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Comment from: Greg Sharp [Visitor]
The author of the article about Seve Ballesteros has clearly either lost his marbles or simply doesn't know anything about golf. Sergio Garcia ahead of Ballesteros? Are you MAD? We are talking about one of the few truely great players in the history of the game, a man who made winning such a habbit as to make it seem unusual when he was not in pole position. Were you not around in the 1980's? It would be good if the author would check his facts a little, or at least have the good manners/professionalism to find out ANYTHING about the sport he is commenting on!
2005-10-15 @ 06:55
Comment from: tim [Visitor]
I love it when people like Greg, who disagree with something a writer says or writes, always say the writer isn't doing his homework, or isn't checking his facts or something similar.

The fact is, they -- like Greg -- are almost always missing the point. Doug Carey was commenting about the two different personalities of Ballesteros and Garcia, not their records.

Nobody would argue Ballesteros' record in golf. Not many people would argue either that he is a self-serving jerk who took gamesmanship to a new, low level, while Garcia has more class in his little finger.

Try to understand what the writer is saying, Greg, before you spout off. Check your facts. Do your homework.

2005-10-15 @ 09:36
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
I had the opportunity to follow Seve in person before his game totally went away. There was nothing quite like it. He'd hit it all over the place sometimes and then demonstrate the most incredible resiliency to shoot a good or great score. My personal opinion is that he had the greatest overall short game ever in the history of golf.
2005-10-15 @ 10:31
Comment from: David Doig [Visitor]
I'm a great Sergio fan - but the comments about Seve were mean spirited in the extreme. Seve was pure magic - he had great charisma and the crowds adored him. He revived the Ryder Cup and made the European Tour what it became. At Sergio's age Seve was winning tournaments in bunches. As I said, I love Sergio and his flair for the game - but Seve was something else - huge boots to fill. He's had problmes latterly and with his personal life, but those who followed him in his prime know differently. As for the so called gamesmanship - much of that stuff came from America and not from the European tour - the match with Azinger was a case in point - early in the match Azinger refused to let Seve replace a ball which had a scuff mark - he should have given him the benefit of the doubt. But you never hear this side of things
2005-10-15 @ 12:26
Comment from: Mark Robinson [Visitor]
I am a huge Seve fan, and think quite honestly that when he was on his game he was the greatest ever, one of my greatest disppointments is that Seve is not able to compete with Tiger Woods, I would have loved to have seen an in form Seve in match play against the Tiger, I think that would have been incredible

I agree that Seve is not handling aging/loss of form with much dignity -but put yourself in his shoes the man won over 80 times around the world, yet now can't hit a fairway, and then to add insult to injury his shortgame and putting is still as good as anyone. His return to the Madrid Open was a disaster, but he still one putted ten times, hit a shot 200 yards round and under a tree on his knees...! yet still can't break par

I, and many others wish he was back on his game, as there really was nothing like him at his best
2005-10-17 @ 05:53
Comment from: Dave Greagan [Visitor]
This one goes out to 'people like Tim'

What Greg Sharp says above rings true to me. In the whole world outside of the USA, Ballesteros is a legend. If the 'point' of the article is to place the two personalities of Ballesteros and Garcia in comparison it's worth noting the latter has recently been fined for misconduct...
the latest in a string of incidents relating to ungentlemanly conduct.

Looks like Tim hasn't done his homework again!
2005-10-18 @ 06:42
Comment from: Dave Greagan [Visitor]
This one goes out to 'people like Tim' (see the comment logged above).

What Greg Sharp says rings true with me. Anywhere in the world outside the USA Ballesteros is a legend.

It seems a little confusing when 'people like Tim' use words like 'Jerk' to describe someone they're jealous of.

Seems to me that Seve has more class in his badly alligned driver than you have in your whole body.

Back to school for you Tim, time to learn some manners.
2005-10-18 @ 06:51
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]
Admired Seve for his short game, disliked him for his gamesmanship. I don't see that same level of gamesmanship from Sergio.

Ask Azinger, and I think he would have stronger words than "Jerk" for Seve.

That being said, the tour needs jerks, too. So I'd like to see Seve come back and make a go of it, but I hate to see him struggle.
2005-10-19 @ 18:22
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
Even when Seve was playing well, he struggled. Difference was, he struggled to shoot 67s most of the time. What a talent.

