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Comment from: none of ur bisnus [Visitor] Email
U have no idea what your talking about, oh and btw u should get a life! not diss ppl beter than u!
2008-10-25 @ 05:01
Comment from: emma [Visitor] Email
the jonas brothers have never "preached" to anyone. Their reluctant to talk about their faith and their purity rings as to them it is something private and not a media selling point. As for "they donated only 10 percent of the $12 million they earned in 2007 to charity". How much of your salery do you donate?
2008-10-25 @ 05:17
Comment from: Nicole [Visitor] Email
I noticed that in your "rant" you made an uneducated decision to say that you use the term 'song' loosely for the jonas brothers music, in one sense or another, when in fact i think you will find that in a dictionary the word song means 'a short metrical composition intended or adapted for singing, esp. one in rhymed stanzas; a lyric; a ballad.'You see they are in fact undoubtedly songs and if you are trying to say otherwise you are a torpid fool.

Oh the %10 percent tithings ordeal. Yes this is recommended by the bible, the complete truth for their religion and coincedentally mine. They are not sinning, being greedy, or show any signs of being anything less than good role models and it is extremely presumptuous of you to think of them as "bad role models" that is just pure ignorance.

Before you again make an attempt at making an intelectual argument, perhaps going to school or reading anything with any philosophical depth would contribute nicely.
2008-10-25 @ 05:19
Comment from: Megan [Visitor]
Ok seriously what are you on about.? You were ony talkin about things you Thought were bad even tho they are not even bad u just made it sound like a big deal! Like you said they ONLY donate 10% to charity thats brilliant at least they are doing their bit for charity unlike most people who don't donate a penny! They also promote Going Green and recyling, there new album cover is made from 100% recycled material, so they are also doing their bit for the enviorment, do u recycle??? As for the purity rings how can u say that that is wrong, Purity rings mean alot to them and their religion. All my Children will have purity rings because of what they stand for! So how dare you say that are bad role modles, would you prefer if childrens role modle was someone like Britney or paris? The Jonas Brothers are Fantastic Role modles
2008-10-25 @ 05:32
Comment from: katie [Visitor] Email
OH my Jonas you Have no idea what you are saying why not bash stupid Miley Cyrus shes not a good role model you just made all the team jonas members mad so just leave them alone They have talent i went to there burning up tour 8/20 they where actullly singing no lip syncing like 15 soon 2 be 16 Miley cyrus does gosh bash miley not jonas who is with me?
2008-10-25 @ 07:29
Comment from: kelsie [Visitor]
your such a RETARD jb are better than you will ever be. i bet u love miley, all retards do, they love their fellow retard beings. JB FUR IMMER, MILEY-VIRUS SUCKS
2008-10-25 @ 07:35
Comment from: Emma Huggard [Visitor]
Chris, you are a complete idiot. You probably just think that you're special and unique because you're saying, unlike everyone else, that the Jonas Brothers are bad role models which is 100 percent FALSE! What's wrong with the Jonas Brothers wearing purity rings? That's not preaching, that's awesome! Wow, only 10 percent to charity. Not everyone, rich or not so rich, gives ten percent! That is still a lot! And is it so bad that they enjoy what they worked years to attain? Not in my book! And they never use the fact that their father is a minister to build up the hype. In interviews, they always say that he is their manager. Plus, when it comes to their music, their songs are AMAZING! Get your facts right, loser! But right, let's forget about the purity-ring wearing Jonas Brothers who actually respect women and let's worship Justin Timberlake, who's album was titled FutureSex and contained lots of inappropriate lyrics. Our morality will be better for it, eh, Chris?
2008-10-25 @ 08:30
Comment from: katie-jaine thomas [Visitor]
that i not all true they are very good role models for children of all ages they are also saying that you sould not have sex untill you are married that means no under age sex or children and with the donation that is still 1.2 million which is more than most of us with give in a life time letalone a year
2008-10-25 @ 09:01
Comment from: Laura [Visitor] Email
Eeee Nahhh
i think teenagers No WHat Good Music is Not An old Man Like You Who PRobly Likes Music By People Who Are Long Gone :@
And at Least They Have Donated Something To Charityy
Andd Us Teenagers Can Drool over Who Ever We Wantt
And i bet They Have More Talent Than Youu
2008-10-25 @ 09:05
Comment from: Jenny [Visitor] Email
You are so blind here. The Jonas Brothers wear those rings because they have respect for themselves and woman. They have chosen to wait to share sex until marriage with the one woman that they will be spending their lives with. They aren't sleeping around with all these woman, like you would if you could...Chris. I believe that what they are doing is an anmazing thing and whatever woman will be called Mrs. Jonass one day is going to be one hell of a lucky woman. So stop attacking three people with good values. Maybe you could learn a thing or two about them before slamming them with this piece of crap arcticle.
2008-10-25 @ 09:26
Comment from: Stephanie [Visitor] Email
People like you bother me. Every blog i go on is constantly bashing the Jonas Brothers saying they arent good role models for teens, or they have no talent and girls shouldnt like them. How about this, why dont you let Teen Girls make up there own decisions on whether or not they like them? Stop trying to speak for other people, it doesnt work. Dont be mad because they have money coming out of there ears, an you probably sit in your mothers basement blogging all day, making nothing. Kkthanks. ;)
2008-10-25 @ 10:03
Comment from: Beth [Visitor]
It's actually funny that you think they aren't good role models. They are the best role models out there! They aren't coming home drunk from bars everynight, smoking or going in and out of rehab every month like most of the celebrities now a days. What's wrong with 10% of their salary? How much of YOURS do YOU give eh? They are down to earth, generous, genuine people and I think you should think twice before dissing them ever again.
2008-10-25 @ 10:19
Comment from: sabrina [Visitor]
You are so such a dick. the Jonas brothers can sing and they are way better then you think they are. Also even though they didn't donate a lot at less they donated. DOD YOU!!! You are a a stuped person. And the no sex tell there marriage is a good idea just because they don't sleep around like you do. I am so tired of people who keep talking about that. GET A LIFE PEOPLE. I have one so you are making fun of every one who has one. Your an ass hole. THEY HAVE MILONS OF FANS AND SELL OUT CONCERTS CAN YOU EVER DO THAT. WELL WHO WOULD EVER WANT TO LISION TO YOU. There good role models so GET OVER IT.
2008-10-25 @ 10:29
Comment from: Emma [Visitor]
Okay, look. If you haven't noticed, a lot of people DISAGREE with you. I really don't like how you bash on people that are just better than you. The Jonas Brothers aren't some pop band that has gotten nowhere in life. Look where they are. They're definitely farther in life than you have ever come, and will ever come. And about how they donate 10% of their money, what's wrong with 10%??? How much have YOU given to charity? Yeah, that's what I thought. And about their rings, they're PURITY rings. They stay pure until marriage. And what's wrong with that? I think parents everywhere appreciate that, and they are good role models. They're music, it's amazing. Sure, not everyone has to like it, but you don't have to tell the world! Who cares if you don't like them. Not everyone has to. But not everyone has to write an entire blog about it. That means you're just obsessed as a Jonas Fan. Who spends hours writing a hate-blog about the best band ever? oh well, not me. I write love-blogs about the best band ever (AKA the Jonas Brothers). So back off. By the way, I posted the link to this on their fan club, so be prepared to be hated on =]
2008-10-25 @ 10:34
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

I personally have never before heard of the Jonas Brothers, while you obviously have.

My only question of you is this: Did you know before hand that your blog would elicit the kind of networking response that it has?

I think these posts would be hilarious if they could be understood.

The responses of katie and kelsie are particularly precious.

They don't say anything much good about present-day public education.

Alex USMC 1969-73
2008-10-25 @ 10:41
Comment from: Liz [Visitor] Email
Ummm... Wow.

This is such a ridiculously biased assessment with loose basis in reason so it can't expect to be taken seriously, right? I guess I'll just shake my head and move on.

(The Jonas Brothers are a good band and good people who helped raise that money for Shriners and have donated more cash to charity than you will probably ever earn...sorry if it hurts.)
2008-10-25 @ 10:58
Comment from: Krys [Visitor] Email

shut up and get a real job...

Piece of SHIT!
2008-10-25 @ 11:06
Comment from: Mrs. Nick Jonas [Visitor] Email
What was the point of posting this? All you're doing is getting a bunch of hateful comments from angered Jonas Brothers fans. This is really immature and that's basically all I have to say...but you act like "Tonight" is one of their most popular songs. It's actually one of their least popular songs...that was pretty stupid of you to use it as an example with out have any information to support it...and FYI the Jonas Brothers, especially Nick love golf...Nick is really good <3
2008-10-25 @ 11:09
Comment from: Mrs. Nick Jonas [Visitor] Email
Oh, yeah...and what music do you listen to? this should be interesting...hahahaha...what a loser
2008-10-25 @ 11:12
Comment from: William K. Wolfrum [Visitor] Email
I have no words, Chris. All I can do is salute your brilliance.


P.S.: Shirtless photos.
2008-10-25 @ 11:20
Comment from: emily [Visitor] Email
your such a loser just because you jealous of the Jonas Brothers. other people like them
and i like to know what taste of music you have. your pathetic! get a life. Btw
'tonight' is a popular song! your so
ridiculous and Jonas brothers are great
role models!
2008-10-25 @ 11:20
Comment from: marylin [Visitor] Email
well I think someone is a hater. you have no clue what the hell you are saying. maybe you will never understand being that youre nit a young girl but Jonas Brothers fans are the real deal. Those guys inspire us and whats wrong with loving positive. i know i rather have my child listening to them and hearing about their vow to stay pure til marriage than letting my child listening to songs about stripper poles and drugs. they set an example for a lot of people and in this day in age, they have shown people that its okay to believe in something and not care what others think about it so go back and write a good article about golf while you learn how the hell to get a life :]
2008-10-25 @ 11:21
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor] Email
Reading this article I couldn't help but laugh. You say the Jonas Brothers have no talent... if that's true why have their two albums with Hollywood records gone platinum? How are they breaking records? Why are people listening to their music and their concerts are selling out? And as far as the role model thing, where do you live. 10% of 12 million dollars is a hell of a lot more than other people can give. On top of that they play at charities and benefits. They just helped raise over a million dollars for a charity and they have their own charity where they encourage other people to help out too. They even have a line in their merchandise where profits go to the charity they have. The Jonas brothers are great role models, showing their values and good nature. They are fully grounded and unlike other celebrities when you meet them they are as sweet as they seem. Get off your high horse, stop being another jealous jerk who is only pissed because the Jonas Brothers are proving to the world that there really are great guys and get over yourself.
2008-10-25 @ 11:21
Comment from: JBLuver [Visitor] Email
Wow. Um all I have to say is I'm speechless. For you to think that the Jonas Brothers aren't a good role model is just really stupid of you. Honestly. Do you know excactly what you have gotten yourself in for? All of us faithful Jonas fans will be right behind the boys, no matter what they do. Do you know why? Because they are the hottest, coolest, most sincere stars out there.Do they get in trouble for doing naughty things? I should think not. After all, their parent are such good and honest parents, people think they should write parenting books. Please, next time you write an article, consider how the Jonas Brother fans will react.
2008-10-25 @ 11:28
Comment from: Mrs. Paul Kevin Jonas, Jr. [Visitor] Email
You are an IDIOT!!!!!!!!! The Jonas Brothers are the best role models ever! Their morales have no questionable background whatsoever. As for the ONLY 10 percent of their salary donated to charity last year, how much have you donated??? Ever???? So who are you to talk about the lack of donations to charity? If all the teenage boys in America used the Jonas Brothers as their role models, we would have a drastic decrease in crime and teenage pregnancies (hows a girl supposed to get pregnant when no guy is having sex?). Even girls are using them as role models, so you need to shut your big fat mouth up! By the way, all three of the older Jonas brothers love golf, especially nick, so dont go into the whole not loving golf spectrum.
2008-10-25 @ 11:35
Comment from: sarah [Visitor] Email
omg you have got to be kidding me that is so not true imean they have a great influence
on kid and teens and icant understand hoe promoting putity rings can be bad this is just doesnt make any sense and the money they get out of music they give ahuge part of it for charity so just think twice befor writing stuff like that ok !!!
2008-10-25 @ 11:43
Comment from: Leah. [Visitor] Email
I am astounded by the blatant disrespect found in this article.

The Jonas Brothers are a Teen Pop Sensation, I will give you that. What you must not realize is that others love them too, my mom (my own MOTHER) is in love with their music.

They wear purity rings as a promise to themselves and God. Everyone is aware of their father's past, but they never push their beliefs on anyone. I have no religion, and they have never ever made me feel like I MUST have a religion.

If you ask me 1.2 million dollars is a lot to donate at once, personally I don't think I could ever donate that much money, even if I had it. Let's not forget there are three of them and that leaves less than four million for each, and while that is a lot of money it is theirs to do as they wish. Their charity matches every 10,000 dollars donated, they also have merchandise that the profits from it go to charity. While this next point I have may not be real charity it is true. When given the chance they move fans from the way back to the front row. When was the last time you remember this happening to you? Lastly, they do HUGE meet and greets. they're known to meet over 400 people a day, and while it may be just a small moment in time with each person that is still an outstanding number of peope to fit into their crazy schedule.

Us teenagers and children are everyone's future. Even if you think their music is just mediocre and that they are pushy, at least be glad that we are listening to music without all the hate, the cussing, and the anger. These three boys are giving us morals, they are teaching us ways to express ourselves without using profanity. So what if they're a Disney powerhouse? So what if they suck? Their music and their lifestyle is a good thing to be pushed onto us.
2008-10-25 @ 11:49
Comment from: youreanass [Visitor]
i have no idea who the fcuk you think you are but the jonas brothers are amazing people. it is nice that they donate anything to charity. they are talented people, and might i add very good looking!
they are the EPITOME of a roll model for teens and it is great that they believe in their religion so strongly.
you are probably just jealous that you are an ugly hag who cannot sing.
i think you should get a life and stop bashing on the jonas brothers because they are more amazing than anyone else, especially you. and they would not be bashing on you if you were famous [ha yeah right] and they didnt know who you were.
i think that you should think before you speak because you are gonna a lot of shit posted on here now so BE PREPARED ASSHOLE.
karmas a bitch.
2008-10-25 @ 11:52
Comment from: ANONYMOUS [Visitor] Email
okay srsly you have NO idea what your talking bout. how can people having purity rings to symbolized that they will stay pure till maraige are bad role models?!?!? go get a life srsly. honsetly your living ina diff. world to say that JB are bad role models. and soo what?!?!?! at least they donated freakin money to charity unlike you who prolly didnt donate S***. and the jonas brothers have no talent?!!?!?!?! OMG OK SRSLY YOUR NOT UNDERSTANDING. if JB have no talent howd they make into hollywood. and made two albums that sold millions and millions of CD'S. oh wait you dont know good music. OKAY ONE MORE THING THE JONAS BROTHERS PERFORMED AT TIMBERLAKES CONCERT THINGY FOR CHARITY AND THEY HELP'D HIM RAISE 1 MILLION DOLLARS...
2008-10-25 @ 11:54
Comment from: alexa [Visitor]
WOW. I cannot even BEGIN to explain how WRONG you are. First of all havent you ever heard the saying "IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL"?! so a little word of advice, youre the ADULT you should KNOW BETTER. You have NO IDEA how HARD the JONAS BROTHERS work EVERY single day to please us, their fans. We look up to them as TRUE ROLE MODELS for that reason. They are SMART, EXTREMELY TELENTED (as you are not, according to this MINDLESS article you wrote), and A TRULY INSPIRATIONAL group of people. Gentlemen is what they are; they made a promise not to have sex until they are married, which is what more people my age should consider doing. And the reason they dont donate more of their proceeds to charity is probably because its going to future projects. If you even made an attemp to research them you would know that EVERY SONG THEY WRITE HAS A MEANING. so next time you decide to throw dirt on any other artist, DO A LITTLE RESEARCH AND DONT EVEN BOTHER TO WRITE IT because people will only leave comments expressing what they feel.
P.S.S. THE JONAS BROTHERS HAPPEN TO BE EXTREMELY GOOD AT GOLF. maybe you should have included that in your article instead of only crediting Justin Timberlake.
2008-10-25 @ 11:54
Comment from: Mariaaa [Visitor] Email
2008-10-25 @ 12:04
Comment from: krista [Visitor] Email
do you even know what your talking about? you cant sit there and say that they arent good role models when you obviously know nothing about them. they are probably the best role models someone could have! you moron.
2008-10-25 @ 12:05
Comment from: sarah [Visitor] Email
u r so fukcin' wrong my friend!!! the jonas brothers are MUCH better than you...OH and btw...u have no talent wat so ever!!!! so suck it! the jobros can sing, dance, and many other things like.... maybe...kill you!!! if u think that ur better than them, well... u know wat..go die in HELL!!!! the jobros are my life and everyday, i think,"wow! the jobros are the BEST popstar singers in the world! and they actually teach me sumthin' everyday!" but all u do is spread rumors about them so u can make their fans think that they suck! and u know wat...the more u do this, the more jobro fans will luv them!! so suck it bitch!!!!!
2008-10-25 @ 12:06
Comment from: kelly [Visitor] Email
u seriously have no life and have to be sick to hate on a group of three teenage boys. people look up to them and LOVE them unlike u:) so please leave them alone.
2008-10-25 @ 12:08
Comment from: Maria [Visitor] Email
Hun, you really have to find other ways to get the site you work for some visitors. I am sure not this many people have ever read your idiotic remarks before, how special must you feel. The Jonas Brothers are some of the most humblest, purest, sweetest boys that work in the music industry. They actually ask the press to please focus on their music or interview instead of their rings, which leeches like you love to drool over. Lmao, no talent? So they made all these millions because we hate them did they? What kind of music do you like? Or do you just love to listen to yourself talk? Get real, and if you wanted some sort of attention, well congrats, you got it. But seriously get your middle aged ass up and get a real job. Your writing skills say alot about you, better leeches can write something more dramatic and provocative, you just sound like a whiney ass bitch. The Jonas Brothers give up their days off to go and do free shows or visit places and do charity work. Their parents did an amazing work raising them, unlike you, your parents OBVIOUSLY didn't show you how to respect or be polite. Your remarks aren't very valid, if you had facts then maybe your point of view would be understood. How much money do you get paid? To pick on some of the best guys out there at the moment, you must be desperate for money.
2008-10-25 @ 12:10
Are you insane? basicly all this whole article said is "The Jonas Brothers stink because they have good morales and are popular. And Justin Timberlake rocks because he like golf and critisises his own music." HELLO!!! WAKE UP!!! The Jonas Brothers performed at Justin Timberlakes Charity a week ago! They LOVE Golf! AND They have more talent in one of thir shoes, than you will ever have in your intire life!
2008-10-25 @ 12:11
Comment from: sarah [Visitor] Email
u know wat...ur the bad role model!! bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who ever agrees with me... say," i agree with sarah!" and insult Mr.I Fukc Myself Everyday bitch and tell him how much u love the jobros!!!!!!!!!
2008-10-25 @ 12:13
Comment from: coolmom [Visitor]
Very clever Chris. You have managed to create buzz simply by slamming someone about whom you clearly know nothing. If you knew anything about the Jonas Brothers you would know that they have never tried to tell anyone how to live their lives and have tried, in vain incidently, to avoid ever talking about their personal or religious beliefs. They are humble, decent young men who have worked hard to achieve success and are never anything but gracious and generous to those around them. Even Justin Timberlake, whom you have held up as such a steller example, thinks enough of them to invite them to be a part of his show which made so much money for charity. As for them having no talent, that's your opinion and you're welcome to it, but it would seem that millions of people the world over would disagree. And let me assure you that many of us are neither teenagers, or without actual music credentials.
2008-10-25 @ 12:13
Comment from: coolmom [Visitor]
Very clever Chris. You have managed to create buzz simply by slamming someone about whom you clearly know nothing. If you knew anything about the Jonas Brothers you would know that they have never tried to tell anyone how to live their lives and have tried, in vain incidently, to avoid ever talking about their personal or religious beliefs. They are humble, decent young men who have worked hard to achieve success and are never anything but gracious and generous to those around them. Even Justin Timberlake, whom you have held up as such a steller example, thinks enough of them to invite them to be a part of his show which made so much money for charity. As for them having no talent, that's your opinion and you're welcome to it, but it would seem that millions of people the world over would disagree. And let me assure you that many of us are neither teenagers, or without actual music credentials.
2008-10-25 @ 12:17
Comment from: Chris you suck. [Visitor]
are you kidding me right now Chris. when was the last time you gave a dollar to a charity. haha youre freaking pathetic man.
2008-10-25 @ 12:17
Comment from: Suzy [Visitor] Email
First, let me just say...

