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Comment from: JohnnyWishbone [Visitor] Email
Hey Chrissy Lee Van Queef Bad-Wind,

Stop taking shots at our QB's "hobby", none of the DMN beat writers blog about yours - "playing journalist". I haven't heard comedy this torturous since I was stuck in an elevator with Dat Phan, Dave Coulier and Bronson Pinchot. Your blogging is so horrible that everytime I read it, I forget the plot to another Chevy Chase movie. By the time you read this comment I will be down to only 'Modern Problems', 'Fletch Lives', and 'Funny Farm'. Why would you even get a job blogging about "Travel Golf" anyway? What, was there no room for you covering the Guitar Hero Tourney Circuit? My best advice to you would be to leave the football blogging to those who know them some football, and for god sakes, change that pic of yourself you got up there, my screen resolution keeps trying to automatically adjust to accommodate your GINORMOUS forehead, the flickering is about to give me a fraking seizure. Now, if YOU'RE having trouble coming up with a blog topic you can always write about, "Why a guy living in the ghetto of Orange County, Ca and calling himself JohnnyWishbone is a better writer than me considering I'm still in the hole $45K on my student loans from all of those worthless germalism classes I was too hungover to pay attention to 'cause I was still hungover from drinking Zimas all night and watching 'Saved By The Bell' re-runs".

(Now that's how you write comedy. You know I'm right. Not, "This guy couldn’t win a Scrabble tournament against a 3-year-old if he was...Shut Up Foo'!)
2008-07-14 @ 04:11
Comment from: sfcjdl33 [Visitor] Email
Talk about an attention whore, you probably got more hits on your blog yesterday than all your previous enties combined. So what do you do? Go after Romo again to pump up your stats and if thats what works for a loser like you then congrats. What a waste of sperm you are, have you ever accomplished anything in life besides getting that duct tape off the football team used to tape you to the goalpost? You should stick to what you know, oh sorry that would leave you with nothing now wouldn't it? D!CKHEAD!!
2008-07-14 @ 05:16
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Well, you reap what you sew. Fit in a mirror lately? Wear your lavish robes, most recognized expert in golf, they'll not fit the rest of.
2008-07-14 @ 06:43
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
whooops, typo, make that "sow." Only sewing going on is the expansion for your ego.
2008-07-14 @ 06:45
Comment from: JohnnyWishbone [Visitor] Email
Hey in all seriousness Chris,

I'm a huge Cowboys fan, but I'm not one of those fans that gets his panies in a bunch when some germalist rips on my team or it's players, and to be honest with you I have never heard of you before so, for all I know you and Romo could be buddies. But dude, not only is this the gayest premise for a blog I have ever heard of, you're a pretty crappy writer dude. Your Kung Fu? It is not strong. At all.
2008-07-14 @ 06:45
Comment from: Vox Veritas [Visitor]
John Daly tells me that the Cowboys should sign you to be the QB because while you may blow a few, you never choke on the big ones.
2008-07-14 @ 08:23
Comment from: Vox Veritas [Visitor] Email
Dude, didn't it take you three hours to tour the fricking Alamo?
2008-07-14 @ 08:33
Comment from: Vox Veritas [Visitor] Email
Thank you for letting me know that golf is a sport, by the way. I mastered the "sport" of walking around and hitting things with a stick when I was 5 years old. Seriously, how can it be a "sport" when the vast majority of golfers are balding men with big paunches and a testosterone deficiency?
2008-07-14 @ 08:36
Comment from: El Diablo Blanco [Visitor] Email
JW, I've got this weasel figured out. Chris fancies himself a "celebrity" golf blogger. *vomit* The newest trend in germalism, where the writer insists on making himself part of the story. "Look at me, and who I get to interview." By doing just a little research, he reveals himself to be the ultimate jock-sniffer. He's transparent in who he writes nice things about & who he rips. Anybody that will give him an interview, he puts on the kneepads for them...Anybody who doesn't recognize him as legit and refuses his requests, he takes them to the woodshed. To call this guy a hack is an insult to hacks. Now, nobody reads his garbage here, but by being so nasty, he occasionally gets quoted by true hacks, like Deadspin, AOL Fanblogs, etc...The problem is, he won yesterday, getting more hits & comments on one blog than he's gotten year-to-date. If the editors of GolfPublisher and TravelGolf have no problem with this idiot, there are links to their sponsors on the front page. Let's see what they have to say about his blog-behavior.

