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Comment from: Luis A. Velez [Visitor]
Let the man play, he is a two time champion. You a jock-smelling writer. There are other intelligent topics to write about

Sincerely , Luis
2005-07-28 @ 09:49
Comment from: Dirk Espinoza [Visitor]
The reason for most slow play is not Garcia-esque preshot routines. It's the foursome that plays once a month thinking they can all smoke 280 yard drives. That problem will never go away.
2005-07-28 @ 11:08
Comment from: Scott Nichol [Visitor]
Slow play is a definite problem in the game. And it is also part of the reason that green fees are going up.

Golf courses have a significant fixed cost and if their clients insist on a 5 hour round instead of a 4 hour round that means 20% less golfers through in a day and logically a 20% increase in green fees.

If golf were truely a four hour or less game we would see a stabilization in green fees and the average person would be able to fit in more than one round a month.

Eliminating slow play is good for everyone involved in the game. Let's get all of the relevant organizations including the PGA Tour involved and the attrition rate will go down meaning more rounds played and more enjoyment for golfers everywhere.
2005-07-28 @ 14:21
Comment from: Rob [Visitor]
Just a few tips to help those who take for ever round a golf course .
Based on a fourball:
When someone hits a poor shot into the trees dont ALL go and look for it , 1 extra suffices .
When playing a hole leave your trolley /cart in line with the next tee
Dont behave like a pro before you hit when you play off 20+ . You just look silly .
Dont spend 5 minutes admiring your partners shot when your next to hit ,epecially on the green where you should have checked your line while he was putting. That alone would speed a lot of players up .
Finally dont play snakes when its busy .
2005-07-28 @ 15:23
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Are we writers supposed to smell jocks, Luis? If so, can you hook me up with a supply? Two-time champion or not, Crane has a responsibility to pick up the pace. Take it from a reformed turtle that alienating your friends with slow play is not the way to go. Alienating your business colleagues (when it is your business) is even worse. Here's a parting analogy: you have a project due by 9:00 am, but you are uncertain as to your figures, so you recheck them for the 25th time. As the clock tolls 3:00 pm, do you still have a job?
2005-08-01 @ 07:51
Comment from: Mary [Visitor]
Or, as Heinlein wrote "Make haste slowly."
Golf is fun. Golf with three friends is even more fun. But taking 5 hours to finish a round makes it less fun. And no fun for people behind you.
2005-08-04 @ 09:28
Comment from: fred [Visitor]
They should fine Ben Crane, and fine him so much, that it hurts. He and others like him, are ruining the game. 10 min. below the alloted time, that's not fast enough. Look at the Women Am. the kid are playing too slow. The USGA should step in and set up rules to speed up play. Everytime we play behind, the local Pro. they take too long lining up their putts.
2005-08-06 @ 17:03
Comment from: Bronco [Visitor]
Golf/USGA/US should give the guy a nickname. Nothing comes to mind (other than: "Quit f'in Craning it, dude, and hit the damn ball.").

Something that connects the slow, monotonous pace of Ben f'in Crane. A nickname worthy of a good chuckle.

For example, when I miss a putt, especially one that seems to rape me, I curse it with "Kobe f'in Bryant!"

I've rambled enough. Any good nicknames out there?
2005-08-10 @ 12:21
Comment from: James [Visitor]
They should not just fine Ben Crane. What about slow poke Furyk? He drives me nuts with the putting routine!!! Arrrgh!
2005-08-10 @ 14:37
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]
Slow play is most certainly killing golf.

Many of the above comments accurately capture specifics which slow down play. Generally speaking, the true problem is that many people who play the game have never learned how to play the game properly, both from a perspective of "pace of play" and proper etiquette.

What's needed is better enforcement of slow play. This is incumbenet upon individual courses to enforce and teach. People feel that if they pay money to play a round, they should be able to do whatever the hell they want. Courses need to have marshalls that actually enforce pace of play and teach ways to step up the pace, instead of driving around in a golf cart, fixing the boundary ropes and sucking free golf out of it. Repeat offenders of slow play should be denied access to the course. That's my take.

Bronco - some of the sayings I use:

Monica: (after Monica Lewinsky) A putt that rims the lip, but doesn't grab the hole.

Thurman: (after Thurman Munson) A pulled shot to the left, i.e. - a dead yank.

2005-09-02 @ 10:46
Comment from: johnnyballs [Visitor]
Junior prom, all lip and no hole. figure it out.
2005-09-14 @ 10:23
Comment from: aGolphinGuy [Visitor]
Let's introduce the 'shot clock' to golf!! I can see it now: Along with the sign carriers and scorekeepers and rules officials that accompany each group on a hole,there's a volunteer that wheels a portable, battery-powered shot clock behind each group. When the player is 'away' the volunteer is given a signal by a rules official to start the clock. The player has a certain amount of time (30 seconds?) to execute the shot or be penalized one stroke. Same thing for putting. I wouldn't mind seeing Jim Furyk penalized for that routine of his: Standing over the putt ready to hit and suddenly, 'oh I forgot...I have to go back and plumb-bob'
2005-11-22 @ 13:35
Comment from: smith [Visitor]
thanks alot very good blog
2005-12-01 @ 14:32
Comment from: Under Par [Visitor]
Actually, the real reason why slow play can't be eliminated is that we have become a society that eshews rules, has discredited punishment and has stripped authority figures of authority. Rangers can't speed up play if they lack both the intestinal fortitude and the authority to lay down the law.

Expel the slow golfers from the course, then they'll speed up real fast.
2005-12-31 @ 12:49

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