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Comment from: Wally Baleau [Visitor]
Tiger is smaller than he used to be and didn't recover as fast this time around. He's taking off the rest of the year. Will he still be subject to being tested for performance enhancing substances randomly? The USGA has no testing program, how could he possibly suck up those injuries for 91 holes? I have sooo many questions. Don't wreck the sport, pleeeze!
2008-06-19 @ 00:41
Comment from: david [Visitor] Email
Eloquently put, Chris. I can't believe
there are people out there trying to throw cold water over this amazing performance. The hatred for this man by some runs irrationally deep.
2008-06-19 @ 02:21
Comment from: shameful [Visitor] Email
The thing that makes this decision really interesting is that he could have lost this Open so many times, Mediate did not "let him have it" as people always try to say. So he really put it on the line.

That is probably such a big gamble, playing hurt KNOWING you're at a disadvantage than the rest of the field, but still believing you can win so it will be worth it.
2008-06-19 @ 19:33
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Golly darn, poster 'david' - hatred? Not really seeing THAT anywhere, but I suppose you liberal slime have to keep stirring things up and throwing the race card...otherwise you'd just be ignored as passe'.

Bald One - I'm not convinced Tiger was doing this 'for posterity'. I'm leaning more towards his intensely competitive nature wouldn't LET him skip the Open if it were even remotely possible to play (and/or win). Both of which he did...brilliantly.
2008-06-20 @ 14:07

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