At least USGA treats Michelle Wie like any other golfer ... Ok, not really

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The blue blazer crowd at the United States Golf Association loves to pretend that they are the great golf democracy. They're bringing golf to the people you know. Every golfer in a USGA championship is treated equal. OK, make that treated equal in… more »

Walking a golf course? Are you crazy? In Los Cabos, they'd carry you

Send feedback »'s own Tim McDonald got all emotional recently over how great walking the golf course can be. He noted its numerous benefits. Which apparently includes meaning he only has to break out his extensive Richard Simmons' Sweatin to the Oldies vi… more »

Jack Nicklaus mostly overrated as a designer: Cabo del Sol Ocean Course a big exception

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Jack Nicklaus is largely overrated as a golf course designer. Or at least, the guys who actually design the seemingly endless roll call of courses that end up with Jack Nicklaus' name on them are overrated. That's the way of life in today's celebrity arc… more »

With HBO's Baghdad ER turning war wounds into TV profits no wonder why free Memorial Day Golf remains elusive

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On last Memorial Day, I wrote urging golf courses to give veterans free golf on this day of honor as a small gesture. The movement hasn't exactly taken off. It's still very hit and miss - the way Pistons center Ben Wallace is 0-for-7 hit and miss at the… more »

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Detroit Free Press weigh in on Charles Barkley's retirement vow

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Charles Barkley is getting more run out of comments he made in an exclusive interview with than almost anything he says about basketball on TNT. Unless the hoops talk involves dissing Kobe Bryant (for good reason). St. Louis Post-Dispat… more »

Dogs on golf courses, Barbaro frenzy show how absolutely crazy many animal lovers are

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Who suddenly decided walking your dog while playing golf is a fine idea? Or more accurately, letting your dog run the fairways as you launch wayward missiles into the trees. Everyone’s seen these dog walking golfers. They’re inevitably in a cart t… more »

Chicago Tribune begs Charles Barkley to reconsider his retirement announcement

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Not everyone's taking Charles Barkley's golf retirement announcement in stride. Barkley told in an exclusive interview that "I've retired from golf. It just got too frustrating. I don't play anymore." This has prompted Chicago Tribune g… more »

Las Vegas a wide open last minute Memorial Day weekend golf escape

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You haven't really been to Las Vegas, if you've never taken a spur of the moment, pack tonight, bolt tomorrow, call in sick trip. It truly should be the only kind of Sin City adventure. For how wild is it really if you plan that Las Vegas getaway long… more »

With pink bats chic in major league baseball, how about pink shafts on the PGA Tour

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Pink bats were all the rage in the Major League Baseball over the weekend. Randy Johnson - that used to be ace - suffered three pink bat hits in the first inning alone Sunday. The Brewers Bill Hill hit a walk off home run with one. Jim Thome blasted anot… more »

B.J. Wie versus Earl Woods. Will they ever belong in the same sentence?

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It's Mother's Day, but golf's two most high profile fathers linger in the news. In the same week that Earl Woods died, B.J. Wie’s daughter had one of the better on-the-course moments of her not-so-tournament-numbers-young career. Whether you think M… more »

Kobe Bryant's Game 7 No Shot Pout the most selfish act in sports since Phil Mickelson's Ryder Cup equipment switch

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For those of you who live under a rock - or in some completely soccer mad country, which is almost the same thing - and missed it, Kobe Bryant basically pouted away a Game 7 vs. the Phoenix Suns the other night. Lightly criticized in the Los Angeles pape… more »

Kazimierz World Wine Bar: Where Scottsdale blondes turn down European snobs & you get good late night eats

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If you're looking for something a little more substantial than a convenience store hot dog, a drive through taco stand or greasy diner food for a late dinner on that Scottsdale golf trip, there are a few more options than you might expect. Kazimierz Worl… more »

Martha Burk mocked by Hootie's replacement, no one cares: Women have accepted their place in the golf world

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How low can Martha Burk go? She's already become the least effective activist of all time. It's so bad for Burk that Hootie Johnson's replacement Billy Payne is effectively outright mocking her. When Payne received a letter from Burk requesting a meet… more »

Michelle Wie ties Se Ri Pak. How historic! Oh wait ... that's right

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I don't want to say that Michelle Wie making the cut at the SK Telecom Open is about as impressive as me passing driver's training at age 16. But it's close. From a historic standpoint. For Wie tied Se Ri Pak's barely recognized or commented on 200… more »

Tiger Woods dad dies, history's greatest golfer a little more alone

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Tiger Woods dad died and only a man's who been through it can understand what that means. I once had a boss - a guy well established in his forties - who's father died and he wasn't close to the same guy for over a year. Your dad dying changes you. Wo… more »
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