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In response to: Shop for your next holiday gift at Stonehouse Publishing, the home of great golf art and the new book, Green Glory

Steve Hayes [Visitor]
Jason, hope all is well. Came across this article and wanted you to know that w are sold out of Green Glory. How about giving us a shoot out on our Desk Caddies for the holiday gifts. Glad to send you a sample. Hope to here from you, Steve
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In response to: AriZona launches "Golden Bear" lemonade drinks with Jack Nicklaus

Gail Ford [Visitor]
This is the best drink I've tasted since regular lemonade but I can't seem to find it in the stores anywhere.
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In response to: Cancun and the Riviera Maya delivers a fun, safe golf vacation in Mexico

Bob Gordon [Visitor]
Vacationing in Mexico is fun and safe - just be smart and go to the mainstream tourist areas. You know, when I was a college kid, the hot US beach was Ft. Lauderdale. Visit there now and it is old timers and Navy bars. Not college friendly at all. Just important to research what is currently the thing you are seeking and you should have a very fun, safe visit to Mexico
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In response to: Cancun and the Riviera Maya delivers a fun, safe golf vacation in Mexico

Michael Morshower [Visitor]
This is indeed a great golf vacation! Cancun seems like an amazing place to play golf! This is so on my list!
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In response to: Find the fun -- and the future of golf -- at your local par-3 course

Pete [Visitor]
For the ultimate when playing the shorter course try the new Hybrid golf ball, developed for Quick, Convenient & Less Frustrating golf.
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In response to: Dr. David Cook releases the book, Johnny's U.S. Open: Golf's Sacred Journey 2

James Huber [Visitor]
I read the first book then saw the movie then went to Utopia and spent 3 days with Dr. Cook and since then read the sequel. My golf handicap has come down from a 10 to a 6, my business has improved, my relationships with friends and family is stronger because of the lessons we as readers can learn from Dr. Cook and the books. I am so thankful and am now looking forward to spending 3 more days with Dr. Cook in Nebraska next month. You should come to one of his retreats.
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In response to: New halfway house adds charm to the Carrick Golf Course at Cameron House in Scotland

Wes Bolyard [Visitor]
Jason, You missed out on a fun experience. Just enough water to make you nervous and great elevation change and views on the back 9. Do play when you get the chance and try for another hole-in-one! Wes
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In response to: Play golf in Las Vegas -- and explore some cool off-course adventures -- with new summer packages from Walters Golf

otisdelarosa [Visitor]
Las Vegas is really a great place! Been there once for a golf vacation with my Uncle, and indeed, I was in love by the place! Really worth coming back!
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In response to: Win a free trip to Scotland to stay and play at Turnberry Resort with Carr Golf Travel

chris kondor [Visitor]
wish me luck
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In response to: Experience planes, trains and automobiles -- and maybe even a hole-in-one -- on a golf trip to Scotland's West Coast

Chuck McDonough [Visitor]

Congrats on your hole-in-one and your good fortune of a week in Scotland with little wind and generous amounts of sunshine. I don't know which event is more unlikely.

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In response to: There's something magical about golf in Machrihanish in Scotland

otisdelarosa [Visitor]
MACHRIHANISH, Scotland is so beautiful place, but it's kinda far far from my hometown, and it takes a lot of money to go there. Still, this will be included of my must see golf destinations. : )
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In response to: Win a free trip to Scotland to stay and play at Turnberry Resort with Carr Golf Travel

otisdelarosa [Visitor]
This is great! I will try my luck here,who knows? I maybe the lucky one.. : )
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In response to: Play more - and walk more courses -- with

mrmhendrix [Visitor]
Jason- can we follow you on Twitter?
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In response to: Golf Magazine gives Walters Golf in Las Vegas the seal of approval

feonica martinez [Visitor]
Bali Hai is amazingly beautiful. Really, it's like place in heaven. So amazed by the place.
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In response to: Go classic - and classy - with Bobby Jones golf apparel

San Diego Golf [Visitor]
I love Bobby Jones, A real classy. Apparels are so hot! Wish I could have those. I wonder how much does it cost? It's so good for gift present for dad's.
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In response to: Beauty abounds, inside and out, at the St. Regis Princeville Resort on Kauai

San Diego Golf [Visitor]
Wow! The place is stunningly beautiful! Place is so classy and I love it! This will be one of my must see place.
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In response to: Hate slow play? lets you book early tee times to play faster