Now, onto my actual comment.
I won't start flailing my arms and cyber-yelling at you for offending me and millions of fans, because the comments above me have already done this (and some of them, you have to admit, are pretty hilarious, non?). So, I just hope you've learned your lesson, that if you make blind statements about the Jonas Brothers, you will be mobbed by angry teenagers, while older fans (like myself) sit back and laugh at you.

P.S. Socks.
2008-10-25 @ 12:18
Comment from: yourmom. [Visitor]
stop bashing the jonas brothers, atleast the donated that mush to charity, unlike you, your probably some fat old guy who still lives with his parents and stis in the basement all day playing video games and bashing the jonas brothers. your oppinion doesnt have to be everyone elses, so please, so the world a favor, AND KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. kthanks.
2008-10-25 @ 12:22
Comment from: Katie [Visitor]
I'm not one to usually stick up for the jonas brothers. I'm not blind. I know they're a Disney band. I'm also not going to bash you as I think that's what you assume. You'll just say it's the obvious brainwashing of those horrid jonas brothers. Which makes me laugh. I will say this though, your reasons for saying how awful the Jonas brothers are, are hypocritical, innacurate, and illogical to say the least. They donated to charity but it wasn't enough? What a about the people sitting on millions who donate nothing? They wear purity rings so they're bad role models? How does abstaining from sex in a sexualized society make them bad? And comparing Flava Flav with the Jonas Brothers? Even if you hate them you've got see how illogical that comparison is. And the jonas brotbers don't force their faith on anyone. If anything they try to distance themselves from being typified as a christian bamd. The media likes to play that up though which is where unimformed people can make such innacurate deductions. Also I find it odd that you are bashing them for participating in Justin's charity concert but then saying how amazing it was of Justin to do it. It's completley ok with me that you don't like them and find them untalented in comparison to people like JT (who, let's not forget, was a boy bander too not that long ago) but if you're going to make aguments about how evil they are, than at least choose logical and informed arguments. This rant just makes you sound amazingly bitter, almost blindingly so, because of the complete randomness of your argument. Hate them all you want, but if you're going to blog about it, at least make the arguments viable and logical.

Oh and the Jonas Brothers love golf. They play all the time.
2008-10-25 @ 12:25
Comment from: Myriam [Visitor] Email
how about u take ur head out of ur butt for a second and realaize that the Jonas Brothers have inspired people world wide! THey donated more money than u probably ever will in your life time!your really stupid for dissing them because you have probably just turned half of the world against you becuase thats how many people actually like them so how about you realize that you have no idea what your talking about...there is nothing wrong with believing in a religion and i think its amazing that thruogh all this fame they remember the background and religion....so how about u stop talking shit about something you dont know and actually look at urself in the mirror and realize that ur the one whos fake!!!! you messed with the wrong people!!!
2008-10-25 @ 12:27
Comment from: Sarah [Visitor] Email
umm first off, as a lot of these people have said they do donate 10% of their income, and secondly how does having money not make you a Christian?
2008-10-25 @ 12:33
2008-10-25 @ 12:33
Comment from: alex [Visitor] Email
um OK the Jonas brothers are amazing role model and i don't know how they couldn't be. for there music u try writing 12 hit songs and get your CD on the top of the charts. the rolling stones cover was AMAZING and the article was even better!! the Jonas brothers don't like talking about there purity rings anymore that's not what they are about they want to focus on music not that but even so how dose wearing purity rings make you a bad role model. have you ever donated any money to charity...probably not they donate a lot of money and obviously they keep most so dose every other famous person you are just picking on them!! Justin Timberlake just did a charity event ya and you know how he made so much money because guess who his guests were THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!!so buddy the next time you are going to post a article making fun of something at least get your facts straight
2008-10-25 @ 12:38
Comment from: jonaslover101 [Visitor] Email
Dear Chris Baldwin, or whoever wrote this,
2008-10-25 @ 12:38
Comment from: hatechrisbaldwin [Visitor] Email
2008-10-25 @ 12:40
Comment from: bumblebee [Visitor] Email
i hate, hate websites if you hate someone so much why waste your time on them.Alot of people love the jonas brothers and think they are good role models which they are so if you wanna hate on inocent people we are gonna hate on you!

leave them alone
there is probitly a good reason why you dont like them like:

.they are more sucessful than you and actcully have fans

.or could it be that they have statise and you are sitting at your computer thinking


i cant answer that


none what so EVER !

thanks for reading

you suck
2008-10-25 @ 12:42
Comment from: Lauren [Visitor] Email
I'm gonna tell you flat out, you're an idiot. Justin Timberlake, is a great guy, does a lot for chairty, and is very talented... but a role model? Is this a joke? Mr sexy back? Mr I treat my fans like crap? Mr I'm too good for the very things that made me famous? Right... Good example. What the hell do you care about the Jonas Brothers, if they make people happy that should be enough and on top of that fact, I hate to point out they haven't done anything wrong. Anything to prove there backround, and there beliefs aren't true. You are just another lame-ass wannabe journalist who's just looking for a 5-second glimpse of celebrity and recognition so you decide to bash a bunch of little, teenage boys... wow, awesome!
2008-10-25 @ 12:46
Comment from: William K. Wolfrum [Visitor] Email
2008-10-25 @ 13:03
Comment from: Rose [Visitor] Email
DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT ? If Justin Timberlake raises more charity than Jonas Brothers, does it make them as bad rolemodels ? Or if they wear their purity rings, does it mean that they are bad musicians or something ?

Oh my god, if you want to write something like this, I'd like to hear your VERY well argued opinions before publishing this kind of crap !

And I cant realize how can you say that JoBros are bad rolemodels ? Like many people had already said, they are much better than many other band / musician. They spent time with us, and we are important to them. I think you don't even know what / who you are talking about. Anyone, who puts little more interest to them knows that they are good guys !

And we all love them <3
2008-10-25 @ 13:13
Comment from: Oscar [Visitor] Email
Your sooo idiotic!They don't push anything on anyone its their choose and theyre amazing rolemodels
and they're music is absolutely amazing and speaks to people unlike the shit you probably listen too.Your a journalist,arent you supposed to get your facts straight?
UGH! the media is soooo stupid these days
2008-10-25 @ 13:29
Comment from: jonasfan!!! [Visitor] Email
oh my jonas!!!! i cant believe you would say something like that!! the jonas brothers are great role models!! i repesct them for wearing purity rings!!! i love them so much!!!!
2008-10-25 @ 13:29
Comment from: kjlsjdff [Visitor] Email
Wow... what a lame excuse for an article! Why would you waste your time writing about how "pathetic" they are, when everyone knows they're amazing!!! Maybe you should actually read some of these comments towards this tacky article, and realize that the Jonas Brothers are talented and incredible insperations. Oh, and one more thing.. Get. A. Life. Jonas - <3
2008-10-25 @ 13:33
Comment from: Melanie [Visitor] Email
wow! what a complete ass you are! don't diss the jonas brothers for having purity rings! its their decision and you are making fun of anyone else who has one! i think its a good idea! like jordin spark says not every man or woman wants to be a slut! also about the 10% donation at least they DONATED unlike you, who most likely hasn't! so grow up and get a life! at least they have a fan base that loves them and will stick bu their side!! unlike you!
2008-10-25 @ 13:34
Comment from: A-Jonas-loving-mom [Visitor]
I realize this article was most likely written to generate traffic for you, which is very sad to say the least. I am a mother, (YES I said a mother) who couldn't be happier to see three young men be themselves. I grew up with band like Guns N Roses and Motley Crue. Yes the complete oppisite of the Jonas Brothers. As a mom who has just about given away her age I want you and all the other HATERS out there to know that I trully with I had had role models like them. I grew up thinking that all "rockstars" where into drugs and sex and that it was "cool". I'm proud to say my kids look up to these three. My kids can see that staying pure till marriage is cool. That you don't need drugs or alcohol to be with the "in" crowd. Heck my kids give to charity more that I do. It's sad that someone has to put them down like this because he's jealous of there success.
2008-10-25 @ 13:39
Comment from: Eugenia [Visitor] Email
2008-10-25 @ 13:44
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor] Email

Of course Chris knew exactly what the response would be - don't you remember the last time he insulted a "singer" who had won some "no-talent" competition and had a similar response?

It is just TOO obvious that he and Wolfrum are back in another blogging contest. Whether you agree with WKW's political views or not, at least he can write. Says a lot about which topics they choose as their weapons, of course.

I could not manage to read many of the responses past your own as I am a sensitive soul - especially regarding education - but most of them are on a par with CB's standard of blogging.

"Tenants" for "tenets", "area" for
"era" and virtually incomprehsible headlines are just as hilarious as some of the comments.

However, I still work my way through his blogs, and am charitable enough to add to his responses.

PS I did see the Jonas Brothers on a UK morning news show. I confess that there was zero interest in their music, but as a most ungodly nation, there was mute horror at their chastity rings. Bit like the reaction to the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate, really.
2008-10-25 @ 13:46
Comment from: kate [Visitor] Email
oh boy
heaven forbid they donate money to charity and have strong values
what horrible people
terrible, terrible people, huh?

get a life
oh, and by the way
you seem to know one of their songs pretty well considering that it isn't a single and doesn't receive airplay on radios

but, nice try buddy
2008-10-25 @ 13:52
Comment from: cecilia [Visitor] Email
Seriously, you need to get your facts right.
I don't even get why you're saying all those things about them, when they're one the greatest role models for kids and teens out there.
They write their own songs, play their own instruments, care about global issues like poverty and global warming (both their CDs are made from 100% recycled material, they donated 10% of their earnings to charity, and they have a foundation where kids and teens can donate to five different charities), and most importantly, they have managed to stay grounded all these years; especially this past year when they've gotten really famous around the world.
The fact that they wear purity rings is their personal life and they rarely talk about it; but it's their choice and they're in their right to make that choice. Besides, it's not like it's something bad...

They have the musical skills to have all the staying power they need. Besides, they will be famous as long as their fans are there to support them. And in case you haven't noticed by all the responses you're getting here, JB fans are rarely silenced.
Before you judge a great band, try to do a little more research so you get your facts right.
By the way, what does Justin Timberlake have to do with this?

And although rather irrelevant to this article and my comment, the Jonas Brothers LOVE golfing.
2008-10-25 @ 13:52
Comment from: jonas brothers fan! [Visitor] Email
you fag! how dare you! don't you have anything else better to do? pice of shit!! jerk!! asshole!!!the jonas brothers are very talented! more that you will ever be! you fagget!bald head!you should worry about growing some hair! because in your display picture you look totaly bald!!
jonas brothers are #1 and their music as totally amazing!
2008-10-25 @ 13:53
Comment from: rommel [Visitor] Email
lame attempt to get publicity. How low can you get? just stick to your golf write-ups. please.
2008-10-25 @ 14:00
Comment from: Kimberly [Visitor] Email
I don't know what your definition of role model is, but I'm pretty sure you've got it wrong. The Jonas Brothers are the epitome of a role model. While they are good Christians, they don't go around and preach their beliefs, because not everyone might agree with them. And yes, they do have purity rings, but recently they've decided to stop talking about them because they want the focus on their music, not their personal values. And, their songs are amazing. Maybe you should take an hour out of you life and listen to some of them, and you would agree. They talk about nothing vulgar in their songs, and they don't curse. This is the type of band that little kids should be looking up to. And, they appeal to other age groups also. I'm around the age of one of the Jonas Brothers, and I still look up to them. My mom even things that they are amazing people. Oh, and they have their own charity that raises a lot of money. I think they give plenty to people in need. I know it's way more than you and me sure give. So how about you pick on another band that actually deserves it, and stop trying to make up excuses why an awesome band shouldn't be around. The Jonas Brothers will not be a passing fad, especially to me. Get your facts right next time.
2008-10-25 @ 14:02
Comment from: lily [Visitor] Email
ok, you really don't know what you're talking about.
2008-10-25 @ 14:25
Comment from: anonymous [Visitor] Email
i cant believe you would actually waste your time typing such a wrong post. you know toonnss of people are obviously disagreeing with you. just because they have purity rings doesnt mean theyre preeching it or being above anyone else, they actually respect women and theirselves, and who cares how much they donate to charity? they have their own charity, change for the children, and they can donate however much the hell they want. stop wasting your time with this shit.
2008-10-25 @ 14:26
Comment from: Fish [Visitor]
I just would like to point out that, this man makes a good point about living 'simple lives of virtue'. For a band who is very obviously religious, whether they intended it to be part of their image or not to the public nonetheless it is evident, they sure don't hide the blatant abuse of their fame and money. For a group who's motto is 'live like you're at the bottom even when you're at the top' or something like that [I can't remember the exact statement], they really don't seem to follow it in the least. I mean, honestly speaking, what kind of 15 year old kid could or would buy a car before they're even able to drive it as a birthday gift to himself? Really? Is that showing any modesty whatsoever?
Sure, to each their own. But don't spout BS, it only makes you look like a lying spoiled brat.

And all this talk about being a role model... Just learn to be an individual and think for yourself, is it really that difficult?
2008-10-25 @ 14:33
Comment from: nickJrocks [Visitor] Email
go to hell
2008-10-25 @ 14:41
Comment from: Cheyenne [Visitor] Email
First of all: What does a pop/rock band have to do with golf? Other than they love playing golf?
Second of: This is the worst article I have ever read! The Jo Bros? Bad role models? HA! Yeah right! Wearing a purity ring is a good thing and a great message to kids of all ages.
2008-10-25 @ 14:42
Comment from: Ally Buys [Visitor]
Ok, so not everyone loves the Jonas Brothers, but I just thought I'd let you know that they play golf(!!!) so you can stop downing them on "trevelgolf.com" cos really, what musician wants to be insulted on a golfing website?
PS by the way, they do play their own instruments, and umm Justin Timberlake? was he reeeeeaaally the best you could think of...?
2008-10-25 @ 14:44
Comment from: Hope [Visitor] Email
WOW, obviously you should do some research. Their song tonight has nothing to do with sex, so get your mind out of the gutter. And if they gave 10% to a foundation thats awesome because that is not even tithing, tithing is giving to the church. Besides that is no ones buisness.
2008-10-25 @ 14:45
Comment from: Allison [Visitor] Email
you need to quit bashing the jb they are
very good They are very good role models
also miley cyrus is not. talk about Miley
2008-10-25 @ 14:46
Comment from: JonasFan24/7 [Visitor] Email
Wow, what a waste of time writing such a useless blog... your out numbered on this one Chris...
2008-10-25 @ 14:47
Comment from: Not needed [Visitor]
you know what i am a HUGE fan of the Jonas Brothers and im not even going to write a book on your ridiculous article because your article isnt even worth my time. I would just like to let you know that you should really get your facts straight before you try and wreck somones career. I feel bad for you because you must have no life if this is all you do is sit and write the most false stories. You seriously need to grow up because a two year old acts more mature than you. They are the greatest role models ever and know matter what you say you cant change that. If you think your article is going to open peoples minds and change them then your sadly mistaking because no one would ever believe the sap that wrote this article. They care about charity more than you have ever thought about. you just need to get over yourself and grow up i mean come on?
2008-10-25 @ 14:48
Comment from: jonasluver [Visitor] Email
OMG, get a life, the Jonas BRothers Are the Best band in the world
Jealous much?
2008-10-25 @ 14:52
Comment from: yali jonas [Visitor] Email
who the hell are you to say this about the jonas brothers????
the only thing i know is you are a retarded!! you should get a life! seriously you have no idea of what you are talkin about, it seems like someone paid you to do this or you are just a hater cuz there's no common sense on this article! u are insane!
2008-10-25 @ 14:52
Comment from: Justin [Visitor] Email
get over yourself
the jonas brothers are the best role models out these days

i love them
& always will
2008-10-25 @ 15:01
Comment from: lyssa [Visitor]
2008-10-25 @ 15:03
Comment from: txjomama [Visitor] Email
If you are going to write about someone maybe you should learn something about them. They have never "preached" about their faith, they have tried their best to steer the attention away from their rings because it is their personal choice and they don't want people to get one because they have them. The media, such as yourself, won't leave it alone. They also have never made a big deal about their father being a minister! Their parents have said they still insist they donate AT LEAST 10% of their income, if you have read they Bible you know where that comes from. I would much rather my daughter be a fan of a nice, clean-cut, VERY TALENTED, group of Christian boys than someone that sings with Madonna and you never know what is going to come out of his mouth, sex, bad language, etc. I don't have to worry about that with the Jonas Brothers! I don't have to wrorry about who they are going to be living with next. That's not something I approve of.
By the way, if I'm correct, part of what Timberlake earned for charity was because of the concert that he hosted! Oh wait! Who was on the list of performers??? OH! The Jonas Brothers! If you were to take a poll of the people that were there, I bet you would find the majority were there for The Jonas Brothers!!
2008-10-25 @ 15:05
Comment from: Mrs.J.N.K.F.Jonas! [Visitor]
You do not what u just got into! I dont think everyone will follow u and diss the Jonas Brothers. Some Peoplw Will agree with you but still!! Get A Life. ALL U PEOPLE! That Hate the Jonas Brothers! What have they ever done to you??!? HUH HUH1?!?!??! proove that! They are 1 of the Best role models! Someones Jealous!I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!
2008-10-25 @ 15:06
Comment from: Madi [Visitor]
Uh yeah.
Your really stupid,the Jonas Brothers are the BEST rolemodels out there.
You wrong.
They have so much talent and they inspire me everyday.
They teach me to be smarter than everyone else about drugs,alchohal,and sex.
So I don't think were talking about the same Jonas Brothers.
And your an idiot to say such mean things,because Jonas fans are crazy..we will hunt you down.
So watch out.
If you ever say another rude thing about our boys...yo better sleep with your eyes open.
Our love for those AMAZING boys is strong..and it always will be.
So you can get over yourself.

2008-10-25 @ 15:06
Comment from: Gina [Visitor]
Hmmm....let's see...they don't drink, smoke, do drugs, have sex. So who out there IS a role model to you if they aren't? I, too, am a mom of kids who love the Jonai, and I have come to love their music, and them, as well. Never before have I seen an article be so inaccurate and show just how much research a "journalist" didn't do. Not only have the always donated 10% of their earnings, even back when they weren't making the big bucks, but they go over and above what any celebrity has ever done for their fans and for those less fortunate, doing meet & greets, private performances, etc. They just donated $250,000 to an oncolgy unit of a hospital during their Spirit of Life appearance. I could go on and on with their good deeds, but there's not enough time. There are so many celebrities out there who suck and do nothing and complain and whine and give nothing back - those are the ones to come down on. Not JB - they've done nothing but good and their fans have taken them to where they are. Good for them that they are making millions - I'm happy to spend my money on thier CD's, concerts, etc. rather than most other "artists" out there. These boys truly have talent, write their own songs, play instruments and are wise and mature beyond their years. It's just sad that you;ve just expressed your lame, negative, hater opinion to so many people through this article when you obviously know nothing about them. By the way, Golf Digest just named Nick and Kevin 2 of the top 100 "musician golfers". Guess they did some research first.....
2008-10-25 @ 15:08
Comment from: Linda [Visitor] Email
Wow, someone is an idiot! You have n idea what you are talking about! The Jonas Brothers are amazing role models! I couldn't even finish reading what you wrote because it made me so mad! The Jonas Brothers actually have good values and they don't need to deal with stupid people like you writing stupid lies about them! You really need to get fired! YOU SUCK!
2008-10-25 @ 15:10
Comment from: Bri [Visitor] Email
Wow...you seriously have no life!!!!! You should seriously be ashamed of yourself! and next time get your facts straight before you run your mouth. first of all, THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE AMAZING!!!!! & are EXTREMELY TALENTED!!!!!!! You're just jeleous cause that many girls will never like you, or have you as their role model ever in your life. so you're taking it out on them. wow you're really mature for a grown man... how about notnd the reason they have purity rings isbecause unlike most guys they are not pigs and have standards!!!!!!and how does them working hard and having money not make the christians????!!!!you're seriously redicoulas!!
2008-10-25 @ 15:10
Comment from: Taylor [Visitor]
WOW! People have NO lives these days. They’re just hating because they [or their sons] can’t add up to the Jonas Brothers. Not only that, but older people hate that they’re compared to the Beatles [so they hate JB]. I agree they’re not like the Beatles, but even JB said they don’t think they should be compared to them. They, themselves know the Beatles are greater than them! Another thing is some people just aren’t into the “JB sound” . They think they’re just pretty boys who have no talent [which isn' true]. They [the haters aka people like Chris] don’t give enough time to research them. Chris is a moron who doesn't do his research. They need to learn they actually do WRITE their own lyrics and music. They even sometimes produce! They’re sweet and kind. They believe in thanking God and staying pure.

