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Comment from: Rick [Visitor]
When I watch a womens sport its for two reasons,skill and well looks. Michelle may have great skill for her age but why would I want to see her play against men. If she has something to prove try winning on her own tour first.
2005-05-07 @ 19:18
Comment from: AkamaiOkole [Visitor]
I don't know what all the whining is about. Seems to me that the PGA is not simply "mens" tour, but the "best player's" tour. As long as she doesn't embarrass herself, i think Michelle should be allowed to play. As for not winning on the LPGA, i think two runner-ups, including a major is plenty of accomplishment for a 15 year old.

For me, every pro, man or woman, who whines about Michelle is just fearful of getting embarrassed. Too bad.
2005-06-14 @ 22:50
Comment from: Allen [Visitor]
Growing up only minutes away from Augusta, I have HUGE respect for the history, traditions and honor of the game.

I can't wait to see Wie tee it up on opening day at the Augusta National with the finest in the world.... It's about time.
2005-06-16 @ 01:31
Comment from: Jack [Visitor]
Michelle can learn a lot by playing and competing with the best golfers on the PGA. That's what Sorenstam's goal was when she played the Colonial. She wanted to learn from the best. Look how dominant Sorenstam has become since that tournament.
2005-06-16 @ 03:51
Comment from: Vernon (visitor) [Visitor]
Amen to Jack. Guess who Annika plays/practices with? A man named Tiger.
2005-06-19 @ 05:01
Comment from: phrip [Visitor]
Michelle is 15.

I will never have game like she has game.

Let her get to the Big Show in her world the way it got to the Big Show in mine. With her chops.

As long as we collectively continue to say 'pretty good - for a girl' we allow the double standard to exist.

Who cares what gender/age/ethnicity she is. If she is good enough to win, she will. And that will be good enough.
2005-06-25 @ 16:37
Comment from: Sig Breman [Visitor]
Dear Miss Wee!
I have watched you playing quite a few times and enjoyed immensely. Today I HAVE to write a note [anywhere] in hopes somebody will show it to you. Because I am sad and you may be sad too - about yesterday's game. But!
Golf is just a game! Yesterday was just one of many. You will be playing many more and win many of them. You are intelligent, gifted and, oh so young! Don't try to force your life, enjoy it slowly and you will get more happiness out of it.
Take it from a "young at heart" old gold enthusiast, who wishes you the very best future one can wish for!
June 27, 2005 @ 10:57 A.M.
2005-06-27 @ 10:57
Comment from: Sig Breman [Visitor]
Comment from: Sig Breman [Visitor] ยท http://none
Dear Miss Wee!
I have watched you playing quite a few times and enjoyed it immensely. Today I HAVE to write a note [anywhere] in hopes somebody will read and show it to you. Because I am sad and you may be sad too - about yesterday's game. But!
Golf is just a game! Yesterday was just one of many. You will be playing many more and win many of them. You are intelligent, gifted and, oh so young! Don't try to force your life, enjoy it slowly and you will get more happiness out of it.
Take it from a "young at heart" old golf enthusiast, who wishes you the very best future one can wish for! Sig.
June 27, 2005 @ 10:57 A.M.
2005-06-27 @ 10:57
2005-06-27 @ 11:02
Comment from: John Hoffman [Visitor]
I don't know if Michelle Wie has done anything that she didn't want to do. Like three houres in the Gym each day. Running 5 miles every other day. 1000 sit ups.

She has to win. I don't care if it is against 15 year olds. She must get over the hump of playing over nerves. I have coached Volleyball, girls, for 25 years. I have started Frosh. on the varsity without hesitation. Because with the training I gave them I knew they were ready. Michelle Wie must be ready. Please get this message to her . She has to work her body and mind to beat anyone.
I wish she would call me. I will tell her how to get ready. It is easy to see that her parents have no clue.
John Hoffman 931-456-4882
2005-06-29 @ 00:48
Comment from: Jim Coulthard [Visitor]
Michelle Wie has won a tournament against adult women when she was 13--the women's public links. And what about being co-medalist in qualifying for the men's public links earlier this month. Does John think beating 15 year old girls should count, but beating adult men shouldn't?

