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Comment from: Maxine [Visitor]
You are so right on the money.
Good Luck Pam! Your comments were
so perfectly how I feel.
04/21/05 @ 17:24
Comment from: Bill [Visitor]
Agreed. It seems that Danielle would pontificate about her skill at every challenge then hit a shot that resembled my poor efforts. Go Pam!
04/21/05 @ 19:59
Comment from: mistermo [Visitor]
I think that Danielle may be bit of a egomaniac. But she has shown how good her golf game can be. So i hope that she can take home the gold.
04/24/05 @ 16:42
Comment from: Robert [Visitor]
Danielle has rubbed some of the other players the wrong way. She seems to think that she is all that. On the first few episodes, I thought she was just another good looking wannabee blonde. But as the show went on her real golf abilities started to show. That is why I hope she wins the competition.
04/24/05 @ 16:52
Comment from: rc [Visitor]
BB3 has given us something of interest on TGC aside from Tiger Phil and Vijay..... okay..and Daly.
The program is great for the game..and certainly has created a strong following.... even with some non golfers I know.
Perhaps someone forgot to clue Danielle in on the fact she is on national TV. Everytime her mouth opens...it seems she would be better suited for The Jerry Springer Show. On the chance that she should somehow continue to fluke her way through and win this (hey she was done about 4 times already) who could possibly stomach playing with that twit on tour??

For the good of the game...please end our misery and win this with style Pam.
04/25/05 @ 04:18
Comment from: Brad [Visitor]
I like Danielle...she's hot!
04/25/05 @ 09:37
Comment from: Will [Visitor]
Sure I tune in to watch Danielle. I'm just as shallow as the next guy. But it's a trade off. Somebody get the hook for the hosts! Those two make the stiffs that announce European broadcasts sound like Feherety and McCord.
04/25/05 @ 17:18
Comment from: Marsha Magol [Visitor]
Danielle says what is on her mind. I like her desire, intensity and mental toughness. I hope she wins.
04/25/05 @ 17:23
Comment from: DA [Visitor]
Nobody likes a confident woman golfer with a great golf game.
04/26/05 @ 00:03
Comment from: Conan [Visitor]
Danielle seems to be convinced that everyone has a problem with her image and her looks, yet to my knowledge she is the only one who has even mentioned that aspect of her on the show ... it seems shes the only one making an issue out of her looks ! and she has nothing to worry about in that department !

the mark of a truly confident person is someone who proves what they have to prove to themselves and doesn't ram it down everyone elses throat !
04/26/05 @ 06:55
Comment from: Taz [Visitor]
I am really tired of listening to Barbie promote herself verbally. I agree with Pam....let the sticks and your game do your promoting. I think it is time for Danielle to put up or shut up....and I sure hope that Pam shuts her up!
04/26/05 @ 08:34
Comment from: Harkers Boy [Visitor]
I hope Barbie gets the shanks...what a jerk!
04/26/05 @ 10:14
Comment from: dave [Visitor]
Hey Danielle you can show your skill and your confidence in other ways instead of outright bragging about every aspect of your game maybe if you took those fake contacts out you could see things more clearly. Anything else fake you would like to declare?GO PAM!
04/26/05 @ 10:50
Comment from: JB [Visitor]
I must admit that I've been watching every episode with more interest. In my opinion, Danielle speaks her mind and tries to view her game in the most positive ways. Some might consider that bragging but so what. Pam on the other handseemed timid at times, but also very petty and spiteful. The replacement of Danielle's ball mark and the thing with waiting for her to address her put before conceding was immature and rude. Pam lost a lot of her charm with that crap. Of course Danielle could have been doing similar stuff but the cameras didn't show it. Congrats to Danielle for winning.
04/26/05 @ 23:16
Comment from: Passing Through [Visitor]
Danielle's complaints about everyone having a problem with her looks wouldn't be near as hollow if she dressed differently. Got a little tired of her saying how great every aspect of her game was as well. Truly a legend in her own mind.

