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Railing against Pebble's price hike

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Next week at this time, we'll all reminisce about the days when you could play Pebble Beach for under $400. Ah, those were the days. In and out for just $395.Starting Friday, the Pebble Beach Company implements price hikes at each of its four courses b… more »

In defense of the Champions Tour

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Glad to see so many readers respond to Chris Baldwin's rant against the Champions Tour. I thought I was going to be the only one baffled by his reasoning. Nobody's claiming the quality of the Champions Tour matches up with the regular Tour. Just take th… more »

Needed: 120-foot net in San Francisco

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Thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle, the city's Lincoln Park Golf Course is making news. Last week the paper highlighted the problem with the course's 7th hole, which borders 38th Ave., 39th Ave., and Clement Street. A 2 1/2-story fence is the only thi… more »

Reason to watch the LPGA

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Golf's next big rivalry is officially on. Two weeks ago in Hawaii, Michelle Wie finished 2nd, just two strokes behind the winner. Last week in Mexico City, Paula Creamer answered with a final-round 68, good enough to finish tied for sixth. As the LPGA n… more »

Match Play needs a facelift

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It almost makes too much sense, so it'll probably never happen. Even before we got the sleep-inducing final at last week's WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship, Phil Mickelson was thinking out loud about the event's future. "In my perfect world, I'd li… more »

Overshadowed in Tucson

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When Tiger, Phil and Vijay left the World Match Play Championship, so did millions of viewers. Here's hoping some of them switched over to the Chrysler Classic of Tucson. The tournament easily has the ugliest trophy in all of sports, but don't hold that… more »

Nissan's tank only half-full

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Good article in today's LA Times about Nissan's frustration with last weekend's shortened PGA Tour event. Apparently Nissan wasn't real happy about having to pay the full $4.8 million in prize money for a 36-hole tournament. Can't say I blame them. Th… more »

Newest 'Dream Job' is a nightmare

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There have been a lot of bad reality shows, but the new season of "Dream Job" on espn might be the worst. Auditioning five former NBA players - all names have been omitted here to protect the innocent - for an analyst job sounds like a good idea. Instead… more »

Nowhere to hide for Duval

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In 1999, David Duval was the world's top-ranked player. By 2003, he'd dropped to 211th on the money list, making only four cuts in 20 starts. Last year, he entered only nine tournaments, including the U.S. Open, where he missed the cut after shooting 83-… more »

Two picks to click at Pebble

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If we've learned anything from the PGA Tour's West Coast Swing, it's that wins are going to be hard to come by for the little guy. I fully expect this year's list of winners to be dominated by Singh, Woods, Mickelson and Els, with the occasional appearan… more »

Golfweek's annoying obsession

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I generally enjoy reading Golfweek, but I just don't get the magazine's new obsession with outgoing LPGA commish Ty Votaw. Forget that the selection firm hasn't been chosen yet and Votaw isn't going anywhere until the end of the year. Already we're gett… more »

Vijay's charitable ways

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Wasn't too long ago that Vijay Singh was Public Enemy No.1 among golf writers/announcers. In the past year, however, I've certainly come around on the world's top player. The more you learn about the guy, the more you understand where he's coming from. H… more »

Today's Sign of the Apocalypse

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With apologies to Sports Illustrated, today's Sign of the Apocalypse: According to Yahoo and Google, the names dominating the top search terms for 2004 were Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and Pamela Anderson. Paris Hilton was second on bo… more »

Like a Rolling Stone

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If you're like me, it's been years since you picked up a copy of Rolling Stone magazine. But the recent issue listing its 500 best songs of all time was well worth a second look. As always, online beats the hard copy. Visit the Rolling Stone site and y… more »

Sorenstam an easy choice

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It's been a solid month for the Associated Press (AP), which last week told the BCS to take its system(?) and stuff it. Essentially, the AP told the BCS to stop using its poll. Bravo. The move doesn't automatically fix college football, but it's a start… more »
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