Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan argues Michelle Wie's illegal drop reveals her "character"

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M. Night Shyamalan is the most interesting director in Hollywood. He knows something about being a prodigy too, having rocketed from relative obscurity to magazine cover fame when Sixth Sense went box office phenomenon. And Shyamalan knows that golf's… more »

Soulshine Bagel your breakfast or snack place in Lake Placid

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There's an alarmingly lack of breakfast talk on this big blog board. I excuse myself because I'm usually stumbling in about the time most folks are considering breakfast. But National Golf Editor Tim McDonald is one of those rise-at-4 a.m. farmer types w… more »

Playing with yourself in Lake Placid ... Golf, of course

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Spend several days playing golf as a single in Lake Placid and you're liable to become convinced you recently caught SARS (remember when people worried about SARS?) During my time here, it's been myself and my clubs ... and well, myself and my clubs.… more »

Tiger Woods' hilarious soccer rip more impressive than his PGA Championship

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Leave it to all these golf bloggers who look at life through the opening of a straw to miss the real story of the PGA Championship at Medinah. The biggest deal of the tournament wasn't Tiger Woods' yawn-inducing stroll to victory. Or even that Tiger a… more »

Happy Birthday Bill Clinton: Your day demands to be a national golf holiday

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Bill Clinton turned 60 today - Saturday, August 19. In celebration, during my round of golf this afternoon, I took a minimum of three mulligans on every hole. But never more than 60 on any single hole. I also shaved a stroke here and two strokes there wh… more »

Bode Miller argues steroids concern overblown: Performance enhancing drugs for everyone!

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Steroids are all rage in sports talk today. Floyd Landis clings to his soiled yellow jersey, no doubt thinking up his 12th outlandish, completely illogical excuse for his cheating right now. The journalists who wrote the Barry Bonds roids book are being… more »

Missing Cabo's limonata (and Kate Beckinsale too)

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It's been almost two months since I've been in Cabo San Lucas. Which means that serious withdrawal pains are setting in. And not just because I missed Kate Beckinsale running around Cabo in a string bikini last weekend (and getting photographed endl… more »

Kimberly Kim knows more about winning than Michelle Wie & much, much more about being real

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Kimberly Kim won the U.S. Women's Amateur, one of those tournaments that Michelle Wie used to duck to avoid losing and soiling the hype. And Kim didn't just win. She won in storybook fashion. And get this, Wie Warriors, Kim's only 14. Kim - the you… more »

Jokes about airplane terror plot, new security show just how cluelessly messed up liberals are

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Anyone who's been to a major airport this summer knows that everyone and their grandmother - and usually literally their grandmother, great aunt and third cousin - had returned to those so friendly skies. With automobile gas prices so high that many SUV… more »

Jack Nicklaus completes leap to cranky old geezer with latest Tiger Woods whine

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While the entire golf world fixates on Michelle Wie firing her caddie 10th hand - whoa, what a shocker the endlessly fawned over Wie holds a big ego and no manners - a much more significant golf figure's real news making is being ignored. Jack Nicklau… more »

Edgewood Tahoe better than Pebble Beach? Believe it. Even as it blows a reader's mind

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I recently wrote a story that asked the question if Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course was better than the legend-that-only-builds Pebble Beach. The conclusion came out that at $200 per round Edgewood Tahoe is an undeniably better play than the $450 greens fee (… more »

Brandi Chastain slaps Wie Warriors, recognizes who needs to replace LPGA boss Caroyln Bivens: Me

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Brandi Chastain - one of the most famous female athletes in the world (hey, you try and rip your shirt off with that much skill after scoring a World Cup clinching goal) - obviously knows a thing or two about what makes women's sports work. While Trav… more »

Wynn Las Vegas and TPC Canyons find unofficial Las Vegas partnership

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Not everyone who stays at Wynn Las Vegas who's interested in golf wants to shell out $500 for the needlessly mysterious wall-enclosed Tom Fazio course behind the hotel. And Wynn Las Vegas sometimes doesn't have room on the course to comp some of its medi… more »

Wie Warriors doubt Michelle Wie more than anyone: Wacky, way-out there Wolfrum gets one right

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Usually, I read William K. Wolfrum's blogs on Michelle Wie with the same stunningly bemused expression the 3-year-old I sometimes baby sit for wears when she's watching the Wiggles sing about fruit salad. Sort of a horrified, yet transfixed mug. For Wolf… more »

Golf Channel putting Evian Masters on tape delay typical of overblown network

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Here's a news flash for the folks at The Golf Channel. You know, the people who are supposed to be saving golf because they managed to get PGA Tour events on a more obscure cable channel. They are not playing golf at 3 in the morning in France. The Fr… more »

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