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Will Michelle Wie be the next Anna Kournikova?

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My fellow bloggers have been talking a lot lately about Michelle Wie and her sponsor exemptions. Should she get them? Should she accept them? Is it nothing more than a publicity stunt? Yada yada yada. Well maybe it is nothing more than a publicity stu… more »

The Big Break III: We have a winnah!

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If The Big Break III were American Idol, Pam would've cleaned Danielle's clock. But it?s not American Idol, it?s golf, which is decided on the course, not as a popularity contest. Too bad, because Pam?s pretty popular. And Barbie isn?t. Bu… more »

Mrs. Smith goes to Pinehurst

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Ever have a guy give you the news about a friend?s new baby? Here?s what he?ll say: ?hey, the baby was born.? If you?re lucky you?ll find out if it was a boy or a girl. Here?s what a girlfriend would tell you: the baby?s gender, name… more »

Let sleeping golf gods lie

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Forgive me, golf gods, for I have sinned. The other day I was playing golf with my long-suffering husband. Most unexpectedly, I was en fuego. I opened with a bogey, nothing special. But then came a par. Then out of the blue, a birdie. Followed by b… more »

Retief Goosen, I hardly knew ye

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Retief Goosen has officially broken my heart. MSNBC reports that he has joined the ranks of Vijay Singh and Greg Norman in decrying sponsor exemptions from PGA Tour events for women. He?s quoted as saying, ?If they qualify for the tournament,… more »

The Big Break III: good versus ...annoying

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It?s not too late to catch the finale of The Golf Channel?s The Big Break III: Ladies Only. If you haven?t been paying attention, here?s the rundown so far. Ten ladies, each vying for a spot on the LPGA tour, compete against each other each week,… more »

How to shave 13 strokes in 2 days

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After a painfully long winter break (this is North Carolina, and although we talk about being able to play year-round, we don?t really mean it), I took my golf game off the shelf, dusted it off, and took it out on the course. That was two weeks ago.… more »

Is DiMarco the new Mickelson?

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Phil didn?t pass the green jacket on to Chris DiMarco, but perhaps he did pass on the epithet, Best Player Never to Win a Major. What are the qualifications to hold that title, anyway? Surely DiMarco is at least in the running. Check out these stat… more »

Masters Moments

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Or, Dress Codes, Mis-Hits, and Man-Boobs Much discussion took place at the Masters Cookout Party I attended Sunday over Tiger?s choice of final-round golfwear. Correct me if I?m wrong, but doesn?t Augusta National, like most country clubs, have… more »

A Blog on a Blog

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A year ago I didn?t know what a blog was. Now has asked me to start one of my own. As any golf writer would be, I?m delighted to join TG?s blogosphere and lend my two cents to the topic of the day. So where to begin? First, we sta… more »
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