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Comment from: Don C. [Visitor]
Sure, and why don't we let Vijay & John Daly tee it up on the LPGA circuit while we're at it.
04/30/05 @ 09:35
Comment from: Vernon Wong [Visitor]
Is anyone saying/believe that the LPGA is of equal calibre to the PGA? Of course not! Should Vijay or John Daly be allowed to play in Junior Golf? Of course not! But if a Junior golfer could compete in the PGA, should we prevent them? Any competitor should want to play at the highest level they are capable of.
05/01/05 @ 05:58
Comment from: Roger B. [Visitor]
I agree with Vernon, and as a 40-year old golfer who's been playing for over 30 years (and "scratch" for the last 15) I'm happy to see golf getting the type of mainstream publicity that it is now thanks to people like Tiger, Annika, and Michelle Wie. You have to appreciate those who are willing to be the pioneers and are not afraid to step into the limelight and deliver. I believe Michelle Wie is going to be a great player on the PGA tour one day (yes I said PGA, not LPGA) and I would carry her bag for free if it helped her get there!
05/01/05 @ 14:09
Comment from: Beny [Visitor]
Wie has WON wnere as Anna hasn't.
05/02/05 @ 00:58
Comment from: PETE V. [Visitor]
The LPGA may need publicity stunts, but the PGA doesn't. Sorry Roger, Annika didn't help the PGA become mainstream. The real issue is whether a 15 year old who hasn't won on her own tour and hasn't gone through the qualifying process on any men's tour, has the right to displace the people paying their dues, and, in some cases,trying to pay their bills. Why should these guys suffer because, according to the author, no one is paying attention to the LPGA. Boo hoo, they still make a decent paycheck for a few days in the sun. Potential is great, but accomplish something first.
05/05/05 @ 00:10
Comment from: Roger B. [Visitor]
Pete, try not to mis-quote me (I said "golf" is getting mainstream publicity, I did not say the PGA). I agree the PGA does not need publicity stunts, but some specific tournaments do and that's where sponsor exemptions come into play. The sponsor is mainly trying to "advertise", not provide a training opportunity for struggling pros. Without sponsors (and TV ratings) the tour may still be a bunch of guys scratching out a living from the trunk of an old car. The sponsor's "legally contracted" spot in the field that Michelle Wie is filling was not going to be given to a journeyman who hasn't made his last 12 cuts and probably should be back on the Nationwide tour working on his game. Don't fault Michelle Wie, fault the PGA tour for becoming a victim of their own success. Also ask yourself if Michelle Wie was a 15-yr old white male phenom, would you feel the same? Just for reference I am a married white male, 2 kids, top 1% wage earner, politically moderate, with no ties to any organization that doesn't practice equality.
05/09/05 @ 06:10
Comment from: Juliet E. [Visitor]
I think that women should not be judged against another...Michelle is good and Anna was good. Anna is out because of back problems and Michelle is new and starting, she's got a future ahead of her as does Anna.
05/13/05 @ 13:22
Comment from: Jason O. [Visitor]
Michelle and her parents ought to take a cue from Tiger Woods' career. Tiger's parents were well aware of his extraordinary talents - he appeared on the Mike Douglas show at age 3. Nevertheless, he came up through the ranks steadily and patiently. Even though he consistently dominated his peers, it was at these levels where Tiger began to obtain mastery of tournament golf. He learned how to win a tournament.

Michelle can drive the ball exceptionally far, but it's not likely that she will ever win a PGA or LPGA event without the proper experience. Winning at the professional level involves much more than good driving, and the amateur level is a fine place to develop. Michelle's image, to me, is one of a gifted, but bratty, entitled kid who thinks herself too good to compete against other women and amateurs. I can only imagine the contempt that the hardworking LPGA tour pro's feel toward her, and it seems that with each hubristic failure, she is squandering the public's fascination with her talent.
05/14/05 @ 17:13
Comment from: alan [Visitor]
Sorry everyone you just don't get it.
Michelle has been playing with the best guys in the world and holding her own. There is no going back for Michelle, playing against kids her own age just isn't challenging enough. She doesn't care about winning, it's all about competing against the best regardless. She has played several rounds against Ernie Els who obviously enjoyed the challenge and showed a lot of respect and admiration for her game. She simply can't go back from there.
I know that personally I only watch the LPGA when Michelle plays and there are millions just like me. Michelle turning professional is scarey, how good would she become?
05/20/05 @ 19:58

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