Drug testing for the PGA Tour? Let's start with commissioner Tim Finchem

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We really didn't need a blog to tell us that Tim Finchem will do anything Tiger tells him to. That much was known long ago. What's ludicrous about Finchem's latest mess is that we're even having this discussion. As ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd said toda… more »

Phil Mickelson needs time to mope after Winged Foot

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Dear Phil: Just read where you're withdrawing from the annual ING Par-3 Shootout at Treetops Resort in Gaylord, Mich. Probably a good idea. Why bring your family to an event you always enjoy and start moving forward with things? Instead, stay home and… more »

Hurricane Tim Finchem and PGA Tour get it right in New Orleans

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Quite a weekend for the good people of New Orleans. From Jazzfest to Reggie Bush and the Zurich Classic, the Big Easy is back. Maybe not entirely, sure, but the signs are good. With all the excitement surrounding Bush, it'll be easy to minimize the PG… more »

Blame Mercedes Championships yawner on PGA Tour boss Tim Finchem

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For all the criticism Bud Selig receives – and deservedly so – he’s no longer the worst commissioner in sports. Just days into the new year, PGA Tour boss Tim Finchem has successfully wrested away the title. In no other major sport does opening… more »

Seve Ballesteros wasn't really missed

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Some comebacks are just unnecessary. After this week's Madrid Open, we can add Seve Ballesteros to the list.Absent from competition for the past two years due to injuries, Seve talked a good game heading into Madrid. "Winning is very possible," he to… more »

Does Australia hold the key to affordable golf?

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Want to make golf more accessible for American kids? Look toward Australia, mate. As Stuart Appleby told the San Francisco Chronicle, "Golf is way more affordable in Australia than it is here (in the U.S.). It's not as elitist a sport over there. You… more »

Sergio keeps it real, gets fined

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News item: PGA European Tour Fines Sergio Garcia. For what, you ask? A profanity-laced press conference? Punching a belligerent fan? Showing up drunk? Nothing that bad, fortunately. Instead, Garcia was fined for kicking an advertising board durin… more »

Phil Mickelson: How to lead a balanced life

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It’s a good thing golf is an individual sport, because Phil Mickelson would be a lousy teammate. Ryder Cup fans already know this, of course, but just imagine Lefty suiting up for Bill Belichick this week. Mickelson: I’m going to have to miss week… more »

Killing me slowly: Crane's win sets golf back

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Reading Tim McDonald's recap of Ben Crane's agonizingly slow win at the US Bank Championship reminded me of my favorite John Wooden quote: "Be quick, but never hurry." If we're lucky, Crane's win won't inspire a new wave of golfers to spend more time… more »

Annika Rocks

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Quote of the week comes from LPGA commish Ty Votaw, commenting on the tour's new $1 million year-end playoff: "We didn't talk to any of the other golf tours because we thought it was such a good idea, they would want to take it." Yeah...that's the ti… more »

Why isn't Annika Sorenstam a cover girl?

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After watching Annika Sorenstam steamroll the competition at last week's Chick-fil-A, SI.com's Seth Davis asked his employers to cancel the magazine's Sportsman of the Year search. So what if it's mid-May? Davis wants to give Sorenstam the honor right no… more »

In search of the perfect airport

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Because I'm a bit of an airport geek, I just spent the past 30 minutes reviewing the new report from Skytrax that lists the world's Top 10 Airports for 2005. (Okay, so maybe I'm a huge airport geek. Sue me. Surely I'm not the only one who actually lo… more »

Memo to Michelle Wie: Just say no

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Like fellow blogger Jennifer Mario, I don't have a problem with women receiving PGA Tour sponsor exemptions. For as much as these companies are paying, they should be allowed as many exemptions as they want. And, yes, it certainly won't hurt the rating… more »

Masters leftovers

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Phil Mickelson was sure the popular choice before the Masters, but that bandwagon is pretty light today. Tiger finally wins again and the Lefty naysayers come storming back in full voice. Fair enough. Having picked Mickelson to repeat, I'll be the firs… more »

New and improved Mickelson primed to repeat

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One year after correctly picking Phil Mickelson to win the Masters, I'm ready to do it again. And this year I feel even better about the choice. While Chris Baldwin waxes poetic - "Mickelson will forever be the romantic pick and seldom the realistic on… more »
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