Hey, I'm all for free speech. I'm exercising this right by going as far over his balding head to get these offensive posts removed. I also realize that the parent company GolfPublisher has covered itself, by stating that the opinions of bloggers "do not necessarily represent the views of the management". But that doesn't cut it when a guy is taking cheap shots at the fans. Romo is a public figure & different rules apply. He's a big boy and I'm sure he's laughing in this moron's face. Why would Romo care what some 3rd rate blogger thinks? Evidently an editor did reign him in a little, because todays post doesn't attack the fans, but Sunday's post did.

Is it any wonder the guy asks, "Where’s Skip Bayless when you need him?" Another guy that is almost universally hated and is only famous for being controversial. But as inconsequential as Skip is in today's sports scene, this Baldwin guy couldn't carry Bayless' tiny, pink jockstrap. That's how low on the totem pole this guy is...The guy is a nobody, but he's a thumbtack under the seat of Cowboys fans right now, and just like when somebody comes on our blog talkin' smack, he needs to get swatted with a rolled up newspaper.
2008-07-14 @ 08:59
Comment from: Cyan Bloodbane [Visitor] Email
I see you have met the staff of the DMN Blog. You got it right A-hole. We all have move writing chopps then you do. EDB you hit the nail on the head this dude is just tryin to get attention for his bad blog. It worked for today, however tomorrow we will have already forgot about you. I haven't even bothered to read your name. This will probably be the last time I read anything you write so I figure who gives a shit about this dudes name. Go ahead and fade away......thats right.......................
2008-07-14 @ 09:20
Comment from: David [Visitor] Email
It is nice to know that there is a sport,football, that you know even less about than golf. I would quote you but I have already forgotten your name and am about to erase my internet history so that hopefully I will never find you again.
2008-07-14 @ 10:28
Comment from: Tim [Visitor] Email
Here's my last thought on this assclown today, but I think it's one his bosses might be interested in. There are Cowboys fans in all 50 states and all over the world. Some percentage of them are golfers and take golf vacations. They would normally be the target demographic of a site like this...Why would Chris Baldwin be allowed by his employers to alienate, (and piss off), such a large audience of potential visitors to their site? There was nothing to be gained by letting this guy throw a petty tantrum on his blog, but they can't measure how much they might have lost.

By looking around, there's a lot of good info here...Stuff I might even use when planning my next golf trip. Now I wouldn't give them a plug nickel, because if they'll allow this kind of post by one of their bloggers, how can I trust that any of their other information is trustworthy? Soon the NFL season will begin and Chris Baldwin won't even be a blip on our radar, but neither will any of the companies he represents. I hope they think it was worth it to let this hateful idiot bash Romo, the Cowboys organization and the fans.
2008-07-14 @ 10:45
Comment from: National Ban on Chris Baldly [Visitor]
It is my understanding that the NFL, the Amateur Golf Association, the Professional Golf Association, and American Century Celebrity Golf Championship have issued a national ban on your presence at their future events.

Their ruling was based on the humane society's petition as you cause the local golf course wildlife to come into estrus early with your presense(chipmunks and ground squirrels) increasing the rodent problem and disturbing course events, and also by the National Journalistic Society to help in an effort to keep from dumbing down their profession with Journalistic wanna-bees like yourself.
2008-07-14 @ 10:46
Comment from: Intensity [Visitor]
Talk about a homer! More like Homer Simpson for you!

Your so desperate for attention and notoriety, you repeat the same goofy story all over again and this one is as misinformed and dumb as your other one.