I too was rooting for Pam, disappointed she didn't win. My bet for who makes an LPGA cut first? Pam by a long shot. Give her another year or two with a good teacher.
04/27/05 @ 07:39
Comment from: cindy [Visitor]
Giving the ladies a chance at Big Break was great - but the whining and back stabbing was too much. Our mute button got plenty of action. We were sorry to see Pam lose!
04/27/05 @ 07:56
Comment from: Gerry Hill [Visitor]
Perhaps those running this event could make it clear that Danielle's behavior is not allowed. I found it to be non professional and a slam against the golfing profession.
04/27/05 @ 08:13
Comment from: Bob [Visitor]
Wow! TGC really stooped on this one. I don't care if she has got game--she's a snipe. Women's golf (all golf, for that matter), doesn't need an individual like Danielle Amiee. The only saving grace is that the real women in the LPGA will eat this low-life alive. Her longevity on tour will last about as long as it takes to get from the parking lot to the locker room--and back!
04/27/05 @ 08:38
Comment from: PATTY [Visitor]
The only winner here is Pam.. Wait until someone like David Leadbetter gets a hold of her.. i think i would rather be the runner up and have people wanting to take me under their wings.... don't you think??? Danielle kept saying that she wanted everyone to treat her as a professional... well Danielle,, you have to dress like one first.. I definitely admit, she does have game that i would love to have....
04/27/05 @ 08:49
Comment from: Steve [Visitor]
Even though Danielle won in the end and it was mainly Pam's lack of experience that cost her the match, I still think Pam is the better player. She showed much more class during the match and didn't whine or huff when Danielle played by the rules.

Like Patty said, let a good teacher get a hold of Pam and watch what happens. I think Danielle may have some minor success on the LPGA tour but after a couple of years Pam is going to make it through Q-school and turn into a force on the tour and have a long and successful career.

I would also like to say that I think Danielle is jealous of Pam's natural talent. After all the girl has only been playing the game for 3 years and was not only good enough to make the show, but she showed was was good enough to win the whole thing.
04/27/05 @ 09:05
Comment from: Joanne [Visitor]
Danielle is abnoxious, unprofessional and down-right nasty. She IS a legend in her own mind. I hope the women in the LPGA tear her up!!! I was dissappointed that Danielle won, ANYONE BUT DANIELLE would have been preferred. Pam did very well and I look forward to seeing more of her in the future. Danielle couldn't bring herself to say positive things about anyone but herself (and that was constant-what an egomaniac). Even in the opening of the last show, the hosts asked Pam to tell about Danielle's strengths. Pam complimented Danielle's game, etc.. Then, Danielle was asked to tell about Pam's strengths and Danielle just could not bring herself to do that even when prompted. Instead, twice, she said, "we both do such and such..." She couldn't say anything poisitive about anyone except herself (over and over and over). She said her strong point was her long game, then she said it was her putting game, then she said...GIVE ME A BREAK! Danielle, check the air in those fake boobs girl I think you can use some in that head of yours. Go Cindy, Go Valeria, Go Pam, Go all you wonderful women, but go to He-- Danielle. I won't watch what she does from here on out and I won't buy from any sponsor of hers. I only watched hoping she'd get her clock cleaned. If this woman is 28 years old which is what she claims on her bio on the Golf Channel Website, how could she have all that experience that she claims to have? That woman looks to be over 40 for sure. What a fraud! The biggest issue for me is that the Big Break III allowed this nonsense. They should have said this will not be accepted and chill out or you are out. Any company who sponsored her will lose business from me and many others women who appreciate decent, respectful, good women golfers!
04/27/05 @ 09:42
Comment from: JOHN & DYAN [Visitor]
04/27/05 @ 11:10
Comment from: Rondi [Visitor]
While Danielle has a good golf game, she certainly missed the lecture on manners. Her snide remarks and catty ways will not serve her well as a professional. I certainly hope that when she gets to the LPGA she gets knocked off her high horse. What a bad attitude. In my opinion she was jealous that Pam has natural talent and she had to work so many years to get her game where it stands today. I would rather play with the worst golfer in the world than set foot on a course with that woman. Her behavior is inexcusable!
04/27/05 @ 11:34
Comment from: Ivory [Visitor]
I truly believe that Danielle's unfortunate comments are predicated on things that have been said or done to her in the past. And, probably by the same type of women on this show to whom her comments are directed. Experiences and interactions has an influence on who we become. Cindy, the consumate professional, is one of the ladies who has treated Danielle with dignity and as an equal...thus no questionable comments from Danielle in reference to Cindy. On the other hand, Pam has been overly sensitive, defensive, and unnecessarily combative. And we viewers have been feasting on this incredible display of poor sportsmanship and unprofessional conduct.
04/27/05 @ 11:36
Comment from: Bob Arnold [Visitor]
Even though Pam was 2 up early I told my wife that she wouldn't win because she is not an aggressive putter.If she was a good putter she would have been four-up before the turn and the outcome would have been different. It really didn't matter who won since neither lady could make a cut on the LPGA tour. Pam has great potential and a good teacher will bring it out. Daniel needs a shrink!
04/27/05 @ 12:36
Comment from: randy b [Visitor]
I was pulling so hard for Pam, just because she is a lady!
I don't watch the ladies play that often, but I enjoyed the Big BreakIII
I will be watching the LPGA tourney to see what excuses Barbie will have for not making the cut!
04/27/05 @ 13:14
Comment from: Don [Visitor]
I was rooting hard for Pam last nite.
Unfortunately she couldn't hang on.