In the Open, Michelle not only matched Anaka on the scorecard, she also matched Anaka in the grace with which she faced adversity.

GOLF is not about beating people; it is about doing ones best. Michelle does very well at this. I think Morgan Pressel will need to learn to become more like Michelle Wie, not the other way around. Morgan Pressel knows how to win against weaker competition, but if she's going to act like finishing second in the Open is simply losing--then she is the one who is going to have a lot of trouble on the tour.

Did Michelle CHOKE on Sunday? Possibly. I don't know. But if she did at 15 she's certainly young enough for it to be a learning experience.

2005-06-29 @ 17:31
Comment from: John Hoffman [Visitor]
Jim, Michelle is the best, I am sure, But she must win tournaments. I don't care where she wants to start. She has to learn to put them away.

It seems that she doesn't enter junior tournaments because she is afraid to lose.

Her entering thest adult tourneys and finishing ahead of people or making the cut is not the training she needs. Yes she may win once in a while.

Tiger won 3 US Junior Amaturs followed bu wining 3 US Amaturs.

He was in the winners circle and was used to winning tournaments.

Now she goes to the John Deere where her mind set is to make the cut.

Making the cut is worth nothing. Winning is.
2005-06-30 @ 09:50
Comment from: John Hoffman [Visitor]
Comment from: John Hoffman [Visitor]
Jim, Michelle is the best, I am sure, But she must win tournaments. I don't care where she wants to start. She has to learn to put them away. You say Golf is not about beating people. Where are you coming from???? Talk to Hogan if you could, I have.

It seems that she doesn't enter junior tournaments because she is afraid to get beat. Morgan Pressell has her number and would toast her at any time. I am pulling for Michelle to get mentally tough so Pressell would not have a chance against her.

Her entering the adult tourneys and finishing ahead of people or making the cut is not the training she needs. Yes she may win once in a while.

Tiger won 3 US Junior Amaturs followed bu wining 3 US Amaturs.

He was in the winners circle and was used to winning tournaments.

Now she goes to the John Deere where her mind set is to make the cut.

Making the cut is worth nothing. Winning is.
2005-06-30 @ 09:50
2005-06-30 @ 10:13
Comment from: John Hoffman [Visitor]
Looks like Morgan Pressel is on the right path.

2005-06-30 @ 11:49
Comment from: John Hoffman [Visitor]
Morgan Pressel is the No. one Amatur in the USA at Present.

Wie has to catch her.

How she does it is her business.

I just thought she should be on the same road that Morgan took. Real tough International junior events instead of playing games like she is doing.

Hope she gets straightened out.
2005-06-30 @ 13:46
Comment from: James Coulthard [Visitor]
Morgan Pressel is the number 1 ranked AMATEUR woman in the USA. But Michelle Wie has finished 2nd and tied for 2nd against professional women, compared to just a single tied for 2nd by Pressel. Wie is the better golfer, but admittedly Pressel is more of an amateur. I hardly think that playing against amateurs is the way to establish oneself as a professional.
2005-07-01 @ 01:37
Comment from: James Coulthard [Visitor]
Morgan Pressel has beaten Michelle Wie once, but she has also beaten Anaka once. Would you say she also has Anaka's number? Wie did better than Pressel in the Kraft Nabisco.

You mentioned Tiger Woods, but Tiger Woods never played in any Junior Golf Tournaments for girls, why should Michelle Wie?

2005-07-01 @ 01:50
Comment from: James Coulthard [Visitor]
Ben Hogan discovered golf at 15, and turned pro at 17. I'm sure he believed in winning, but I don't think he would have supported your idea of learning to win against weak competition before playing with the big boys.