Last time I checked, that was a good thing…o.O

I guess they [the haters aka Chris ^] just hate being below JB. They feel like they have to add up to them.

they [the haters XD] need lives..

Don’t take crap out on people [aka JB] actually trying to make a living..and who actually do the RIGHT thing.

Not only that, but ..come on, Chris... THINK! $12 million, right? 3 brothers. That's $4 million for each. Well, what about their bass player, guitar player, keyboard player, and drummer? Their stage crew and more? Bus drivers. [they have like 8 buses] HOUSE bills.
PLUS 10% to the charity!? That's pretty generous, don't you think? They deserve money to themselves too. Donating the slightest penny -even if you don't make a lot- is sweet. Yes, they make a lot, but taxes and all the other stuff above! Use your brain, do some research, and maybe just shut your mouth all together you no-good blogger with absolutely NO LIFE!
2008-10-25 @ 15:11
Comment from: Marie [Visitor]
SERIOUSLY? i understand that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, but at least hate for the right reasons. all ur information is TOTALLY wrong. u say they use their dad to push their religion on people, they always say their dad is their manager, nothing more. and second of all, their try their hardest to avoid discussing their religious beliefs and their purity rings. they want people to focus on their music and career. sure they donate 10%, but 10% of $12 million is a lot and i dont think YOU would donate that much. if they have no talent, then how can u explain their sold out concerts, their 2nd and 3rd albums going platinum, or all their appearances all of america and the uk? they have so many fans! oh and i forgot to say! the charity concert that justin timberlake held in vegas...THE JONAS BROTHERS WERE THERE TOO TO PERFORM! and just remember what jb said about haters "when we see haters, we know were doing something right"

so next time you want to criticize them, GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT FIRST!
2008-10-25 @ 15:12
Comment from: Raisa Hikari [Visitor] Email
How about before you go and write an article for being a bad role model you start your own charity, you donate money to that charity, you promise to stay pure until marriage so that your relationship to your spouse can be that much better, and you go out in front of millions of people all over the world and sing songs that you wrote.
2008-10-25 @ 15:14
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]
you're an idiot.
2008-10-25 @ 15:21
Comment from: becca...x [Visitor]
omg u dnt no wat ur talkin 'bout. they r great role models! they only talk 'bout their rings wen they are asked 'bout them. they have inspired hundreds of girls and guys to wear PURITY RINGS! to stop them wasting themselves on meaningless relatiponships!! and hey how much do YOU donate to charity???? grow up. stop being a JEALOUS LOSER and accept that the jonas brothers have so much more respect than you do and they are talented, gorgeous and FABULOUS role models!!!!!
2008-10-25 @ 15:22
Comment from: syoifywar [Visitor]
you are an idiot. go get a girlfriend. please, stop critisizing someone you don't know. and why are the Jonas Brothers being talked about on a GOLF website. WHY?
2008-10-25 @ 15:25
Comment from: Taylor again [Visitor]
me again p.s. 10% of 12 million is 1,200,000
2008-10-25 @ 15:27
Comment from: Taylor [Visitor]
WOW! People have NO lives these days. They’re just hating because they [or their sons] can’t add up to the Jonas Brothers. Not only that, but older people hate that they’re compared to the Beatles [so they hate JB]. I agree they’re not like the Beatles, but even JB said they don’t think they should be compared to them. They, themselves know the Beatles are greater than them! Another thing is some people just aren’t into the “JB sound” . They think they’re just pretty boys who have no talent [which isn' true]. They [the haters aka people like Chris] don’t give enough time to research them. Chris is a moron who doesn't do his research. They need to learn they actually do WRITE their own lyrics and music. They even sometimes produce! They’re sweet and kind. They believe in thanking God and staying pure. Last time I checked, that was a good thing…o.O I guess they [the haters aka Chris ^] just hate being below JB. They feel like they have to add up to them. they [the haters XD] need lives.. Don’t take crap out on people [aka JB] actually trying to make a living..and who actually do the RIGHT thing. Not only that, but ..come on, Chris... THINK! $12 million, right? 3 brothers. That's $4 million for each. Well, what about their bass player, guitar player, keyboard player, and drummer? Their stage crew and more? Bus drivers. [they have like 8 buses] HOUSE bills. PLUS 10% to the charity!? That's pretty generous, don't you think? They deserve money to themselves too. Donating the slightest penny -even if you don't make a lot- is sweet. Yes, they make a lot, but taxes and all the other stuff above! Use your brain, do some research, and maybe just shut your mouth all together you no-good blogger with absolutely NO LIFE!
2008-10-25 @ 15:27
Comment from: Lauren [Visitor]
My question to you is,


Okay, the Jonas Brothers do what they do. So what? Does it effect your life to any level whatsoever?

No. So let people like who they like and just keep your opinions to yourself.

And yes, this is YOUR OPINION. Not fact. I disagree, and you are entitled to an opinion, but seriously. Please don't talk like everything you say is a fact.

2008-10-25 @ 15:37
Comment from: Vakerue [Visitor] Email
people like this bother me...how can someone be so ignorant? i guess your just agains the Jonas Brothers because your wayyy below them, aren't you?
2008-10-25 @ 15:37
Comment from: Lib [Visitor]
u have no idea wat ur tlkin bout there so good role models u need to get a life and stop being jealous i bet half of ur readers are jo bro fans so get a life and stop being jealous cuz ur a lil nobody -_-
2008-10-25 @ 15:37
Comment from: Kelsey [Visitor] Email

That was uncalled for. I hope your ready, your email inbox is probably already full.

After you clear out your emails, if you ever finish, that is, you may want to take some time to get your facts straight like professional journalists are supposed to.

I am a little confused on your definition of untalented. I don't see why a sold out tour, numerous hit songs, etc., let alone a record deal don't qualify.

Don't mess with Jonas fans. Trust me.
2008-10-25 @ 15:39
Comment from: Marissa [Visitor]
Obviously, you seem to think the Jonas Brothers can't write music, and obviously, their record-setting new release disagrees. People look up top the Jonas Brothers because they ARE very humble and modest about their success. I've never once heard them "preach" about anything, and they even try to NOT make their religion a part of their career. They're not trying to convert anyone. Even so, it doesn't matter how much effort people take to bash them, because the loyalty of their fans will outweigh the stupidity of bloggers like you. I'd really like to see you start your own charity and be on the road ten months out of the year living with diabetes. Oh yes, and if this was just a passing fad, how DID they snag a Rolling Stone cover..? I don't see you black-listing Miley Cyrus or any SERIOUS bad role-models.
2008-10-25 @ 15:39
Comment from: allie [Visitor] Email
WOW. you seriously are not telling people the jonas brothers are bad role models. they're humble, good, Christian guys, doing what they love to do. UNLIKE justin timberlake, who has sexual phrases in almost every song he writes. it's just REDICULOUS, and also, you cant be insisting justin timberlake did raise that million dollars by himself. IF YOU NOTICE, THE JONAS BROTHERS WERE ALSO THERE PERFORMING! they themselves could raise that. take your head out of your ass, and get over you and your stupid rant.
2008-10-25 @ 15:48
Comment from: Someone who knows talent (unlike you) [Visitor] Email
didn't think that you'd attract so much attention did ya? idiot.
2008-10-25 @ 15:49
Comment from: Molly [Visitor] Email
Wow, i don't know where to begin. First of all, you are a complete idiot. You write a golfer's blog....so why don't you stick to your topic of GOLF instead of trying to make a pathetic attempt at "criticizing" music.

You want to place Justin Timberlake on some high pedastal but have you failed to remember his song that goes along the lines of "i'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song" ? - - - how is THAT being a good role model? you're logic is ridiculous.

Also, Jonas Brothers DO donate to MANY charities so therefore may not give mass amounts to one sole charity like Timberlake. And i find nothing wrong with the fact that Jonas Brothers are not donating all of their earnings off right away...they are fresh talent unlike Justin Timberlake who has been around since the 90's...there for JB have a right to their hard-earned money.
Also, your little bash to Hollywood,...everyone who has any fame, is involved in Hollywood...including your precious JT, so therefore, someone who is in the spotlight is very much considered a role model. Why is that a bad thing?

JB made a commitment to stay pure until marriage which is good for teens to see that other teens value themselves in that way...would you want a fourteen year old looking up to Lindsay Lohan...thinking it's okay to party and drink excessively? The Jonas Brothers are a POSITIVE role model and they really prefer not to talk about their purity rings ... their fans know what they stand for and the fans are still loyal to them, so what is the big deal?

I believe you need to stick to topics you may actually know...my guess is this blog entry has the most comments that you have ever received on your blog because any other time, people don't care what you write! Possibly this was your pathetic attempt for your 15 minutes of fame; wanting to create a hype about nothing.
2008-10-25 @ 15:52
Comment from: Mica [Visitor]
MAN!!!!! u are so stupid!!!! i guess u got a lot of courage tp write this useless and pathetic blog.at least the jonas brothers have donated to charity UNLIKE you. i bet you have never donated any thing to charity and if you have i bet your donation was nothing compared to theirs. they also have a bunch of people they have to pay and they have a bunch of houses they have to pay for. they also believe in god and they wear purity rings. the last time i checked that was a good thing.they are GREAT role models and so is justin timberlake. so you wasted time writing this gay blog cause its you against millions of jonas brothers fans. you fag go do something with your instead of staying in yur moms basement writing blogs for a golf website (by the way golf is one of the worst ports ever created only fat gay and bald guy like you play golf
2008-10-25 @ 15:54
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
Only $4 million for each, Taylor? You're right, they're really skimping to help others. How can these baby men of great virtue get by on only $4 million?

Another great point on the fact that "they have like 8 houses." Who but that ever modest man of means John McCain who only has three houses would think that's ridiculous for three kids under 21? Who doesn't need eight houses?

2008-10-25 @ 15:56
Comment from: jonasfan101 [Visitor]
hahaha chris! you are such a loser! there is not even ONE good comment so take that! jonas fans will ALWAYS prevail so if i were you, i would keep my mouth shut
2008-10-25 @ 16:01
Comment from: Konas [Visitor] Email
what the hell are you talking about!! the jonas brothers are the best thing that has ever happended to the world and your just jealous that there at the top of the food chain and your waaaay down at the bottom!! your just a loser that has no life so you feel better about your self by saying mean things about people like the Jonas Brothers!!
2008-10-25 @ 16:15
Comment from: JONAS FAN [Visitor] Email
This is SOOO stupid.This is a golfers blog and you write about stars WTF, i bet its because no one reads your damn magazine so you post these idiotic lies to get some effin attencion JB are the best role models ever for SOO,SOO MANY REASONS!!!You people are just jelous because they actually have talent and are sweet and humble and funny and amazing and so many more things and you don't
2008-10-25 @ 16:18
Comment from: Cassie [Visitor] Email
You can't win; even if you try :)
Joe, Nick and Kevin are GREAT role models.
It's not everyday that you see celebrities actually obeying their purity rings.
It's not everyday when you see singers that actually write their songs; songs that have great meanings.
And for last; they have all inspired us to go after our dreams. "Nothing can hold you back." Nick is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which means a lot to me because many of my family members have diabetes, too.
I feel bad for those boys sometimes because they have to put up with trash like this.
2008-10-25 @ 16:19
Comment from: JONAS FAN [Visitor] Email
[from last comment]
and you dont have talented and arent amzaing like JB
2008-10-25 @ 16:20
Comment from: Kelly [Visitor] Email
First off i would like to say that every is entitled to their own opinion, obviously you dont like the jonas brothers but to say they are bad role models is completely ridiculous. They are good,no great role models. If more of the population respected saving sex for marriage than the world might be a better place. Also, in the article you said "Take note Jonas bros. Real stars don’t preach. They don’t tell you how to live your life. They just make a difference by getting involved in things - sometimes even a golf tournament." The jonas brothers do "make a difference by getting involved". They have a charity for diabetes research. they help promote "going green". JB is also very down to earth. They haven't forgotten where they came from or how they have gotten to where they are now. At almost every concert, they have a meet & greet, so they can met all of their devoted fans. Also, they dont go around doing drugs or other things of that nature. Next time you decide to say something negative about the Jonas Brothers get your facts straight or just dont say anything at all.
2008-10-25 @ 16:34
Comment from: Kelly [Visitor] Email
also, i think you just posted this false article to get your self alot of hits or something like that
2008-10-25 @ 16:37
Comment from: stop [Visitor] Email
i think we should stop posting comments on this article. we (the jonas fans) have proven our point and probably the only reason this guy wrote this article was to attract attention to himself and get his "15 minutes o f fame". we should just move on cause this guy is getting exactly what he wanted.
2008-10-25 @ 16:47
Comment from: jess [Visitor]
how could u have a go at them for wearing purity rings? Its great how they are able to stand up and say that thats what they believe in and not care what other people think. they are inspirations and if you are to ignorant to see that then you are clearly so up your own ass its unbbelievable. slaggin the of on the internet is a realy quick way to make urself unpopular so just shut upn and get a life
2008-10-25 @ 17:16
Comment from: UR INSANE! [Visitor] Email
U r insane if u think the jonas brothers are bad role models, and u should listen to all the other comments, and GET A LIFE!!
2008-10-25 @ 17:16
Comment from: leidy [Visitor]
chris, why don't shut up¿? get a life!!, i know that you're jealous because they're famous, they're livin' their dream, if you couldn't fulfill your dreams don't mean that somebody else don't can, so don't criticize them!! because i'm sure that you don't know what the hell you wrote, LOOOOOOOOSERRRRRRR i don't write more because everyone told you the true the JB are a good model!! first look for information and after if you are right criticize but if you don't know shut up! this is the lesson of today, i hope that you learn it
2008-10-25 @ 17:17
Comment from: Visitor [Visitor]
You are nothing but a popinjay who likes to hear him/herself talk.

You obviously know nothing about the Jonas Brothers, or otherwise you'd know they like to keep their religion private and to themselves as much as possible so as not to make their fans feel like they're pressing it on them, and their purity rings and Christianity have sparked youths to get their own purity rings. That makes a better scoiety in whole.

And who else might be terrible rolemodels doesn't reflect on the Jonas Brothers at all. What they do reflects upon themselves. I have never heard anything about them comitting any wrongdoing.

The Jonas Brothers are certainly good rolemodels; I think I speak for all the fans when I say that they do not deserve to be dashed to pieces in a blogpost by a most-likely liberal Democrat; not that they deserve to be dashed to pieces by anyone. They've never done anything to deserve that.
2008-10-25 @ 17:17
Comment from: lisa [Visitor] Email
WHAT! please explain to me how they are PREACHING to anyone. i have never heard them preach ever in my life.

you still failed to explain how they were bad role models; because you don't like their music? ok. that still does not mean they are bad role models. because they wear purity rings? oh damn. they're not having sex, thats obvious a sure sign of bad role modeling.

you have go to be kidding.
2008-10-25 @ 17:28
Comment from: La Shawn Simmons [Visitor] Email
did u evr consider the fat that since the jonas brothers are so famous they may have been the reason an overwhelming amount of people came
2008-10-25 @ 17:30
Comment from: Natalie [Visitor]
I'm gonna get to the point here. THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE THE GREATEST ROLE MODELS IN THE HISTORY OF CELEBRITYS! They wear those purity rings to show that they don't want to end up like Britney Spears, or any of those other celebs who don't do anything but slack off with girls/guys instead of actually working and making their fans feel proud to be fans of them. These "three teen twits" have over a million fans, going to their concerts, cheering them on, and all that. And about that "Justin Timberlake" golfing thing, the records do show that the Jonas Brothers do love to play golf, but with their busy squeduales, they surely can't fit in some random golf tournament. Oh, and before I forget, WHY BRING THEIR FATHER INTO THIS! When you get that personal, something's obviously wrong. You HAVE to realize that you not only just insulted those 3 talented boys, but you also insulted all their fans. This Jonas crap needs to stop, and should stop. I've searched the internet all over, but this is the most insulting blog I've ever read about 3 of the most talented boys in the world.
2008-10-25 @ 17:32
Comment from: Jacquie [Visitor] Email
the jonas brothers haven't preached to anyone
they dont talk about their religion all the time
they dont use their dad (wtf was that about?!?)
and you, my "friend", are a retard!!

give me a REAL argument for why you dont like them, instead of repeating all the things you hear every other uneducated jonas hater saying

2008-10-25 @ 17:32
Comment from: anonymous [Visitor]
JB doesn't preach. If they preached I sure as hell wouldn't like them. If you want to rant why don't you get your facts straight before you do it? And you ramble on about how the Jonas Brothers have no talent and preach, but have you seen Miley Cyrus lately? She takes slutty pictures of herself, then turns around and preaches about her faith. And have you heard her songs? Dump all over her, rather than lie about JB.
2008-10-25 @ 17:39
Comment from: Joanie [Visitor] Email
You need to do a little more research before you talk or write. The Jonas Brothers are one of the reasons Timberlake make so much money for his charity, they performed. Also, they don't preach. Never have, never will. Maybe they should have been invited to play in a golf tournement because guess what???? They play golf!

These boys are great role models, I love that my grandkids and I can listen to them and actually LIKE their music. You obviously don't have children or moral for yourself.

Stop preaching Chris, the public is smarter than the entertainment or political industry give credit to
2008-10-25 @ 17:41
Comment from: Robin [Visitor] Email
Of course. I mean who wants their children to stay pure until marriage? Be respectful? Love their family? Not get in fights? Not cuss every other sentence? Not give into peer pressure? Follow their dreams? Follow the law? Try to be good people?

Your rite. Horrible role models.
2008-10-25 @ 17:43
Comment from: Yam [Visitor] Email
OK, besides all the obvious wrongs that this "article" contains, like saying the Jonas Brohters are not talented, that donating 10% of 2 million dollars to charity is too little, that their songs are not "songs" and the biggest one, that they're bad role models (pshhh), I just wanted to ask you: how do you think Justin Timberlake, your wonderful role model, got to raise 1 million dollars in that Las Vegas event?
I'll tell you how: 80% of that audience were Jonas Brothers fans! He asked them to be in this show and he introduced them first because he said himself he couldn't keep holding the best of the night for later!

Before ou use a JT to bash the JB, get your facts straight. Because YOUR allegedly good role model happens to love OUR supposedly bad role model.

Get a life!
2008-10-25 @ 17:44
Comment from: JonasBrothersFan01 [Visitor] Email
wait did i read right? you are saying they are a bad influence. wow i never thought id hear that from someone. even someone who hates them. they are the number one role model out there right now and this was the most pathetic thing ive ever read. i love jonas the brothers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-10-25 @ 17:46
Comment from: Jerry [Visitor] Email
You know, this is the stupidest thing i ever heard...
the one who wrote this must learn how to be intelligent
the three jonas brothers are the best male role models ever!
they are wonderful, intelligent, believers, funny, noble
they are the best!!!!!
really, go and say thing about someone else...
2008-10-25 @ 17:46
Comment from: Haley [Visitor] Email
Ok the Jonas Brothers are my role models, stop being jealous of them u loser. They have SO much talent, and There called purity rings you retardo. They reach out to me with their music, and their not just a pretty face. So shut your mouth and get a life.
2008-10-25 @ 17:48
Comment from: who wants to know? [Visitor]
Next time you decide to write a hate article about JB, remember: hell hath no fury like Jonas fans scorned. =] so get back to writing about golf, considering this a golf site.
2008-10-25 @ 17:52
Comment from: Kayla [Visitor]
Talk about an epic fail. Don't mess with Jonas Brothers fans. Lesson learned, dude.
2008-10-25 @ 17:52
Comment from: JB FAN! [Visitor] Email

enough said...
2008-10-25 @ 17:55
Comment from: Amanda [Visitor] Email
Wow a pathetic attempt to make one of the most popular bands in the world at the moment look like total trash. Say what you want it won’t make these boys reps go down, fans will be loyal if you like it or not.
I'm not a fan who likes them for looks BUT only their talent, yes TALENT that i know they DO have. I didn’t even like them AT ALL till I actually listened to their music.
You can't tell people who to like and who to not like, you are the one trying to state what you think is fact.
Truth is these boys are AMAZING role models.
2008-10-25 @ 17:59
Comment from: Lore [Visitor] Email
That was the stupidest article i have ever read...

The Jonas Brothers are GREAT ROLE MODELS!!!!!! How can you say they are not???
You might not like their music, but i do, and i think its great. You might like Justin Timberlake and i dont...so we are even. but to say they are bad role models? where did u get that idea?