San Diego Golf [Visitor]
It's wonderful! Agree that slowplay is so irritating! I can't afford to play in long hours because of work. And thanks to Theres no more reasons for golfers not to play.
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In response to: Unlikely Champions Tour star Roger Chapman returns to Michigan, the site of his two senior majors

San Diego Golf Course [Visitor]
Roger Chapman is my dad's idol. Didn't realized how good he is,well.he really is! looking forward to see more on his games. :)
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In response to: Blown away -- literally -- by my first impressions of Scotland at Gullane Golf Club along the 'Golf Coast' in East Lothian

San Diego Golf Course [Visitor]
Gullane Golf Club looks good. I think it will be the next golf course destination in my list. :)
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In response to: Go big at the Barefoot Resort & Golf in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Disdain Slowplay [Visitor]
Played last month for the first time. Now will boycott the place. Double teeing guarantees 4.5+ hour round of golf. Had to wait over half hour at the turn. Not gonna happen again. If the "go big" in the title of the blog refers to the length of time it takes to play here, I wholeheartedly agree.
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In response to: The Midwest golf season is finally open for business

golf Trip [Visitor]
MIdwest golf season is finally open for business,that's a great news. I should tell my dad to have our trip scheduled.
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In response to: Myrtle Beach should be every golfer's spring trip of choice during Masters weekend

Jose M Fernandez [Visitor]
Great resort, $ golf courses and home of the Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy
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In response to: Reflecting upon my recent golf journey to New Zealand

Golf Vacation Packages [Visitor]
New Zealand is really such a beautiful place to visit. All you wish to do is there. A nice place to bond with the family. A long hours of air travel is still worth it.
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In response to: Techies will love that Golfnow and GolfLogix have joined forces

Golf Vacation Packages [Visitor]
golfnow and golflogix really help those golfers to find interesting course they want to play. Aside that they can book more easily, it also provides opportunity for the golfers to enjoy within their budget.
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In response to: Go big at the Barefoot Resort & Golf in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Golf Vacation Packages [Visitor]
woow,the place is very wide and beautiful. No wonder,this is perfect place for celebrities to enjoy.
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In response to: Furry friends from Daphne's Headcovers add personality, charm to any golf bag

Jane Spicer [Visitor]
Jason, thank you very much for writing about Daphne's Headcovers and some of my journey! Best wishes, Jane
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In response to: Bridgestone's new e series of golf balls could be a fantastic fit for your game

brad [Visitor]
Bridgestone have always been a great ball.
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In response to: The trio of Salish Cliffs, Chambers Bay and The Home Course create an emerging golf destination south of Seattle in the Pacific Northwest

Mitch [Visitor]
Just back from Chambers Bay and The Home Course. Both are wonderful. CB is a links course with no pseudo. Sure Pacific waves instead of Puget Sound's placid waters would be great, but it's Bandonesque in every other way. HC is my personal favorite because it's somewhat linksy (but no water and it has more conventional fairways+greens) and you can putt and score on it. CB is hard to putt - almost everyone has 3 and 4 putts there until they get the feel (and that is tough to do). HC's fairways are almost as springy and a low, Scottish-style game is definitely in order. HC will just get better every year and deserves mention with CB, Gold Mountain, Washington National, Newcastle and other stars in the NW sky. You can't go wrong.
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In response to: Reflecting upon my recent golf journey to New Zealand

Chuck McDonough [Visitor]

Your columns confirm that New Zealand will be on my bucket list of golf travel destinations. I have thoroughly enjoyed previous trips to Ireland and Scotland but your reviews of New Zealand confirm it is a remarkable place for golf.
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In response to: A study in golf course architecture on New Zealand's North Island: Why Tom Doak gets it

Jason Scott [Member]
Alister. I hardly ran out of balls. I only had time to play the back nine and I drove the entire front nine, taking pictures and watching players tackle the course. I've seen enough courses around the world -- 600 - to form an educated opinion. Plus, I spent time at length interviewing the head professional Tom Long. I think my point is valid: Kinloch is too difficult to leave visitors with a strong first impression. It is a members course ... and as such ... those who play it multiple times will get more enjoyment out of it.