Seems anytime one of the Celebrity's refuses your unwanted presense for time for a story, you write a blivering stupid article to dis them, not realizing how stupid and immature it makes you look instead.
2008-07-14 @ 10:57
Comment from: Joe Simpson [Visitor]
Tony is an media whore. You can't deny that. Jessica is one too.
Tony belongs with that circus family.
2008-07-14 @ 11:00
Comment from: Chris Squirrel [Visitor]
Wow! This Chris squirrely looking character is so in to himself he post in his own blog (sic., Joe Simpson post).

If their were ever a classic choke, born loser, it has to be named Chris Baldwin.
2008-07-14 @ 11:03
Comment from: Dumb and Dumber [Visitor]
Gee Chris, how does it feel to be deemed as too dumb to cast a position in the sequel to dumb and dumber?

Journalism is not your bag either. You should apply for that open Burger King position down the street from your house, "want fries with that?"
2008-07-14 @ 11:06
Comment from: Wile E. Coyote, Genius [Visitor] Email
Amazing. Two days worth of comments and not one defending this self-proclaimed "expert on golf, especially celebrity golf." Oh man, do you have an over-inflated opinion of yourself? I'm going to keep firing shots across your bough, and sending letters to your editor, until someone can tell me with a straight face why you still have a job today. At the very least, you've irreparably damaged the reputation of GolfPublisher and TravelGolf with thousands of potential "customers" that will now never visit your site(s) again.
2008-07-14 @ 11:20
Comment from: D.Wong [Visitor]
Hey Chris! Stop with your terrible writing! You make our team look bad, like pooh pooh. I going to tell our boss on you! You make me cry today with you booh booh words!


Dot Wong
2008-07-14 @ 11:22
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor]
Chris buddy, dude, I have been telling you to find another job!

Look at what your doing to our Journal team! This is my open plea before all that you leave our staff immediately!
2008-07-14 @ 11:24
Comment from: Ron Mon [Visitor]
Chris, this is the guy in the other cube next to you over here.

Say bud, I'm even gettin hate mail about you. You know the saying about what rolls down hill. Heard the boss has something pink for you today. Know what I mean their chipmunk?
2008-07-14 @ 11:27
Comment from: Wildlife Disturbance [Visitor]
Breaking news: Chris Baldhead was banned from all US Golf courses resultant from continued compliants about his effect on the chipmunk and ground squirrel populations on local courses.

Apparently the ground squirrel and chipmunk's come into estrus when he visits the Golf course.
2008-07-14 @ 11:42
Comment from: RetardedChris [Visitor]
2008-07-14 @ 11:56
Comment from: DatMel [Visitor] Email
You hit a nerve with the Romo fans Chris. They've really got their hopes pinned on doofus Romo being The Chosen One and can't stand to hear he's anything less than perfect. Maybe the Giants ruined his sense of equilibrium when they knocked him around in that playoff game. I have played golf for a long time and never come close to falling down. The fact that a pro athlete did it is newsworthy.
2008-07-14 @ 11:59
Comment from: Jeff [Visitor] Email
What place did the author get in the tournament? Oh yeah, it's for celebrities. Nobody knows who he is. I doubt he is even a single handicap golfer, even though he is an "expert."

what some people will do for a little attention.
2008-07-14 @ 12:01
Comment from: Joker [Visitor] Email
Mr. "well on his way to" BALDwin,

and the only thing you gag and choke on is Mr. Romo's putter and driver.
2008-07-14 @ 12:25
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Mother-o-God Baldy.....what is UP with these folks?? You'd think you personally took a dump in their Wheaties bowl! *grin* Wait - don't DO that...it was a joke OK!!

TO: 'Wile E Coyote' - if you take shots across Chris' "bough" that's a freaking TREE LIMB you nimrod! Learn to SPELL for heaven's sake!

TO: 'Tim' and 'Ten Handicap' - if you eejits think the management is gonna dump Baldy over this tempest in a teapot, you need to think AGAIN. These guys made fun of some a**wipe singer named Taylor Hicks and had literally HUNDREDS of comments and calls for their resignations. All concerned are still here.
2008-07-14 @ 12:45
Comment from: Golf Beat [Visitor]
Gee Mr. Bald Chipmunk, there were some 70 other or so pro football players, etc. like greats like, Jerry Rice and Joe Theisman, and newbee Aaron Rogers who did not even make the top 10, and some basketball players like Charles Barkley who finished last at no. 82. Gee, wonder where your goofy articles are for those guys?