I know aLOT and i mean ALOT!!! of girls who have gotten purity rings, and have promised to stay pure til' marriage because of the Jonas Brothers. I think thats great, because we now know that those girls wont be going out having sex at a young age and getting pregnant or an STD.

FYI... the whole JT charity was an even bigger deal b/c the Jonas Brothers were there too.

So there.. i dont feel like wasting amy more of my time telling you how WRONG you are.

ps. i love the fact that 99.9% of the comments posted are AGAINST what u said, and how GOOD the Jonas BRothers are.

2008-10-25 @ 17:59
Comment from: Alyssa [Visitor] Email
They are great role modles! They have those rings to show that they are gentlemen! Gosh you are like an old man bashing on the Jonas Brothers. Gah! And the whole money thing. At least they are donating some to the charity! You probebly arnt giving half as much money as they are!
If this is a joke just to mess with Jonas Fans, then you better watch your back cause we are crazy!
2008-10-25 @ 18:04
Comment from: Crystal [Visitor]
wow , i gotta kick outta reading this . people get SO jealous these days . damn , jb are the best role models you could EVER see and ask for : they don`t have sex with multiple people (heck , they don`t even have sex PERIOD) , their music is insanely clean , they`re not money grabbing whores , they don`t do drugs , they don`t swear : what the hell are you asking from them ?! they`re doing everything they can to be the best role models . wow , you guys need a damn life .
2008-10-25 @ 18:05
Comment from: Jennifer [Visitor] Email
Who Ever wrote this is sooooooooo freakin Stupid!!!!! U need To learn some things about the teens of Today The Jonas Brothers Are like the Goodest Young MAn!!!! Dont U know that the teens of today cuse,get pregnant,do drugs,and other bad stuff I dont see them doing that!!! They even have purity Rings which gives US an Example That Maybe U should stay pure tell marriage!!!! UR probably Jealous of them!!!! Seriously GROW UP!!!!!!! And GEt a life and not be putting the jonas brothers in these stupid situations!!!!
2008-10-25 @ 18:16
Comment from: Morgan [Visitor] Email
Ok, you jealous person, Chastity rings are a good thing, and you are just jealous, so get a freaking life. JB is a role model to all teens, so you obviously don't know what you are talking about. And yes, as a teenage girl who likes the jonas brothers, i know you will get attacked by millions of other teen girls, and you deserve it! YOu are a pathetic Moron. Get a life
2008-10-25 @ 18:17
Comment from: Meghan [Visitor]
Wow. You are obviously so immature to have written an article on hating the Jonas Brothers. I mean I expected it from teenage boys but definately not adults. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on what you said wrong since many others have already commented and corrected you. However, I would like to point out that Justin Timberlake is NOT a good role model just because he organized an event that raised a million dollars. The reason the event was so big was that the Jonas Brothers performed (being the good role models that they are) and that their loyal fans attended. Also, if Justin is SSSOOOO great, why don't you ever hear about him giving more than a million? I mean he is a multimillionaire?? And yes, we heard the Jonas Brothers gave 10% to charity, but just because that's all we heard doesn't mean they didn't give more that they don't publicize (reminds me of a story in the Bible??) Plus, they have their own charity for diabetes, which Nick has, that they run and support with much of their earnings. So next time you want to accuse someone, make sure you do your research and back up your theories with solid evidence.
2008-10-25 @ 18:19
Comment from: NoneYaBusiness [Visitor]
WOWWW !! You have absolutley NO idea what the heck you are talking about !! Stop making stuff up about people you havent even met !! Everybody loves the Jonas Brothers and you only wrote this because youre a jealous freak that has nooo life !!
2008-10-25 @ 18:20
Comment from: JONAS LOVER FOREVER AND EVER! [Visitor]
wow ur soo stupid. 1. JB are amazing role models! 2. they have purity rings...don't diss that! thats great and they will def. stick to it. 3. ur an idiot bitch. 4. don't diss people when u don't even know them 5. no body likes a hater jerk. 6. u have no idea what ur talking about...u insane psycho. 7. NO MATTER WHAT U SAY WE JONAS FANS WILL ALWAY LOVEEE JOE, NICK, KEVIN, and yes even FRANKIE. WE ARE TRUE DIE HARD JONAS BROTHERS AND JONAS FAMILY FANS.
2008-10-25 @ 18:40
Comment from: jonaslvr [Visitor] Email
ok you obviously dont have a life. I mean'
an adult rashing on teenagers is the
lowest thing that ive ever seen.
First of all like half of this article is
incorrect. So most celebrities
dont preach, but they should
the only way to heaven is through
jesus christ and maybe they want to see
their fans in heaven where you
obviously wont be! and so what if they
only gave 10% of 17million dollars
to charity thats still a lot of money
plus they started their own charity
for diabetes. And how much of your
money do you give to charity
exactly dont trash other respectable
members of society that have personal
relationships with the one who died
on the cross for our sins!
2008-10-25 @ 18:40
Comment from: jonas♥forever [Visitor] Email
you have no fricken idea what your talking about. jonas brothers aren't telling ANYBODY how to live their life or anything!! they're AWESOME ROLE MODELS!!!

and just because justin timberlake likes golf, doesn't mean hes a good role model..

besides, your old. what would you know about the new "young" generation?
2008-10-25 @ 18:44
Comment from: Carol [Visitor] Email
Now, now girls, we can yell in proper grammar and punctuation here.

1. No, obviously, we cannot all agree that they are bad role models, because they aren't.

2. They don't just make money for themselves, 10% of their entire profit goes to the Diabetes charity, Change for the Children. Excuse me if that isn't enough. They worked really hard to get to where they are today.

3. Justin Timberlake (a great person, yes) did in fact raise a million dollars last week, but what you don't know, (due to poor research), is that the Jonas Brothers performed at the MGM with him as well! So they helped contribute to the million, dumb ass.

4. The Rolling Stone shoot had many great pictures, and I can admit that the one the staff chose was not the best, but the brothers didn't choose that shot themselves, it was the editors. Hah, so excuse me for a lack of a better pose.

5. Enjoy the hate mail.

6. Don't judge the fans based on those who can't type for their life.

Make sure you get your research done right next time, you jerk.
2008-10-25 @ 18:48
Comment from: Carol [Visitor] Email
Chris Baldwin,
You're low.
2008-10-25 @ 18:49
Comment from: ********** [Visitor] Email
u noe wat y dont u get a life
and the joans brothers r soooo not no talent hacks
u writin this note proves ur just a hater
and ur jelous or them being sooooooooooooo much better than ull eva be soo all the jb fans i think would all like 2 say stfu and get a life!!!
2008-10-25 @ 18:56
Comment from: Ash [Visitor] Email
Well, ok then.

So, those Jonas boys? They don't preach and tell people how to live their lives. In fact, they don't claim to be a Christian band and they don't use their father to "build up the hype." Just because people know their father is a minister doesn't mean they use that to get people to like them.

What in the world is wrong with being a Christian and wearing a purity ring while making a lot of money? How in the world are those related? Maybe next time you write an article like this, don't stereotype a person just because of their faith.

Now, where in the world did you hear that the boys hold themselves up as supreme and all-mighty? Well, let me tell you that if you read, listen, or talk to any of the people who've interviewed them or even just met them, you will find them saying that they're still just regular guys and that they are very humble and genuinely nice.

By the way, 10% of $12 million is still $1.2 million (more than the $1 million your precious Justin Timberlake raised) and the Jonas Brothers were also at that concert, helping to raise money as well. And, no offense, but considering how popular they are right now, they probably raised more of that money than Justin Timberlake did.

As for your actual article and your writing, I'm not sure what's happened there. A few tips: when you write an article like this (which you had to have guessed would be read by thousands of teenage girls because you're bashing their idols), I would suggest using better organization and making it flow much better. Also, try to actually support the point you're trying to make. I did not understand the tagline for this article after reading it, because you hardly prove that the Jonas Brothers are bad role models. Instead, you just bash them. Why not try to use points that support how they're bad role models? and elaborate on why you are throwing facts into your article, instead of just slapping them in there and hoping people understand why you've decided to include them.

One last comment before I go: I find it extremely amusing that this is an article written on a golf website and it's glorifying a celebrity who just played in a *golf* tournament. How conincidental, only not really, because of course you're going to praise someone who plays golf and bash someone who doesn't and who you personally don't like. How funny...
2008-10-25 @ 19:12
Comment from: Lisa [Visitor] Email

I understand that some of the Jonas Brothers fans can be idiodic and quick to harsh word. However, you made it easy for them as your article was misleading and not well researched.
While you praise Justin Timberlake for raising over $1 million dollars for the Shriners’ Hospital for Children you failed to mention that the Jonas Brothers performed at that charity concert:and therefore helped raise that money. As far as the Jonas Brothers being untalented...At least they are one of the few artists left in the music business that actually do write their own music. Not to mention Nick who is only 16 does most of the writing. It is rare that anyone can write like as he does at such a young age. Also, they know their target audience and clearly you are not it. While the songs may only be family fun to an adult; to a pre-teen those songs are all anout their life. That is why most pre-teens aren't as egar to "Bring Sexy Back" as they are to go to "The Year 3000".
The Jonas Brothers have not given anyone a reason they they are bad role models. In fact, they have given us nothing but polite charismatic views of how young adults and actual adults should act in an interview or in public. Although their views may not be the same as everyone else( i.e their faith and views) they have only mentioned their views when asked and have stick by them. Maybe you should reconsider you view, because there are many worse people in this world and few better than the Jonas Brothers.

Thank you for your consideration,

2008-10-25 @ 19:16
Comment from: Tiffany [Visitor]
2008-10-25 @ 19:18
Comment from: Emerald [Visitor] Email
Thank you for being so ignorant.

I was having trouble finding an article to write a 500-word prose analysis on...and I just wrote 1754 words about you, your lack of writing skills and your obvious lack of taste in music or wit.
2008-10-25 @ 19:21
Comment from: Mrs. Nick Jonas [Visitor] Email
Oh, yeah? Well people are always so shocked about the purity rings like it's a bad thing or something (welcome to life in 2008, where premarital sex is considered a good thing) it is a personal decision of theirs and they are always quetioned about them (since they are "so shocking") but they say "that's personal, let's just focus on the [music]" ...so, no, they are not using them for publicity...99% of the stuff in this entry is wrong
2008-10-25 @ 19:24
Comment from: Sammie [Visitor] Email
so jb gives away 1 million + of thier OWN money and Justin timberlake the flake "raises" 1 million by showing up at some pga event, im sure he really worked hard -scoff- the jb gave 1 million of their own money which took years to earn.
This article is the biggest piece of trash i have read in ages. You should be FIRED for you ineptitud.
2008-10-25 @ 19:27
Comment from: Raiin [Visitor] Email
nice publicity stunt
now go back to writing pathetic golf articles that no one cares about and leave the jonas brothers and people like them alone.
you better offer an apology in a follow up article, excusing your idiocy.
ps. try ragging on someone your own age you jealous old hag
2008-10-25 @ 19:37
Comment from: Ashleigh [Visitor]
Hmm. Just FYI, you overlooked the fact that the Jonas Brothers were also on the bill for Justin Timberlake's PGA Tour show in Las Vegas. Meaning they helped bring in an audience and contributed to raising $1 million. IDIOT.
2008-10-25 @ 19:38
Comment from: kiersten_Mac. [Visitor]
if u hate the jonas brothers so much, how come you waste your time writing about them? And they are a lot better role models than u will ever be. so, grow up dumbass!

2008-10-25 @ 19:44
Comment from: iLOVEjonas [Visitor] Email
i fing hate you!!!!!!!!! everyone loves the jonas brothers and you just jelioous that you dont have thier talent!!!!!!
2008-10-25 @ 19:44
Comment from: marcea mcguire [Visitor] Email
i know we all have our own opinions but ur just down right crazy. The Jonas brothers are amazing. they have voices like angels and hearts of gold. You have no business idolizing Justin Timberlake he was in the pop group nsync. Which is very similar to the Jonas brothers. This article is a piece of shit you should be fired.
2008-10-25 @ 19:49
Comment from: Ashley [Visitor] Email
Okay, so, how much of YOUR salary do you donate?

Uh huh. That's what I thought.

And I'm sick of this whole purity ring thing! Why is it so awful for them to be pure? First, everyone tells us to stay away from sex, and ever since we found role models to inspire us to wait, it's like "those boys haven't had sex? What wrong with them?" It's all stupid.

FYI. JB was AT Justin Timberlake's charity event...HELPING him RAISE the money he donated. Educate yourself before you attempt to get your point across. It helps make you seem less idiotic.
2008-10-25 @ 19:55
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
Sooo... did you actually do any research? How much money do you donate to charities?? Why are you attacking the good guys? Because they're actually good? Jealous much?? Why is Justin Timberlake so supposedly good as you say? Get over yourself all you should talk about is golf because it seems that's all you actually know how to talk about you obscene prick!
2008-10-25 @ 20:20
Comment from: Meriah [Visitor] Email
Why are you hating on the Jonas Brothers? Yeah, just because you might not like them or what they "stand" for, does not give you the right to criticize them for their beliefs. This country was founded for those who wanted to live their beliefs and not have to live by society's rules of what to believe in.
2008-10-25 @ 20:24
Comment from: janey [Visitor] Email
I think the JONAS are good role models.
They arent like most musicians these days and sleep with anything with a pulse then write songs about it, treating girls like just another notch on their bedpost.

They don't preach or force their religon on anyone.

$1200 or £1200 is alot of money that the charities didnt have before

They also have their own charity called CHANGE FOR THE CHILDREN.

and you are you to judge people and tell them who they should be looking up too.

i am a 14 year old we get celeb crushes whats the big deal

am sure you had one (probs one cilla black or something)
I think JB are some thing to look up to, no matter what you say.

please do some reseach before you want to slag somebody.

2008-10-25 @ 20:33
Comment from: Ashley [Visitor] Email
I don't think you have done your research.

The Jonas Brothers, three very humble brothers, constantly do charity work and have even started their own foundation for children (Change for the Children). They headlined at the Concert for Hope at Universal raising money for the city of hope on Sept. 14th, helped at St. Jude's event last month at nokia theatre and you know that concert Justin Timberlake put on for Shriner's? Well the Jonas brothers performed to help raise money. Also on Nov. 1st they will be helping at the JDRF walk at Dodger stadium to raise money for juvenile diabetes. These are just a few of the good things that the jonas family has done. If it takes them giving away all of their money to get your recognition then i would like to see you do the same thing.

People like you do nothing but discourage good works. You may think their songs are juvenile, but they have encouraged thousands of little girls to get involved in charities and help change the world. You should know what you are talking about before you speak so negatively.

They deserve an apology.

2008-10-25 @ 20:40
Comment from: Ashley [Visitor] Email
every girl in america hates you

and with good reason
2008-10-25 @ 20:42
Comment from: James [Visitor] Email
10% of $12 million is $1,200,000. Not bad for three young men giving to charity. Have you checked to see what percent of income Obama gave recently? ... and where most of his little handout went? It was more like less than 3% over the past seven years. And much of it went to Pastor Wright's church... the one that condemns America. Leave the boys alone.
2008-10-25 @ 20:47
Comment from: sarah&&nick [Visitor] Email
just wow.
could you get any more WRONG?

i dont think so.
2008-10-25 @ 20:51
Comment from: laura [Visitor] Email
that is just wrong
y u hating on the jonas brothers wat have they done to u hu?
they are really good role models and many girls look up to them so y dnt u just stop bashing them like that
2008-10-25 @ 21:00
Comment from: Emily [Visitor] Email
You are so right. Purity rings are the worst thing to happen to society. It's even worse the Jonas Brothers follow the Bible. God forbid they donate any money to charity at all.
You know what we need? The Jonas Brothers to perform at their concerts stoned every night. They better start some underage drinking too, or else society will just go downhill.
(In case anyone had any doubts, I'm obviously being sarcastic)
2008-10-25 @ 21:01
Comment from: ...There is something seriously wrong with your head [Visitor] Email
i'm guessing maybe around
99.3% of the people who have read this hate you. I'm one of those people.
GO to hell.
2008-10-25 @ 21:23
Comment from: Cathy [Visitor]
Uh you are so WRONG in every aspect of your Remarks! Where is Your Cover of Rolling Stone Magazine? Your Platnium Albums ? SOLD OUT CONCERTS in 2 Minutes at LARGE VENUES,(i.e. Madison Square Garden,Nokia ) etc. These Three MULTI TALENTED Guys are DECENT ROLE MODELS and a GIFT to the world.It is obvious you are so damn envious of them you can barely Breath. They Donate to Charities and you critisize them? How Much do you Donate? and other Celebs for that matter? They NEVER PREACHED to others about anything They wear their Purity Rings as a symbol and a Promise between themselves and God NOT for you to Judge them.They are 3 of the most GROUNDED HUMBLED CELEBS I have ever seen and Kudos to Mr and MRS Jonas for Raising these FINE DREAM Guys anyone would love to have as a Role Model.Friend, Inspiration. Next Time get your Facts right before you open your mouth .
2008-10-25 @ 21:34
Comment from: jbfan [Visitor] Email
At least JB know how to entertain and not have Timbaland back every song with "UH UH" like Justin. They dont swear,they arent out banging hollywood chicks, they are good boys that i would love to see prove you wrong. They have staying power. They play their own instruments (Nick plays more than one) , They dont lip sync, and they dont wear their pants down at their knees. They dress and act like gentlemen. Nobody has to give anything to charity, so whatever they give is fine.
I paid alot of money for a JB concert ticket and cant wait to do it again.
2008-10-25 @ 21:40
Comment from: Danielle [Visitor] Email
It is amazing how you thought that you could post this article and not expect to be bashed. There are so many jonas brother fans in this world and you being one of the few who hate them are hated a upon other people. I see that all you think about is golf. Golf is one of the jonas brothers favorite sports. I also see that you like Justin Timberlake. Just to tell you Justin's last charity ordeal he had the Jonas Brothers perform! And who ever made Justin a great role model. He dated one of the most mentally problem-d pop star woman in the world. we never hear about his religion, or how fame hasn't changed him, (like how fame hasn't changed the same 3 New Jersey boys) The Jonas Brothers just stared their own charity, Called Change for Children. I just think you need to look into more information and about the Jonas Brothers before bashing them. Just think the host on the VMA's is getting death threats, because he bashed the Jonas Brothers. These are some very dedicated fans!!!!
2008-10-25 @ 21:50
Comment from: joelover [Visitor] Email
First of all you have no idea what you're talking about. You obviously don't know anything about them to be making statements like this. WHO ARE YOU IN tHE FIRST PLACE?! Oh yeah thats right you're a nobody and you are just jealous like everyone else that makes rude comments about them!! What is wrong with wearing a purity ring? How is that being a bad role model??? Its the exact opposite. They never preach on anything, they have morals in life and they respect themselves enough to follow what they believe in. AND they donate money to a lot of charities and Nick created the Change for Children Foundation that just proves how you know nothing about them. I cant believe you have the nerve to write something about this when millions of fans know better. What does this say about you?? i think you are pathetic and need a life.. so get over yourself and stop being jealous.. the Jonas Brothers would laugh at what you said about them because its all a huge joke
2008-10-25 @ 22:05
Comment from: Erica [Visitor]
well, though i don't exactly agree with you [some parts a true though], i respect your opinion. i myself am a huge jonas brothers fan, but some of what you are saying make sense. but again, you have your opinion, and i have mine.
2008-10-25 @ 22:30
Comment from: RYAN [Visitor]
This article is absolutely rediculous. I'm thankful that the youth of today have three guys who are great role models. You don't see them on flings with different girls all the time or walking the Hollywood streets drunk and cussing. Perhaps before writing an article such as this, take the time to get the facts on who you are blasting, what they stand for and take in stride that any wrong word against the Jonas Brothers will incur the hatred upon you of every teenage girl in the world. Isn't this a golf website? Stick to what you're supposed to write about. Not biased, non-researched garbage. Or better yet, never write again.
2008-10-25 @ 22:36
Comment from: Lacy [Visitor] Email
I think that your bashing them, just to bash them.

I read that thing twice and I see no good reason not to like them.

So they represent Christians..

Any smart kid who believes what they want, and has some maturity, would like them whether or not they wear purity rings.

They are trying to make good examples of themselves, and if you don't like it, then at least bash them respectfully.

And now i'm wondering, are you encouraging your kids to go out get laid and drink all the time?