And I don't get the sensitive nature of those defending Kinloch. I gave it much praise. Its layout is strong and beautiful. You are nitpicking my every word. It's a great course, one of the top five in New Zealand, and I'd love to return for a second look.
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In response to: A study in golf course architecture on New Zealand's North Island: Why Tom Doak gets it

Alistair Tod [Visitor]

I struggle with the title of your piece, and also the finish of it. You are clearly a Tom Doak fan, as I am, yet I get the feeling that you are implying that you are in fact a Nicklaus fan also, by steering people to your "good" Nicklaus articles....yet you've had a pretty good left-field swipe at Kinloch here (which incidentally many see as one of Jack Nicklaus' finest designs to date).

I do love the fact that golf offers and opens up so much debate about golf course architecture, however it does interest me when I see it come from someone who only played 9 holes of a golf course. Clearly you did not have the time to enjoy the full Kinloch experience...? Had you run out of ammunition? That happens...!

Now, you say that Doak "gets it". That implies that Nicklaus doesn't. You need to understand the context of what the brief was for both architects. Nicklaus was asked to design a members "Championship" layout which would be enjoyed by members for years to come. Kinloch definitely does not benefit from a single round there, and does often defeat people, but I would disagree with you saying that happens endlessly. Once you are familiar with the layout and the variety it offers, it is one of the finest challenges in world golf. That is why there is a great emphasis on visitors to have at least 2 rounds to fully benefit from playing there (discounted green fees for subsequent rounds).

Tom Doak on the other hand had a brief to design a stunningly spectacular, playable course as part of a complex to be enjoyed by all visiting golfers in particular for guests staying at The Farm at Cape Kidnappers. And that he did.

I personally love both courses - they offer a completely different set of challenges and are incomparable on the same piece of paper.

So, please, if you are going to bag a designer or his design without having fully experienced it or grasped it, then it really should be saved for your private journals.

However, saying that, there is not a lot wrong with creating "polarity", since debate in the clubhouse after a round is what we love to look forward to...!

Finally, I will say that your statement of : "This is not Nicklaus v Doak" - in my view has made it such... I too, respect your opinion - you said you weren't playing very well, and it has always been recognised that to enjoy Kinloch, you are advised to bring your "A" game!

I hope that next time you visit New Zealand, you find the time to return to Kinloch to be able to experience it for all its glory, as part of a fantastic piece of the New Zealand golfing jigsaw that offers some of the worlds greatest golf courses.

Incidentally - if you could make a few "minor" tweaks to Kinloch as you call them, what would the two at the top of your list be...?
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In response to: A study in golf course architecture on New Zealand's North Island: Why Tom Doak gets it

dyakimec [Visitor]
I lived in NZ for two years and only played Cape Kidnappers because of the good job Doak did at Pacific Dunes. In all honesty, I wasn't overly impressed with the course. Yes, there are some great views to be had but where in NZ don't you have spectacular views. Give me a round at any of the following, Wairakei, Int'l, Poverty Bay GC, Formosa CC or Ngamotu Links.
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In response to: A study in golf course architecture on New Zealand's North Island: Why Tom Doak gets it

Jason Scott [Member]
Dave, I respect your opinion. This story has nothing to do with my interview with Doak. And I would agree that Kauri Cliffs and Jacks Point are possibly (maybe even probably) better than Cape. Six handicappers like you will love Kinloch. For the 90 percent of the rest of us, however, it will defeat us endlessly. For the record, I still believe Kinloch is magic and with a few minor tweaks would be a course among the best in the world.
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In response to: A study in golf course architecture on New Zealand's North Island: Why Tom Doak gets it

Dave Langmuir [Visitor]
As a 6 handicapper having played both Kinloch and Cape Kidnappers last year whilst visiting from the US , I couldn't disagree with you more. Kinloch is a fantastic golf course with no weak holes whereas I would almost place a wager that Cape Kidnappers is not one of Tom Doak's proudest layouts ! Kidnappers has several unmemorable golf holes and a number of green complexes that are like camels backs. Kauri Cliffs and Jacks Point along with Kinloch in my opinion trump Cape Kidnappers. It's great that opinions on golf courses can be so vastly different but I wonder if your interview with Tom Doak played a part in your review ?? I doubt my comments will be posted but NZ top 3 would be... 1. Kauri Cliffs
2. Kinloch and 3. Jacks point. The layout and scenery of 'The Hills' in Queenstown would make it number 4 but personally I would even rank Paraparaumu and Wairakei above Cape Kidnappers and the both of those you can play for a fraction of the price of Kidnappers.
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In response to: Ocean Club Resorts in Turks & Caicos honored by Travel + Leisure magazine

