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Comment from: Cindy [Visitor] Email
Who ARE you anyway and what trophies have you lifted over your head....oh wait you have to have a head to lift trophies over them. Michael Jordan is not there to coach, he is there for his experience in winning and playing with teammates...duh!!!!!! Our USA team has a problem playing as a team especially Tiger. Michael can help him with that. Go back to school boy!
2008-10-18 @ 06:10
Comment from: Mark [Visitor] Email
You sir are an idiot.
2008-10-18 @ 15:06
Comment from: Adam [Visitor] Email
You said it yourself, the coaching positions are not important. I see nothing wrong with bring in a superstar from another sport to support the team.
2008-10-19 @ 11:20
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email
Well it looks like the international team will have to get Ronaldinho as an Asst. Capt. then.
2008-10-19 @ 16:05
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Poster 'cindy' - as you are plainly unable to grasp a simple point when presented, allow me to try and make it even simpler for you: Jordan has NO EXPERIENCE at pro golf!! Get it??

Poster 'mark' - well, duh, everyone knows Baldy is a blithering idiot. The sad part is, he is probably the only one worth reading on this site anymore.

Oh Bald One - Freddy never really struck me as one of the sharper folks on the tour, so this isn't all that big a surprise. Unless his first choice was Hussein Obama....
2008-10-20 @ 13:08
Comment from: Booger [Visitor] Email
Baldwin, you are spot on. Couples is not a serious fellow so this shouldn't be too much of a surprise - however - it IS ridiculous.
2008-10-21 @ 09:39
Comment from: M. Taylor [Visitor] Email
The US team has won the President's Cup for the past two (at least) events, so Michael Jordan is not exactly needed. If Boo or Woody makes the team, there certainy will be no need also for comedians either. Plus Robin Williams is certainly not current and can be hugely overdone. Spontaneous humour is much better than that contrived.
2008-11-01 @ 09:46

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