Because thats what you're making it sound like.
2008-10-25 @ 22:36
Comment from: no one. [Visitor] Email
lol we all know that people whose commenting here will just say "Oh do u know wat ur taking about and blah blah blah about the jonas brothers. becuz they dont know wat they are saying lol. they are just obssessed with the jobro. i think we cant learn or get someting from the jonas brothers but giving our love and support to them and ur ryt about it. but i think they are not that bad role models. they are also good role models like miley and some stars.
2008-10-25 @ 22:36
Comment from: Mikayla [Visitor]
WTF? What is wrong with you? What did they do to you? HUH? You are stupid! they HAVE talent...get your ears check ASAP!! get a life and get used to hearing about JB becasue they are going to stay for a long time
2008-10-25 @ 22:40
Comment from: caseyJB [Visitor] Email
at least we're not fawning over
no-lifes like you

for one i don't think you even know enough about them to say anything

seriously you know nothing about them
do you know they have their own charity
they do good deeds w/o flaunting it over the media prob why a stupid jerk like you wouldn't be aware
they've donated so much
& visit children's hospitals

but ignorant as you freakin are stupid; those things don't make up good role models to you.

seriously i didn't think this level of idiocracy was possible to reach
oops too big worddsss ?
how could you put this up & not expect to be bashed like you should
2008-10-25 @ 22:40
Comment from: Kristen [Visitor]
Wow. Someone's frustrated.
Or just jealous of their fame, perhaps?

By the way, the Jonas Brothers are in NO way bad role models. But I think you knew that. And if you didn't- you do now, judging by the amount of people who are arguing against this article.
2008-10-25 @ 22:41
Comment from: Nadin [Visitor]
ok dude...stop trashing people u neva met in ur whole life and people who neva did anything 2 u!
ur jealous cuz u dont get as much girls as them and that they're rich and ur not!
JB bad role models?? r u drunk or sumthin? please get a life
2008-10-25 @ 22:47
Comment from: Someone better then you [Visitor] Email
Actually not "all of us" agree with you.
Your the only one with this opinion. If you think that those boys have no talent obviously yo dont know any good music and thats
obviously an opinion not a statement. They
Dont jsut wear purity rings, thats a personal promise. They obviously arent doin that for publicity, they made the promise before all this fame. You on the other hand are
obviously writing some mediocre article as
if you work for the New york times when your opinon only matters as much as any other no talent blogger. So why dont you back off of these boys because, if they werent good rolemodels, Id be the biggest brat right now, i wouldnt care about beliefs and i wouldnt believe in my dreams, i try to be like everyone else. Becuase thats who i used to be- until i saw who The jonas Berothers have the courage to be. and obviously their obeying the bible by giving ten percent and you wouldnt
Know what they do with money that individually belongs to each family memebr, you dont know just how much money matters or if it even does. Besides they deserve every penny they made. So why dont you stop judging their lives and since you seam to respect the bible so much or whatever it is your writing about and read where it says not to judge others...
2008-10-25 @ 22:49
Comment from: Amanda [Visitor] Email
You have absolutely no idea what in the damn world you are saying mister. Do you realize that wearing purity rings is NOT a bad thing? It's a promise to God and if you can't respect that, then go fall off a cliff. The Jonas Brothers are in NO WAY bad role models. WOW, are you that crazy??? You don't see them getting drunk, partying, smoking, or getting arrested. They write their own songs, and their songs ARE amazing. They tell a story, it's not just some song about getting girls or getting high. I think you just want some attention, and the only way you can do it is by bashing the Jonas Brothers...

Before you open your money to ANY one of us who is backing these boys up, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE SAYING. Because no matter what you say, we always have something to say back.
2008-10-25 @ 22:51
Comment from: Debbie [Visitor] Email
so...who r u again?
u messed with the wrong fans, man.
ok, obviously most people in the world disagree with u. so, no we don't "all agree." they're the best role models out there right now. they donate way more than u ever will in ur lifetime, i'm sure of that. they even have their own charity, Change for the Children Foundation. & for ur information, justin's little money-raising for charity thing, u know who performed at it? ya, the jonas brothers. seriously, ur pathetic & need a life because nick,joe, & kevin are a billion times better than u. they never preach on anything. they're not forcing us to do anything. & purity rings aren't bad. how does that make u a bad role model in any way? i really don't think u know much about the jonas boys so u don't have any right whatsoever to be saying these things.
& ur like old...what do u know?
now, go play golf & cry with ur golf buddies. if u have any.
i'm sure nick jonas would kick ur butt!
ha. sorry...no, not really.
2008-10-25 @ 22:56
Comment from: Kay [Visitor] Email
Ok wow. so basically ur hating on the JoBros cause girls love them and they dont use golf to raise money.
JT sucks. and he isnt humble duh. he was probably at Obamas little hollywood bash. leave JB alone
2008-10-25 @ 22:59
Comment from: Haley [Visitor]
You are a horrible role model because you are dissing great people. The Jonas Brothers are so nice and they do so much for charity. They have never in their life done anything really bad and purity rings are great so please stop this insane rant your on and get a life
2008-10-25 @ 22:59
Comment from: Don't worry about it [Visitor] Email
I'll be honest when I say I'm not too much of a Jonas Brothers fan when it comes to music, but they are the farthest thing from a bad influence. In fact, I like what they're doing when they are active in charities, walks, and things along those lines. They have made some people I know into better people. This is coming from somebody who doesn't even listen to their music. Instead of ranting online, maybe you should do something more productive with your time and go knock some balls into holes just like I did with your wife.
2008-10-25 @ 23:11
Comment from: anonymous [Visitor]
Diss the Jonas Brothers, and you'll mess with thousands of teenage girl's hormones. Not a smart move, in case you haven't notices. The Jonas Brothers are not doing anything wrong, at all, obviously, because they've made it farther in 2 than most of us will ever get in a lifetime. And you're calling them "No talent hacks," well I'd like to see you write a number 1 song in 10 minutes. Yeah, I thought so. The snarky comments you made about their chasity rings are rude and unecessary. They made that commitment way before they became famous, so get your facts straight before you go marching around making a big deal out of them. cause they're so bad. The whole little rant about their dad being a preacher, that was before they were famous. They didn't decide one day to announce to the world that their dad was a preacher, if it comes up, they will say something. And that Justin Timberlake thing, like Sexyback is really a better song than Lovebug. Sure, Justin Timberlake raised over $1 million last week in Las vegas, but do you know who was there? THE JONAS BROTHERS. People would rather spend their money taking their kids to see the Jonas Brothers than Justin Timberlake. So mess with Jonas Brother fans and you're screwed. Don't think you will be making fun of them again. =)
2008-10-25 @ 23:12
Comment from: Jenna [Visitor] Email
Dude u r just jealous, i don't no if you are a guy or a girl!And JUstin Timberlake is not like sum hero.At least the jonas brothers don't make a video called "sexyback" of them and a girl doing something.The song is ok but the video is bad i no u probaly just don't want to admit that u like sumbody that is wite trash and other people like sumbody that is nice.I hav a friend that likes miley cyrus and she liked the jonas brothers until everybody d
2008-10-25 @ 23:12
Comment from: Annie [Visitor] Email
Get. A. Life. You are such a freakin hypocrite! Ugh, I can't stand your remarks and your gay love for Justin Timberlake, just because he likes golf. The Jonas Brothers are the best role models today and in the last 20 years! All your doing is making yourself seem like a complete douchebag. So do you want your children going out drinking and having sex in their teens?? Oh wait, you probably don't have children since your a complete idiot who only cares about golf and lives in your mother's basement waiting for her to bake you cookies.I've noticed that alot of teens who hate the Jonas Brothers end up being pregnant or using drugs and alcohol. What does that say? You have no dang right to bash on JB. They have 20 times more talent than your beloved Justin Timberlake will ever have and are such respectful people. So before you bash on people you don't even know, maybe you should research them first. Well even with research you couldn't find a single thing wrong with the Jonas Brothers. Don't be surprised if you start receiving death threats from people just like what happened to that fool Russel Brand, loser. You definitely are a loser if people 12 to 18+ years old are telling you off (like myself)
2008-10-25 @ 23:20
Comment from: babyy vi [Visitor] Email
hah! Nothin but hate mail loser! go get a life! jealousy is ugly! foo nd wtf r u? no1 nos u! now they hate u. hah. yr fault!
2008-10-25 @ 23:22
Comment from: Jenna [Visitor] Email
Sorry didn't finish that but i wuz say until everybody din't so now she says that the jonas brothers are gay and can't sing and all of tha becus she is embarrassed becus miley cyrus
is a freakin slut witha 20 year old boyfriend that has tatoos and an earing and is an underwear model and she thinks that they try to copy her.but miley cyrus just needs to leave and atleast the jonas brothers don't take pics of themselves in the shower.And
BTW miley is aa bye hor!If yuo agree or disagree email me at jennacjonas@yahoo.com or jennacjonas@gmail sorry if u like her though but e'mail me please
2008-10-25 @ 23:23
Comment from: Amelia [Visitor] Email
The JoBros are just as humble as JT. They aren't pushing people to be Christians and wear chasity rings. Alot of other young celebs wear purity rings so why are you acting like they are the only ones? They thank their fans for everything they've done and getting them how far theyve gotten.They also have their own charity. Jt only does like one thing while JB is sending money to like 4 charities! I don't think you should be bashing them when you obviously have not done all your research!
2008-10-25 @ 23:23
Comment from: Amelia(again) [Visitor]
if you like hate them because they don't play golf you should really look up a couple videos of them playing golf!
2008-10-25 @ 23:25
Comment from: someone [Visitor]
so you are the good role model now? dissing people? way to go loser. thousands of teenage girls will be reading this. so are you saying people in the music industry earning a lot CAN'T be christians? what kind of retarded comment is that. do you know the Jonas Brothers like golf as well? by the way, Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas used to be on broadway before they became famous. i bet they can kick your ass anyday. who the heck are you anyway. just a nobody trying to grab attention. SOME PEOPLE'S TRAINERS ARE CLEANER THAN THEIR HEARTS. you are one of them. i was wondering DO YOU DONATE TO CHARITIES?
2008-10-25 @ 23:28
Comment from: anon. [Visitor] Email
Baldwin, seriously? WTF are you smoking? they are a flipping disney band.

ohh yes they are definatly bad role models for having morals.

now go back to writing your lame golf articles that no one reads.
2008-10-25 @ 23:32
Comment from: Emily Jonas [Visitor] Email
what is wrong with you? The Jonas Brothers are amazing role models they're lyrics aren't all about sex they're actually meaningful and they write their own songs, and play their own instruments. They have a lot of talent and they can succede without Disney unlike Miley who will be nothing without disney to touch up her voice. Just because they have purity rings? SO what? that's great and they don't like to talk about it because they're asked the same question in every interview and i'd get sick of it being made a big deal out of. At least they give something to a chairty and its Nicks' chairty and 10 percent is still alot. Justin Timberlake's music is not appropriate for all ages. The Jonas Brothers put on amazing performanes i would know i've attened 9 shows. Get a life and stop bashing them because you're jealous.
2008-10-25 @ 23:34
Comment from: Aundrea. [Visitor] Email
first, don't think this is a stupid, adolescent writing how you suck because you diss the jonas brothers. im writing to tell you your opinion has no logic to it and any man however old you are obviously has issues of some form if you are writing an actual article about kids half your age. money is money and anything donated should never be overlooked. there are so many celebrities out there that have never made an effort to donate anything, so many i couldnt fit them on my fingers and toes. and justin timberlake? a role model? thats some of the wackest bull ive ever heard. anyone who has dated brittney spears is an idiot. and the why did he have to RAISE the money to donate to charity. before that benifit he gave squat from his salary. when he was in nsync, he was around the same age as teh jonas brothers and he gave NOTHING to charity. he just raises it from the rest of our economically deprived society. and what is wrong with wearing chasity rings? your opposition either means youre a total man whore or that you can never get any and spend most of your time on your computer writing bogus articles like this one. dont hate becuase kids half your age have better morals than you ever will.
2008-10-25 @ 23:36
Comment from: Mrs. Nick Jonas [Visitor] Email
I definitely agree with James:

"10% of $12 million is $1,200,000. Not bad for three young men giving to charity. Have you checked to see what percent of income Obama gave recently? ... and where most of his little handout went? It was more like less than 3% over the past seven years. And much of it went to Pastor Wright's church... the one that condemns America. Leave the boys alone." -James

...couldn't have said it better myself...I think it's really nice that someone who probably isn't a fan is sticking up for them like that...it just proves that the writer of this is a total idiot. everyone agrees that this isn't true
2008-10-25 @ 23:41
Comment from: Kate [Visitor]
I'm not here to send you evil messages about how you are wrong and things such as that. I am simple here as a fan to support the brothers. I just wanted to say that I don't believe the guys are preaching at us in anyway. It is true that they have purity rings, but it's not like they are saying "hey look at me i have a purity ring" it is only for them so that they are always reminded not to do something they don't believe they should do. In fact a lot of the time they try to avoid talking about there rings because of people reacting in ways such as you have. So you can go and say all the other stuff if you want, the brothers and us fans will just brush it off. No matter what there are always haters and there is nothing you can do but ignore. I had to say though that when it comes to the purity rings I think they have been talked about enough. This is their choice and they are not telling everyone to go out and buy one. Having values like they do I think is incredible and that is what makes them GREAT role models.
2008-10-25 @ 23:42
Comment from: JBforlife [Visitor]
The Jonas Brothers are the best role models around. Nick brings so much inspiration to a lot of kids with diabetes. And you talk about that they ONLY donate 10% of their 12 MILLION dollars to charity??

How much have you donated?!
I'm almost completely sure it's nowhere near that amount.

And since when have they ever preached about the joys of Christianity?
Obviously they are Christians but they have NEVER tried to convert anyone in any way.

You should NEVER, EVER, say ANYTHING rude about the Jonas Brothers again, because it really was not a very good move.

By the way, their Rolling Stone cover was EXTREMELY good.

And they do have talent, seeing as they all can play instruments, and Nick and Joe were on Broadway.

What do you have to say to this?

2008-10-25 @ 23:42
Comment from: kayla [Visitor] Email
um u have no clue exept ur an idiot i think the jonas brothers are the sweetest thing in the world!they have been thourgh alot these past year and yeah they do alot of things for charity stuff that u dont even know of! i think you need to get your storys stright be for you right thing like this because alot of people are not happy that you have done this this was stupid dissing people for no resson they have done nothing to you so stop talking crap kk bye
2008-10-25 @ 23:43
Comment from: emma [Visitor]
Get a freaking life! Dude who are you judging? NO TALENT?? Um EXCUSE me last time I heard their music it was amazing. Nick Jonas can play the piano,keyboards,drums,and guitar. Joe and Kevin can play those as well. On top of that, they can sing! So they must have at least some type of talent. Who the heck do you think you are? You have no right to judge someone like that, talent or no talent. And NO, they did NOT get their fame handed on a platter to them. They worked hard for it. Nick was discovered in a hair salon. He was in many broadway shows, as well as Joe. Kevin was in commercials. Do you honestly think they would have become something if they had no talent? You are the one who has no talent. They were lucky enough to get a record deal with Columbia records. It wasn't all happy with them. Guess what? They got dropped because their record sales were low. Hollywood records came and picked them up and changed their whole world around. They never dreamed that this fame would happen. They weren't born into a famous family. Also, how are they not good role models? Honestly, they are the best role models in Hollywood... along with Taylor Swift. Their chastity rings are not a joke. They are not a publicity stunt. They got the rings before the fame even came. They have a very religious family and they are christians. And what the hell? Justin Timberlake? His songs are okay... but he is NOT a good role model. He had sex with Britney Spears when he was like 14, so don't even be talking. I'm not judging anybody, but it seems to me that he is telling all young kids to go out and have sex. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have made that public. That is their business not ours. I have never met Justin, so I don't know if he is down to earth. But trust me, the Jonas Brothers are the most down to earth celebrities out there... really. Yes, they gave ten percent of their money to charity. You don't think that ten percent is much? I do.. They earn their money with hard work and honestly they are always working. They have like 7 days at their house at the most. So don't even be talking. I understand that not everybody has the same music taste, but you have no right to go out and bash a band like that. I would never dream of doing that. They HAVE talent, ARE down to earth, ARE good role models, AND give money to charity. What more do you want? Get a life. You should be ashamed of yourself. How old are you? 5?? GROW UP!
2008-10-25 @ 23:44
Comment from: Bianca [Visitor] Email
HEY, YOU! whats up with this blog? Do you have any proof that the Jonas Brothers are like that? They're so innoccent and now you're giving wrong publicity about them? I bet you're gay and you love JT. You're just jealous that the JoBros are so popular. Maybe you're just not used to the goodness and purity that these boys have and are being known for. I bet you don't give 10% or even ANYTHING to charity! And that you lost your virginity before you were married. If only you could see through your immature blindness.

2008-10-25 @ 23:45
Comment from: Andrew [Visitor] Email
Since when is donating 1.2 million dollars of your salary to charity looked down upon in society?
2008-10-25 @ 23:49
Comment from: Jill [Visitor] Email
Comparing the Jonas Brothers and Flavor Flav?!

You must be drunk or beyond ignorant.

And honestly who the crap cares what you have to say anyway.

You're just a jealous piece of shit who has nothing better to do than bash 3 talented young boys, one of whom is still technically a child.

Wow, how very adult of you.
2008-10-25 @ 23:52
Comment from: michaela [Visitor]
umm are you kidding me? they have never "preached" to anyone..how about you find some other people to diss. maybe your self seeing you have no talent as a writer in some lame magzine. you want to talk about no talent hacks how about you write an article on yourself because you have absolutely NO talent. next time before you decide to write an article how about you get some facts straight first...p.s. your a lame writer with no talent,no life, and really you should have no job.. idk who would hire a person who writes articles like this.
2008-10-25 @ 23:59
Comment from: Unknown [Visitor]
Please, I know half of you are 13 or younger, look at your spelling. Leave this poor man alone. What he speaks is truth, I'm sorry you crazy JB fans are too blind to see it. Leaving comments full of swearing and hate is just ridiculous. Would you want to be treated this way? NO, I think not. Stop defending you "Gods" all the time and listen to some REAL music.
2008-10-26 @ 00:05
Comment from: Bennett [Visitor] Email
I agree these guys have no talent and they r nothing. They dont do anything good for society and they r horrible musicians. if u have ever actually paid attention to there singing and playing u would no wat im talkin about they lip sing and they dont no how to play guitars. they r washouts who dress like fags. Who wheres girl jeans for fun. This was a great article and finally someone pointed this out
2008-10-26 @ 00:09
Comment from: Unknown [Visitor]
What's ironic is, you people say to "GET A LIFE!" yet you waste your time posting unnecessary hate comments. Look who's talking.
2008-10-26 @ 00:11
Comment from: Aubrey [Visitor] Email
You are brilliant!!! Favoriter person of my day!
2008-10-26 @ 00:14
Comment from: Maryam [Visitor] Email
whoever wotr this is a bitch the Jonas Brothers r amazing and they do anything to help people the love helping chairtys and the love golfing they don't golf for popularity they gofl for their love of golf.
2008-10-26 @ 00:17
Comment from: No Name [Visitor]
Wow. Maybe the guy hasn't heard: Older men adoring Justin Timberlake is just plain creepy. And in any case, what is this guy talking about? If the Jonas Brothers aren't good enough role models for preteen girls, he thinks Justin Timberlake is? Yeah, let's all have little 7-year-olds singing "Love Stoned". I have nothing against Justin Timberlake, but what does he have to do with this article? Sure he plays golf, but his target audience is not exactly the "preteen girls" (neither is the Jonas Brothers, who cover a large range, btw). And the Jonas Brothers are humble! Has he ever MET them? Maybe he'd find out they aren't as pretentious as he thinks. So maybe if this guy would pull his head out of his little shrine to JT, he'd see that other celebrities can compare to his one-and-only. And maybe he'd see that what the JoBros do for the world is a lot more than his precious JT, and definitely a lot than he does. What does this guy do besides write a golf blog? So who is he to PREACH?
2008-10-26 @ 00:19
Comment from: Annoyed [Visitor]
You are entitled to your opinion about the music, but I find it very sad that a grown adult is slamming them on their beliefs. I think it is very impressive they even tithe 10%. Does Bill Gates tithe? Actually, it is none of our business, just like The Jonas Brothers' financial situation. Grow up.
2008-10-26 @ 00:19
Comment from: Kelsi [Visitor] Email
Seriously? You need to get a life, man. Just because they give 10% of their money to charity doesnt mean they're low-lifes. Atleast they give some of their money to charity. And 10% from 12 mil? Thats a lot!!! If this is a lame excuse to get publicity, its really stupid.

