ESPN SportsCenter King Dan Patrick the No. 1 pompous jerk in celebrity golf, Dan Quayle's not even in the same league

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Sure, Dan Quayle didn't exactly give the most in-depth interview in our celebrity golfer series. Even if Quayle did find time to blame all his political failings ... er, obstacles ... on golf. (To read the full story, click here.) He refused to discus… more »

Dragon Ridge goes completely private for now: Las Vegas golf vacationers suffer a loss

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Dragon Ridge Country Club - the showy Jay Morrish and Dave Druzisky design about 25 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip - closed it doors to outside play on Nov. 1. The owners have said from the beginning that Dragon Ridge would eventually be a strictly mem… more »

No kid wants to be a golfer for a Halloween: The PGA Tour's nightmare on main street

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Anyone who went trick-or-treating the other night or stayed at home and handed out candy knows the truth that should be haunting all of Tim Finchem's NASCAR dreams. The kids just don't care about golf. Did anyone in the entire country see a kid dre… more »

Did Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers & Michelle Wie cheat themselves with rules breaking

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Cheaters often win in sports - it’s just the nature of life. But are there times when cheating can make you lose? Are there instances where breaking the rules, either through planned out schemes or simple willful ignorance, takes you or your team ou… more »

Arizona Cardinals' truly horrific play helps vacationing golfers

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For years, golf vacationers to the Phoenix-Scottsdale area have benefitted from the Arizona Cardinals hapless, hopeless ways. No matter where you're from - and no one's really from Arizona - you could get to see an NFL team you liked while swinging aw… more »

Sacramento, the worst "major" city in America

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I had occasion to make a few quick stay overs in Sacramento during the last several months. (It's a great portal to Lake Tahoe and some other Northwest golf spots). Of course, anyone who's ever spent even one night in Sacramento knows there is no such… more »

Kansas City Chiefs coach Herm Edwards wins thanks to cover charm

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Kansas City Chiefs coach Herm Edwards won one of those games on Sunday that makes coaches just thank the football gods and run for the locker room as fast as they can. Edwards won when his erratic kicker hit a 53-yard field goal with six seconds left mom… more »

Hard to argue with Donald Trump's fight for giant U.S. flags over golf courses

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People love to fight against Donald Trump's development plans. But the homeowners waging a war with Trump over the mammoth U.S. flags he's flying over his golf courses in Palm Beach and Los Angeles have lost their minds. Along with any sense. You k… more »

Will St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa waste more talent than Phil Mickelson?

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St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa has been making all the right moves this postseason. His successful suicide squeeze call against the San Diego Padres in Game 4 of the first round produced near orgasmic reactions from the Cardinal faithful even… more »'s Amazing K. shows his inferiority complex

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I've long considered looking into a restraining order against's Willie K. Wolfrum. Sure, he looks harmless in that brooding photo that appears to have been taken in a local mall picture booth. But the man does show serious signs of obsessio… more »

Nick Faldo's no two-faced TV jerk: Perfect English gentleman helped my mother

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Tim McDonald wrote an interesting column this week about Nick Faldo suddenly starting to treat people well because of a new TV job. It's a great theory. Only problem is it's completely wrong. At least, in this particular case. Nick Faldo was never… more »

Paula Creamer's sophomore slump continues at Bighorn: Yet she's still better than Michelle Wie

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Paula Creamer couldn't keep up when Annika Sorenstam made her move at the Samsung World Championship. While Sorenstam was going six under in the third round, Creamer only managed an even par 72. And so Creamer's sophomore season flatline on the LPGA T… more »

Princess Phony Barbara Streisand drops F-bomb at concert & gets praised: What must Tiger Woods think

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Barbara Streisand unleashed the swear word Howard Stern had to go to satellite radio to say at her first overpriced New York concert and she's largely being praised for it. Why? Because Streisand did it in the midst of George Bush bashing. Otherwise,… more »

Blaming Terrell Owens for Cowboys loss as ignorant as putting Ryder Cup defeat on Tiger Woods

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Terrell Owens is certain to get the blame for the Dallas Cowboys' 38-24 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the He-Hate-Me Bowl. Just like Tiger Woods took a bulk of the criticism for the U.S.'s Ryder Cup embarrassment. Which only shows how simple mind… more »

Yankees loser Joe Torre can relate to Tom Lehman's Ryder Cup flop, both should be fired

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Yankees manager Joe Torre surely understands what Tom Lehman went through coaching the Ryder Cup team this evening. Both Torre and Lehman were in charge of teams full of superstars who long ago grew used to having everything handed to them and fell ap… more »
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