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Tiger Woods laid off from Buick

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Even the world's richest and most recognized athlete isn't immune to the economic downtown. Yep, Tiger Woods got his pink slip from General Motors. GM and Tiger released a statement saying it was "mutual" that Woods' endorsement deal was done, but come o… more »

Perfect golf books for the holidays or a long winter

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It's been a busy year for golf publishers. I've probably gotten more than 50 new golf books within the past 6-8 months to read-review. Good for my game but bad for the books, many have been gathering dust on my shelf while I've been out chasing that li… more »

A new winter workout -- Wii golf!

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I've made it clear in previous posts how much I hate indoor golf ranges. I've found a better place to work on my swing this winter ... in front of the Wii in my basement. Wii golf is so much better than Tiger Woods golf on Xbox or Playstation. It's i… more »

Booze, golf and Republicans don't mix post-election

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Funny thing happened on the golf course today, the day after our historic election. I ran into a drunk republican. Seems he needed a bit of the sauce to stomach the next four years with Barack Obama and the Democratic-led Senate and House. It was one… more »

Golf on Election day? How irresponsible!

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I'm amazed that the stereotype lives on, that golf is a socially irresponsible sport. I saw a local newspaper voter guide that showed a golfer being dragged off the golf course to go vote. What's the message there, that golfers don't vote? Can't we l… more »

Simply select where you want to play, find a tee time deal, and golf now!

Dates: November 1, 2015 - December 31, 2016
Lodging at the Albany Hotel St. Andrews for 5 nights, plus 3 rounds of golf at the St. Andrews New Course, Panmure, and Crail Balcomie Links, plus the St. Andrews Old Course (ballot option)! Option to book additional or alternative golf is available. The Old Course round is subject to a successful ballot entry and is not included in the price. Trip includes auto-transmission, self-drive minivan. A Carr Golf Travel executive will assist in booking caddies, restaurants, sight-seeing options, etc.
Price range: £795