Hit Sam's Corner for true Myrtle Beach late night eats: The rare edible hot dog and beer

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You don't go to Myrtle Beach for fine dining. There are a few exceptions, but this golf mecca doesn't deliver Scottsdale's often surprisingly inventive cuisine from up-and-coming chefs or Las Vegas' showy, over-the-top celebrity chef spinoff casino resta… more »

Nothing like a holiday season golf trip: Whether it's Myrtle Beach, Palm Springs or wherever

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This is the second straight December I've been on a long holiday season golf trip. Now my only question is: Why don't more people do it? Whether it's Palm Springs or Myrtle Beach, the pluses of the holiday golf trip are fairly universal. Tee times… more »

Driving or flying to Myrtle Beach: What's the better road trip?

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Spend any time in Myrtle Beach and you'll run across tons of golfers who've driven in from up and down the East Coast. From Washington D.C.. From New York City. Heck, I ran into one group of golfers who drove in from Boston in a beaten up Camry. Th… more »

Service far better in America than in Europe's hoity-toity spots

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You can get better service in an Applebee's in Myrtle Beach than at one of those charming corner cafes in Paris. In fact, service throughout most of Europe is a largely forgotten, ignored or misinterpreted word. I was reminded this when I read this… more »

Criticizing Tiger Woods for Dubai fits narrow-minded American stereotypes

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To take issue with Tiger Woods choosing Dubai as the location for his first celebrity architect design, you either have to be a long-time resident in fantasyland or a high school teacher stuck in 1950s Buffalo (wait, was that too specific?) Dubai isn'… more »

Annika Sorenstam gets an undeserved free ride from Tiger Woods & Michelle Wie criticism

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Michelle Wie takes her lumps even as she collects millions in hype money. Tiger Woods hears criticism that’s both deserved and absurd. Heck, even Chris DiMarco has at least one vocal regular critic. Yet, Annika Sorenstam muddles through a season,… more »

Denver Broncos legend John Elway one of the few still admitting rooting for Michelle Wie

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Everyone seems to be jumping off the Michelle Wie hype wagon these days joining the rare orginal thinkers who spoke up when the marketing machinery hummed along unquestioned. The latest is Associated Press golf writer Doug Ferguson (when you're later the… more »

Golf course reviewers share some blame for the Silly Season

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Pro golf is in its "Silly Season", which was apparently dubbed that because Dumb Moronically Pointless Cash Grab didn't catch on with the marketing guys. This is where golf's stars (liberal use of the term) play for big checks under ridiculous rules with… more »

Cold weather state golfers appreciate the game much more than warm wimps

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Driving past a golf course in Michigan on a 44-degree day, found the parking lot filled. Hey, it was 44 and sunny. That's the Michigan attitude toward golf. If it's not snowing, if you cannot get frostbite just by opening your mouth, it's a fine da… more »

Reader declares me a true commoner for attacking $7 orange juice glasses: Snob that!

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One of my best friends in the world - a woman I went to college with and have known for almost 15 years - often jokingly refers to me as snob. OK, sometimes it's not so jokingly. My friend is a big lover of diners (she's spent a little too much time in N… more »

We-Ko-Pa's sister course Saguaro the most-anticipated Phoenix-Scottsdale course opening this year

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When We-Ko-Pa opened in 2001, it made a LeBron James-like impact on the Scottsdale golf scene. Golfers fell hard for the Scott Miller design on Native American land without a house in sight. Sports Illustrated almost immediately dubbed it one of the 1… more »

Mike Tyson's rape conviction no defense for David Duval's phoniness

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When I wrote a column calling David Duval the Mike Tyson of golf, I knew someone would come flying in with an outraged, "How can you compare the princely, good-guy Duval to a convicted rapist!" If anything it surprised me how long it took. It wasn't m… more »

Hyatt's BlackBerry massages the latest proof of a world gone mad

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Look, I'm all for the massage thing. If that's what gets you going, more power to you. But then they had to go out and make spas look downright ridiculous. The Hyatt hotel chain has started offering BlackBerry Massages in all its upscale spas. And… more »

Another Retief Goosen choke gets overlooked: Where's the ogling Mario?

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Retief Goosen coughed up another tournament on Sunday. Only, no one paid attention because he's Goosen and Tiger Woods also somehow didn't win. Still, Goosen shooting a final round 73 - including a nifty four-bogey back nine 39 - at the HSBC Champions… more »

An Anti Tiger Woods design: Painted Desert stands up as a reasonable Las Vegas course that emphasizes conditions

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Sometimes finding a golf course in good shape for a reasonable price is enough. Especially in a place like Las Vegas where golfers going in blind can find themseleves paying big dollars for very little value. That's what makes Painted Desert Golf C… more »
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