Saying that makes me think about the Ryder Cup match he played against Lehman in 1995. Way past his best golf, he was still doing this thing. Lehman came out strong, hitting every fairway & green and was 2 under through the first 7 or 8 holes. Don't recall exactly but Seve hit no fairways and one green (maybe) and was all square ... and in the pressure of a Ryder Cup to boot. Lehamn had to wondering just what the hell was going on. Seve was just unbelievable.
2005-10-24 @ 12:46
Comment from: Martin Smit [Visitor]
Seve Ballasteros is, or was, a genius. A master of the recovery shot and a brilliant, imaginative short game player, he enthralled crowds wherever he went. He was particularly appreciated in Britain and we all miss him. We forgive his outbursts and his frustration at not being physically able to do what he loves. Garcia is just not in the same class - yet. I know you're trying to be controversial at this site, but Seve is untouchable. He has carved his own niche in the history of golf.
2005-11-09 @ 08:54
Comment from: daryush [Visitor]
What is the importance of meeting somebody's "friendly" scale or"nice" meter. Gamesmanship is just that..who cares if you don't talk to somebody for 18 holes, you are not there to make friends or have a "bonding" day.
Some people are born with an aura, an unmistakeable presence, and the people who write terrible articles like this one will never understand what it is truly like to be in the publics eye and the way they "childishly" try to rank people based upon what they think is "classy" or the "right" way to behave..
Speaking of "class", I believe it was the "GREAT" Champion Garcia (with I think, like, has 5 wins total) that wanted appearence fee money to play in the BALLESTEROS trophy......appearence money? That was the funniest thing I've ever heard.......Seve, basically from what I read told him to #%!# off....
Which is what I want to tell you about your worthless article...
2005-11-09 @ 21:27
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]

Seve's gamesmanship exceeded the Hoganesque "cold shoulder". He resorted to coughing in the backswing, moving in the backswing, jingling change in his pocket, etc.

Nobody says you have to be nice, just fair.

2005-11-14 @ 17:07
Comment from: Rich [Visitor]
You are obviously too young and far too uninformed to really know what Seve Ballesteros accomplished in golf and what a true gentleman and sportman he is. Sergio is a mere shadow of him and tries to hard to emulate him, but will never be in Seve's league...ever. His lack of maturity and demonstrations of poor taste (ie- his vocal dislike/jealousy of Tiger), makes your comments truly amazing. Hope you have a real day job because if you continue to write such ill-informed nonsense, you will need another one. I'll bet the folks who revere Seve were elated to see him finally play as he has been out of commission for so long. I have spoken to him many times and there are only a few other PGA Pros who exemplify the humility and dignity of him when you are one on one with him; a pleasure you surely will never have, but alas never deserve.
2005-11-20 @ 00:36
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]

Humility and dignity? Seve? Come on.

Great player, yes. Gentlemen?? Stretching the definition quite a bit to encompass Seve. Forget Sergio, let's talk about Seve.

He hasn't exactly handled his playing troubles with grace, has he? Numerous PGA pros will corroborate his piss poor attitude, not only during his time on the bottom, but at the top of his game as well.

Helluva player, but not a helluva guy in the minds of his peers.
2005-11-20 @ 19:35
Comment from: Rob Sebeston [Visitor]
Outside of the states Ballesteros was a true inspirational , charamastic , imaginative and fantastic golfer. We over here appreciated him far more as in the states target golf (yawn yawn) does not require much imagination lets be honest .
The guy shanks mentioned that ryder cup with lehman and to be honest i have never seen such artistry and pure skill and shot making in all my life watching golf . How he recovered time and time again was something unique . In a game now made much easier with technology its worth remembering the sheer talent the man had and its mostly because that he knows that no one has ever come close to him that he struggles nowadays to come accross right . He is a tortured man now and golf is the loser .
2005-11-22 @ 18:58
Comment from: Hoyt Decker [Visitor]
>>>"He is a tortured man now and golf is the loser."


Bull. The guy needs to take his meds for once and do what his docs tell him. Golf may be A loser in this, but Seve himself is the real loser, along with his family and the people around him.
2005-11-23 @ 03:58
Comment from: Barry Lane [Visitor]
Hoyt Decker is the loser.
2005-12-01 @ 05:50
Comment from: daryush [Visitor]
"The two best feedbacks on this page are...........(drumroll).................are Barry Lane for his immaculate and artistic description of Hoyt Decker and Martin Smit, for his ability to enjoy the game of golf, and appreciate the things that a human being can do with a golf ball...and..seperate the fact that not everybody, is...EVERYBODY's...friend. They have their own personality and that's.....that!!!!!!!!

BALLESTEROS major championships -5

garcia 0
2005-12-03 @ 23:09
Comment from: David Singer [Visitor]
Actually this is typical USA v The Rest of the World, you see it with Monty too. Americans mostly like their heroes bland like Michelson and Love and certainly mark down anyone who has the cheek not to play the PGA tour full time, Garcia is liked because he plays over there even though he hasn't really accomplished much.

