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Come on. Admit it. You've whiffed before. Right?

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I couldn't help but stare at the ball in disbelief. Had it jumped mid-swing? Did I close my eyes? Did my club suddenly grow a half-inch? Those are the only logical explanations I have for what happened today on the golf course. I whiff… more »

Tehama brand keeps golfers feeling, looking cool

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Anything associated with Clint Eastwood has to be hip, right? Mr. Dirty Harry loves golf and it shows in his sportswear clothing line, Tehama, which he co-founded in 1997 with Nancy Haley. Just in time for Father's Day, Tehama has announced a new… more »

Ballkeeper another great Father's Day gift

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Here's the ultimate Father's Day gift: Why not take dad to a golf course he'll remember the rest of his life? A round at Pebble Beach ... wow! An 18-hole stroll at the Ocean course at Kiawah Island ... sublime. A 36-hole day (with caddies of co… more »

Dad could use a great Father's Day golf book

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Father's Day gifts are hard to buy. Dads are tough to buy for in the first place. They don't collect hundreds of knicknacks (junk) for the home that moms love. And Father's Day doesn't call for hugely expensive gifts that Christmas and birthdays… more »

What's wrong with playing from the white tees?

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I'm about to turn 37 in August. In golf years, that means I'm about 1,000. I've taken so many swings I'm surprised I'm not a complete amputee. My back aches every day. My tennis (golf) elbow starts burning about the third hole. Before every round… more »
Young Harris Golf Packages
Dates: April 17, 2018 - August 31, 2018
Traditional Golf Packages at Brasstown Valley Resort.
Price range: $269