Notice that MR. ROMO finished as the TOP NFL FOOTBALL GOLFER at 3rd place with the next closest NFL player being Mark Rypien. You should show him some respect you worm munchkin journalist wannabe!

Here is the results chip-n-dale:
1 RHODEN, Rick USA +68 F +23 +23 +22 +23 +68
2 QUINN, Dan USA +67 F +28 +17 +22 +28 +67
3 FUHR, Grant USA +64 F +27 +21 +16 +27 +64
3 ROMO, Tony USA +64 F +21 +23 +20 +21 +64
5 WAGNER, Jack USA +62 F +25 +18 +19 +25 +62
5 HULL, Brett USA +62 F +25 +25 +12 +25 +62
5 LAROUCHE, Pierre USA +62 F +21 +23 +18 +21 +62
8 RYPIEN, Mark USA +60 F +21 +23 +16 +21 +60
9 ROENICK, Jeremy USA +57 F +18 +26 +13 +18 +57
10 ELWAY, John USA +54 F +17 +10 +27 +17 +54
10 TAYLOR, Lawrence USA +54 F +15 +18 +21 +15 +54
12 FISK, Carlton USA +52 F +17 +19 +16 +17 +52
12 SHARPE, Sterling USA +52 F +21 +19 +12 +21 +52
14 JAURON, Dick USA +51 F +17 +21 +13 +17 +51
14 CHANDLER, Chris USA +51 F +16 +17 +18 +16 +51
16 SAKIC, Joe USA +50 F +18 +14 +18 +18 +50
16 COLEMAN, Vince USA +50 F +15 +22 +13 +15 +50
18 DEL GRECO, Al USA +48 F +18 +14 +16 +18 +48
19 RICE, Jerry USA +47 F +12 +22 +13 +12 +47
20 SABERHAGEN, Bret USA +46 F +11 +21 +14 +11 +46
21 SCHMIDT, Mike USA +44 F +11 +19 +14 +11 +44
22 BARTKOWSKI, Steve USA +43 F +16 +9 +18 +16 +43
23 TOLLIVER, Billy Joe USA +40 F +18 +11 +11 +18 +40
23 LEMIEUX, Mario USA +40 F +15 +13 +12 +15 +40
25 JARRETT, Dale USA +38 F +10 +10 +18 +10 +38
26 FEAGLES, Jeff USA +37 F +16 +12 +9 +16 +37
26 SZCZERBIAK, Wally USA +37 F +14 +15 +8 +14 +37
28 BROWN, Tim USA +36 F +12 +19 +5 +12 +36
29 LOFTON, Kenny USA +34 F +15 +10 +9 +15 +34
29 BLACK, Lucas USA +34 F +10 +10 +14 +10 +34
29 ALLEN, Ray USA +34 F +12 +8 +14 +12 +34
32 THEISMANN, Joe USA +32 F +16 +5 +11 +16 +32
32 SPURRIER, Steve USA +32 F +18 +3 +11 +18 +32
32 McMAHON, Jim USA +32 F +2 +14 +16 +2 +32
35 LOMAX, Neil USA +28 F +8 +14 +6 +8 +28
36 ROETHLISBERGER, Ben USA +27 F +12 +12 +3 +12 +27
36 TESTAVERDE, Vinny USA +27 F +11 +10 +6 +11 +27
