Michelle Wie author Jennifer Mario a Dukie dominating dominatrix: Oh my on Valentines

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You can work with someone for years and not know anything about them. That's just a fact of life in our alienated computer, home entertainment system society of today. Then one day, you find out the lovely prim & proper redhead whose writing often ap… more »

Is it possible Michelle Wie broke her wrist on purpose to avoid competing?

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Usually, I shun conspiracy theories. Unless they involve NBA referring or Patrick Ewing's draft status. I let WorldGolf.com's own Willie K. Wolfy hang out with the crowd that lives in secret basement bunkers and favors hand-cranked radios. But Michell… more »

Florida's PGA Learning Center a young man's paradise: Swedish babes & iPod golf

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Port St. Lucie, Florida will never be confused with South Beach. Even if a number of dancers - who are no doubt working their way through college - will likely show up when the New York Mets do for spring training. Still, it turns out this largely sle… more »

Fairway-clogging, fair-weather Chicago Bears fans get Super Bowl they deserve

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Anyone who's been anywhere near South Florida in the last week has run into hordes of one of the most annoying species on earth: fair-weather Chicago Bears fans. They've clogged the fairways of golf courses as far north as Palm Beach. No matter what c… more »

Palm Beach golf ultra rich in more ways than one

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If you get away from the swamps and The Mouse, Florida holds plenty of often surprisingly inventive golf. Take Palm Beach County. There are 170 golf courses in this region where the rich range free and they run the gamut from ultra private high end tr… more »

Name change will not change so-so Camelback Golf Club's Phoenix problem

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Scottsdale's Camelback Golf Club is changing its course names and adding a newfangled GPS system in its carts. The club announced it in one of those proud press releases that golf courses love. Which is all fine and dandy. But it will not help Came… more »

TaylorMade blasts trendy square driver craze at PGA Show

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Square driver heads are the new big thing that are going to revolutionize the game, according to a host of the major club manufacturers at the PGA Show. The next big thing in a never ending run of next big things. Not all the giant equipment companies… more »

USGA Executive Committee lovingly explains new sponsorship deal with Lexus

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Irv Fish is a USGA Executive Committee member who could give Executive Director David Fay a run for his bow ties. Fish and Fay wore competing bow ties that would have made Raj - the last interesting contestant on The Apprentice jealous - at the cocktail… more »

Who doesn't need a Hummer H3 golf cart is the question at PGA Show

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Yearn for a golf cart that’s larger than a Toyota Prius? Want to show everyone that you have so much money that the next step would be throwing it out the window - or betting on Sergio Garcia to win a major? Then, Hummer is ready to answer your pra… more »

A little champagne makes for a much nicer Annika Sorenstam at PGA Show

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Annika Sorenstam carries something of a reputation for often being anything but pleasant with the media. It's a pretty well earned rep for grumpiness if you talk to some tournament officials. Maybe it's a burden of being the longtime No. 1 thing. R… more »

High tech golf simulators bring out the worst in human excuses at Orlando's PGA Show

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If you’re looking for a golf computer experience that’s a little more real than Tiger Woods 07, the PGA Merchandise Show is full of NASA-level simulators. These things won’t just tell you what your club angle was at impact to the .0000000000 degree… more »

Kenny G rolls like 50 Cent at PGA Show in Orlando

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I came to the PGA Show hoping to get away from musicians posing as golfers. Both the real musicians and the Taylor Hicks kind. But there I was on the first night of the golf industry’s mad mixer, checking out the Hard Rock Hotel around midnight and up… more »

Taylor Hicks' Soul Patrol of imbeciles no match for us Wie Warriors

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When you write a golf blog as pure as the first fresh snow like I do, you learn a few things along the way. This week for instance, I discovered that an American Idol hack named Taylor Hicks has a small band of overweight desperate housewives for fans wh… more »

Replacing Justin Timberlake with no-talent Taylor Hicks shows how far Bob Hope Chrysler Classic's faded

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I remember when the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic used to be filled with top notch celebrities. Oh for the days when Rush Limbaugh strolled the fairways smooching a cigar, getting cheers from fans who planted huge signs for him on the sides of their homes… more »

I'm now a Michelle Wie Warrior! Converting never felt so good

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There’s far too much negativity in the world today. Everyone tries to pick out the bad, to accentuate the worst. Especially these grumpy golf writers who should be forever grateful they’re not working the graveyard shift at Denny’s. It really si… more »
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