BY THE WAY! The Jonas Brothers LOVE golf!
2008-10-26 @ 00:20
Comment from: alex [Visitor] Email
You know, I'm not going to tell you you're a horrible person for this, but I don't see a single point that backs your story of them NOT being rolemodels...

1. They chased their dreams and never gave up
2. They wear purity rings, showing they have morals despite the large amount of girls that would willingly do whatever they say.
3. they do have talent, obviously, if two of the three brothers were in multiple broadway productions and the third in commercials and taught himself to play guitar.
4. I'm pretty sure FlavaFlav is not the right person to compare these three gentlemen to.
5. The boys donate money to charities, and have started their own charity, Change for the Children. Nick is a spokesperson for Bayer in which he travels to conventions to spend time with kids who suffer from diabetes like himself.

So, you may not be a horrible person, but you have a horrible way of trying to prove someone isn't a role model.
2008-10-26 @ 00:22
Comment from: aetwed [Visitor] Email
i think this is a bunch of shit
they aren't bad role models at all

sorry that they dress appropriately,
and that they care about how they treat people.
sorry they write their own songs and play their own instruments.
and sorry you have to bring other people down just to make yourself look better.

2008-10-26 @ 00:22
Comment from: TORI [Visitor]
WOW! What I take from this story is Justin Timberlake must have looked at you and you became a wooden puppet on a string. You blockhead. The Jonas Brothers are great role models. I won't diss Mr. Timberlake , although he has made questionable moves in the past, he is by no means furthering the purity movement.

2008-10-26 @ 00:24
Comment from: arielle [Visitor] Email
The Jonas Brothers are three of the most humble, kind people in Hollywood. Their main motto in life is “live like you are at the bottom, even if you are at the top”. Not because they feel like they are at the top, but they know that they want to stay humble with everything they do.
They take their parents and 7 year old brother with them everywhere they go because they are huge family guys who really appreciate everything their parents do for them. Their father is even one of their co-managers.
Yes, they are very strong in their faith and they all wear purity rings as promises to themselves and to God that they will stay pure until marriage. But they don't go around flaunting that. When asked about their rings in recent interviews they replied, "we're just here to talk about the music".
They have also started a foundation called Change for the Children to "support programs that motivate and inspire children to face adversity with confidence, determination and a will to succeed". So, they do care very much about charity. You say that 'they donated only 10 percent of the $12 million they earned in 2007 to charity'. 10% of $12 million is $1,200,000. How is that not a lot??
They also write all of their own music and songs, which happen to be very relatable and inspiring to not just people their own age, but all ages. Take for example the song “A Little Bit Longer” off of their new record. It was written 100% by Nick Jonas about his struggle with Type 1 Diabetes and this song has proven to be very inspirational and relatable to many people who are going through a hard time in their lives. The brothers also sing and play their music and are very talented in that they all can play a number of different instruments. Of course, not everyone is going to like their music, [obviously you], but their music is very well written and many people do enjoy it. I really disagree with your opinions. You do have a right to them, but the way you wrote this article all you're coming off as is very uninformed, extremely judgmental, and in love with Justin Timberlake. Which is kind of creepy.
2008-10-26 @ 00:31
Comment from: Neutral [Visitor]
you fans are so naive. whatever jonas/media/anyone says anything good about jb and you all believe it? i don't deny that they have done good things like charity and they do have talent with nice songs but come on, do you really know what they do behind the camera? not say i know but everyone is not perfect, everyone lied before. yes u can take jb as role model for like music and stuffs but no if you think appearance is everything.

i'm not offending anyone here. neither the fans/author. just my opinion.
2008-10-26 @ 00:31
Comment from: Elyzia [Visitor] Email
Sorry not a lot of people are interested in golf. Let it go. Yeah but this article totally changed my mind about them. HA. Sorry but everything you said seemed like you were trying to make it seem wrong, but in all I didnt get what you were saying? I guess according to you it's wrong to donate little money to charities, and purity rings are bad.
Am I right?
2008-10-26 @ 00:31
Comment from: ashleigh [Visitor] Email
you have lost your mind whoever u r how do u know u r not a bad role model and for your information they are really good role models and so what if girls like them and all at least they know they look a whole lot better then you ever will so don't talk when you don't know what you are talking about
oh let me tell you the jonas brothers are HOT
what do you say about that!
2008-10-26 @ 00:35
Comment from: ashleigh [Visitor] Email
you have lost your mind whoever u r how do u know u r not a bad role model and for your information they are really good role models and so what if girls like them and all at least they know they look a whole lot better then you ever will so don't talk when you don't know what you are talking about
oh let me tell you the jonas brothers are HOT
what do you say about that!
2008-10-26 @ 00:42
Comment from: Anon [Visitor] Email
I have to say you are entitled to your own opinion yet maybe you should do some research before you write an article. I dont believe it's quite in your place to talk about how "little" the Jonas Brothers have given to charity. Since when is 1.2 million considered a small amount? The Jonas Brothers stand as great role models for kids & can still be real stars with their faith. Just because their music is not your taste, it is still innaproriate to diss their music & call them talentless. As for Justin Timberlake, no judgment to him, but I have heard that this humble man wouldn't even take the time to sign an autograph for a poor fan. To sum it all up, I would say you should stick to writing golf articles in stead of dissing one of the most popular bands in the industry.
2008-10-26 @ 00:42
Comment from: jessica [Visitor] Email
You sir,

Jonas Brothers are AMAZING.
and if you haven't already noticed, there fans have there back 110%, your digging yourself deep talking bad about them.

i never knew a grown adult could be jealous of 3 young, very mature, good looking boys.

2008-10-26 @ 00:42
Comment from: Jenna [Visitor] Email
Dude, just quit your job and move to Antartica so none of the millions of jonas brothers fans will kill you. This was probably one of the stupidest things you ever wrote. but i dont know i dont read what you write. and the jonas brothers love to golf so ya might want to disappear. i dont know if you just want attention or if you are that desperate for a story but you need to get your facts straight and actually do some research. im guessing you probably are just some lazy guy that would do anything to get his pay and would never give his money away to a charity. loser.
2008-10-26 @ 00:43
Comment from: gabbie [Visitor]
Ok what your saying is a complete auxymoron. Your saying they're bad role models by wearing purity rings and donateing to the church.


I don't really think you know how completely idiotic you sound by writing this article.

They are completely scandal-free, which is why your article, sir, sounds so ridiculous. People have nothing against them so they pretty much make giving to the church, having a faith, and wearing purity rings a scandal. Which makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

I'm so sick of guys bashing them all the time. They all have the same things to say. They can't play guitar, they're gay, they have no talent. It makes no sense.

They're such talented boys. Nick plays the drums, guitar, and the piano. Joe sings, plays the guitar, and plays the drums, and Kevin is the most amazing guitar player. So how can you sit there and say they have no talent?

Just because they don't sing about getting laid doesn't make them a terrible band. To be honest I know my parents would rather me be singing "Tonight" then "I Kissed a Girl"

The reasons why fans ove them so much, is because they're so down to earth. They can really connect with their music because they're going through the same things thay are.
So it's silly to slam them and their fans for no reason at all. Quit making up stupid stuff about them and making people feel guilty about liking Jonas Brothers. I'm saying you have to love them or like them or even tolerate them, but you don't have to post your childish excuses for thinking they're "bad role models" on the internet.

I thought this article was very immature to be honest.
2008-10-26 @ 00:43
Comment from: ... [Visitor] Email
Chris, Taylor said they had 8 buses, not houses.
2008-10-26 @ 00:53
Comment from: kay [Visitor]
I expected to see that this article was supposed to be a satire, since it was clearly supposed to be a poor joke.

You mention Timberlake making $1 million for Shriner's last week. Guess why he did? The Jonas Brothers were part of his charity concert. Ten percent of their income is nothing to complain about. Now let's throw in using their talents and time to promote and help charities like Shriner's, City of Hope, every diabetes charity there is, St. Jude's, Kristy Yamaguchi's charity, all of the charities associated with their own Change for the Children Foundation, etc. Exactly how much are you donating to or doing for charity these days? What percent does the average American or the average entertainer donate?

They are indeed role models for many people. They don't preach with words. They are examples by their actions. Their music is good. It is positive and catchy, and doesn't come attached with an explicit label. They understand that strong families and values are extremely important. They believe that parents are people to respect, look up to, and to learn from. Their parents know their role. They have been quoted as saying that they are raising future fathers and husbands and if their boys don't grow up to be nice people, they have failed as parents no matter how famous or rich they might be. Sounds like they have their heads in the right place.

They have their faults as does everyone but I know that I don't have to worry about my family liking these musicians, and yes I believe they have talent. I hope that their career continues for many years and that writers like you (and I use the word writer very liberally in your case) can benefit from good role models like the Jonas Brothers.
2008-10-26 @ 01:19
Comment from: Nicole [Visitor] Email
All of your points in this article are definately not supported and are just your point of view that makes no sense. While reading this article, it was clear to me that you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Calling the Jonas Brothers talentless? Are you aware that they write their own songs and play their own music (with a backup band, but they still play their own music)? And obviously they are not talentless or i'm pretty sure they would not have sold out concerts for the last year and a half. They have never preached anything. When they are interviewed they answer the questions honestly but that doesnt mean that they preach. And even recently when asked about their purity rings, they have responded that they'd rather focus on talking about their music. And so what if they wear purity rings? It's their own personal choice that they decided on before becoming famous. They are just 3 brothers living their dream. Leave them alone!
2008-10-26 @ 01:29
Comment from: Guest [Visitor]
Anyone else notice there are a total of 3 sentences about golf in this entire article? This man obviously has a disturbing vendetta against these Jonas Brothers, God only knows why else he would spend this much time and effort bashing them on a website about golf. Anyone else find it odd that a middle aged man knows this much information about three teenage boys? I also find it disturbing how much he lavishes praise on Justin Timberlake. There are some creeper old men out there. Proof? See above.
2008-10-26 @ 01:43
Comment from: Rosie [Visitor] Email
First off-
I'm going to ignore the fact that you compared the Jonas Brothers to Cheech and Chong and Flavor Flav.
You obviously have no clue who the latter three are, and are therefore making ridiculous comparisons.

Are you aware of the fact that the Jonas Brothers were part of Justin Timberlake's charity event in Vegas? Probably not, seeing as you didn't even bother to research your subject matter.

Also, Justin Timberlake was part of 'NSYNC, and unlike NSYNC, the Jonas Brothers actually have TALENT, play their own instruments, write their own songs, and actually SING.

If they were really just 'three tween twits' (by the way, the eldest is about to turn 21, with the others being 19 and 16), why would Rolling Stone magazine even CONSIDER having them on the cover?

2008-10-26 @ 02:02
Comment from: Rosie [Visitor] Email

I have been to both Jonas Brothers and Justin Timberlake concerts, and I'm sorry to say, but I enjoyed myself much more at the JB concerts.

And no, I'm not a 13 year old girl.
2008-10-26 @ 02:07
Comment from: Jess [Visitor] Email




I bet you don't have children. And I hope you don't because you sure sould like an insensitive, self centred, oblivious prick who does nothing more than bash people he is jealous of.

I hope you enjoy being on the hitlist of millions of Jonas Fans.
2008-10-26 @ 02:21
Comment from: oi [Visitor] Email
this is entirely false.
bad rolemodels? hardly.

what i find to be bad qualities are falsely accusing people and being ignorant.
catch my drift?
2008-10-26 @ 02:23
Comment from: jessica [Visitor] Email
Cheech & Chong??dude, those guy were stoners! the jonas brother never will be stoners! the jonas brothers r my hero's and u chris baldwin nothing u can say will change that! ur just some jealous no life loser who doesnt know whats good and wut not. but u have ur opion i have mine and i still and always will love the jonas brothers.
2008-10-26 @ 02:38
Comment from: Anon [Visitor] Email
If they're as bad as you say they are why did you write a whole article on them.
surely these "three teen twits" aren't worth your time
2008-10-26 @ 03:11
Comment from: kat [Visitor] Email
Chris, i think you should have thought this one out.
The Jonas Brothers are exactly what teenagers and kids need right now, in terms of role models.
In a world of Lindsays, Britneys, and Mileys, we need some honest people who are in it for their love of music.
They are possibly the best role models you could find right now, and i have absolutely no idea why you think otherwise.
I will always be a fan and supporter!
2008-10-26 @ 03:15
Comment from: jennifer [Visitor] Email
this blog is so ridiculous, and so wrong on so many levels, that im just gonna let the comments above speak for themselves.
think before you write!
2008-10-26 @ 03:20
Comment from: Jaclyn [Visitor]
If you do not care for the Jonas Brothers music, that is fine. However, to call them 'talentless' and 'pathetic' is actually a really poor reflection on your character. You don't have anything better to do than bash a few teenagers? It is also important to be educated on the topic which you are writing about. If you had done any research about this band, you would know that this statement-"Take note Jonas bros. Real stars don’t preach. They don’t tell you how to live your life. They just make a difference by getting involved in things"-is completely contradictory to their actions over the past three years that they have been a group. They were, in fact, a part of the same concert at the close of the golf tournament benefiting Shriner's that you so highly praised Justin Timberlake for. Also, what they choose to do with their personal earnings is absolutely none of your business. That's just common courtesy to not discuss someone else's salary and how, when, where or if they spend it.
2008-10-26 @ 03:38
Comment from: Tamara [Visitor] Email
Oh my GOSH.
I'm not going to write out
the endless reasons of JB being
some of the best role models in the world;
& how much of a sick low life you aree.

But you really need to get alot of facts
straight before you go idolizing Marilyn Manson.
Oh YAY! we want all teenagers & 7 year old
little girls to go emo! die their hair & sing about killing
themselves. HOW BEAUTIFUL!

2008-10-26 @ 03:57
Comment from: katie [Visitor]
Excuse me, but who are you? No one. I thought so. Just another hater. Jealous loser.
2008-10-26 @ 04:35
Comment from: JBrocks [Visitor]
You're just jealous, 'cause you know you're never going to be so succesfull as them.
Get a life dude, jeez.
2008-10-26 @ 05:02
Comment from: sipulka [Visitor] Email
What ? I am sorry... You can think, what you want (better dont post it somewhere...), but... how you can write, that they havent talent ? How many people without talent sang on Brodway ??? About the 10 % to charity.. most of stars dont give 1% to charity ! so, be lucky for the 10. When is someone Christian, it doesnt mean, that he needs to live in "simple lives of virtue" ! We are ordinary people. and about he purity rings - just because they are Christians, they cant be singers ? Are you serious ?!? Their purity rings are one of the best things in pop music, so stop writing these superstupid articles ! thanks
2008-10-26 @ 07:06
Comment from: JooBros (L) [Visitor] Email
Wow! Chris Baldwin you are disgusting!
You don't know anything of them! You don't know not that they are! If you are the embittered one rot in the hell!
JoBros are the best!
PD: I am from Spain and I have used the translator to write this!
2008-10-26 @ 07:39
Comment from: Nick [Visitor] Email
2008-10-26 @ 07:53
Comment from: maxine [Visitor] Email
WTH????!!! They are really nice guys!
and they are role models for the teens and its good!!!
so ur thing message is not real! its so fake!!

So go F*** ur self!!!
2008-10-26 @ 07:55
Comment from: Victoria [Visitor] Email
HOLD ON! The jonas brothers are awesome role models. i happen to be a HUGE fan. Is it really your buisness on how much money they gave to charity? NO! ROCK ON JOBROS!
2008-10-26 @ 08:40
Comment from: Caroline [Visitor] Email
Your wwaaayyy off.
The Jonas Brothers are probably the best role models we've seen in a very long time and I think that alot of people (I mean ALOT) disagree with your comments. I like Justin Timberlake as well but let's face it, The Jonas Bros are still teenagers and look at what a difference they've made to our generation! They encouraged all teens to donate to charity, to be aware of diseases such as diabetes and to help the people in need.
I, as a huge Jonas Brother fan, am very insulted by this bunch of lies that you've written. You should be ashamed of bashing people like this.
2008-10-26 @ 08:57
Comment from: Kelly [Visitor] Email
i just have one question about this....why? THIS IS A GOLF WEBSITE! NOT A HATE ON CELEBRITIES! If my dad read this he would probably quit golfing because this story has nothing to do with golf and its pathetic. dude like, grow some balls and stop gossiping and making up stories. Just because you dont usually have a lot of visitors on this website doesnt mean you should bash people who ARE clearly good people. i mean come on, your like what 50 years old and your bashing 16-21 year olds? honestly? that'd be like me bashing a baby. thats pretty rude, if i were you i wouldnt quit my day job because you're losing so many people. Thats what you get for being pathetic. i cant say i will be seeing you hell because you'll be in hell and i will be in Heaven.

2008-10-26 @ 10:07
Comment from: Jonas_Fan143 [Visitor]
Us kids and teens are the future of this world, and if you (an adult--who should know better!) say all that and diss the Jonas Brothers, it really won't have an impact on us, because face reality...JB is going to be like the Beatles in 10 years and extremely famous. Wow I can't even imagine how you must feel right now and having so many people hating you for that one blog. Didn't anyone ever teach you to think before you speak!? Seriously, the secret message behind your words is that you're jealous of Joe, Nick, and Kevin.
2008-10-26 @ 10:18
Comment from: Mary [Visitor] Email
The Jonas Brothers are my #1 role model!!! And when I get old enough I am going to get a purity ring!!! Maybe about 10% of the population in the world dislikes the
Jonas Brothers, but 90% LOVES them!!!!! So, you can think that the Jonas Brothers are bad role models, but 90% of the population will hate you for it!!!!
2008-10-26 @ 10:23
Comment from: katie [Visitor] Email
ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? who are you to start judging 3 boys who you don't even know? they're more successful than you EVER WILL BE so get over it! and since when is being pure a bad example for teens??? You're gonna make a comparison between flavor flav and the jonas brothers? WOW. I guess now I have seen the dumbest person in America. And come on, "using the term song liberally," how about you write a song and we'll see how much it SUCKS. Again, wow. us fans stick up for the jonas brothers, and we're not gonna let some nobody start bashing them without some backfire. so how about you just go back to golfing and leaving celebrities alone. Jealous much???
2008-10-26 @ 10:55
Comment from: katie [Visitor] Email
ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? who are you to start judging 3 boys who you don't even know? they're more successful than you EVER WILL BE so get over it! and since when is being pure a bad example for teens??? You're gonna make a comparison between flavor flav and the jonas brothers? WOW. I guess now I have seen the dumbest person in America. And come on, "using the term song liberally," how about you write a song and we'll see how much it SUCKS. Again, wow. us fans stick up for the jonas brothers, and we're not gonna let some nobody start bashing them without some backfire. so how about you just go back to golfing and leaving celebrities alone. Jealous much???
2008-10-26 @ 10:58
Comment from: monaa [Visitor] Email
listenn buddyy..uu have issues..goo get a life and stopp dissing ppl!!!
uu dnt even know what ur talking aboutt..dnt u have n e thiing better to do??
2008-10-26 @ 11:12
Comment from: berniexoxo4266 [Visitor] Email
haha ur funny.....
u know y....
cuz u dont know what the heck ur talking about....
i just think you jealous huh....
2008-10-26 @ 11:33
Comment from: Varsha [Visitor] Email
Yep. You're so right. I totally agree.
And I hope they pass fast enough cos everytime I see them, I choke.
2008-10-26 @ 11:33
Comment from: kayla [Visitor] Email
i have three things to say. first off it's the jonas brothers not the jonas boys. second of all 10% is better then nothing. third of all u are a useless person if you wanna waste your time sayin this stuff.
2008-10-26 @ 11:34
Comment from: Leighla [Visitor] Email
Are you freaking insane???
Like honestly?
WTF is your problem?
They're amazing role models who have amazing fans && they influence so many people to live their dreams.
You're just jealous that you don't have about a zillion people who look up to you && that you're nowhere near as talented as Kevin, Joe, && Nick.
Oh right, && you don't make enough money.
10% is better than nothing.
&& one other thing you're just jealous of, you're not at all cute, gorgeous, hot, sexy, or adorable like the boys.
They may wear purity rings, but hell, they get more girls than you ever will!

