Ben Curtis not so smartly jumps on Brett Favre bandwagon in FedEx Cup Barclays

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PARAMUS, N.J. - If you've spent any time in the greater New York metro market, you know that Northern New Jersey is largely New York Giants country. In these parts, you'll get 10 lifelong Giants fans for every one New York Jets rebel. Yet Ben Curtis -… more »

Hunter Mahan - Ryder Cup moron, but friend to kids - puts up 62 in FedEx Cup opener

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PARAMUS, N.J. - Hunter Mahan - whose rip of the Ryder Cup was only wrong because he compared the week to being a "slave" - may have just shot himself onto the team. Mahan just posted one of those crazy numbers he seems to put up more frequently than most… more »

FedEx Cup so underplayed the second time around that some golf writers don't even realize it's moved to New Jersey

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PARAMUS, N.J. - Want a glimpse at how completely glossed over the FedEx Cup is in its second incarnation? One prominent national website (not this one) wrote a preview column on Tim Finchem's baby that included not one, but two references to the Cup k… more »

Usain Bolt more exciting than Michael Phelps in Olympics like Sergio Garcia is more exciting than Padraig Harrington in golf

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Sure, Michael Phelps won the most gold medals, set all the records and turned an already bitter Mark Spitz into a near Bobby Fisher-like figure. But Usain Bolt is the most exciting athlete at the Olympics. Watching the Jamaican Bolt completely blow aw… more »

Olympics hero Michael Phelps gives us a mom who is even more annoying than Phil Mickelson's release-the-kids photo-op routine

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Michael Phelps' mom received so much TV time during the Olympics that Regis Philbin and Ryan Seacrest are insanely jealous. Could NBC have possibly shown more cut-ins of Phelps' mom? They'll probably break into local programming to show Phelps' mom re… more »

Tiger Woods should concede Player of the Year to Padraig Harrington

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Tiger Woods needs to come out with another one of those snazzy newsletters at his website. You know the ones in which he tells us earth-shattering things - like that he's enjoying watching the Olympics on TV. Only in his next newsletter, Tiger should… more »

PGA Championship winner Padraig Harrington admits to surprise at Sergio Garcia finding water on 16

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BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - As well as Padraig Harrington played in the final two rounds of the PGA Championship (66-66, including 3-under on his final back nine), it's hard to argue that Sergio Garcia blew this major more than Harrington won it. Unless, p… more »

Wackiest question of PGA Championship week: What do you bench press, Sergio Garcia?

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BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - This PGA Championship is no Super Bowl. But it's seen its share of Super Bowl week wacky questions from the media, many who mostly seem to be annoyed they are not at the Olympics. There was the TV reporter earnestly asking Ben C… more »

Phil Mickelson fitters away another great major chance at PGA Championship: Phil the new Kenny Perry?

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BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - This is the PGA Championship that no one seems capable of seizing, the kind of major Phil Mickelson should be salivating over. Mickelson held a prime opportunity this morning too, playing an Oakland Hills course whose greens are… more »

Ben Curtis the third-round leader at PGA Championship that no one will remember: Greg Norman only wishes

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BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - Usually if you hold the lead after three rounds in a major, you get tons of stories written about you, TV face time and some "hip" SportsCenter love (even during a Michael Phelps Olympics). Ben Curtis is guaranteed none of those… more »

Andres Romero shooting 65 at PGA Championship angers Oakland Hills gods? Rain falls inside press room

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BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - Andres Romero took advantage of the always easier morning conditions at the PGA Championship big time, shooting a 5-under 65 that ties the all-time pro scoring record at Oakland Hills Country Club. It also apparently pissed off… more »

The real scary numbers from PGA Championship: Almost half as many fans as expected

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BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - I wrote a column that's up on the front of about how few fans have actually shown up to watch the PGA Championship. It's stunning to walk around Oakland Hills and see all the open space right up against many of the… more »

After getting run over by a car again, TV voice David Feherty gets friendly barbs from PGA Championship field

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BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - One of the sadder sights at this PGA Championship is CBS announcer David Feherty leaning against a cane, in obvious pain, waiting to interview players coming off the course. Feherty got leveled by a car while biking through a ne… more »

Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia do their best to screw up weekend showdown at PGA Championship

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BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - As afternoon sped toward evening in the second round of the PGA Championship, Sergio Garcia and Phil Mickelson stood tied at even par, only one shot back of can't-hold-up leader J.B. Holmes. They were well into their back nines… more »

A 67 from Ben Curtis at PGA Championship nothing compared to mocking he endures for wearing Detroit Lions gear

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BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - The Detroit Lions are the most poorly-run franchise in the history of sports (and as someone who grew up in Michigan, I can say that.) This is a team where you find yourself pining for the old "glory days" of the Wayne Fontes er… more »
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