A Mickelson Masters repeat is a no-way proposition

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Even now that Phil Mickelson’s closet has held a green jacket for almost a year, people have trouble seeing the real Lefty. Instead of recognizing that Mickelson’s had his one shinning moment, a once-in-a-lifetime experience when everything came toge… more »

MGM Grand's New Sports Book Equals Blah

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Just in time for that unique three-weekend, Vegas-holiday of March Madness, the MGM Grand unveiled its revamped, revitalized sports book. After several trips (for research of course), the first word that comes up to mind in summing up this great step for… more »

Bradley Ogden Vegas' Most Overrated Restaurant

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Bradley Ogden's photo is plastered all over Vegas, especially anyone near the Caesars Palace complex that houses the restaurant humbly named...Bradley Ogden. These ubiquitous ads tell the world that Bradley Ogden was named the best new restaurant in the… more »

Crime Against Elderly On Rise in Biloxi

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There is nothing that bothers me more than seeing the elderly get preyed on by scam artists. This is why Tim McDonald's dispatch from Biloxi on his parking lot encounter affected me so much. Here one of our seniors was, minding his own business, tryin… more »

The Nutty Professor's Warped College Sports View

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What is it about this big blog board and people's unwillingness to let the relative little guy get a taste of the huge corporate money pie? First, we had McDonald's nonsensical argument about appearance fees zapping gazillionaire Tiger Woods' motivatio… more »

Pete Rose On Steroids, McGwire and Sammy

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With the congressional hearings on steroids in baseball, taking place the same day as America's betting orgy (otherwise known as the NCAA Tournament or Las Vegas' real national holiday), there's only one man to look to for a little perspective. Pete Rose… more »

Grouchy Golf Blog Gets Fake Phil

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Anyone who's read me, particularly anyone from St. George, Utah (keep the vile coming, fella!) knows that someone who goes by the moniker Grouchy Golf Blog is likely to have a step up in gaining my respect. But not only does Grouchy Golf Blog have an a… more »

McDonald's useless gray matter

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I'm really starting to worry about my wizened colleague Tim McDonald. Tim, buddy, are you sure you didn't get swiped upside the head by one of those lions you're always talking about from your South Africa trip. Your counter arguement against PGA Tou… more »

Appearance Fees Good For Golf

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While it's good to see that McDonald's moved on from his on-again, off-again lovefest with the Rebel Blogger and found a new topic, he's off the mark on his appearances fees rant. None of the old dinosaurs who rail about the good old days in sports wan… more »

Hominy trumps Howell in NJ

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Basking in the sunshine of another near 80-degree Las Vegas March day, a passing thought goes to all the devoted golfers I know buried under the blowing snow and ice in New Jersey. In East Coast and Midwest outposts everywhere there are committed hacker… more »

The Palms' Celebrity Scam

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The Palms in Las Vegas has built a lot of mystique and attracted a lot of customers because of the celebrities that frequent its casino and clubs. Everyone knows they frequent it because the Palms gives "tips" to gossip columnists every chance they get.… more »

Pete Rose On Wimpy Golfers

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Sitting in his box stand on Las Vegas Boulevard, signing autographs for $50 a pop to curious passing tourists on The Strip, Pete Rose found time to rip on the PGA Tour's library quiet-please attitude. Baseball's all-time Hit King claims to have been a 10… more »

Vegas Strip Clubs Sidewalk Marketing

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Anyone who's been to Las Vegas in the last 20 years has no doubt walked the gauntlet of guys handing out strip club promotional material. And if you haven't been to Vegas in 20 years, the campaign goes on. Give me break. It's the 21st Century. Strip clu… more »

High-ticket courses' rip off extras

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There's nothing worse than a $200-plus course that turns around and tries to charge golfers $10 for a yardage book that looks like it cost 50 cents (maybe) to produce. When are these high-end, high-dollar, supposedly high-class courses going to learn tha… more »

Sorenstam Not All She Appears

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The Las Vegas Golf Guru argues that David Esch -- Annika Sorenstam's soon-t0-be ex-husband -- made off like a bandit in his debut blog: http://www.lasvegasgolf.com/departments/blogs/dennis.silvers. I'm not so sure about that. Esch is definitely golf's Ka… more »
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