When I said golf is not about winning, but about doing ones best, I was talking about the fact that the best golfers lose most of the time, and it typically takes years before one is able to win at the highest level. There are men on the PGA who consider making the cut something of an accomplishment--and that includes Tiger Woods who was very proud of his record streak. If making the cut means something when Tiger Woods does it, why shouldn't it mean something if Michelle Wie does the same thing.
2005-07-01 @ 02:15
Comment from: Tasaka [Visitor]
I am certain that Michelle would rather play in the LPGA event this week. However, LPGA regulations prevents her from entering any more LPGA events. The JDC was the best alternative for her.
2005-07-04 @ 15:17
Comment from: Twitch [Visitor]
I have no problem with Michelle playing in PGA events. However, I do think it's VERY sexist to allow this and NOT allow men to play the LPGA events. There's a bunch of money on the line and Wie is taking a spot that could yield big financial rewards. Why not let men try to win money on the LPGA tour?
2005-07-06 @ 13:40
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Is the PGA becomming a bunch of WIMPS? Are they afraid they cannot win against other MALE competitors? They think they can win against the females. Why give a FEMALE AMATURE an exemption, when there are plenty of MALE AMATURES AND PROs who would better benefit from an exemption. Sorry, but WIE has played in enough "PROFESSIONAL" tournaments that she should no longer be considered an amature!
2005-07-07 @ 18:50
Comment from: Joe [Visitor]
To quote the Guinness commercial...Brilliant!

"Jim, Michelle is the best, I am sure, But she must win tournaments. I don't care where she wants to start. She has to learn to put them away.

It seems that she doesn't enter junior tournaments because she is afraid to lose." - John Hoffman

John thanks for your clear-thinking, thoughtful analysis. I'm sure Michelle will be calling the number you posted shortly.

One can only hope your close to retiring from your high-school coaching career...I can only imagine the damage being done!

BTW...I included a brief (incomplete) summary of her accomplishments. Sorry...a few weren't actually wins, but they were so impressive, I had to include them.

Michelle Wie Career Highlights
- In 2000 became the youngest player to qualify in a USGA amateur championship event
- In 2001, at age 11, WINS the Hawaii State Women's Stroke Play Championship, - the YOUNGEST PLAYER EVER TO WIN
- WINS the 2001 Jennie K. Wilson invitational, Hawaii's most prestigious women's amateur event- the YOUNGEST PLAYER EVER TO WIN
- In 2002, at age 12 become the youngest player to ever qualify for an LPGA tournament, qualifying with an 83 in the Takefuji Classic
- WINS the women's division of the 2002 Hawaii State Open by 13 strokes
- Reaches the semifinals of the 2002 U.S. Women's Amateur Public Links Championship, the youngest semifinalist ever
- Plays in her first LPGA major, the 2003 Kraft Nabisco Championship and places 9th.
- Becomes the youngest player ever to make the LPGA cut.
- WINS 2003 U.S. Women's Amateur Public Links (youngest to WIN at age 13)
- 2004 Curtis Cup, Record...2 WINS - 2 losses (the youngest USA Curtis Cup player ever age 14)
2005-07-08 @ 17:14
Comment from: Bradford Redding II [Visitor]
the world is a funny place to live in. its funny how things that seem so importtant now will not be as important later. the problem with all the media we have today is that it over saturates us with lots of info whenever its good or bad everyday. so when i hear that michelle wie has won again, i really don't care how many accomplishments michelle has done. what really concerns me is why the parent or parents have let michelle wie do this anyway...oh i get it, its about money and more media exposure. well, i would hate to bust your bubble, but after most of your teenage years have been spent for beating older women and men in golf, you will regret missing doing what teenage girls do. if you take some patience and after several years, you go pro, you will have a better appriecation of life. i wanted to grow up so fast when i was 15 but however i realize now that i would like to stay a teenager a little bit longer...
2005-07-08 @ 22:33
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
PGA needs do something to keep females out of PGA and direct them to LPGA. Until a FEMALE wins 100% of the time on the LPGA, then, maybe, they might deserve the right to play on the PGA. Or another option might be to start a new tour....the COED TOUR.
2005-07-10 @ 06:32
Comment from: John Hoffman [Visitor]
Well Michell, the Great, made a lot of Money for TV and John Deere.
What did she gain. Another choke for her. The LPGA Open and John Deere.
I don't see a future in this kind of handling.

