Hockey fans flex their pathetically low IQs with furor over Tiger Woods' supposed Stanley Cup Finals slight

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Hockey fans like to think they understand the joys of a game that no one else can get, when in reality they're mostly just dumber than a box of rocks. Put your average hockey fan in front of a test pattern and he'd get a kick out of that too. Who do you… more »

Tiger Woods hasn't even played 18 holes yet on recovering knee with U.S. Open 10 days away

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In one of his rare media appearances - probably his last media appearance before he arrives at Torrey Pines for next week's U.S. Open - Tiger Woods revealed moments ago that he hasn't even played one full round of golf since he went out for knee surgery… more »

Chambers Bay blows away Torrey Pines in aesthetics, golf experience: Take that, Tiger!

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Chambers Bay is a golf course that grabs you before anyone even says hello. Stepping out of your car and seeing the wide-open course and the striking blue water of Puget Sound stretching out below your hillside perch gives the ultra hyped host of the 201… more »

Circling Raven Golf Club: The reason you need to visit Idaho just as much as Bandon Dunes

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Idaho is one of few states I'd never set foot in until this week. It doesn't carry a lot of destination mystique and you won't see a ton of glossy magazine stories written about it.But if you're a golfer, it turns out you need to visit northern Idaho… more »

Storey Creek's Rob Watson shows why superintendents are often more important than celebrity golf architects

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While colleagues like Tim McDonald continue to obsess over celebrity golf architects such as Arthur Hills (who happens to now be vastly overrated, all the more so after people started calling him underrated), I know that golf course superintendents usual… more »

Why is everyone stupidly assuming Annika Sorenstam will stay retired?

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When Annika Sorenstam announced her retirement, I was deep into Canada - which really is becoming more and more its own removed world where America feels eons away. Busy combining beer and chocolate, getting fussed over by arguably the world's best conci… more »

Vancouver Island's Crown Isle Resort boasts concierge of concierges in Andrew MacMillan

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I've stayed at some of the top resorts in the world for this job, places in Cabo where the pool seems to meet the sea, the Four Seasons Whistler, the ex-Four seasons and even better service now Island Hotel in super wallet trendy Newport Beach. I've spen… more »

Vancouver Island's Fisherman's Wharf kicks San Francisco's horrid Fisherman Wharf's butt

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Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco is one of the worst tourist monstrosities of all time. The world famous Fisherman's Wharf manages to pull off the difficult task of combing garish rip-off tourist trinkets and outrageous prices at really bad supposedly… more »

Forget Portland's pretenious brews: Victoria, Vancouver Island's beer & chocolate tasting at Spinnakers where it's at

3 feedbacks »'s resident grunge master Brandon Tucker's been going on and on lately about all the beer he couldn't understand that he slurped up in Portland. Well, one afternoon into a trip on Vancouver Island and I've already topped BTuck. How about… more »

Paula Creamer wisely takes my advice and wins in Broken Arrow, Ochoa that good sport losers

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Paula Creamer once gave this bad golfer a great tip about hands and the swing. During which she no doubt wondered why such a devastatingly handsome man was coming to her for advice - and likely went on to secretly pine for more Baldwin hugs and less cadd… more »

Roger Clemens takes his golf love even farther with John Daly's ex wife

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Regular readers of already know about Roger Clemens' love of golf. Not to mention actor Matthew McConaughey's giant man crush on Clemens. But it turns out I should have been following The Rocket around off the course too during the Bob… more »

Paula Creamer too nonchalant over Stanford International playoff loss to Annika Sorenstam

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Yes, Paula Cremaer is still better than Michelle Wie now, will always be better than Wie. But will Creamer ever start demanding more than that of herself? You have to wonder after Creamer lost a playoff to Annika Sorenstam and then essentially brushed… more »

LPGA deserves credit for finally going Celeb pro-am again, but needs George Clooney

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The LPGA of Carolyn Bivens has taken a lot of criticism - much of it well earned. But you have to give Bivens and her staff credit for being willing to try new things. More international tournaments - which are good idea no matter what Dottie Pepper s… more »

Rubio's good San Diego fish tacos, but not close to Cabo or Palm Springs great fish tacos

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Several trips to San Diego later, I'm still searching for a great fish taco in a region that should - the operative word being should - produce great seafood. When my Castle Baron Boss Mark Nessmith suggested Rubio's, I had high hopes. After all, the… more »

Can't help but root for Big Break Kaanapali's Susan Choi

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I've never been much of a Big Break fan. Reality shows don't do much for me and the Golf Channel's version was never in much danger of changing my mind. I once ran into David Gunas Jr. - the barefoot-golfing supposedly funny Big Break II contestant - at… more »
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