38 BUCK, Joe USA +26 F +8 +7 +11 +8 +26
39 POVICH, Maury USA +25 F +5 +5 +15 +5 +25
40 JANSEN, Dan USA +24 F +13 +2 +9 +13 +24
40 FAULK, Marshall USA +24 F +11 +6 +7 +11 +24
42 RIBEIRO, Alfonso USA +23 F +11 -3 +15 +11 +23
43 RODGERS, Aaron USA +19 F +5 +9 +5 +5 +19
44 PALMER, Carson USA +15 F +13 +6 -4 +13 +15
45 KINNEAR, Greg USA +14 F -3 +8 +9 -3 +14
45 ALLEN, Marcus USA +14 F +2 +12 0 +2 +14
47 QUAYLE, Dan USA +13 F +9 +7 -3 +9 +13
48 GRETZKY, Wayne USA +10 F +5 -2 +7 +5 +10
49 BOLLER, Kyle USA +9 F +6 -3 +6 +6 +9
50 BEUERLEIN, Steve USA +8 F -1 -5 +14 -1 +8
51 HEAP, Todd USA +6 F 0 +1 +5 0 +6
52 BETTIS, Jerome USA +4 F +2 +1 +1 +2 +4
53 REILLY, Rick USA +2 F +3 -6 +5 +3 +2
54 MILLER, Bode USA +1 F +6 -9 +4 +6 +1
55 O'HURLEY, John USA -1 F 0 +9 -10 0 -1
55 JORDAN, Michael USA -1 F +5 0 -6 +5 -1
57 ROMANO, Ray USA -3 F +3 -4 -2 +3 -3
58 SHANAHAN, Mike USA -4 F 0 -1 -3 0 -4
59 KIDD, Jason USA -5 F +5 -9 -1 +5 -5
60 ERUZIONE, Mike USA -9 F -7 +3 -5 -7 -9
60 McCARDELL, Keenan USA -9 F -8 +5 -6 -8 -9
60 BARBER, Ronde USA -9 F -1 +1 -9 -1 -9
63 WELLS, David USA -13 F +3 -12 -4 +3 -13
64 TAYLOR, Jason USA -15 F -2 -3 -10 -2 -15
65 WALKER, Antoine USA -16 F -8 0 -8 -8 -16
66 HAYSBERT, Dennis USA -17 F -5 -5 -7 -5 -17
66 CHASTAIN, Brandi USA -17 F -6 -5 -6 -6 -17
68 EDWARDS, Herm USA -18 F -10 -6 -2 -10 -18
68 OGDEN, Jonathan USA -18 F -8 -3 -7 -8 -18
70 PHILLIPS, Stone USA -20 F -5 -6 -9 -5 -20
71 GRETZKY, Janet USA -23 F -10 -2 -11 -10 -23
72 PHELPS, Digger USA -29 F -17 -3 -9 -17 -29
72 SMITH, Emmitt USA -29 F -11 -10 -8 -11 -29
74 MICHAELS, Al USA -35 F -17 -13 -5 -17 -35
74 STRAWBERRY, Darryl USA -35 F +2 -20 -17 +2 -35
76 NEWMAN, Terence USA -46 F -30 -7 -9 -30 -46
76 HOLTZ, Lou USA -46 F -13 -11 -22 -13 -46
76 BAUMGARTNER, Brian USA -46 F -16 -18 -12 -16 -46
79 GREEN, Trent USA -47 F -7 -19 -21 -7 -47
80 NEALON, Kevin USA -49 F -14 -21 -14 -14 -49
81 CUTLER, Jay USA -61 F -22 -24 -15 -22 -61
82 BARKLEY, Charles USA -81 F -26 -23 -32 -26 -81