Looks like Paula who waited has pocketed $700,000 so far her first year on the tour.
Not a bad example to follow.
Graduate from HS and turn Pro.
2005-07-11 @ 14:52
Comment from: John [Visitor]
After the Public Links do you think Michell Wie is ready for PGA against men.
It seems if she were still playing against amateurs she may have a chance to work on recovering from a bad hole.
All she is proving of late is her ability to choke.
2005-07-11 @ 19:10
Comment from: John [Visitor]
On Michelle. Honey, the only thing that counts is your last few performances.


Play someone your age so you can get your confidence back.
2005-07-12 @ 07:00
Comment from: John [Visitor]
Answer to Michelle Wie. Paula Creamer

Would like to see a little praise for this miracle girl.
2005-07-12 @ 08:36
Comment from: drwin [Visitor]
Michelle wie is our best hope for women power.
We need her as a role model to our children.
go get them girl!!!!
2005-07-12 @ 20:10
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
DRWIN, is that short for "Dawin"? As in DARWIN AWARDS? Or maybe it should be DR-LOSE. Jast as Michelle is a LOOSER in the PGA. When she wins an event on the LPGA, then it should be mandatory she become PRO. AND when she wins 100% of the LPGA events, then she MIGHT gain the right to play on th MEN'S Tour. And that goes for any female!
2005-07-12 @ 20:50
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
drwin Is that short for "DARWIN"..As in DARWIN AWARDS? Or maybe it should be DR-LOSE. Michelle is a looser..she has proven it more than once. When she wins her first LPGA event, she should be forced to turn PRO. Then when she wins 100% of the LPGA events, THEN, MAYBE, she could try the MEN'S PGA TOUR. And that goes for any female who wants to play in the Men's Tour.
2005-07-12 @ 21:09
Comment from: Winfied D. Herbias [Visitor]
All the people who don't want to see Michelle play with the men, Pros included are thoes that are not as good as she is now. She has game that some of the pros wish they had. The sponsors that invite her know that with her in the field they will sell 10 to 30 thousand more tickets and have millions more watch on TV.

For those who don't like what she is doing, What did you doing at 15??? Flip burgers???
2005-07-14 @ 14:04
Comment from: Winfied D. Herbias [Visitor]
John D... Your not even good enough to hold her bag... Talk about choke... Did you play in any pro tournaments??? You sound like some of the 20 handicappers I played with. Can't swing the club but talks a good game.

Are you using the name John D. to fool people in thinking your Big John???
2005-07-14 @ 14:13
Comment from: Audrey [Visitor]
You're all mentioning the PGA as something that women need to work up to. Why is this the case? Granted, I don't know much about golf, but this strikes me as particularly unfair.
Perhaps what is necessary is to have a GPGA - a gentlemens' PGA - as well as a LPGA, and to have the winners of each compete in a co-ed PGA. Until men and women are allowed to play together as a matter of course, and the "men's" tour is not held up as a higher standard, there will be no equality in sports. Either that, or the two should be kept entirely separate, like men and womens' soccer teams. This half limbo of the moment is not doing anyone any good.
2005-07-14 @ 14:15
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
My Dear Audrey, Now your talking, COED LEAGUE. See my post above from 2005-07-10 @ 06:32. You see the men started the PGA long before the women decided they needed an organized league. And since PGA was alrwdy taken, they caled thier organization LPGA. Do women play (regularly) in the NBA? Of course not. That is why they invented WNBA. And another thing - PGA stands for PROFESSIONAL Golf Association. If it were for Professionals and Amateurs it would be called the P&AGA. Why can't women let men do thier own thing without always having to butt in?
2005-07-14 @ 21:19
Comment from: Pat [Visitor]
I believe people are entitled to providing their own comments when it comes to Michelle, however if it is difficult for them to except a 15 year old making decisions that best fits her goals and objectives, then they should not watch her play the game of golf.

