Golf tournament volunteers taken advantage of by big-money USGA, elitist clubs

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Volunteering is a great, noble deed. Unless you’re volunteering at a golf tournament. Especially one run by the USGA - one of the most powerful, rich organizations in sports - at a country club so private that you’re not getting in to play without re… more »

Getting tossed from the VIP lounge at Reno's Peppermill casino

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Regular readers of may be shocked to hear this, but I'm not usually a VIP Room kind of guy. Sure, Donald Trump calls. And Rush Limbaugh blathers on about the time we spent together on the radio (no, it wasn't in the Dominican Republic).… more »

Where to play in Newport when not stalking Michelle Wie at U.S. Women's Open

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Michelle Wie is playing in Newport, Rhode Island for the U.S. Women's Open. Which means they'll be a lot of people swarming the town's charming - and highly commercialized - streets who think Wie is the GREATEST FEMALE GOLFER EVER. These are the same typ… more »

Rush Limbaugh hassled at airport in Viagra "bust" like Michelle Wie never would be

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So this is what America's great airport security has come to? It's now about hassling rich 55-year-old dedicated golfers walking off their private jets? That's what happened to Rush Limbaugh when he returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic. Some… more »

Roger Clemens a complete phony as Astros savior, but fun, lucky golfer

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When Roger Clemens takes the ball tonight for the Houston Astros, he's sure to be celebrated as a great hero who put his hometown first.Heck, ESPN's already covered his "return" with a fervor usually reserved for new Popes.And it's all a big joke… more »

Ron Mon wins first annual Kiss Up of Year Award

3 feedbacks » blogger arcane Ron Mon fell in love with someone else's blog post recently. So much so that you wanted to double check that he wasn't really a 15-year-old girl living in Kentucky posing as this 40ish something white guy from Buffalo (in ot… more »

Heavy-handed security at U.S. Open shows how messed up America's terrorism plan is

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Heard from a few friends from Michigan who attended the U.S. Open how heavy handed the security was at Winged Foot. One of them - a grandfather who looks like a kindly grandfather complete with the gray hair, gray mustache and easy smile - recounted how… more »

Sure, return of Old Phil Mickelson blows U.S. Open, but entertainer makes Winged Foot

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Yes, the Old Phil reared his driver head just in time to blow the U.S. Open. And cause Johnny Miller to all but declare him the dumbest American since Homer Simpson. Still, it's impossible to deny that Phil Mickelson's decisions made the U.S. Open at… more »

Tiger Woods' missed cut implosion at Winged Foot surely triggered a party at PGA Tour headquarters

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No one needed Tiger Woods' back-to-back 76s at Winged Foot more than the imbeciles at PGA Tour headquarters. You can bet Tim Finchem let loose with a cartwheel or two. (If white guys in suits can cartwheel). For if Woods hadn't imploded in the U.S. Op… more »

Golf for Beginners unfortunately proves USGA right in U.S. Open credential deny

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I enjoy tweaking the blue blazer crowd at the USGA as much as anyone. And there's no doubt they make a number of boneheaded decisions over at their headquarters in the New Jersey hinderlands. But in the case of the Golf for Beginners bloggers being de… more »

Lou Dobbs needs to get on Mexican hospitality kick before blocking borders

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Border security, or border sanctuary, dominates the headlines. George W. and The Terminator get in fights over it. CNN's Lou Dobbs has made a career talking only about it. The furor always seems to center on Mexico. Some people want to build a fence. A f… more »

Ben Roethlisberger gives John Daly company in sports dumb butt hall of fame

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If John Daly was feeling lonely in sports' stupidity ward, he needn't fret. Here comes Ben Roethlisberger barging ... er, skidding in ... helmetless of course. The Pittsburgh Steelers' cocky Super Bowl gifted quarterback - let's face it, he played abo… more »

U.S. Open beloved Winged Foot's overblown: Rather play Wolf Creek, Edgewood, Cabo del Sol any day

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Here's a little bit of sacrilege for all the fawning golf historians out there: Winged Foot's nice enough, but it's no once in a lifetime play. It isn't Augusta National. It isn't the Old Course. It's certainly not Bethpage Black. Heck, it isn't even Bal… more »

Travel writers gone wild: In Reno/Lake Tahoe

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Is it harder to be responsible for a few teenage kids or 25 fully grown - and supposedly mature - golf travel writers? I've never had either group under my care, but I'm starting to lean toward the latter as the bigger headache.I've been on one of th… more »

I putt better than Michelle Wie: LPGA Championship proves it again

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I'm the worst golfing golf writer in the world. Certified. When I come upon a long par 5, I write down an eight on my scorecard before teeing off and hope nobody calls me on shaving off a stroke. Or three (if there's any water to shank a shot into nearby… more »
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