Phil Mickelson's jump into course design not news to readers

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It's been amusing to see many declare Phil Mickelson's talk about getting into course design this week earth-shattering news. readers only heard about it a year ago. That's when Mickelson talked to us about it at the Bob Hope Chrysler C… more »

New Celebrity Course at Indian Wells Golf Resort all the buzz in Palm Springs

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Anyone who thinks Palm Springs is a tired, staid golf destination simply hasn't been paying attention. While many other traditional golf meccas have seen little new - and in some cases the closing of plenty of old - the Coachella Valley has experience… more »

Mark McGwire deserves Hall of Fame, must settle for San Diego golf

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All these suddenly self righteous baseball writers keeping Mark McGwire out of the Baseball Hall of Fame are a joke. And a misguided one at that. These are the same guys who didn't think anything was amok when Barry Bonds' skull kept growing and growi… more »

Palm Springs casinos becoming major players in the golf scene

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The casinos in Palm Springs are moving into the golf business like never before, coming up with their own courses. Fantasy Springs Resort Casino has a new Clive Clark design that's reportedly as showy as something Donald Trump would dream up. "They… more »

Ultra arrogant Urban Meyer still no Steve Spurrier as a coach, but better as a golfer

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I know Steve Spurrier. And Urban Meyer is no Steve Spurrier. Not when it comes to coaching skill. Not even after guiding the Florida Gators to a 41-14 trouncing of the Ohio State Luckeyes from the Big Overrated Conference. Sure everyone in Scottsda… more »

Watching Dallas Cowboys blow one as Tony Romo pulls a Bill Buckner better than even a Vijay Singh collapse

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There are fewer pure pleasures as a sports fan today - with steroids in and out of the shadows, hype lording over substance and many multi-millionaire athletes who simply don't care nearly as much as the fans. But then, every once in a while sports gives… more »

BCS Championship Game brings attention to West Valley golf in greater Phoenix-Scottsdale

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The national media is suddenly discovering Phoenix's West Valley since college football's national championship tilt is being held out in Glendale.Sportswriters who wouldn't leave Scottsdale's plush resorts if they didn't have to - and who can blame… more »

Outside magazine recognizes, thanks to idiot readers like YOU

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Outside Traveler - the travel arm of the hugely popular and award winning Outside magazine - lauds in its winter issue. The folks at Outside Traveler write that "For course and destination info, is hard to beat." This… more »

Britney Spears cannot handle Las Vegas: She's no overweight golf warrior

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If you started talking about the best pure golf destination in the U.S., you'd get plenty of debate. And probably not one mention of Las Vegas.But if you want a golf spot where the partying's so hardcore that Britney Spears faints, there's only one c… more »

Tiger Woods getting Athlete of the Year award an American farce: Roger Federer deserves it

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Tiger Woods won the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year award in this silly season of end-of-the-year honors. Now, this award only ranks slightly above that spelling bee trophy you took in first grade. Hence, the lag time in even feeling the need t… more »

That damn Greg Norman does it again: Shark's Myrtle Beach restaurant surprisingly good

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I didn't expect to like Greg Norman's Australian Grille in Myrtle Beach. It's a chain restaurant after all and chain restaurants stop being impressive to most people by the time they're out of college. Unless you live in Buffalo or something.I didn't… more »

Masters the Champions Tour of Myrtle Beach strip clubs: A Christmas warning treat for you sophisticated readers

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I know that many readers spend Christmas in a strip club. And don't forget the employees. Cheap Bastard wouldn’t recognize “Feliz Navidad” if it wasn’t being sung by the g-string chorus of Jasmine, Candy and Destiny. Tim McDonal… more »

Rosie O'Donnell the hypocrite in Trump View feud: Surprise The Donald's right

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There are many things you can take issue with Donald Trump over. Fighting with Rosie 0'Donnell isn't one of them however. The Donald is clearly in the right in this battle between attention whores. O'Donnell started it by blasting Trump on The View… more »

Barefoot Resort Fazio Course deserves a spot in Myrtle Beach Top 10, reader's right

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Having put together several Top 10s myself, for hot spots like Arizona, Las Vegas and Southern California, I know the care and work that goes into them.Head pros, regular golfers, travel industry types and golf packagers - who may actu… more »

When Scottsdale as Snottsdale goes too far: Baby left in car, Paris Hilton dog taken along & Nancy Grace goes bonkers

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A while back, I wrote a story about Scottsdale being branded Snottsdale by some put-off visitors and newspapers. I argued that the City Council should embrace this reputation rather than feign outrage over it. After all, high-end golfers don't seem to… more »
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