Those that do play golf, understand how difficult the game can be and the pressure that comes with hitting a shot consistantly. Michelle at such an early age has given youngsters her age and younger a sense of purpose.

Playing a game isn't always about winning and losing. It's about doing your best and learning from each experience. Michelle is right on track in learning from the best golfers that play the game (PGA & LPGA Tours).If you can accomplish that, then winning will take care of itself, and let me tell you when that happens, watch out!
2005-07-14 @ 21:49
Comment from: Audrey [Visitor]
To John D-
Actually, your earlier posting was what I was responding to with such disgust. Your discussion of the Mens' tour as something to which women could only hope to aspire was what caused me to enter my comments on this website. The problem is not the "uppity women," but rather the concept (unfortunately still prevalent in our society) that mens' sports are better than womens'. That is why women want to play on the mens' tour - it's a better deal. There is more press, more money, and more excitement.
I have no problem with men-only clubs, but I do have a problem when a national organization of men is trying to hoard the publicity for themselves.
John, maybe women "butt in" because that's the only way they can achieve as much success as men have historically been able to grab for themselves.
And before you call me a feminist, I'm not. And I don't necessarily believe that men and women should play professional sports together. However, I do believe that the opportunities, prestige, and rewards for mens' and womens' sports ought to be equal.
2005-07-15 @ 10:17
Comment from: Vernon Wong [Visitor]
This is a note to John D and those who keep making the same mistake. Sponsor's exemptions belong to the sponsors. In the case of John Deere, those exemptions were above the 144 spots for the pros. So Michelle did not take a spot from a starving pro. Second, in LPGA events over the past 2 years, when Paula Creamer and Michelle played in the same tournament, Michelle finished higher than Paula 7 times, lower once and tied once. Explain to me how you conclude that Paula is a better golfer. In fact, taking this year's schedule, in the events in which Michelle played, she finished higher more often than 7 of the top 10 ranked women, in addition to M. Mallon and J. Inkster. Only Annika and Candy Kung finished higher more often. Michelle tied with Cristie Kerr. And she is still learning.
2005-07-19 @ 03:49
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
To WONG: The exemption would have better benefitted a starving MALE PRO rather than a high school AMATUER who has no business on the PRO tour, yet. As far as Creamer and Wie - NIETHER has won an event on the LPGA, So what's all the hype? They are both losers, since niether have won.
2005-07-19 @ 05:14
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Sorry, Paula has won on the LPGA once. I forgot.
2005-07-19 @ 06:42
Comment from: Bill [Visitor]
The PGA Tour is for the best of the best, not for the best white men. Remember it was not that longer ago when they were going to sever Collard Greens at the Masters! If a player qualifies for an event, it should not matter if they are white or black, young or old, male or female. Maybe the men are just afraid of coming up a Wie short.
2005-07-22 @ 06:31
Comment from: David [Visitor]
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, A GIRL!!!!!!!! BEAT TIGER WOODS........I..JUST....CAN'T BELIEVE IT, IT WAS IN THE NEWS ON THE NEWS, IT WAS EVEN ON BLOOMERING LIVE WHICH IS A PLACE IT DOESN'T BELONG! I sent an e-mail to The National Golf League to see what little miss michelle wie thinks about that. IMPORTANT NOTE!!!: MICHELLE WIE, ACTUALLY ISN'T......IN HER 20'S OR 30'S, SHE WAS BORN OCTOBER 11, 1989, and i was born march 20, 1989. It makes me so mad. If you'd like for me to put something on my site please contact me and I'll consider it. Thanks. www.geocities.com/aveillah/disk_drive.html -David
2005-07-23 @ 11:44
2005-07-23 @ 11:49
Comment from: AkamaiOkole [Visitor]
You are so right. Obviously 3 runner-ups (in 6 events) including 2 runner-ups in 3 majors is obvious that she is not ready. Oh, and let's not forget missing the cut by 1 and 2 stokes in only 3 tries. And going to the round of 8 in the APL.