Danielle managed to infuriate me at every turn - I just couldn't believe the catty, vengeful and egomanical things that she constantly spewing. It takes a lot for me to dislike someone - Danielle did it with ease despite being an incredible hottie!

On the other hand Pam is darn good looking in her own right. I was hooked on the whole series. Good stuff, GC. Bring back the ladies for BBV! (I also liked BB2 though.)

Great comments from others on the Danielle factor, like that chick on Survivor II - the babe we love to hate (Not really),
04/27/05 @ 13:35
Comment from: Stacy L. [Visitor]
It is amazing to me that even though Danielle won this competition, Pam has been the one asked to be on many of the Golf Channels shows. That says a lot for Pam. But let's face it, who could stand any more of Danielle? My gosh woman, let it go! I swear I thought she was pushing 40, not 28. The most discouraging thing about this, besides Pam losing, is that our young daughters love to play golf with their Daddy; so we have allowed them to watch some of the shows, what a horrible image Danieele displays for our daughters and all young golfers for that matter.
04/27/05 @ 14:13
Comment from: Paul [Visitor]
Someone was right about the moderators! all they did was state the bloody obvious.

Danielle would be called "the ugly American" anywhere else in the world, such odious self congratulation was a hideous display of over inflated ego.

Hope in a few years we'll see Pam competing against Anika and Michelle, and Danielle working as a Wal-Mart greeter
04/27/05 @ 14:24
Comment from: justaworm [Visitor]
You guys have to remember that what we see [with all "reality" shows] is exactly what the producers want us to see. The contestants are getting taped for hours upon hours on end and 99.99999% of what they say doesn't get aired. However, since the producers are trying to play Pam as the "fiesty underdog" and Danielle as the the "cocky whiner", we are only exposed to those comments.

These shows are all about ratings, and they are going to portray people however they want to get those ratings up. If you were filmed for 24 hours a day for a week or two, I would bet that anyone would have enough footage to portray you in 20 different ways. I garauntee neither one of those two girls are exactly like how they were made out to be. Think about that before you set out to burn reality contestants at the stake.