2008-10-26 @ 11:49
Comment from: Carolyn [Visitor] Email
Im a Jonas brothers fan and i am very offended by your 'rant'. How dare you say they have no talent! They have more talent in each of their pinkys, then you do in your whole body.
O i also was not aware that they preach their relegion, or tell people how to live their lives. Because they dont, they keep things private, its the interviewers that pry and ask questions, and half the time they ask not to talk about their rings.
And donating 10% to charity is better than nothing. I would like to see what comes out of your paycheck. The Jonas brothers have their own charity for diabetes. Their very giving, they have free concerts, and pull fans from the nosebleeds seats, to front row, for concerts.
Lastly the Jonas Brothers are 3 good looking, sweet, talented boys, and you are a pathetic middle aged man, picking on 3 teenagers. Go to hell.
2008-10-26 @ 11:56
Comment from: you know me [Visitor]
OMJ. you don't even know what your talking about! You should of known this was going to come at you. The Jonas Brothers don't even talk about their faith or their rings! Every time they are asking they say in the nicest way possible that they don't want to talk about it. Next maybe you should look that up!!!!!!! The Jonas Brothers also don't say how we should run our lives. What happens is that they have loyal fans (such as me) and they follow in their foot steps. At least they aren't going around doing drugs or drinking and everything the other stars do! they are actually good role models. Because of the Jonas Brothers I am actually doing better in school because if i want to go to their concerts i have to do good in school. So because of them I'm on the honor roll and a star student. I mean really dude why even say anything when you know people are going to be all over you! That was soooo stupid of you. the Jonas Brothers are a good role model and people all around the world love them. If you are trying to make us second think liking them, good luck. As long as i live i will love the jonas brothers. I do anything to see them. So i would back off. tons of fans are prob as upset about your pathic article as I am! Seriously next time research before you actually wright an article. I think all parents can say the Jonas Brothers are AMAZING role models. They make a positive contribution to America. I can't even fathom my life without the Jonas Brothers. Oh and don't you dare say the Jonas Brothers aren't charitable. They go to hospitals and see kids with cancer or diabetes. Nick even has his own fund for kids with diabetes! I don't know what better than that. They are just teens/adults that are trying their best! They are charitable, talented, good looking, gentlemen, GOOD role models,etc. I can't believe you even had the guts to write this article! Everything you wrote is wrong! So wrong! You are just a pathic excuse for life!
2008-10-26 @ 12:15
Comment from: Amanda [Visitor] Email
Are you crazy? The Jonas Brothers are absolutely amazing. Oh yeah they donate 10% of 12 MILLION, that's a lot of money! How much do you donate out of your salary?

So you're saying Justin Timberlake is a better role model? With an album called "FutureSex"? You are so stupid! The Jonas Brothers were purity rings, and they care about their fans. They're not manwhores who think about sex all the time, and if someone just wants someone for sex, then they don't really love them.

And why the hell are you posting this on a GOLF website? You have completely lost your mind.
2008-10-26 @ 12:24
You're retarded and don't deserve my criticism.
I'm not wasting any more breath on you seeing as your such a pathetic waste of humanity.

Go away.


2008-10-26 @ 12:38
Comment from: this guy is a MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Visitor] Email
How much have you donated to charity? Oh yeah NONE they donated alot more money then you'll ever make in your life! YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the bad role model, stupid . You are the most hated man to teen girls in America!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-10-26 @ 12:44
Comment from: this guy is a MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Visitor] Email
You should go rot in a hole away from everyone
2008-10-26 @ 12:46
Comment from: Jonas Pones [Visitor] Email
Wow your actually bashing a teen boy band, on a golf website. hmmmm
I suggest you either blog about golf, or get the hell away from the computer.
The Jonas Brothers will always be better than you, and this article is solid proof of that.
Get some help, pathetic asshole.
2008-10-26 @ 13:52
Comment from: man your stupid! [Visitor]
your soooo wrong!!! they are great role models and an inspiration to many people.
you should go fall down an elevator shaft.
2008-10-26 @ 13:54
Comment from: Kate [Visitor]
I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the Jonas Brothers are some of the only members of young hollywood who have made a positive image for themselves. If you think Miley Cyrus is a positive role model for putting racy pictures around the internet or Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant at sixteen then sure you can have that opinion. The Jonas Brothers have faith in Christ and have expressed to fans that it is OK to have morals. Nick Jonas, the youngest, has diabetes and has given kids hope with his music and struggle with the disease. You are not a teenager; their music doesn't appeal to you. You may not like their music, but that does not make them bad role models because ONE person dislikes their music.
2008-10-26 @ 14:12
Comment from: Visitor [Visitor] Email
Seriously PEOPLE!
Don't tell this man to get a life, 'cause he does and that's why he's here to stat his opinion. If you don't like it, I'm sure he doesn't give a rats a--.

Jonas Bro has NO talent and they sure in hell can't sing. I don't know why all you girls are head over heels over 'em.

They don't pay your bills, they don't do crap for you all but to let you hear their patetic songs... RIDICULOUS!
Quit getting all pissed over this man opinion about them and also get over yourself.

I'm a FEMALE myself and the JOBROS are so NOT cute! You girls must be blind, go get a eye exam. Thank you very much and good-bye!
2008-10-26 @ 14:37
Comment from: Sneha [Visitor] Email
Chris Baldwin, The 'three teen twits' dont give a shit about you or your opinion.

So go ahead, sit at your computer and blog away about how the Jonas brothers are no talent hacks.... If it makes you feel better about yourself. Its not you are/ ever will bring the Jonas Brothers down.

*You can try to break them or make them fall apart... But the fires in their heart.....*
2008-10-26 @ 15:36
Comment from: meghan [Visitor] Email
ok, first of all, the jonas brotheras are not idiots! they are true gentelmen, and if you don't see that then there is something wrong with you.
they are gentalmen because they are so dedicated to their fans and they know that their music speaks to people in a way you obvioulsy don't understand. i feel so sorry for you that you don't know the differance between good and bad role models.
you are a bad role model because you are trashing other stars when they do everything good.
they are a good role model because even if they have problems with life, they always go and do a show no matter what the cause.
hace you ever heard anythuing that the joas brothers have done that was bad? have you ever heard them cancel a show?
i don't think so!
now if you would listen to one of their songs without critisizing them, you might find that the song relates to you in some way.
i feel sorry for you that you don't know good people from bad people!!!!
2008-10-26 @ 15:46
Comment from: Burnin' up [Visitor] Email
Wow this article made me crack up.
A middle aged jackass whose jealous enough of a Disney boyband, to bash them... on a GOLF SITE.

Man i wish Nick, Joe and Kevin themselves could read your article (and thats using the term article very liberally) just so they could get a good laugh out of it.

Haters like you, only make the Jonas Brothers stronger. Didnt you know that?
2008-10-26 @ 16:03
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor] Email
Ha ha ha! Look at these drooling cult-like followers defend their idols for the idle as if they were Jesus himself! If anything proves your point, these responses are a prime example!

If the Jonas Brothers are such "wonderful role models," why are their followers acting like such uncivilized beasts here?

Once again, someone like Chris writes out this article with very clear, well thought out arguments and valid points, and what do the screaming cultists do? They have no original points to counter with so they call him names and tell him to "get a life!"

Hey, Jonas Brothers fans! Guess what? I got that life you need so badly that you keep asking us to get for you. Where shall we send it?

"Good role models" indeed!
2008-10-26 @ 16:11
Comment from: Emily [Visitor] Email
Serisouly...... This is a joke right????
The Jonas brothers are amazing role modles. Their not perfect, but they are sweet, nice guys, and have never done anything to make them bad role modles. You need your eyes and ears checked because being a fan for 3 years ive never heard them preach christianity. I mean what the f**k have they done to you?
You have no right to say they have no talent. I bet anything they have more talent than you. And i also want to know how you've even heard of their song tonight??? Its never on the radio, ive never heard anywhere but of course my ipod and cd.
They donate 10% out of the 12 million they make, thats pretty damn good, considering the youngest has his own charity for diabetes.
They helped your beloved JT out in a charity benefit.
Just leave them alone their teenagers, for Christ sake.
2008-10-26 @ 16:48
Comment from: Shanon [Visitor] Email
Hey Chris im sorry the 'no talent hacks' didnt let you join the band. But that doesnt mean you should go on your GOLF blog, and be a total judgemental, ignorant jealous fool.

Bashing 3 teenagers online. Wow your really living life to its fullest.
2008-10-26 @ 17:14
Comment from: Kerry Smith [Visitor]
You must be so sad to actually write an essay on the Jonas Brothers! If you really hated them that much then why did you spend all that time writing about them. Had you ever thought of why they are worth 12 million pounds maybe because people buy their cd's,dvd's or concert tickets. And the front page pose on the rolling stone magazine is amazing but if you didn't like it why did you look at it or maybe buy it I think your just jealous of the accomplishments that they have achieved. If you having got nothing nice to say don't say anything please because you are so boring and your article has not achieved anything. I am 13 myself and have seen much better just get over yourself because no one agrees!!
2008-10-26 @ 17:46
Comment from: Future Mrs. Kevin Jonas [Visitor] Email
How DARE you say my boys are bad rolemodels! They are probably the BEST rolemodels! WAY better then Miley Cyrus! They don't go and put pictures of them half naked on the internet! Ohhhh they ONLY donated 10% of their 12 million dollars to charity in 2007! What about this year? Oh, how much do YOU donate? Thats right! You mess with the boys you mess with us all (fans). Even my mom would say this article is just a peice of a jealous persons mind! YOU SUCK! And 10% of 12 million dollars is $1,200,000! Thats alot! And you say they should be more like Justin Timberlake and raise money through something like Golf Tournament? Well they have been on tour for the past 2 years! How could they? They spend everyday in a cramped tour bus and wake up in the middle of the night to go to another sold out concert and get bombarded by screaming girls! Thankfully, they haven't lost their hearing yet! And they DO believe that you should stay pure until marrige! And if you even THINK they would beak that promise they made to God, then you are a RETARD!!!You have no idea what your talking about, oh and by the way, you should get a life! Not diss people because they're beter than you! You Really SUCK! I ¢¾ The Jonas Brothers!
2008-10-26 @ 18:03
Comment from: Future Mrs. Kevin Jonas [Visitor] Email
BTW Nick LOVES to golf! You SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-10-26 @ 18:05
Comment from: Jonas Brother Lover:] [Visitor] Email
did you REALLY compare them to JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE?! wow. they are like, 100000x better. why is having standards and being gentalmen BAD?? really, i wanna no. i was raised being told its a GOOD thing to be polite and its a GOOD thing to have standards, and its a GOOD thing to never let yourself down. i dont know how you were raised, but obvisously it was different that all the rest of the world. honestly, who would take them time out of there life to write stupid things that arent true about great people, and yes, role modles?? freak.
2008-10-26 @ 18:42
Comment from: Charley [Visitor] Email
Get over yourself. You are a sad little man who likes picking on a bunch of teenagers.
You are a bitter twisted man who has no life.
2008-10-26 @ 19:21
I don't know why anyone would say that.You have to be pretty lame to sit and think on what to write to make this article!!!
Oh yeah and my mom is really pissed off about this article she thinks that they are good role models.If she did'nt then she would'nt let me have 119 posters on my wall!!!

P.S.I agree with SARAH!!
2008-10-26 @ 21:12
Comment from: Jamie [Visitor] Email
Haha wow. You better start packing dude, cause soon there will be about a thousand teenage girls on your ass, with baseball bats and rifles.
But serisouly How dare you write this crap! Half of it is not even true, and the rest of it is your opinions but you state them like freakin facts.
And your bashing freakin teenagers.
Who have a acheived more in 3 years than you have over the course of your life.
Your a pathetic excuse for an adult.
Jonas Brothers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
No one cares what your name is.
End of story.
2008-10-26 @ 21:22
Comment from: Big Dog [Visitor] Email
EVERYONE STOP POSTING COMMENTS! Can everyone stopped getting sucked in by a bt this blogger. Guys like Chris purely write these articles to get a response. They do this because they are not educated/creative enough to write an article that people will want to read unless it is controversial. Stop and think about it. Who would bag teenagers for donating $1.2 million to charity?? Also if you look through the comments there are posts from his fellow minimum wage colleagues congratulating him on this blog because of the response it has drawn as they know it is a joke. So please no more comments or we will continue to recieve more uneducated, poorly written blogs. Thank you
2008-10-26 @ 21:25
Comment from: AIMEE [Visitor] Email
this was actually a complete and utter fail. you say it's pathetic that they donate 10% of their annual income to charities when you probably donate little to none.
get over yourself.
2008-10-26 @ 21:54
Comment from: Claire [Visitor] Email
Hi, do your research before you write an article about how they're not good role models or whatever that means. First of all, they donate TEN PERCENT. How many celebrities actually give that much money to charity? It's a lot.And that was just 2007. 08 was bigger and better and no doubt they'll donate again.
Secondly, don't even say they haven't gotten involved. They've done A LOT of charity work like going to St. Jude's hospital or doing work for the Children's Change Foundation (unlike YOU i just looked that up). And also they sell tickets and meet and greet passes to donate money to charity events. So don't even.
AND they've done a lot to help the environment. Go on their youtube and you'll see all their videos about going green with chevy. And at their concerts they do contests to see who can interpret (onto a poster) the idea of music and going green and the winners get to meet them.
And they do so much for their fans, like all of the tours they've done and meet and greets at EVERY SHOW. You don't even know.
And most obvious, Nick Jonas has diabetes. And he has this website where he blogs about his diabetes and he does stuff to help kids who have diabetes. Seriously, who are YOU to say that that's not inspirational or role-model worthy. What are your standerds?!
So. Thanks for this lame excuse of an article. And isn't this a GOLF BLOG? What do Jonas Brothers have to do with anything?
I think you should find a new profession because you kind of suck as a journalist. Just saying.
Somebody's jealous they never lived out the rockstar dream and ended up working for an online golf blog!!!
2008-10-26 @ 22:52
Comment from: Jackie [Visitor] Email
Your post really, really made me laugh. Especially, when you said that Justin Timberlake makes a good role model, sure he does, but when you mentioned that he put on a benefit concert, and raised over $1 million, I don't think you realize that the Jonas Brothers were AT that concert. They performed. So they contributed to that. And how much do you want to make a bet probably more than half of that was just to SEE those boys.
The boys don't preach. They don't push their values onto people. Yes they may be christian but it doesn't mean that they're forcing people to believe in what they believe in.

Do you even know how much they do for charities? They even started their own foundation Change For The Children Foundation. Not to mention they had a huge charity thing this past summer for the Burning Up Tour, where they matched every 10,000 dollars made. Yea. You just need to shut up and get your facts straight, because OBVIOUSLY you have no idea what you're talking about.

You are the first person that I have ever heard that they are bad role models. I don't think they've been releasing provocative my space pictures or taking provocative pictures with their dad in a photoshoot. Just get your facts straight before you blog about something that obviously you have no clue about.
2008-10-26 @ 22:58
Comment from: Alex Skinner [Visitor] Email
For some old fart writing a golf blog, you are very, very, naive.
You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. So what if the boys make a lot of money? How does that make them a BAD influence? It shows that hard work and persistence pays off in the end.
They don't PREACH to anyone, they don't even talk about their purity rings anymore, because of idiots like you who tried to put them down for wearing them.
Now, let me ask you something.
How are the Jonas Brothers, working non-stop and being successful and giving back and being strong Christians and saving people's lives through their music... how are they bad influences.
My friend had serious depression issues and was causing self-harm. I played Underdog and Take A Breath for her, she listened to them over and over again, and they gave her strength.
So maybe, you need to do what REAL journalists do and do research before writing an article like this.

Get your facts straight, old man.

Oh yeah... and they LOVE golf.
2008-10-26 @ 23:07
Comment from: SamanthaJean [Visitor] Email
Wow. This was the absolute worst thing I have ever read. I suggest you actually research whomever you're bashing before you actually write.
Better yet, don't write ever again.

First of all, you mentioned the Shriver's Hospital? Are you aware that The Jonas Brothers performed there?

Second, they're founders of their own charity and have been for years.: Change for the Children. Feel stupid yet?


Well, how about the fact that Nick Jonas is a diabetes ambassador. He's worked with Bayer Diabetes Care who made a huge donation to his charity.

Not to mention the charity they had going during their tour this summer. For every $10,000 donated, they would match it.

Oh, and as for their "preaching"? They don't. They made a choice to stay pure until marriage on their own and they never pressed that view onto anyone. They only talk about because other people bring it up. They've now requested that interviews steer clear of that topic.

How's that for preaching?

I think it's completely disgusting that people such as yourselves demean celebrities such as The Jonas Brothers. They have morals, which is rare in this day and age, and instead of praising them, you simply mock and trivialize their beliefs.

As for their music, it actually has depth compared to Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" and other sex based music.

So I suggest that you get your head out of Justin Timberlake's ass and educate yourself.

Oh, and before you whine about how many times you were burned by fans, can I just say that you asked for it?
2008-10-26 @ 23:11
Comment from: Hannah cullen [Visitor] Email
Your the leading cause of erectile disfunction..
And your balding.
just thought you should know.
have a wonderful day =]
2008-10-27 @ 01:54
Comment from: monique [Visitor]
this is such a lie!! i love the jonas brothers with all my heart! how dare you tlk about them that way!!!!this is the most stupidest thing iv ever read!!!!!
2008-10-27 @ 02:12
Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
Well, I appreciate all the Christian love shown by all these Jonas boys lunatic backers, just one small point on everyone's favorite teen twits playing in Timberlake's concert in Las Vegas. (Who would have thought that being called an idiot could seem so nice when the post is ended with a smiley face icon?) But I digress. Back to the concert.

When you're put on first, you're not the headliner. You're just the lame opening act. Timberlake was trying to be nice with his comments about putting the group that everyone wanted to see out first. He's a nice guy. That's what he does.

But sorry, in entertainment's long history - and show business has been around for more than 13 years - the big acts close shows. They don't open them.

That's why Timberlake went last in the Vegas concert. Because he's the true musical act. While the Jonas boys are your average carnival bakers group.

Secondly, the one million plus Timberlake raised for the Shriners' Hospital didn't just come from that Saturday night concert. It was a result of a week's worth of work that Timberlake put in - and the Jonas boys stop by had little effect.

Thirdly, who cares if they love golf? North Korean leader Kim Jong Il loves golf too and nobody is holding him up as a role model.

It's not whether you love golf or not. It's what you do with that love. Whether you use it to make a difference like Justin Timberlake does.
2008-10-27 @ 02:35
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]
you don't know what you're talking about , you're jelousy , get a life!!!! if you can't or couldn't get the same, leave them alone , don't it's their fault
2008-10-27 @ 11:36
Comment from: Tom [Visitor] Email
This is pretty well written for someone who is clearly at least semi retard. Are your parents related Chris Baldwin?
2008-10-27 @ 12:11
Comment from: Sally [Visitor] Email
You poor unfortunate soul...obviously so filled with hate. You have my pity.
2008-10-27 @ 13:06
Comment from: SamanthaJean [Visitor] Email
You know what you can do with your love, Chris Baldwin?

Shove it up your ass

Or better yet, go shove it up Justin Timberlake's since you obviously have an odd obsession with the man.

Poor guy; must warn him about you.

Oh and how much money have you donated to charity, Chris Baldwin?

You have so much hatred for a group of incredible people that haven't done anything to you; I just don't understand it.

You know what? I feel sorry for people like you.

I'll pray for you.
2008-10-27 @ 14:14
Comment from: Mel [Visitor]
I accidentally came across this insane article and just had to express my opinion. We all see what you, Mr. Baldwin, do with your hatred. So what is it that you do with YOUR love?? What more do you want from 16, 19 and 20 year olds? What are most 16 year old boys doing? Certainly nothing even close to what these guys do day in and day out for their fans, family, and charities (Change for the Children - their own charity, Spirit of Life, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Carousel of Hope, Arthur Ashe Kids Day, DC Games, Make A Wish, etc....). These are all events that they have been involved with in the past year or so, either performing or just being there, or donating $$. They have been a huge positive influence in my life. If only there were more Jonases out there, my what a great world we would live in. Kudos to their parents for raising them as they have. So where were they last Saturday night? Out partying it up, drinking, clubbing like most other young celebs?? No, they were at a yet another CHARITY event....

2008-10-27 @ 14:49
Comment from: Me [Visitor]
Wow, looks like someone's jealous!!! Anyway, anyone can go on talking about your precious Justin Timberlake and how much they hate him. The Jonas Brothers are some of the MOST humble people in Hollywood, and by the way, they had their purity rings before they were ever famous. And their Dad was a Pastor before they were famous, so don't insult them. People like you make me sick. And you know what, I'm not a fan of Justin Timberlake, but I would NEVER say stuff about him like you did to the Jonas Brothers.
2008-10-27 @ 15:39
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
ROTFLMAO....Baldy, you sure can pick the posts to get some hits!!! ;)

But hey - if you REALLY want "no-talent hacks" as role models, you need look no further than Ron MoRon, Wolfie the Red, and evil troll Kiel....*grin*....right here in River City!
2008-10-27 @ 15:41
Comment from: Taylor Hicks [Visitor]
CHRIS - give back my teenie girl fans!!! I haven't sold a single CD to a 12-year-old since you started this Jonas mess!!!!