Yeah. She should prove himself first. Give me a break...

I think everyone should just shut up and let her play wherever she wants to play.
2005-07-23 @ 15:36
Comment from: Kevin Kaylor [Visitor]
The PGA tour is the without a doubt the best tour in the world. It is comprised of male golfers, many of which are losers. Yes, losers. I'm not a stats guy but there are plenty of golfers on the tour without a tour win. I guess that makes them all losers and some rather wealthy losers!

Men playing on the LPGA tour,give me a break! Men have superior physical attributes than women. That's why there are no women playing in the NBA and no men playing in the WNBA. A women's professional sport would not be if men were allowed to play. Men would dominate.

Golf on the other hand is an exception to most professional sports. The basic difference between the tours other than gender is distance. PGA tour events typically 7,000 - 7,400 yard coursed. Senior tour 6,600 - 6,900 yard courses and LPGA 6,000 - 6,200 yards. It is also based on performance over time. On the PGA tour if you don't win and fall below the 125th position on the money list you lose you're exempt status.

As for Michelle Wie playing on the PGA tour I'm all for it. She has all the attributes and skills necessary to play with the best players in the world with the exception of gender. She put fans on the course just like Tiger, sponsors love her for that, hence sponsor exemptions. When she turns pro should she qualify to play on the PGA tour through sponsor exemptions and keep her tour card who can argue with that. Golf is the only sport in which players are paid according to performance (sponsorships don't keep them on the tour). If they don't perform they end up losing their tour card, that simple.

So stop the whining and complaining that Michelle should aspire to play on the PGA tour vs the LPGA tour. Her play thus far on the women's tour has been pretty incredible even if she hasn't won (reminder...she's only 15). If she wants to play with the big boys and continue to play with them she'll have to maintain her card....performance based!
2005-07-24 @ 07:23
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Even Casey Martin had to Qualify. Everyone thought highly of him. But where is he today? Just another publicity stunt.
2005-07-24 @ 11:37
Comment from: MIke [Visitor]
Dear John D,

Although I am quite sure Michelle doesn't have the time to read you most insightful blogs, perhap B.J. and Bo will gain from your most thoughtful insights. As a coach for 25 years, you raise a number of interesting points they should consider.

First, that Michelle should win all the matches (100%) in the LPGA prior to competing against men. I am sure Anika has considered this, and since she has found herself lacking, has remained on the LPGA.

Second, as there are so many straving PGA pros out there, any person with even a bit of humanity should damn Michelle for eating from their rice bowl. How can she be so heartless; just to get the rating up for the John Deere Classic!

Third, yes the PGA stands for Professional Golf Association. So, why let Michelle, or any amateur(male or female), for that matter play on a professional tour.

Finally, your comment that she has played in enough professional touraments she should not be considered an amateur any more. Well, B.J. estimates he spent $60,000 of his own money last year to have Michelle play in all those touraments and will spend $100,000 this year certainly brings home your point to the Wie family. Yes, the Wie's definitely need to read and absorb your most insightful comments.
2005-07-24 @ 15:32
Comment from: Kevin Kaylor [Visitor]
Hey Mike,
Where is your logic? Somewhere in your Neanderthal mind I suppose. You just don't want women to compete equally against men on the men's playing field. You set an impossible standard for anyone to meet. I suppose, according to your logic Nationwide tour battlefield promotions should only be given to golfers who win every event that they enter instead of just three wins.

