Phil Mickelson joins line of wimpy whines at U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2

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Phil Mickelson is always good for a choke at a major, but now America's lovable runner up is revealing himself to be just another pampered athlete who's going to kick, scream and hold his breath when he doesn't get his way. Was that Phil or Vijay Singh w… more »

Pinehurst No. 2 alert: U.S. Open the one major Retief Goosen can win

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If this was Masters, British Open or PGA Championship week, Retief Goosen would have as much chance of winning as Rory Sabbatini does of collecting a Miss Manners trophy. Contending? Sure. Winning? No way. Goosen just does not have the game to win tou… more »

Rory Sabbatini's Terrible Twos Temper Tantrum no solution for slow play

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I like to play golf at a brisk pace. Not George Bush Sr. and W. fast, but fast. And sure there's nothing more annoying than waiting while some double-gutted yahoo who thinks he's Tiger Woods sizes up that five footer for the 15th time. But that doesn'… more »

Annika Sorenstam's moment going, going ... already gone ... Pinehurst all the rage

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So Annika Sorenstam dominates another LPGA major, gets halfway to the grand slam and ... all anyone's talking about is the men's U.S. Open. Even Kato had a bigger window of fame. The only one talking about Sorenstam on the radio is our own Jennifer Ma… more »

Sneak Peak at P.B. Dye's new Playa Paraiso Golf Club

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Played Playa Paraiso Golf Club, the new P.B. Dye in Riveria Maya (Cancun area) that's scheduled to open next Saturday, June 18. It's not as tough as you expect from a Dye. In fact, if you're looking to get absolutely beaten up and then pounded on some mo… more »

Golf course pricing no exact science

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In Vancouver, one of the more cosmopolitan cities in the world mind you, a course like Westwood Plateau is regarded as a purely rich man's playground by most locals. Westwood Plateau is $159 Canadian and it's more than worth it ... yet if you tell someon… more »

McDonald/Rebel smooch aside, it's travel editors not travel writers dumping on consumers most

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Well, Tim McDonald and Rebel Blogger's latest attempt at reenacting the Madonna-Britney Spears MTV kiss is touching, our Archie Bunker's once again showing his ignorance. I know it's been a long time Tim, but remember the first rule of journalism: Fol… more »

Rebel, Society of Travel Writers both living in dream world

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Listening to the Rebel rant on travel writers makes you wonder if the guy's ever worked for anyone in his life. Is that a cigarette or a silver spoon dangling from his lips? Sure, the Rebel's right that most travel writers bring the spine of a jellyfi… more »

Memorial Day should equal free golf for Veterans

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Another Memorial Day's come and gone with most people blissfully barbecuing away with little clue about what the long weekend's really about. Golf should step up as an industry and remind everyone. Veterans should play for free at any course of their… more »

Topless pools all the rage in Las Vegas casino hotels

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If you get past all the blue-haired ladies camped out at the slot machines and slowing traffic on The Strip to a crawl, there might just be a little sizzle left in Las Vegas.The new Wynn Las Vegas casino and Casears have joined trendsetter Mandalay B… more »

But those new Callaway and Ping clubs are sure shiny!

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Leave it to's resident curmudgeon Tim McDonald to diss golf's new space-age technology. Just because McDonald's been playing in the same pair of backwards Florida swampland overalls for the last 40 years doesn't mean the rest of us don't w… more »

No lesson yet sure, but.....

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Well, it's true as my boss Mark Nessmith points out that I haven't actually gotten around to taking my ordered golf lesson yet, that doesn't mean I haven't been getting guidance the chiropractor hucksters would swoon over. Just the other day, Randy Pa… more »

Next time I play British Columbia's Furry Creek, I'm hiring Brandon...

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Forget the lessons from the chiropractor quack worthy golf instructors. On at least one course I've found an easy solution to my problems. The next time I play Furry Creek, a scenic marvel of a thrilling golf amusement ride on the road between Vancouv… more »

Chateau Whistler Golf Club an incredible course where unincredible golfers are welcome

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Chateau Whistler Golf Club, a Robert Trent Jones II design just a walk away from the charming village of Whistler, offers some of the most incredible mountain views in Canada. Chances are better than 50-50 that you'll even get to see a few black bears go… more »

A Whistler Extreme Day: Ski & Golf in manner of hours

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Whistler in May provides a most unique opportunity. Where else but in this resort community two hours from Vancouver could you ski and golf in the same day? And not in some tricked up manner where you're freezing as you line up your putt or sloshing t… more »
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