loud. The fans were DRUNK for goodness sake - yelling abuse and heckling Adam and Tony. Now put your shoes in one of them and how would you react? Tony was being protective and had every right to confront the guy. Your out of your mind Baldwin.
2008-06-14 @ 19:00
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
Hey, Anonymous - big surprise you wanted to be anonymous too - professional athletes get things yelled at them all the time. Being able to take it is part of being a pro. Only in golf do the players feel like they should be protected from every single, little slight.

And even if you want to be like that, call over security and try and get the fans you think are out of line ejected. There's no excuse for ever leaving the playing boundaries to turn a verbal confrontation physical.

And Adam Scott has been involved in a lot of boneheaded things in this Open. He blows off the media for two days straight. He changes his how-I-broke-my-pinky story from slamming a car door on his own hand to having one of his "buddies" do it. And he four putts 18 on Friday by showing all the smarts and discipline of one of Torrey Pines' squirrels.

It almost figures that he has the out-of-control caddie too. But you pointed that out first, not me.

Are you trying to say Adam Scott creates problems, anonymous? I won't go quite that far. It didn't seem like he had anything to do with Navarro charging off to play Rambo. But interesting theory.

2008-06-14 @ 19:29
Comment from: Paul Farrens [Visitor] Email
Chris B: It is a falicious argument to compare a golfers efforts to a team players effort.

A golfer has no assistance during his/her shot. A team sport leaves options for involving others to help out. A golf shot is not the same as a free-throw.

The entire golf experience is to decide and maintain a complete perception of tying together many physical & mental variables, resulting in a club-head speed of over 100 mph with the appropriate foot position, upper body, lower body and arm/hand movement to execute the proper shot.

The only equivilent I can readily think of for the disruption is having a fie alarm going off while having sex.
2008-06-15 @ 02:40
Comment from: Okey Moronu [Visitor] Email
All I can say is, find yourself another sport to blog. Golf is not your type of game, so get off the bus.
2008-06-15 @ 12:14
Comment from: golf fan [Visitor]
Blog another sport Chris. Clearly you neither understand nor respect the game. Drunken behavior is no excuse and to defend that is just absurd
2008-06-15 @ 22:51
Comment from: Brent [Visitor] Email
While Navarro could've handled the situation better, all he was doing was his job. A misconception of non-golf people is that the caddie's job is just to carry the clubs - this is wrong. His job is to know the course inside and out and be able to advise his player on strategy, and also to deal with distractions, unruly fans, and anything that might disrupt his players concentration and put him at a disadvantage. So when drunk idiots (Golf is supposed to attract a classy fan, as well, - enjoy the beer, but don't get drunk at a golf event) are heckling his player - it is his JOB to deal with it. That's what he gets PAID for. While there may have been better ways to handle it, all he was doing was his job.

I agree with the other people who have commented - you don't understand the game, so try another sport.
2008-06-16 @ 09:24
Comment from: Sean [Visitor] Email
I agree with your blog as written. Class is not a one-way street in golf. Sure, the drunken hecklers should have been escorted out by security. But for a caddie to respond to a classless act with another classless act, that's not a part of golf.
2008-06-16 @ 14:12
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
It's astounding how the moral compasses of these respondents are misfiring. Baldwin is right, and most of the rest of you are making the common mistake of thinking that two wrongs make a right. Yes, the fans were out of order, but the proper recourse is to have security handle it. Instead, the caddy committed his own transgression by physically confronting the individuals.

You have to remember that the fans are customers and the caddies and players are workers/performers. Thus, the latter have an obligation to be professional at all times.

If you still disagree, consider this: Is a comedian right to physical confront an audience member who heckles him? Do you think it's OK when an NBA player jumps into the stands and attacks a fan? There's a right way and a wrong way to handle things. Wise up.
2008-06-16 @ 16:40
Comment from: Jim [Visitor] Email
Chris, did the USGA ever discipline Navarro? My son and I were eye-witnesses, standing about 20 feet away from the incident. My son is still asking me if "golf" said it was OK for the caddy to do that. Really tough lesson to teach your kid not to physically respond to taunts, when they see supposed professionals acting like this.
2008-07-24 @ 11:37
Comment from: Gary [Visitor] Email
Looks like his Scotts caddie had another
run in with a fan, this time at Presidents
Cup this past weekend. I know, because it
was with my son and a friend of his. They
were not drunk, however my son after Adam
had hit his shot, shouted "get in the
trap" or something to that effect. Well
it went in the trap and both Greg Norman
and the caddie got in my son's face. The
cameras were right there and the caddie
yelled at them to get out of there, even
a security guard turned and walked away
from it. My son is no little guy around
6'4" and 230 lbs and he was totally caught
off guard. Most everyone was in disbelief
and some were laughing. Fortunately my son
just looked at the caddie and said what
are you going to do about it? The caddie
yelled numerous expletives at my son and
is very fortunate that it did not escalate
any further. It's unfair to me that so
called professionals or their support
folks can get away with such antics in
this day and age. I'm glad my son showed
restraint as well for I'm sure he would
have been somehow found guilty, when all
he was doing is rooting for his country.
Probably not the best choice to shout it
out like that, but last time I checked it
isn't something that is outside of the

Thank you,

2009-10-12 @ 12:52

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