2008-07-14 @ 12:56
Comment from: john doe [Visitor] Email
please SHUT UP!!! all that you are doin is getting everyone really pissed off because of your retarded statements... so do everyone a favor and "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for your cooperation...
2008-07-14 @ 13:24
Comment from: Tim [Visitor] Email

1) Social retards or whoever listens to Taylor Hicks, for the most part, don't take expensive golf vacations. Well-heeled Cowboys fans do. He's offended a lot of people that might have eventually used the services offered here. Surely his "bosses" realize that if he's allowed to keep pissing people off, they can't measure the money he's costing them.

2) Just a guess, but I'd bet there are quite a few more Cowboys fans than there are Taylor Hicks fans. Just because they're not leaving comments, doesn't mean they haven't sent a note to the editor, (as they've been encouraged to do on at least 3 Cowboys blogs that I'm aware of...)

3) What's does it matter? I don't really believe anything will come from it, but I'm having fun at this f-tards expense. It's a giggle. If we can cause him 2 minutes of discomfort, or make his editors reign him in a little, we got more accomplished than I really expected.

Stirring up the natives can actually be fun, even if they don't charge on the village. Causes are fun. Today my cause is to mess with a blogger that pissed off a lot of people. It'll pass soon & I'll be on to something else.
2008-07-14 @ 13:27
Comment from: Joker [Visitor] Email

take baldy's 4 iron out of your mouth...i can't understand what you are saying.
2008-07-14 @ 13:39
Comment from: Chipmunk and Squirrel Problem [Visitor]
Breaking news: Chris Baldhead was banned from all US Golf courses resultant from continued compliants about his effect on the chipmunk and ground squirrel populations on local courses.

Apparently the ground squirrel and chipmunk's come into estrus when he visits the Golf course.
2008-07-14 @ 13:50
Comment from: The Runs [Visitor]
Gee, I would recommend Peptobismol or Immodium AD for your current problem with the runs of the mouth Chris.

Your Jounalism smells like pooh.
2008-07-14 @ 13:52
Comment from: Chris arrested on two counts [Visitor]
Breaking News: Chris Balding was arrested on charges of impersonating a Squirrel, was released and then rearrested for impersonating Journalism.
2008-07-14 @ 13:55
Comment from: thomas francisco [Visitor]
Wow, You are such a douchebag. The only reason Dallas Morning News caught on to it was becuase someone on a forum caught on to it, and Cowboy nation blew you to China. Now shut up and be a good little boy and write about Golf. OH! That's right, if you didn't write about Tony Romo - nobody would read your little "blog" in the first place. You, my friend, are a Class A Reject. Continue hating.
2008-07-14 @ 14:34
Comment from: CAPITOLofTEXAS [Visitor] Email
2008-07-14 @ 15:01
Comment from: Chris [Visitor] Email
Dear Mom,
Your idea worked!! I took one of the most successfull, athletic, wealthy, beloved sports figures and made fun of him and low & behold lots of folks responded! Wow, it worked so well that I did it 2 days in a row. Thanks Mom! I love you.



P.S. Can I have my old room back?
2008-07-14 @ 15:10
Comment from: Chris [Visitor] Email
P.S.S. My bosses said I did such a great job that I'm getting a raise! Guess I won't need you and Dad to co-sign on that 1998 Taurus after all! You're the greatest, Mom!!
2008-07-14 @ 15:37
Comment from: Lawl [Visitor]
I will not be purchasing from any of this website's advertisers and I encourage all Dallas fans to do the same.

A quick search on Google leads to many superior golfing resources. The real reason this "author" is continuing his ignorant ranting is because it has caused his page to obtain more hits in one day than it has possibly in it's entirety.

This "author" is the reason why blogs continue to lack credibility. For every deadspin or similar, there are 20 Chris Baldwins harping and crowing unpopular opinions to gain readership. It will work temporarily but soon enough, even the most avid Cowboy-hating fans will tire of the same old schtick and lack of useful knowledge and take themselves elsewhere, once again leaving Mr. Baldwin to his failed publication.

Chris - you have a captive audience now. How about taking your time, thinking, and posting something, I don't know - insightful? I dare you.
2008-07-14 @ 16:37
Comment from: Irie [Visitor] Email
Wow, a golf blog from some hack who couldn't even caddy for Romo. A GOLF BLOG? How is there even such a thing?
2008-07-14 @ 16:59
Comment from: Perez Hilton [Visitor] Email
OMG! I love Chris Baldwin!
2008-07-14 @ 17:28
Comment from: lolgolfblog [Visitor] Email
Only way you can get anyone to read your golf blog it to write about Romo...

Attention whore?... oh the irony
2008-07-14 @ 18:47
Comment from: Scum Journalism [Visitor]
lolgolfblog guy,

Your exactly right on that one. It is hard to believe such a loser would write this about Romo who is a scratch golfer and not a pro. Hey, like guy said above, even PGA players fall into ponds (e.g., Woody). Did you see a lenching of him like you have of Romo and the fan base by all means?