Golf is a game that can be won by anyone on any given day, just look at the PGA tour. Golf is so competitive that a player ranked 200th can beat the #1 player. Even Tiger, Vijay, Phil and Ernie miss cuts, losing to the field.

According to your logic all scholarship athletes should be considered professional and lose their amateur status. Just because Michelle comes from a family with the means to travel around the world to support their daughter's passion she should be considered a professional? How about the families that send their children to golf, tennis, or gymnastic academies away from home, are they professionals as well?

You just don't get it. There are families sacrificing every day to support their children's golf, tennis, hockey, baseball, basketball, music, dance, modeling... passions. Are they professional as well? As a percentage of their gross income there are many families spending a much higher percentage of their annual income than the Wie's.

Finally, Casey Martin was no publicity stunt. He had a legitimate disability and pushed for his right to compete on the PGA tour. Because he was unsuccessful in attaing his card doesn't make it a publicity stunt. A very small percentage of golfers make the tour. He had his chance like anyone else. That was what he was fighting for.
2005-07-24 @ 19:02
Comment from: Tasaka [Visitor]
TO: John Hoffman - For a person who blogs so much, at least get your facts straight. Paula Creamer turned pro before she graduated and won her first LPGA tournament before her graduation ceremony. She is a great additon to the LPGA tour. The same goes for Morgan Pressel and Michelle when they eventually join the tour...
2005-07-26 @ 20:59
Comment from: kuchkuch [Visitor]
I can't really understand why some people think that pga would somehow lose its honor if michelle wie played. some people go to lengths saying that michelle is taking up someone else's(apparently a more worthy player??) spot. As far as I am concerned golf is rarely watched by many when there are no stars like tiger and michelle in the field. golf is a profession only because there are people who want to be entertained by these stars. how else would you justify some middle aged guys making millions hitting a golf ball. the only reason why golf is even a profession and golfers get to compete for money is because of the very audience who need to be entertained. So why then is having a gal play with guys against the profession which is obviously benefiting from all the attention it is getting. if people are so intent on having boy's only club, then they might as well take the "p" out of the pga, cause it is not really a profession when it fails its soul purpose of entertaining.
2005-08-02 @ 22:26
Comment from: John Hoffman [Visitor]
It looks like Michelle Wie will have a whole host of players on the LPGA to beat before she tries to beat men. Unless you think women are better then men.

Let us see her beat young players like Gulpis, Creamer, Pressel, Lang and all the Koreans who have two or three top notch players.

I would like her to win a Tourney before we think she is the best. It looks like she will do it but let's wait and see. Creamer and Pressel have proven themselves already with wins.
2005-08-12 @ 11:42
Comment from: Johh Langhorn [Visitor]
Does anyone really care? Why doesn't she win something, do a little work,practice a little and stop being a spoiled brat. Paula works her butt off and it shows with wins.This is all so much hype. The world is full of those with talent but no real success. Lets see where she is in five years before we decide she is the future of golf
2005-09-27 @ 10:43
Comment from: Kell [Visitor]
GEEZ!!! Would some of you men just stop being hot heads and admit it? Michelle Wie, a 15 year old girl, is a fantastic golfer and can beat some of the men in the PGA. Correct me if I'm wrong but PGA stands for Professonal Golfers' Association... Nowhere does it say ANYTHING about MENS' golf... Women CAN and WILL play in it. And not jus golf... women should be allowed in all sports...if they're good enough. Unless there is a specific law or rule saying otherwise, women are ALLOWED to play other sports. The only reason the men in the PGA might not want Michelle Wie in the tour, in my opinion, is because they're scared that she'll beat them. AND SHE MIGHT!!! And that's no problem.
2006-01-12 @ 20:29

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