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Comment from: jb [Visitor]
pooooor david, i loved him in 98 and i love him now, htere is no way a guy that good can just fall off for ever, one day at some PGA event he is gonna come out and have his problems fixed.....or at least i hope so
2005-03-02 @ 14:06
Comment from: Anne Ledbetter [Visitor]
While David Duval did not have the charisma to attract fan devotion, I admired his commitment to golf. He gave everything he had to every tournament he entered and that earns my loyalty. Not an exciting man or golfer he is a good ambassador of the game and I hope he solves whatever problem he has.
2006-04-09 @ 19:37
Comment from: Chris DePoy [Visitor]
What Duval showed this weekend at the masters really shows what kind of character he has. After 9 holes on Friday's second round he was 10 over for that 9!! Many, many, many players would have mailed it in at that point - quit on the round - not Duval. He actually shot 5 under on the back 9 - finishing 5 over for the round - but showing the heart of a champion. Just like there's very little difference between being 15th in driving on the pga tour and 115th (15 yards)- Duval's not too far away from being there.
2006-04-09 @ 20:19
Comment from: romeo ruan [Visitor]
David can easily get back is game. All he has to do is give up his heavy weight, muscle building regimen in favor of cardio vascular conditioning. He does not need any more muscles to play competetive golf. His whole body needs to be more loose and limber and flexible. His muscle building negates these.

The sooner he gives up this muscle stuff, the earlier he'll start winning again.
2006-04-10 @ 11:50

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