Appartently this retard is very desparate and as you said, must use names that get noteriety at the expense of their character which is like writing for Globe or being a poperotcy scum!
2008-07-14 @ 19:05
Comment from: Chuck [Visitor] Email
I was thinking the same thing during the event yesterday! Of course Romo isn't going to win he's got butterfingers!!

Those same hands that muffed that snap are holding his wedge!!!! LOL. Lighten up Loser Cowboy fans.
2008-07-14 @ 20:20
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Can you believe it? Some prick signed up as me and made a comment...I made the first one, but not the second one...what gives?

On another note, what a freaking nation!!! There are some serious freak shows out there and they're coming after Baldwin. I say, bring'em on. We'll stand with you, Baldwin. Then we'll beat the crap out of you after we beat the crap out of them.
2008-07-14 @ 21:07
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Looks like they did it to Kiel and Dot (the fake) Wong, too.
2008-07-14 @ 21:08
Comment from: Cowboys Puke [Visitor]
You guys all need some jobs. Go get a LIFE!
2008-07-14 @ 21:46
Comment from: Megan [Visitor] Email
REAL attention whore = Chris Baldwin
2008-07-14 @ 21:48
Comment from: Exclusive news! [Visitor] Email
Chris Baldwin is the gay partner of Skip Bayless!!!
2008-07-14 @ 21:52
Comment from: Raj [Visitor] Email
You are a complete moron. Dude, you
write for TravelGolf.com. How could you even
compare yourself to Dallas Morning News?
People who actually attend good schools
write for those publications. Community
college grads like you have to write for
crappy sites like these. Tony Romo finishe
3rd idiot. That's pretty good !! Name
another QB who did better, you cant can you. Your jeolous of Tony Romo and you're taking
all the frustration out. I can see why.
Its obvious life has been cruel to you. Your picture says it all. That and working for TravelGolf would get me angered as well. Keep hating, Tony Romo will shut you and Skip
Ballses soon enough..
2008-07-14 @ 22:08
Comment from: Snake [Visitor] Email
Well Gopher Face,
Apparently you scored some hits on the blop space. Unfortunately the reaction is not the one you desired.
hope the results get your ass fired.

Should say that I am an avid golfer and fan of the game. Being part of a Large corporation that might have at one time considered using your site and visiting some sponsored golf packages. Well that certainly will not happen now. There is no way that myself or the company I represent would show patronage to any sponsor of Travel Golf in the future. I will make it apparent to all of my customers as well. You will not only reap the boycott of Dallas Cowboy fans, but many other professionals as well.

Your site may get some attention but the negative publicity will far outway any benefit. If someone in the company I work for pulled a piece of stupid like the one you have (not once but twice) they would be fired immediately. It does not speak well of Travel golf to have you on the payroll and the results of your bad judgement will certainly be noticed.

Next time you have an opportunity to be in a position that can actually accomplish something worthwhile. Perhaps you will remember how you screwed this one up. It is not only the fans of the Dallas Cowboys that abhor the remarks you so tastelessly made, but Sports fans in general as well.

Your articles are probably the best argument against free speech any could have. Your existence is probably the best argument for abortion.
2008-07-14 @ 22:47
Comment from: Brandon [Visitor] Email
So that's why everyone hates Dallas fans...thanks for clearing that up Chris.

2008-07-14 @ 23:41
Comment from: Brandon [Visitor] Email
And Lawl,

Our advertisers are just broken up over your boycott. We'll be out of business by the end of the month.
2008-07-14 @ 23:44
Comment from: Metatron [Visitor]
Did Romo try to bang your wife or something? You seem to be extremely upset at Tony for falling down. Truth be told, you wish with all your heart that you were Romo.
2008-07-14 @ 23:54
Comment from: Intensity [Visitor]
Man I bet you do have the chipmunks, ground squirrels, and gophers active all day long on the golf course with a face like that.

