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Nick Faldo makes a mistake in Ryder Cup picking Ian Poulter, Europe's version of a whiny, wimpy American

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Nick Faldo clearly doesn't want anyone on the European Ryder Cup team who reminds anyone that Faldo's getting old himself. Faldo is a very hip 50 after all. So, thanks but no thanks Darren Clarke, the Rod Stewart look will not be needed.Still, Faldo… more »

LPGA's new must-speak-English policy reeks of racism from clueless Tour run by Carolyn Bivens

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Just when you didn't think the LPGA could make any news (except for killing off long-time tournaments), the worst-run organization in professional sports is at it again, making speaking English a requirement for holding a Tour card starting next season.… more »

Sergio Garcia goes gaffe Garcia again with premature showboating celebration vs. Barclays winner Vijay Singh

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PARAMUS, N.J. - When Sergio Garcia slammed his putter down in the sand trap at the 18th green like Kobe Bryant pulling out his jersey and pointing it at the crowd, you didn't know it was going to end badly for him. After all, how can you expect Vijay Sin… more »

Sergio Garcia's PGA Championship pain could become even worse with Barclays win

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PARAMUS, N.J. - Sergio Garcia finds himself holding the lead in another golf tournament coming down the back nine. If Garcia pulls out the win in the first event of the second FedEx Cup many will say and write that this has to make Garcia feel better abo… more »

FedEx Cup is the greatest cheesy marketing invention ever: Eat your heart out college football bowl game sponsors

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PARAMUS, N.J. - The FedEx Cup is a golf success because it produces star-studded fields in late season events that would never otherwise have them. It's even more of a home run in terms of in your face marketing though. In 10 years, they'll be teachin… more »

Can Phil Mickelson steal a win in the FedEx Cup?

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PARAMUS, N.J. - Phil Mickelson started this day so far back at The Barclays that he even declared himself out of it. And Mickelson admits defeat about as willingly as Danica Patrick.But playing in the much-easier-scoring morning conditions that he co… more »

Can Mike Weir become the first natural loser Canadian to win anything during the Olympics at FedEx Cup?

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Canadians are cute. You can't deny that. Especially now that they're all convinced that they're suddenly this economic superpower because their Loonies are actually worth more than 3.5 pennies. Of course as the Canucks strut about, their collective milit… more »

More Steve Stricker a bigger threat to FedEx Cup than less Tiger Woods

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COLTS NECK, N.J. - Do you think Tim Finchem and his PGA Tour brain trust came up with the FedEx Cup because they wanted to promote Steve Stricker? Stricker's a good story. I know because I wrote it last year when Stricker won the first event of the fi… more »

Ben Curtis not so smartly jumps on Brett Favre bandwagon in FedEx Cup Barclays

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PARAMUS, N.J. - If you've spent any time in the greater New York metro market, you know that Northern New Jersey is largely New York Giants country. In these parts, you'll get 10 lifelong Giants fans for every one New York Jets rebel. Yet Ben Curtis -… more »

Hunter Mahan - Ryder Cup moron, but friend to kids - puts up 62 in FedEx Cup opener

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PARAMUS, N.J. - Hunter Mahan - whose rip of the Ryder Cup was only wrong because he compared the week to being a "slave" - may have just shot himself onto the team. Mahan just posted one of those crazy numbers he seems to put up more frequently than most… more »

FedEx Cup so underplayed the second time around that some golf writers don't even realize it's moved to New Jersey

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PARAMUS, N.J. - Want a glimpse at how completely glossed over the FedEx Cup is in its second incarnation? One prominent national website (not this one) wrote a preview column on Tim Finchem's baby that included not one, but two references to the Cup k… more »

Usain Bolt more exciting than Michael Phelps in Olympics like Sergio Garcia is more exciting than Padraig Harrington in golf

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Sure, Michael Phelps won the most gold medals, set all the records and turned an already bitter Mark Spitz into a near Bobby Fisher-like figure. But Usain Bolt is the most exciting athlete at the Olympics. Watching the Jamaican Bolt completely blow aw… more »

Olympics hero Michael Phelps gives us a mom who is even more annoying than Phil Mickelson's release-the-kids photo-op routine

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Michael Phelps' mom received so much TV time during the Olympics that Regis Philbin and Ryan Seacrest are insanely jealous. Could NBC have possibly shown more cut-ins of Phelps' mom? They'll probably break into local programming to show Phelps' mom re… more »

Tiger Woods should concede Player of the Year to Padraig Harrington

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Tiger Woods needs to come out with another one of those snazzy newsletters at his website. You know the ones in which he tells us earth-shattering things - like that he's enjoying watching the Olympics on TV. Only in his next newsletter, Tiger should… more »

PGA Championship winner Padraig Harrington admits to surprise at Sergio Garcia finding water on 16

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BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - As well as Padraig Harrington played in the final two rounds of the PGA Championship (66-66, including 3-under on his final back nine), it's hard to argue that Sergio Garcia blew this major more than Harrington won it. Unless, p… more »
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