One particular golf writer tried to do a world rankings list based on 'popularity' and opined that the aforementioned Americans were top of the list and that Monty would be dead last, completely ignoring the fact that he (Monty) is enormously popular not only in Europe but also in Asia.
2005-12-13 @ 15:50
Comment from: matt [Visitor]
I believe the point of this blog was not compare the career records of Seve and Sergio---We can all agree that Seve's 80 or more worldwide titles and 5 majors far outweigh the short resume of Mr. Garcia. The author is attempting to say that Sergio is far and away the better person and here is where I would also take exception. For every story/claim that Seve was a jerk I can find you one that suggests that Sergio is a phony; polite and all smiles when the media are near, but arrogant and dismissive when they are gone. Seve is what he is, a proud man who has lost the game that he once dominated. Angry, bitter-- perhaps, but still a gentleman who is going through a tough time. Funny that you should mention Gary Player as your example of a worthwhile golf ammbassador. Even the pristine Mr. Player has been labled a cheat in the past. Before you attack Mr. Ballesteros look into the reputations of others you hold in such high esteem and you may find similar claims.
2005-12-14 @ 11:19
Comment from: David Doig [Visitor]
has by far the best record of the young players today - 6 wins each on the PGA and European Tours- 14 or 15 worldwide I think. No one else comses even close. However no majors yet - and on that score I wonder if Luke Donald won't beat him to the punch by winning a major first.Shaun O'Hair maybe. Sergio has to learn to close the deal in the last round of a major. It's a confidence thing. If he wins one he'll win more.
2005-12-25 @ 14:56
Comment from: rob [Visitor]
Hoyt , (is that really your name .....)
Seriously , Sevy needs to grow old gracefully i accept but you have to agree that very few if any of todays golfers could do what sevy could . Technology has put paid to that but just ask Nicklaus to name one of the greatest shots he had ever witnessed and Sevy's 3 wood out of a bunker in i think a Ryder Cup comes very near the top . The man represents something very rareley seen any more and thats why golf is the loser . Trevino is another who fits the category , fantastic imagination and a huge array of different shots . The list is very short and now in the modern era almost exstinct !
2006-01-14 @ 16:23
Comment from: Tom Halpin [Visitor]
I saw Seve being beaten by Ernie Els in matchplay at Wentworth some years ago. Biggest gallery of the day, of course, for Seve. A real giant of the game and I doubt if he was American this petty article (by someone who may just about be qualified to shine Seves shoes) would even be written.
2006-01-23 @ 11:37
Comment from: Haleyes [Visitor]
I'm a freelance writer who lives across the river from Augusta. I've been fortunate enough to attend every Masters, usually three or four days, since 1964. About writing and Seve: I've never seen the need to write desparaging articles [like Mr. Carey's] about people, especially if I had next-to-no evidence to back it up. For one quick point, I saw all three days of the '91 Ryder Cup, and I'm quite sure that at least half of any excessive gamesmanship during Seve's carreer came from the American players. About golf: I was 13 in 1964, sitting on the 18th at Augusta as Arnie was welcomed home by his Army in his final victory here. I thrilled throughout my early teens at his slashing, daring style. Arnie tired, but then came Seve. I will never forget one shot ... #17, Friday, 1980. Seve hit a duck hook drive that struck into the hill in front of #7 green. Tom Kite and his partner had to wait to putt. But instead of chipping out to the fairway, Seve was looking up, way up, from below one of the steepest slopes on the course over some of the tallest pines in Georgia. He lashed at that ball, flew the pines, and came to rest a yard from the pin, and of course made birdie. Kite went into the media tent and told the reporters, "Boys. This is over." If I knew anything about his personal life, I wouldn't think it news for me to write, but Seve was the most exciting golfer of my generation.
2006-01-27 @ 15:33
Comment from: Jack Nicklaus [Visitor]
Seve was better than me.
2006-01-31 @ 08:33
Comment from: 恒温恒湿箱 [Visitor]
2006-03-31 @ 20:30
Comment from: Simon [Visitor]
To David Singer; How can you call Phil Mickelson (not Michelson!) bland? Before you jump to conclusions I will tell you that I am not American, I'm English, and I also love Monty. But I am a huge Phil Mickelson simply because he is the exact opposite of bland. He plays the most exciting golf of anyone right now, he is the most fan-friendly player around (and I speak from experience having followed him several times). He is also enthralling in post-round interviews, polite yet honest unlike other pros who say exactly what you expect.
As far as the Seve-Sergio debate, I am too young to remember Seve's heyday so I cant comment on his behaviour and demeamour. His record speaks for itself against Garcia but I do believe the author was comparing personality, not ability. However, Garcia is not the most perfect of professionals and has been known to ruffle some feathers in his short career.
2006-04-04 @ 17:16
Comment from: Joe Turner [Visitor]
...surely you have better things to do with your life....?? Hint: Try writing about something you know about...
2006-05-06 @ 19:11
Comment from: Lyn Hall [Visitor] Email
I just think when players cough in backswings (not just once either) Seve's been noted as doing it several times..what kind of goodwill ambassador is that? That, to me, is cheating.. I'm sorry he has to deal with the brain cancer but as for his integrity, he could use a few lessons from Phil Mickelson - now there is a guy that is just pure classy!
2010-08-11 @ 10:56

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