Anyway, congratulations to all the women for an interesting season.
04/27/05 @ 14:31
Comment from: Sue [Visitor]
Pam is immature and obnoxious and I am very happy she did not win. She needs to grow up and stop whining...
04/27/05 @ 14:42
Comment from: Karen [Visitor]
My husband and I have watched all the Big Breaks and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them, but especially Ladies Only. All the ladies had game. We really looked forward to Tuesday nights and are disappointed it's over. But mostly disappointed that Barbie won. Yes, she has good form and plays well, but by the end, I was so nauseated with her phony little girl voice and her phony boobs. I agree with previous comments that she needs to dress like a golfer if she thinks she's so professional. I have never heard any of the women on the LPGA be so cutting, rude and always telling the world how good they are. They let their game speak for itself. Pam did an exceptional job and I hope we see her somewhere on tour in the future (not Barbie, yuk!).
04/27/05 @ 15:31
Comment from: golffan [Visitor]
This is a golf competition and Danielle's got game, and proved it. ALL else falls to a second term. Although I rooted for Pam, I hope Danielle does really well.
04/27/05 @ 16:05
Comment from: PSDEXTER [Visitor]
04/27/05 @ 16:23
Comment from: Falli [Visitor]
I agee with the comments regarding Danielle about her being unprofessional. That aside, the girl has game. But the comments regarding her physical appearance has nothing to do with golf. But I was rooting for Liz and Pam.
04/27/05 @ 18:10
Comment from: DANEM [Visitor]
Too bad, all you women jealous of Danielle's looks. Danielle is RIGHT, when she says the other women were catty about her appearance. Where do you think the nickname "Barbie" came from? If you don't know, you must not have been watching all the shows.

And as for professionalism, how childish was it of Pam to intentionally wait until Danielle was over her putt to finally concede it?

And then she also intentionally bent down while Danielle was in her backswing, in plain view of Danielle. And Pam's answer to this?: "There is no way she could see me". Yeah, right. If Danielle couldn't see you, then how did she immediately know you did it?
While neither player was pleasant, Pam's expressions were downright ridiculous. It reminded me of a face my 7 year old daughter might make.
All in all though, both players played VERY good golf. But I think only Danielle (at least right now) has the guts it takes to play on the LPGA tour.
04/27/05 @ 18:19
Comment from: DA [Visitor]
Did ANYONE watch the horrendous, petty, immature manner that Pam conducted herself? She's got severs metal problems. What was with all the silly facial expressions? When Danielle asked Pam to repeat if her putt was good what was Pam's response? So immature. All Danielle was doing was trying to make sure she could pick up her ball without worrying that Pam would pitch a fit over a 10 inch putt like she had done on the previous hole. Granted the rules are specific regarding order of play, but having her replay a ten inch freaking putt is stupid!
04/27/05 @ 19:17
Comment from: monkaass [Visitor]
Danielle is the most catty, annoying, ditziest person i have ever seen. What a little bitch
04/27/05 @ 21:41
Comment from: glofer 43 [Visitor]
04/28/05 @ 02:58
Comment from: DC [Visitor]
Too bad TGC played up the "cat fight" theme instead of the actual golf game. Everyone wants to blame Danielle without wondering how much was taken out of context or even scripted in for ratings sake! Remember this is a TV show folks! Congratulations to the winner! All excuses aside, she played the best game.
04/29/05 @ 11:41
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]
I agree with DANEM, he had the only true remarks of all the comments here. Pam is a sore loser, she knew Danielle was a much better golfer from the start and she was jealous. Danielle made "ONE" comment about Pam being the weakest golfer, which she was, and it seems like most of you want to remember that. Look at everything Pam has done and said and them make a fair comparison between the two. Pam is a baby.

If you want to talk about luck, Pam was lucky to make it past the third show. There were several ladies more deserving than Pam. In my opinion Liz was probably the one best suited to challenge Danielle. A previous comment mentioned something about David Leadbetter helping Pam, I agree that it would help. However, if he choose to help someone like Liz on her short game, she could contend on the LPGA.

Pam has played to events since the show on the Futures tour, one she shot an 88 and the other one she had a DQ. I would never expect someone that claimed to know the rules as well as Pam to be disqualifieid. Face it Pam, you can hit the ball a long way but theres more to being a golfer that your distance.

