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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
If I'm a hanger-on, your mom's my attendant.
2008-06-29 @ 15:59
Comment from: Connie Cervati [Visitor] Email
I think you are way off base. I have followed Cristie Kerr for years. She does NOT normally take a long time over the ball. She is NOT a psycho. You should not write things based on one observation. If she truly took 10 minutes, she would have been penalized. Cristie is a very dedicated golfer who is in a zone when she plays. Why not criticize Paula Creamer who slams her club into the ground and whose body language is so over the top? Cristie always acts like a professional. Paula acts like a baby when she misses a putt. Did you happen to notice how Cristie reacted when Annika hit the eagle. She was thrilled. My suggestion to you is, watch more tournaments and then you will get a better feel for the players.
2008-06-30 @ 10:04
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
I met Cristie at an autograph session during the open last week, and she was anything but psycho. She was pleasant, very gratefull, and took the time for a quick picture. I love to watch her play. I love her spunk, her comments during play, and her drive. Would you rather watch a player with no emotion (there are a few)? Kudos to her for changing her looks through hard work and not through surgery (except for the eyes). She's worked hard, is often overlooked, and is a winner. She did win the open last year. As for taking so long... have you watched any of the guys???? They take so long on the green that I have time to make a sandwich, grab the mail, pay some bills, and still watch them putt! Keep it up Cristie, I love it!
2008-06-30 @ 15:57
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Visitor] Email
Connie, it was definitely at least 10 minutes. I timed it on my watch after Kerr was a few minutes into her putting-the-shot-off-hysterics. She even made Ochoa and Uribe hit before her even though she was away.

And you say she would have been penalized? Please, you'd have to retreat into the woods and start building a tree house to get a slow play penalty on either Tour. Sure, the LPGA did it in one case this year, but if you've ever watched the game in person you know it had to be a beyond ridiculous case.

And Stacy, as I said Kerr being a psycho is not all bad. Funny that you mention that great quote she gave on Annika's shot - and it was a great quote. Even before she made it, Kerr made sure to tell the media she only had a few minutes, setting up another quick press blow off. And she was the only player to do that again on Sunday too. And then she hung around talking to her friends for a long time.

Kerr's batty, which doesn't mean she can't be fun to watch. Sometimes, it makes her more fun to watch. But she's absolutely bonkers.

2008-07-01 @ 12:30
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Golly gee Bald One - sounds like you hit a nerve on old Monny there! ;) Don't know WHY he'd be upset...calling him a 'hanger-on' is probably the NICEST comment he'll get all year! *wink*
2008-07-10 @ 14:58

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