Considering your miserable play of golf on your BadGolf.com website and your description of yourself as Pee Wee Herman, you must have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and need to take your ridlin cause your way off base and out of order about our Star QB who is also an excellent golfer and not a Gopher like you.
2008-07-15 @ 00:41
Comment from: Kevin [Visitor] Email
Wow, 0 and 2 in playoff games, and he is a "choke artist"? Eli started his career 0 and 2. Aikman started his career (regular season) 0-11 and didn't win his first playoff game until his 3rd year. Marino lost his first playoff game. Peyton lost his first 2. Shut the hell up, you know nothing about football.
2008-07-15 @ 01:30
Comment from: ChrisBendsOverForRomo [Visitor] Email
3rd place out of 80+ that's choking? Damn you are stupider than I thought bitch. Go back to your parents bedroom you peice of shit. WTF have you accomplished in your life you sack of shit. Go suck a fat dick bitch
2008-07-15 @ 08:59
Comment from: jackin'4beats [Visitor] Email
What are you a Houston Texans fan? That would obviously explain why you're a loser of the highest order and why you're constantly trying to bring down one of the better QBs in the league with your jealously.

How about you get a life and make your own news instead of trying to hang onto the coattails of celebrities.

2008-07-15 @ 11:33
Comment from: dudewhobeatsdownblogger [Visitor] Email
dude, it's easy to hide behind the monitor and say things like that. Why don't you be a man about it, or I should say, a whore like you are since you as well wanted an attention getter, come over and repay me for my wasted time of reading your crap. I'll take that golf club and stick it where the sun don't shine and let you choke on that..... You insignificant, neolithic incompetent jerk!
2008-07-15 @ 13:22
Comment from: Steve [Visitor] Email
Lol...you gotta love the blogger-bullies. This guy tries to make a name for himself by childishly attacking every move Tony Romo makes behind the safety of a computer screen (in stalker-like fashion). Yet, I guarantee you he wouldn't have the stones to say one word of it to his face. You the man Chris. You are the friggin man.
2008-07-15 @ 13:33
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Poster 'joker' - wow, that was a very impressive comment...right up there with the rest of the drivel these folks have spouuted so far.

Poster 'tim' - I wasn't aware there WAS such a thing as a 'well-heeled' Dallas fan...unless you're counting bootheels? I figured, from the comments made here, that most Irving/Arlington Redneck fans lived in (at best) a double-wide, and took vacations to Corpus Christi...if they ever left the city limits!
2008-07-15 @ 14:27
Comment from: Eli [Visitor] Email
2008-07-15 @ 15:40
Comment from: TSmith [Visitor] Email
I hear the good folks at planters are looking for a peanut head to hand out samples in a grocery near you. You would be a natural no costume to wear just show up with that huge peanut melon of yours and try real hard not to say anything retarded. Like "Im a golfer" or try to trash the other peanut heads because they have to dress up like a peanut head. Not everyone can be as talented as Chris "peanut head" Baldwin.
2008-07-15 @ 15:46
Comment from: Bo [Visitor] Email
You honestly must be pretty stupid to not only insult Tony Romo, who is a tremendous athlete, but to also insult the Cowboys' fans. I don't know what you seek, but if you're looking for respect and admiration as a writer, you aren't succeeding.
2008-07-15 @ 16:23
Comment from: hmmm [Visitor] Email
In this blog, Chris Baldwin has insulted 4 parties:

1) Dallas Morning News publication
2) Cowboys fans (he called you all "losers")
3) Tony Romo
4) Jessica Simpson
2008-07-15 @ 21:04
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Visitor] Email
Funny, who is Chris Balding? This is a webzine. Writers here, also like Tim McDonald, don't qualify as journalists. I'd like to see Chris Balding and Tim McDougal try to get a job at a real golf magazine. Real golf magazines are printed, not zined on the web.
2008-07-16 @ 11:07
Comment from: BaldwinWantsRomo [Visitor]
I think the true problem, from someone who calls himself the expert on "Celebrity Golf", is that he is the one who wants attention. Tell your bosses loser that your advertisers are not going to get alot of business because you are a booger eating moron. Now go to your favorite gay bar, dressed in Brokeback Mountain garb and pretend the guy you take home tonight is Tony Romo, Satisfy your Romo Lust fantasy Golf Turd!
2008-07-21 @ 03:49

Comments are closed for this post.

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