04/29/05 @ 12:25
Comment from: fmaclean [Visitor]
I had Pam's # right from the beginnig of the show. The minute Danielle wanted in the room the first night, she rolled her eyes and the fight was on from that moment on. Whose fault is all this? Pam. BIG TIME!!! She has no right to play on any kind of tour. She is immature, a liar and a sneak and completely unprofessional on a golf course. She's a nasty piece of work who showed her true colors right from the beginning. Danielle has guts and heart in the face of all the bad press she got most started by guess who??? Pam!!
04/29/05 @ 20:42
Comment from: annette [Visitor]
I'm so happy that Danielle won.
Pam has a lot of growing up to do if she wants to play golf professionally.
I have played a lot of competions and there was no way I would want to play with the likes of her. Three years is not enough time to know eveything. One of the things Pam really lacked was etiquette. She forgot to play her own game. That she will only learn with experience.
I think Danielle will do well
and I wish her all the best in her golf. I admired how she kept it together even with Pam's little annoyances.
04/30/05 @ 00:19
Comment from: monty [Visitor]
To all of you who thought Danielle had no chance of winning, i laugh in all of your faces. Pam may be an excellent golfer, she does not have the experience that Danielle has. MWWHHHAAAAHHHAAAAAAA.
05/01/05 @ 20:48
Comment from: Plays a little golf [Visitor]
People can say what they want to about the way Pam played, but no one got to see what was going behind the scenes with her and Danielle. Just from watching her on Tuesday and that unfounded belief that her game is so good I'm surprised that Pam didn't flat inflict bodily harm on her back at the house. Also you cant blame Danielles comments she made about how great of a golfer she is and how people just look at her as a goodlooking blonde just trying to play golf on the producers of TGC because all that crap she was spewing came out of her mouth and nobody elses. I think that ultimately she was jealous of Pam's natural talent who wouldn't be but I can't wait till she gets her butt cut on the Michelob Ultra Open. I wish Pam would have beat Danielle but my overall favorite was Jan, now theres a girl with class.
05/02/05 @ 10:37
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]
Anyone who thinks that Danielle was the only person talking about her looks evidently didn't watch the same BB3 that I did. When they showed the other women they all had comments about that. Danielle is a pretty lady that has game and unfortunately her looks are working against her with all the jealous women that watched. I wish all the participants in BB3 the very best of luck in thier golfing careers, even Pam.
05/04/05 @ 11:40
Comment from: Betty [Visitor]
Hello?? To all of you accusing TGC of stooping to a low level with BB3 - wake up! This is a REALITY TV Show! Would you watch any of those stupid reality TV shows if they didn't have the cat fights? NO! They would be Soooo boring! Same goes for Danielle's body & looks - the producers knew it would ingnite something. I'm sure there were other qualified golfers that they could have chosen. And the fake boob comments? I think there would be a lot of women (blessed / cursed?) with large breasts that would be disappointed to hear comments like that. What puts you in the position to accuse Danielle of getting a boob job? That's pretty Junior High.
05/04/05 @ 14:58
Comment from: Gerry Bryson [Visitor]
Hi Danielle!

Congratulations! Enjoy your Car, gifts, etc; most importantly, please enjoy and take to heart the fact that other Women Golf Pros see a budding golf star with whom they'll now need to reckon!
Great luck with your Exemtions, and Lucia & I look forwad to watching you excel on the LPGA Tour!
Keep smiling!
Best wishes,
Gerry & Lucia Bryson
Monroe, CT.
05/09/05 @ 13:05
Comment from: Vlad [Visitor]
Danielle certainly can hit fairways with the driver (not long enough though) and sure can hit SHORT irons... but that?s about it.

There is no way she will make it with the BIG girls.

And for those drooling over her looks.... have you gone blind?! The woman is a horse-faced, makeup-laden plastic "Bee with an ITCH".

