Tiger Woods proves Butch Harmon the one riding his coattails

8 feedbacks »
Guess that Tiger Woods needing Butch Harmon talk can go away now, huh? That ridiculous notion that Woods would never be dominant again without Butch evaporated into Scottish fog faster than even Retief Goosen. No one's saying that Harmon isn't a g… more »

Retief Goosen sets himself up nicely at British Open - For another collapse

6 feedbacks »
While Tiger Woods marched on toward the second of the three majors he's winning this year, a familar sight appeared just behind the best golfer of all time. There was Retief Goosen throwing up a 6-under 66 in Saturday's third round, moving within three s… more »

Michelle Wie dominated at Public Links, Tiger Woods dominate at British Open - All's right in golf world

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On the same day that Tiger Woods turned the British Open into one of his runaway major wins, the kind that all those clueless critics said he didn't have in him anymore, Michelle Wie was completely overpowered at the U.S. Amateur Public Links. And all… more »

TNT's stupid tape delayed British Open coverage

5 feedbacks »
TNT must think it's covering the Olympics. For it's sure not treating the British Open like a real sporting event. Once again, the braintrust at the network which boasts "We Know Drama" is giving us most of the drama on tape delay. When everyone who r… more »

Michelle Wie flaming out again - Men's Amateur Public Links this time

39 feedbacks »
Michelle Wie is doing just enough not to do anything at another tournament against the men. This time it's in the men's Amateur Public Links where everyone's favorite 15-year-old marketing marvel is in serious danger of not even making it to the match pl… more »

Michelle Wie's dog and pony show no longer enough at John Deere

17 feedbacks »
While it doesn't surprise me that our resident Nutty Professor is arguing that whetever Michelle Wie does is wonderful because well it's wonderful, this isn't reality. Truth is Michelle Wie absolutely needs to make the cut today at the John Deere Clas… more »

Memo to Robert Thompson, Canada Golf God: It's a blog

2 feedbacks »
I enjoy it when Robert Thompson, Canada's gift to golf, writes about having to file a story later because his 10-month-old daughter's Sydney's only allowing him four hours of sleep. That's interesting stuff. It adds some extra crackle to Going For The Gr… more »

Ty Votaw's wishy washy LPGA logic at World Match Play

1 feedback »
Ty Votaw is a public relations man's dream. He shows up at his press conferences looking like he stepped straight off the pages of GQ. He's not salesman charming, he's mother charming. If you were lucky enough to be this guy's wing man in college, you… more »

There's no crying in golf, unless it's Michelle Wie at the U.S. Open

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NBC's cameras captured Michelle Wie obviously unsuccessfully fighting tears after one of her two-foot putt misses in the front nine of her collapse Sunday afternoon. Nothing wrong with that. She's only 15.Well, there's nothing wrong with that unless… more »

Golfing in Mexico: Bring your balls and exchange your money at the airport

4 feedbacks »
A recent golfing trip through Mexico once again illustrated the folly of leaving home without enough golf balls. I ran into several golfers who told me stories of shelling out $100 for 24 balls (and these were the kind of cheapies you can usually get 24… more »

No Robert Horrys in golf, Retief Goosen on his own to deal with U.S. Open collapse

2 feedbacks »
While Rebel Blogger makes a halfway decent point with his Robert Horry, clutch role player analogy, the hat man is missing the big picture. There are no Robert Horrys in golf. No role players with guts galore to carry a star when they're feeling the p… more »

Retief Goosen done as a major player after his U.S. Open meltdown at Pinehurst No. 2

17 feedbacks »
Do you think Retief Goosen started believing the press clippings about him holding the pulse rate of a cadaver under pressure? For Goosen seemed more shocked than anyone at his Greg Normanesque implosion at Pinehurst No. 2 on Sunday. It was like the G… more »

More Amazing Jennifer Mario predictions, Tiger still only reason to watch U.S. Open final round

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This just in: Jennifer Mario, who amazingly declared that she predicted Retief Goosen would win the U.S. Open back before it started, only she didn't want to tell anyone, so she waited until he had a three-shot lead on Saturday night to reveal this insig… more »

Chance of Tiger Woods doing something special only reason to watch final round of U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2

2 feedbacks »
Retief Goosen may not be dull but watching Retief Goosen with a three-shot lead over Beavis and Butthead at the U.S. Open is duller than watching paint dry. Or a reality show with cabins. Or our own Nutty Professor deliver a lecture. Let's face it. Th… more »

New U.S. Open twist: Phil Mickelson psyches himself out at Pinehurst No. 2

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The fact Phil Mickelson carries the mental fortitude of Greg Norman is no secret. But usually, someone has to at least make an effort to rattle America's favorite runner up, a la Vijay Singh and spike gate at the Masters. But not this year at the U.S.… more »
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