David Feherty learning the new rules the hard way?

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David Feherty, golf analyst and my personal favorite funnyman, is finding himself in a tub o' hot water due to his latest column written for a Dallas local magazine, opining on his new neighbors, George and Laura Bush. The line in question? From… more »

What men can learn from the ladies

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So I went out today for my first 18-hole round in quite a while. Knowing that I was in it for the long haul and also knowing that I would be playing with some ladies from my club, I arrived a half hour early and started warming up at the range. This i… more »

What's so great about the Mercedes Championship?

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This weekend marks the Mercedes Championship, official opener for the 2009 PGA Tour season. But I know what you're thinking: With Tiger Woods' knee issues keeping him out of the field, there's not much point in tuning in just yet. So I offer you… more »

JP Hayes: The most honest golfer in the world? Or just plain crazy?

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A few years ago I penned a column opining on the primary difference between male and female golfers. In my view, it's pretty simple: men cheat more. In light of recent events concerning one J.P. Hayes, I take it all back. If you've been living unde… more »

The ladies locker room wish list

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(This one's for you, UK Wendy) So... my golf club is revamping their locker rooms, and the ladies were asked: what would you like in your locker rooms? Being busy and frankly, a little lazy (hence the frequency of my latest posts), I got as far a… more »

Here we go again... Michelle Wie, at the top of the leaderboard, gets DQ'd from State Farm Classic

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The British Open is drawing all the attention this weekend, so golf fans can be forgiven for missing what was a pretty major story at the LPGA State Farm Classic. Once again, Michelle Wie found herself disqualified. Her error this time was the sin of… more »

My second ball is a scratch golfer

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You've heard people make the claim before, I'm sure. After a bad shot, they hit another one "just for practice," and rather than be happy with the results of their second, perfect shot that lands two feet from the pin, they just get bitter. I found my… more »

This week's Sybase Classic: a rubber match for Lorena Ochoa and Annika Sorenstam?

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With news of Annika's imminent retirement from professional golf, chances to see her go head to head with Lorena Ochoa are lessening with every tournament. Last weekend at the Michelob Ultra Open, it was looking like a heated battle as the two players… more »

Annika Sorenstam says: no more golf for me, thanks, I'm done

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Big news in the golf world: Annika Sorenstam announced this afternoon that she's planning to "step away from competitive golf" after this season. Wow and wow. Sorenstam has achieved pretty much every honor known to pro golf. The Hall of Famer has won… more »

Annika Sorenstam and Lorena Ochoa neck and neck at the Michelob Ultra Open

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Take a look at the leaderboard at the Michelob Ultra Open, and you might think you're looking at the Rolex Women's World Golf Rankings. The world's two best women golfers are currently leading the pack, with Annika at 12 under, Lorena three strokes be… more »

Annika Sorenstam takes advantage of Paula Creamer's mistakes and Lorena Ochoa's absence to win her 71st victory

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Annika Sorenstam edged out Paula Creamer in a one-hole sudden death playoff to pick up her 71st victory today at the Stanford International Pro-Am, her second win of the season. After Thursday's first round, Sorenstam called the course "silly tough."… more »

Lorena Ochoa wins four in a row; stands poised to make golf history

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Lorena Ochoa showed she's perfectly capable of a come-from-behind win this weekend at the Ginn Open. Entering the weekend a stroke behind rookie Yani Tseng, she went seven under on Saturday, three under on Sunday to make up all the ground she needed and… more »

Breaking news: Lorena Ochoa not in the lead at the Ginn Open--for now, anyway

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After winning four of her five tournaments this season, it's getting to the point where the big news isn't when Lorena Ochoa is ahead, but when she's not. "It's nice to be a few shots behind," Ochoa said yesterday after her second round at the Ginn Op… more »

While Tiger Woods grinds at the Masters, Lorena Ochoa enters Corona Championship final round with a seven stroke lead

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I don't really need to write the rest of this blog, you got the main dope right there in the headline. That's right, Lorena Ochoa shot three consecutive 66s and is entering the final round of the Corona Championship with a seven-stroke lead over curre… more »

Tiger Woods and Lorena Ochoa: Will we see two Grand Slams this year?

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Sports writers love a good storyline. And in the world of golf, the storyline this season has been "Will Tiger win the Grand Slam?" Personally, I think we might see not just one Grand Slam this year, but two. That's right, two Grand Slams. One for… more »
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