Washed Up Taylor Hicks
2008-10-27 @ 16:03
Comment from: Hallie [Visitor] Email
That doenst mean their bad role models! Its just what YOU dont like about the. Nobody said you had to like them. Writing a stupid article like this is pointless. Its liek syaing you like them because they have Brown/Black hair! Its stupid. Thnkx for wasting peoples lives for writing a useless,not very well writeen,factless article.
2008-10-27 @ 16:25
Comment from: Gina [Visitor] Email
you think that the jonas brothers are bad role models, well then I think that your an asshole! the jonas brothers make money...so does everybody else. they happen to have a talent, unlike you. i really laughed my butt off when i read this, becuz its full of bullshit! Name for me a good role model. yeahh i guess you can't think of one. i dont understand how you can be sooo jealous of them to write an article like this. do you even have a brain?? this is a golf website, try talking about golf instead of something TOTALLY different, such as musicians. my parents think that the jonas brothers are perfect role models so i guess thats all that counts, nobody cares about your opinion on whether or not the jonas brothers are good role models. its what the fans PARENTS think. and how could you be a parent? who would marry you?
2008-10-27 @ 17:00
Comment from: Anonomous [Visitor] Email
the jonas brothers have talent unlike you or justin timberlake! the jonas brothers are WAY BETTER than justin timberlake. you just said all of that crap because ur jealous of them ur just a peice of crap who wants to be famous but is just another son of a bitch who thinks their all that. and the jonas brothers got their way to fame and earned it by being nice and i can tell you one thing and you will NEVER EVER be famous by saying all of this crap about people who are famous and earned it. i really laughed when i heard of all this bullshit. your a shitface who thinks that people will agree with you
2008-10-27 @ 17:59
Comment from: anonomous. [Visitor]
You gyus don't have a life..talking crap about some guys that do have talent..not like others.. get a life!
2008-10-27 @ 18:26
Comment from: JonasFan [Visitor] Email
You dont know what ur thinking, the jonas brothers rock and everything about them.
Your a jerk for saying what you said
2008-10-27 @ 18:33
Comment from: haley [Visitor] Email
i will keep my response as simple as possible:
you are just jealous because you will never have as much money, talent, self-respect, fame, or anything else that they have EVER!
have you ever sold out arenas in seconds to millions of people? didn't think so. have you donated as much money to charity as they have? didn't think so. have you ever had the balls to get up in front of those millions of people and sing your heart out every night no matter if you're tired or if you need a break? yeah, didn't think so.
2008-10-27 @ 18:41
Comment from: ronni [Visitor] Email
You have your opinion and we (the fans) have ours. The Jonas Brothers are an inspiration to some people, and are looked up to by many people simply because they make music and have morals. Their not slamming their purity rings into people's faces and saying everyone should have a purity ring. They hardly even talk about them at all. You don't see the Jonas Brothers out partying every night and getting wasted. They have their beliefs and they think it's cool that people like their decision.

And the whole raking in millions of dollars thing, yea they do make money, but it's for something they love to do. Their not out just to make money, or drive nice cars, their simply here just to make music, and that's it.
2008-10-27 @ 19:53
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Oh great Bald One - have you noticed these children can't spell for SH*T??? I would guess it has to do with them 'texting' all the time...when they SHOULD have been paying attention in English class! ;)
2008-10-28 @ 12:20
Comment from: Bella [Visitor] Email
Chris i would just like to say that if you hate the Jonas Brothers soo much, then why would you bother to write about them? why not just keep your nasty silly opinions to yourself? And like many poeple before me have said, why dont you pick on someone who is really messing with the minds of young people, like Miley Cyrus who has hordes of young easily influenced fans? Nude pictures at 15 years old, I ask you!Also the 20 year old boyfriend! And to be honest, it's really very petty of you, i'm fifteen years old and am a sensibe person and the jonas Brothers are great for young teens and girls, they promote the right message. Unlike SOME poeple. Don't watse your time the Jonas Brothers are too popular for you to influence anyone in your hateful ways.
2008-10-28 @ 18:43
Comment from: angel [Visitor] Email
you suck fag!

get a life!
2008-10-28 @ 19:25
Comment from: Lauren [Visitor] Email
First off I think you are a very missguided person. As one of their fans the Jonas Brothers do nothing but influence me to do good things."No-talent hacks."? I BEG to differ! These boys are nothing but talent. There songs are amazing and everyone of them tells a story. I think any good song does that. Not only do their songs do that but they put out great music, there are alot of different kinds of instruments. Anyone would be lucky to play as many instruments as they do.
What kind of writer are you anyway? I don't think you should put your oppinion about a cover of a magizene as "lame" it is not right. And what are doing writing about the Jonas Brothers anyway, it looks to me that you write about golf. And one more thing they ABSOLUTLY DO NOT TELL ANYONE HOW TO LIVE THEIR LIFE. By the look of the number of comments leftfor you, your oppinion is greatly out numbered. Bythe way I'm sorry you feel thay way about the Jonas Brothers. Personly I think you should get a life.
2008-10-28 @ 19:38
Comment from: janie [Visitor] Email
wow. someone hasn't done their research. if the jonas brothers are bad role models, i'd like to see what you consider a GOOD role model. lindsay lohan? britney spears? not so much. as far as we know, they're very good role models. they haven't given anyone reason to believe that they aren't, have they? no.

secondly, i've never heard a single one of them "preach" about anything, except maybe their father who is an ACTUAL father, so even if they did, i could understand why.

thirdly, if they were a "passing fancy", they would've been gone by now, because they started getting big this time two years ago... someone's a tad late.

and finally, are you aware that the jonas brothers OWN a charity foundation. with five charities actually in it. and they match every ten thousand dollars donated. in each charity.

you're a douchebag.
the youngest one loves golf, by the way.
go hang yourself.

congratulations though! talking about them really helped your popularity... ya know, since no one gives a shit about any old ordinary golf players blog. nutsack.
rant over.
2008-10-28 @ 19:49
Comment from: nes [Visitor] Email
who are you to judge one another? i don't see you giving 10% of your money to charity. the jonas brothers should be treated with respect as they are Christians. i am a christian too and i strongly believe in purity rings. so i think you should rethink on what you have written.
2008-10-28 @ 21:36
Comment from: Raiin [Visitor] Email
this better be some kind of stupid joke
2008-10-28 @ 23:21
Comment from: Seza [Visitor]
Hello Chris Baldwin.
DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU TYPE UP AN ARTICLE!!!- using the term "article" very liberally.
I'm sixteen, and I still haven't gone around doing the crap that Miley Cyrus, who is supposed to be a role model to all the young girls under 10 had done.She's skating on paper thin ice in my opinion. Out of all the teen celebrities in Hollywood, I pick the JOnas Brothers because they DON'T do what everyone thinks is awesome. Sex, drugs, smoking, raunchy pictures (ahem... Miley.... ahem)
I can't believe someone like you could put something on the internet that is so low. And go pick on someone your own age! And this is a GOLF SITE! Don't you talk about golf?! I didn't know this was amusic critic site!

People that hate the Jonas Brothers never learn! Once you put something bad about them up, it spreads like wildfire to all the fans around the world. The Jonas Brothers ARE NOT bad role models! Miley Cyrus is. Like my friend said, 5 posts above me. She has nude pictures and raunchy ones. And by the way, you must be a big fan, or at least listened to their album to know of the song "Tonight" It's hasn't even recieved air play or has it even been a single. uh oh... someone slipped up. And how many people visited this site before you added this?
Just remember something Chris Baldwin, when you bite first, you always get bitten back twice as hard... but in this case... it's hundreds times harder.
If you hadn't posted this, you woudn't have all these comments to reply to.
2008-10-29 @ 02:29
Comment from: Beth [Visitor] Email
Woa slow down buddy I don't hear the Jonas Brothers preaching to anybody if they'd wanna preach they'd write CHRISTIAN songs. One thing though they are extremely popular mostly because of their looks, which sucks because their pack of rabid girl fans automatically turns off everyone else, especially guys so basically all they have is a pack of immature girls screaming their names. But I they are great role models for teens today...you may diss all you want but it sounds like you're just offended because of the fact that they are Christians, which seems to be a lot of haters' problem. I'd say they're a heck of a lot better influence than Justin Timberlake on the young kids of america. My rant is over. :-D
2008-10-29 @ 14:33
Comment from: Sian [Visitor] Email
What is your problem?
The Jonas Brothers are way better role models than frikin Justin Timberlake, have you not seen his music videos?

Get a proper job.
+ leave The Jonas Brothers alone.
2008-10-29 @ 15:28
Comment from: Sian [Visitor] Email
What is your problem?
The Jonas Brothers are way better role models than frikin Justin Timberlake, have you not seen his music videos?

Get a proper job.
+ leave The Jonas Brothers alone
2008-10-29 @ 15:29
Comment from: Callie [Visitor]
2008-10-29 @ 18:56
Comment from: amee [Visitor]
you are so wrong its not even funny. nick jonas has diabetes and he raised money for that besides donating 10 % to charity, which is a lot more than other stars who donated nothing. a good example here is to say that miley cyrus is a good for nothing whore that doesn't deserve to be a role model, that ill agree with. but i love the jonas brothers and their songs, and i will NEVER FORGET them.
2008-10-29 @ 19:18
Comment from: amee [Visitor]
and btw golf is for unathletic faggots. =)
2008-10-29 @ 19:20
Comment from: Raiin [Visitor] Email
resign from your pathetic position as golf blogger or apologize for your idiocy.
2008-10-29 @ 23:14
Comment from: Katelyn [Visitor] Email
Uhm excuse me? Do you have any idea what you are talking about? Seriously read up before you say all this stuff about them. Don't go calling me a little 7 year old girl either I'm 15! The Boys work hard at everything and they have their OWN charity! And they visit sick kids in hospitals and work hard to keep the earth green. Seriously guys read up. If you only knew half of what they have done for people around the world you'd feel like a real d*ck right now. People have though about committing suicide and the Boys have gave them enough hope to stop! And inspired people to keep going no matter how hard it gets! I could go on and on but I have more important things to do like school instead of write stupid hate comments about some band who I know nothing about unlike some people.
2008-10-30 @ 19:58
Comment from: Meylitza [Visitor] Email
Seriously, dude, get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you writing this because you live on your mother's basement??? Mark my words. GET A LIFE!! And leave the Jonas Brothers alone!!!! YOU CREEP!
2008-10-30 @ 21:20
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Perhaps these teeny boppers did pay attention during English class, it just may be that English was not being taught in their English classes.

Many teachers these days use public schools to preach liberal politics first and foremost; the courses they are supposed to be teaching are often secondary at best.

Alex USMC 1969-73
2008-10-31 @ 10:32
Comment from: Josie [Visitor] Email
First of all, lets make this very clear.
How can you possibly compare the Jonas Brothers to "Flavor Flav"? You need to get your celebrities straight sir, because the two are POLAR opposites, and if you don't see that, well, you don't have the right to publicly post your ridiculous rantings...considering you're basing it on your obvious ignorance.
Secondly, the Jonas Brothers have never "preached" or instructed to do anything. Once again, you make your ignorance apparant.
And since when has NOT having random sex, NOT doing drugs or drinking, and doing the RIGHT thing been considered bad? Did you create your own set of morals, or do you just thrive on bashing those few people in the world that are actually making a difference?
Please email me in response. It'll be entertaining to see what kind of ignorant defense you'll come up with next.
Till then, get a life. And learn a few things about it too.
2008-11-01 @ 01:42
Comment from: Josie [Visitor] Email
First of all, lets make this very clear.
How can you possibly compare the Jonas Brothers to "Flavor Flav"? You need to get your celebrities straight sir, because the two are POLAR opposites, and if you don't see that, well, you don't have the right to publicly post your ridiculous rantings...considering you're basing it on your obvious ignorance.
Secondly, the Jonas Brothers have never "preached" or instructed to do anything. Once again, you make your ignorance apparant.
And since when has NOT having random sex, NOT doing drugs or drinking, and doing the RIGHT thing been considered bad? Did you create your own set of morals, or do you just thrive on bashing those few people in the world that are actually making a difference?
Please email me in response. It'll be entertaining to see what kind of ignorant defense you'll come up with next.
Till then, get a life. And learn a few things about it too.
2008-11-01 @ 01:44
Comment from: kelsey [Visitor] Email
Um ha ha. I guess I know who doesn't have a life. The Jonas Brothers have never pushed anything down anyone's throat. But you have. Just because you believe your an almighty blogger you think that you can write untrue crap about the Jonas Brothers. Nick Jonas actually has his own fund for childhood diabities, do you have a fund?! How much do you donate to charity on a daily basis?! I'm willing to guess none! Obviously your mother never told you that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all! YOU HAVE NO LIFE and that's final. If you think you have more talent than the Jonas Brothers, why haven't I ever heard your name in my life?! The Jonas Brothers are great role models and YES they do actually practice Christanity. Their extremely sucessful, and that's one thing you can't say about yourself!!! AND girls like them because they are hot, and that's just another thing you can't say about yourself. Really, how about you start doing some volenteer work instead of taking this time to write a nasty blog!!
2008-11-01 @ 07:35
Comment from: visitor [Visitor] Email
you suck the jbros rock so dont talk about them especialy if you havent done anything as amazing as they have and dont you have anything better to do then to talk about peopel you havent even met>:(
2008-11-01 @ 15:13
Comment from: no.1 JoBrofan [Visitor] Email
U r a twat!!! So shut up and listen. Get out of the cave ur livin in. the jonas brothers are the best band ever!!!once again ur a twat! Who r u 2 judge. Leave it 2 the fans!! once again u r a twat!
2008-11-01 @ 15:19
Comment from: no.1 JoBrofan [Visitor] Email
U r a twat!!! So shut up and listen. Get out of the cave ur livin in. the jonas brothers are the best band ever!!!once again ur a twat! Who r u 2 judge. Leave it 2 the fans!! once again u r a twat!So get a life dude. Sorry u dont deserve the name dude cause their dudes.
2008-11-01 @ 15:21
Comment from: JonasBrothersluv! [Visitor] Email
well...do you know for what are you talking for???dude....you don't know anything about the Jonas Brothers... so you need to shut your big fat mouth up!And do a real job and a real article man because you suck..Seriously..and the Jonas are the best good role model ever...
2008-11-02 @ 07:09
Comment from: sarah [Visitor] Email
look u fag...u r the most ass kissing, mother fukcing bitch in the world!!!!!! OH btw...u'll be kissing ur own ass wen ur dead!!! the jonas brothers r MUCH better than u by FAR!!!!! so go get another fukcing life!! mommy's bitch!!
2008-11-02 @ 16:07
Comment from: Janelle [Visitor] Email
You have no clue wut ur talkin bout...you obviously r jst another guy who hates them cause every girl is in love with them...im sick nd tired of all these comments putting down the jonas brothers..who by the way are a good example...i dont see them gettin any teen girls pregnant...or doin anything bad...or goin out nd getting drunk at parties..u hav no right to say they arnt christians...if they profess tht they r...we should all believe them cause they havnt done anything tht would condradict wut they r saying bout being Christians...nd bout the comment bout how much money they give to charity...god looks on the heart...He doesnt care about good works nd how much money you give out...tht doesnt mean anything when u get to heaven!!!..so jst PLEASE!!!! leave them alone ALREADY!!!!!
2008-11-14 @ 19:19
Comment from: getalife [Visitor] Email
2008-12-12 @ 04:54
Comment from: getalife [Visitor]
2008-12-12 @ 05:05
Comment from: getalife [Visitor]
2008-12-12 @ 05:11
Comment from: sup [Visitor] Email
Hey Mr Chris Baldwin,
i'm gonna give you a piece of my mind!

2008-12-26 @ 07:08
Comment from: Mione [Visitor] Email
Hey nit-wit!
Next time you bash an INCREDIBLE band such as the Jonas Brothers, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! You think the years in school woulda taught you SOMETHING!!! How can you put the boys down?? What are you? Jealous?? "No-talent hacks..." come on ive heard better from a 3year old!!!
Second, They do NOT preach their practice because everyone has a mind of their own and they prctice what they themselves preach, some of my frineds whp are 16 and 17 do not wear purity rings, one of them is actually an atheist and she loves the boys!!!
I know for a FACT that the boys are very reluctant about their rings and everything, HELLO??? Did u even READ the Rolling Stone Issue?? They actually got tense with the interviewer until joe looked to nick and told him to say what he had to about the rings... So what if they keep most of their money> They desrve it for gods sake and they DO alot for the community!!!
Watch Ellen on youtube sometime and type in "Nick Jonas on Ellen Degeneres Show" and maybe youll realize that you are WRONG!!!!

And Another thing!! Watch who ur talking about!!!!! DONT. FUSS. WITH. ME!!!!!!!

2008-12-26 @ 17:29
Comment from: Mione [Visitor] Email
Oh hey i forgot!!!

2008-12-26 @ 17:43
Comment from: Marie. [Visitor] Email
Hmm, well. I should let you know that you need a life. Just because you never had what they have, doesn't mean you have the right to bash on them like that. Yeah, I agree Justin is a talented performer, but JB is also. Don't be jealous.

You're just writing this stupid article/blog to promote yourself and golfing. Who cares if they don't donate more than 10% to a certain charity, I do believe it's THEM who has their own foundation. Called 'Change For The Children'. So before you go judging people, find out the facts.

It might actually help you get somewhere in life.

Thanks. (:
2008-12-27 @ 03:35
Comment from: Jona-holic [Visitor] Email
Shut your mouth who ever you are. Dont go round insulting people who are much better then you! I like in fact i love the jonas brothers and i will not take you saying that about them nore will any fan. So i think you better watch what your saying cos theres millions of JB fans and only 1 of you ! and fyi there rings symbolise value of life not just staying pure to marriage that what the media twist and im not lieing it sed in my mag. So Yh SHUT YOUR MOUTH !!
2009-03-18 @ 17:30
Comment from: kish [Visitor] Email
you know what?! you suck! minding others business is not yours so just shut UP!
2009-04-29 @ 23:49
Comment from: Brookelynsmomma [Visitor] Email
okay. wanted to set ya straight, you wont listen to anyone else, hope this meets you where you're at.
1. The Jonas Brothers have A TON of talent.. when was the last time you wrote a song on just the minor keys of a piano.. in under 20 minutes?
2. ya know, 10% of like, 14 million dollars a year, is ALOT of money to charities.
3. Nick started a Diabetes fund, they started a fund for underpriviliged children. Joe supports the special olympics.. and they sell dogtags for 10 dollars each, half of that goes to diabetes funds, the other half goes to making more tags.
4. they are very down to earth. they still travel on a bus, with both of their parents, and little brother.
5. they have a multi-billion dollar empire, and they are of the ages of 16, 20, and 21... where were you then?
6. They are extremely sweet, and good guys.
7. They never EVER preached for purity rings, and they should NOT get chastized for something they never brought into the picture. that was their descision prior to all the fame and fortune, and they are admirable to continue now that they have all the fame and fortune.
8. they are very smart boys, all three graduated from highschool ONTIME with at least 4.0's
9. they are brilliant songwriters, and I find them adorable, my daughter just adores them, and I do think they are fit role-models.
10. they have said publicly, that they live every single day knowing that they have to look their momma in the face at nightime.. they have said that they do what they can to make their momma proud. that alone, is amazingly admirable, and mature.
(oh, and they LOVE golf.. but why is that the thing that determines if a person is a rold model or not?? just becuase you like it, doesnt mean that everyone does, even though they do. That is the main thing that pisses me off about this post... you're really judging a couple of teenagers because they dont like GOLF!? but they do.. so.. you kind of need to do more research before you go bashing the most popular band in the world...)
2009-08-26 @ 00:28
Comment from: Franchesca [Visitor] Email
let me tell you this world is so bad just for people like you that judge people so hipocriticaly , for what you are saying i know that u don't have any reaserch of them they are guys so down to earth and they know that maybe their fame will not last for ever they are just living their dream so if you don't like them and you write this is because you have envy of them like a lot of people in hollywood hates them cause they get to the top and make teir dreams come tru in such a short time, while other have to wait year for their dreams become true so dude com back tot he planet earth and look the reality "THEY ARE GOOD ROLE MODELS AND THEY DO LIKE GOLF!!!!!!"
2010-02-20 @ 14:08

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