From the Rose Bowl and Vince Young to the Mercedes and Fred Funk?

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Now that Vince Young's run by USC in one of the most entertaining national championship games ever, it's time for the real sports showcase to take center stage. You know, Fred Funk, David Toms and that guy who looks like that guy who cleans your pool… more »

RV parks in Scottsdale/Phoenix for a golfer

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A reader wrote in looking for a RV park around Scottsdale, with a spa and good golf access. Eagle View RV Resort, which is short drive from the hustle and bustle scene of Scottsdale Road, might be the best bet. Eagle View is right near We-Ko-Pa Golf C… more »

Houses on golf courses deserve to get dinged

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Is there anything more annoying than the people who bought a house on the side of a golf course getting all indignant when someone bounces a Pro V1 off their wall? You chose a house off the fairway and you’re shocked, absolutely shocked, that it get… more »

Tuxedo clad waiters in Mesquite, Nevada? Believe it.

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Mesquite, Nevada still carries a reputation as something of free-wheeling, rugged-jeans-wearing kind of gambling town. It is about the last place you can stop and come to your senses before crossing the border into Utah. And ending up somewhere like Salt… more »

Michelle Wie back in Sports Illustrated, happy as can be

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All those rabid Michelle Wie delusionals had to be disappointed to flip through the last issue of Sports Illustrated and see their girl posing in the year-in-review photos. So much for that Wie camp SI ban that the Wie Warriors hoped for after the magazi… more »

Palm Springs' Thursday night street fair an actual authentic experience

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If you're in Palm Springs, enjoying the golf and monotonously wonderful 70 degree and sunny days, make sure to check out the weekly Thursday night street fair in downtown. In an area where a black and white photo of Frank Sinatra or Bob Hope passes as… more »

Mesquite's Wolf Creek a marvel of sky scraping fun

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Standing on top of a plateau tee, it feels like you're scraping the sky. The clouds never seemed so close. You might check to make sure you still have two feet on the ground. Or duck your head slightly, thinking you could bump it against a cloud the way… more »

Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas in a Palm Springs barbershop

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Getting a haircut in a little, local Palm Springs barbershop, I found myself running into the whole Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays argument. One of the barbers wished a departing customer, "Happy Holidays." This caused his next customer to launch into… more »

70 degrees and sunny every day? Must be Palm Springs or the Truman Show

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Just went through a run of two weeks plus in Palm Springs. After about day four, you could be excused for thinking the local weather guys were playing hooky, replaying the same forecast night after night after night.Seventy degrees and sunny every da… more »

Old Fogey Palm Springs? Try a Dennis Rodman hangout

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Some old reputations die hard. In Palm Springs, literally. This is a place that many people believe is stuck in the 1950s, an area where anyone without white hair is bound to feel like an outsider. And there's something to that. The lead story on the… more »

The River: An outdoor mall of artificial significance in greater Palm Springs

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If you're looking for a place in the Palm Springs area devoid of any trace of local color, The River is your hangout. The River is an immensely popular outdoor mall/restaurant row that could have been lifted straight from Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dal… more »

Fearsome PGA West TPC Stadium Course actually a hacker's equalizer

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Know a smug low handicap golfer who's always rubbing his good shots in your face? The kind of guy who gloats over every $1 hole win, while refusing to give any strokes, even though the competition's about as evenly matched as a tank versus a paper airpla… more »

Morgan Pressel's grandfather gets it like Michelle Wie's dad never will

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Morgan Pressel's grandfather Herb Krickstein is leading the campaign to let Pressel play as a full LPGA member several months before her 18th birthday. Krickstein makes the right point that if Morgan could handle Q-school no sweat and come one Birdie Kim… more »

LAX defies the airport horror stories

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Everyone who's ever flown has heard the frightening tales of bungling about LAX. Los Angeles International Airport is known for being evacuated when a housewife manages to unwittingly slip past 10 rings of security, of being shutdown and backed up. It's… more »

Village Tavern, a Phoenix-Scottsdale spot for gourmet food on the cheap

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One of the things that makes Phoenix-Scottsdale such a satisfying golf spot is the sheer abundance of off course options. It's a town where you get a restaurant like Village Tavern.This place in one of strip mall shopping centers along Scottsdale Roa… more »

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