Newport R.I., of all places, gone Michelle Wie crazy

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Newport, R.I. is the land of super-sized, high tech yachts and hulking 19th-century Vanderbilt mansions. And right now, Michelle Wie mania. The country club East Coast vacation spot seems like a strange place to go gaga over a 15-year-old female golfe… more »

I love Tiger Woods too, but his apologists are amazing in their ridiculous PGA Championship bailout excuses

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It's hardly surprising that Rebel Blogger is defending someone's right to be an irresponsible spoiled punk. But the reputable golf voices jumping right in line with the Rebel's blatant Tiger Woods' pandering is comical. I know Jim Nantz wants Tiger to… more »

Turn the cheek on the Cheeky Monkey in Newport, R.I. restaurant scene

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The Cheeky Monkey is touted as one of the hip, happening places to get a meal in Newport, R.I. And the atmosphere is fine. All the monkey paintings on the wall are funny and the low lighting and dark wood thing works well enough. The problem is the Mo… more »

Battling the wind makes Newport, Rhode Island golf

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It's always a little more interesting when the wind plays havoc with your shots, inevitably whipping up on that monster par 5 and letting down on that dainty par 3, just when you've started to overcompensate. Sure, it makes golf even tougher, but if you… more »

Has Tiger Woods lost his mind? Sunday fly home from PGA Championship makes one wonder

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Apparently, Tiger Woods believes in Phil Mickelson's nerves more than anyone else in golf. Including Mickelson himself, who joked about the agony of having to sleep on the lead for yet another additional night at the delayed PGA Championship even after h… more »

Phil Mickelson deserves all the credit for PGA Championship at Baltusrol, all you Lefty doubters stink!

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So Phil Mickelson wins the PGA Championship. Only needing an inexplicably overconfident Tiger Woods first-round 75, an even worse underachiever than him (Davis Love III) as a final round playing partner and a Mother Nature and CBS TV combination one-day… more »

Don't expect PGA Championship at Baltusrol's winner to come from this final pairing of ultimate underachievers

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Phil Mickelson and Davis Love III. Could there be a more jittery final round pairing in majors history? It feels very good to be in the chase at the PGA Championship because of who's on top heading into Sunday. Phil Mickelson and Davis Love III. Two t… more »

Only golf cannot get its major events covered in a major TV way: PGA Championship at Baltusrol just the latest joke

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You can watch every NFL preseason game. You can buy a package that lets you catch every second of every blowout NCAA Tournament first-round game. When the World Cup is waged next June, you will be to see every game from Germany live - in the U.S., where… more »

The PGA Championship, already in danger of becoming the fifth major, desperately needs Phil Mickelson to hold off his cough till Sunday

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Phil Mickelson isn't winning the PGA Championship. That's like expecting Britney Spears to drop the trailer park schtick and transform into Gwyneth Paltrow. At a certain point, your character's set. No, that 2004 Masters will remain Mickelson's one sh… more »

Greg Norman wimps out at PGA Championship, avoids Tiger Woods' killer glare

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Greg Norman does not have any more guts at 50 than he did at 30. The Shark withdrew from the PGA Championship citing "muscle fatigue". Apparently, that's the new code for fear of embarrassing oneself.Something tells me Norman saved himself from one h… more »

Morgan Pressel tells the Michelle Wie truth

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Here's what Morgan Pressel had to say about everyone's favorite marketing machine Michelle Wie in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated: "I was shocked that there wasn't more talk of Michelle Wie's final round 82 (at the U.S. Women's Open). I mean, w… more »

Michelle Wie would have trouble closing out Women's British Open six shots up, at six back no shot

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I love these Saturday night eve of a major final round posts from's Jennifer Mario. The ones where she's obviously had that one glass of wine or in the case of her Hawaii adventures that half mai tai that's pushed her over the top. At s… more »

Benefits of 115 degrees in Scottsdale/Phoenix: A Pete Dye for $13.50

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Sure, the temperature's hovered between 108 and 117 for the last two months straight in the Phoenix-Scottsdale resort corridor. Sure, stepping outside feels like stepping into an oven that's been preheated for a while. Sure, even that dry heat argument i… more »

Paula Creamer better than Michelle Wie now, will always be better than Wie

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While Michelle Wie's endless defenders come up with more excuses for their no-win marketing machine, Paula Creamer continues to show why she's the best young talent in women's golf. It's hard for Wie's hype mongers to accept this because Creamer has actu… more »

LPGA's Ty Votaw jumping to PGA as Tim Finchem's right-hand man: exclusive

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It turns out Ty Votaw did not just resign his LPGA commissioner's post just to leave. He left to become a PGA Tour higher up. Votaw is set to assume a high-ranking post in the PGA Tour that will essentially make him Commissioner Tim Finchem's right-ha… more »
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