I was really tired of her ?looks? ? same outfit, same hairdo, the only emotions shown ? spiteful remarks, Bhlaaahhh?.

She has no short game (true for most of the contestants), she is a bad putter and oh, yeah:


The whining, the ego, the bitchiness, the cockiness...

Kudos to Pam - she is smart, intelligent and has a lot of potential. I am almost certain she played a mental game with that bitch (D. not marking the put).

Danielle didn?t win - Pam just lost.

At the end - I am glad the Bitch got the exemptions - let her burn out on tour (she absolutely can?t handle a defeat or having someone better around, and my money is on her having ?choking? to turn out as her biggest problem).

I hope Pam evolves as a golfer and realize her full potential soon.

05/09/05 @ 16:25
Comment from: Bill [Visitor]
Vlad no disrespect but, your making sound like Danielle was the only one talking trash. 95% of the women were backstabbing each other. The only one who was really staying out of it was Cindy. When Danielle played at the Michelob Ultra,the pros like Annika were all complimenting her game. If Danielle has all here game at hand, look the f%$! out.
05/09/05 @ 20:37
Comment from: Tim Childs [Visitor]
To all of you who insist on calling Danielle "Barbie", grow up. It is a shame that when a pretty woman becomes succesful we are quick to jump. She has the looks and a good game. The LPGA needs more of this style. Did anyone notice Pam always rolling her eyes and making statements as far back as the first show? I have never seen a person like Pam make so many facial expressions at every turn. Grow up!!!!!!
05/10/05 @ 13:50
Comment from: Jeremy Baxter [Visitor]
All the people that are saying Danielle will never make it in the LPGA have probably never seen what kind of shots she can pull off. Some people are also saying that Danielle probably use to be a guy, because of her muscular thighs. That is like saying that all female body builders use to be men. I also think that all the women who are criticizing her are just jealous because men would rather date her than them.
05/10/05 @ 20:32
Comment from: Stuart [Visitor]
When Danielle first walked into the room all of the ladies were stunned. They were all probably thinking that Danielle would be an easy picking. But this is a classic case of why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Danielle was never even exempt from any eliminations,and still mananged to stay in the game. I hope that Danielle can go on to winning the Corning Classic.
05/10/05 @ 20:52
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]
I think Pam is using a fake name like "Vlad". No one other than Pam would make statements like that. Pam, sorry I mean "Vlad", are you still crying because you got BEAT?
05/12/05 @ 10:21
Comment from: Carol [Visitor]
So Danielle pulls out because of a bad back.... due to fake breasts maybe? or do to the fact that she decided to bare these breasts at a Playboy party! LMAO what a complete loser she is... She will never play in a LPGA tournament again!! She thinks she's tough but bet she's crying right now!!!
05/29/05 @ 02:13
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]
Fake or not they looked pretty good to me........
06/03/05 @ 16:52
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]
"To all of you who insist on calling Danielle 'Barbie', grow up."

Didn't you hear what Danielle said to Debbie in week two? She said, and I quote, "Barbie comes in a box."

In fact, Debbie came onto the Golf Channel message boards, and wrote that Danielle asked the girls to call her "Barbie."

"Granted the rules are specific regarding order of play, but having her replay a ten inch freaking putt is stupid!"

Matchplay rules specifically state that you can't finish a hole after a putt. It was either she replay the putt, or lose the hole.

"The minute Danielle wanted in the room the first night, she rolled her eyes and the fight was on from that moment on."

Pam wrote on the Golf Channel's message boards that she did that when Felicia walked in and said, "I'm so glad I'm not the only pretty one." Well, I paraphrased it at least.
06/04/05 @ 17:11
Comment from: Gayle Payne [Visitor]
Where is Danielle and what is she doing on what tour
06/08/05 @ 22:01
Comment from: i thought danielle was second to cindy [Visitor]
that would have been a better final
06/16/05 @ 09:44
Comment from: Belle Stassi [Visitor]
strong journal you've retain
11/29/10 @ 21:11

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