Cheap Tee Times [Visitor]
Ocean Club Resorts in Turks is an eye catching place for travelers as for golfers.
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In response to: Gauging Phil Mickelson's golf legacy after a near-59, a tale of almosts and what ifs

Jason Scott [Member]
I hope you are correct. I'm rooting for a couple more majors for Phil.
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In response to: Gauging Phil Mickelson's golf legacy after a near-59, a tale of almosts and what ifs

ms [Visitor]
What Phil has accomplished in the Tiger era has been incredible. He's had plenty of near misses but that's just golf. I could still see him winning two or three more majors especially given his astounding record at Augusta. He still has at least five more years of great golf ahead of him.
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In response to: Cap Cana, Roco Ki golf developments in the Dominican Republic face uncertain futures

Lau [Visitor]
There are a lot of angry people and this mammoth development is falling apart.
The elite of the DR use this as their party ground while the rest of us see our money defrauded and stolen from us. No one should go to CapCana until they return our money or finish our paid in full villas. See golf capcana blog
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In response to: Looking for a new Orlando theme park? Try The Orange Lake Resort, a Holiday Inn Club Vacations golf getaway in Kissimmee, Florida

jelly andrews [Visitor]
The images really look great. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing these photos. I wish I could visit this place someday too.
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In response to: What golf gear do you want from Santa for Christmas?

Judy Felton [Visitor]
I saw this amazing club that can be adjusted. It really looks amazing and the functions are promising too. I think I want to try it out. It would be the best thing to ask even for a delayed Christmas present. :)
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In response to: The club life tastes great at the TPC River's Bend in Ohio

Tom Kottenstette [Visitor]
another great article that shows the true flavor of the course you are writing about. So happy you got a chance to experience our TPC!

see you on the course

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In response to: Aiming at water storage drums and avoiding roads: Just another day touring munis near Denver, Colorado

Ken Kreutzer [Visitor]
I sure enjoyed he day, glad you had a good trip.
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In response to: Nobody does amazing golf better than The American Club's four golf courses at Blackwolf Run and Whistling Straits in Wisconsin

Tom (TK) Kottenstette [Visitor]
Great article, made me feel like I was there with you! TK
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In response to: Two southwest Florida stalwarts -- Old Corkscrew and Tiburon -- honored by Golf Magazine

myers cocktail in Florida [Visitor]
nice stuff with nice updates.
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In response to: Two southwest Florida stalwarts -- Old Corkscrew and Tiburon -- honored by Golf Magazine

Katharine [Member]
If you want less angst — less roll off into the wetlands from what looked like a pretty good fairway shot when the ball left the tee— play Raptor Bay located near Old Corkscrew. It has the same kind of wildlife, same natural beauty but does not beat you up.
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In response to: Travel back in time at the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort in Pennsylvania's Poconos Mountains

Wayne Tillman [Visitor]
Jason. Kevin Dern and I told you how much you would enjoy Shawnee. We enjoyed being your playing partners at Great Gorge as well. I'll continue to look for your future articles. Call me anytime you return to New Jersey.
PermalinkPermalink 08/07/12 @ 05:40

In response to: Is Tom Doak ready to shoot off his cannon, criticizing the world's best courses again, in the followup to his book, The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses?

Brandon Tucker [Visitor]
The easiest way to get a copy on the Confidential Guide, besides paying big bucks on Ebay for it, is to find it at Pinehurst's Tufts Archives:
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In response to: Carl's Golfland in Michigan building new club-fitting facility

Jonathan [Visitor]
I've been a customer of both stores for many a year and I know for a fact that Casey Baker never actually fit golf clubs post 2003. Cheers.
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In response to: The trio of Salish Cliffs, Chambers Bay and The Home Course create an emerging golf destination south of Seattle in the Pacific Northwest

Dan Shepherd [Visitor]
I have not played Chambers Bay. I have wonderful things about it, however, and it's on my bucket list. But I have played Salish Cliffs and The Home Course, and I have stayed at Little Creek Casino Resort, and I couldn't agree more with your assessment of those very fine places. Cheers, Jason!
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In response to: Touring undiscovered links golf courses in north and west Ireland like Donegal, County Sligo and Rosapenna is worth the trip

Jason Scott [Member]
I, too, was rooting for Padraig. As a whole, our weather for the week was grand, spotted with a shower or two here or there. Actually, the tournament site at Portrush got the worst of it.
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