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Comment from: Tim [Visitor]
The golf channel should have entered Pam in the tournament and team her up with Ms. Barbie. Pam would have made the cut. This premadonna is to pretty to play golf and to worried about telling everyone how great she is or how something else is at fault and not her game. what a ego she has
05/06/05 @ 11:55
Comment from: JANET MASTRUSERIO [Visitor]
05/06/05 @ 12:25
Comment from: OT [Visitor]
Why does everyone hate Danielle? Just because she's pretty? Did no one else hear her saying that she faces that everytime she steps on the course? It's too bad that Pam couldn't handle Danielle in her head. What makes you so sure she could handle real pressure? Don't get me wrong... I like Pam too. But for goodness sakes, leave Danielle alone. She'll either perform, or she won't. That's all there is to it. Doesn't matter how she looks... at all.
05/06/05 @ 15:15
Comment from: DannyFan [Visitor]
Say what you want but Danielle got game. She pulled out clutch shots when she needed to in the BB3 final in rotten conditions and made a ton of clutch putts. Yes, she's in her own head and enjoys trying to get in others' as well. No, not many golfers, esp. pros, worry that much about the mental game but, IIRC, Danielle shot just about par in the BB3 final at Kings Mill in the midst of bad weather, pressure and her own self-induced high expectations. That deserves credit.
05/06/05 @ 15:21
Comment from: LJ [Visitor]
Pam has lots of talent and will be an even greater player in the future than she is now, but she couldn't handle the pressure in BB3. Danielle kept her cool in BB3 but evidently can't handle the pressure now. But how many golfers wouldn't be hammered by the pressure the first round out against the pro's? Perhaps she'll have a better second round.
05/06/05 @ 16:36
Comment from: EJL [Visitor]
I laugh that people could pick on Danielle the way they have. 79 on a difficult course is not a bad score. I believe the number one player, Annika Sorenstam shot 76.
Also, I can't remember the last tournament that potential won any tournament. Pam might have a chance later in her career, however, one should not criticize Danielle on her play. If I am not mistaken, Pam has fired an 88 in her only appearance in a Futures Tour Event! Good luck to both, and let Danielle enjoy her moment in the spotlight. We would all kill for that experience!
05/07/05 @ 00:12
Comment from: WJB [Visitor]
Danielle's real problem is that she has no sense of self. She's basically extremely insecure. That's why the big bravado; the huge ego that got in her way. She's all fluff, no substance beneath it. Pam on the other hand knows who she is and what she wants. Ultimately under the pressure of competition Danielle is bound to crack.
05/07/05 @ 21:58
Comment from: Steve [Visitor]
I am not surprised that Danielle missed the cut, but then again I would have been surprised if Pam (if she had won BB3) had made the cut as well. Playing in the big leagues takes a while to get used to and neither one was quite ready for it. That is in my opinion anyway.

However, I do think that Pam had the potential to be a force on the LPGA tour. Give her a great teacher like David Leadbetter or someone of his calibre and watch her natural talent for the game be forged into something beautiful.
05/09/05 @ 10:13
Comment from: Hal Burdick [Visitor]
So how pretty is this Danielle? And why don't we have a swimsuit layout of her on this site? And now that we're talking, why don't we have one of Jennifer Mario as well? Yeah, baby, yeah!
05/09/05 @ 10:23
Comment from: garris [Visitor]
Look.. I would like to think Danielle had a chance as well BUT to listen to her during the interview, her ego is still her worst foe. She says she drives the ball long BUT I didn't see it - did anyone here?
She's a scrapper BUT her attitude will always be her worst enemy (As stated by a couple of pros on tgc). She says that she's ALWAYS perceived as the villian but you have to look at who's the only constant in it all - HER. I think as soon as she addresses that issue, she'll do great. You cannot have an elitist attitude while you're on the bottom. Win a couple of FUTURE'S tourneys and then bring the tude...
05/09/05 @ 18:48
Comment from: Horatiu [Visitor]
Honestly, in my oppinion Danielle has skill but class and a correct attitude she does not, i followed the whole BB3 and throughout it Danielle made a fool of herself, now with playing, but with words. She victimizes herself, not impressive either. Golf is a high class sport/game, to engage in mental/psychological warfare is sickening, if all golfers were to do that golf would go down the drain. Quickly too. I would much rather have seen Pam out there in the LPGA rather than Danielle. Honour and decency are musts for a golfer. Danielle has neitehr from what i have observed. She sees herself as the best player and without her others could not play. Even if she does not say it, watch her faqce and listwen to her tone and her words, she implies it for all to see. Honestly, i was happy to see Danielle's ego shto down a bit by not making the cut. Say what you will abotu her resisting the rpessure in BB3 and Pam not, but you're forgetting one of the most deciding factors in golf, luck. If a wind decides to pick up when you hit the ball to the green and there is a nice water hazard right beside it, not really great to be you then is it. Does that mean yu have less skill then me because your ball is in the water through bad luck and mine is near the hole through better luck, possibly i sliced it and the wind put it back on track. Does that mean i am a better player than you? No, it doesn't. Pam should have been chosen, for sure, too bad she wasnt. Danielle, she makes herself the vilain nobody else does, and she will enver realise this as her ego does not permit her to.

note- excuse all typos made in the above text.
05/10/05 @ 17:35
Comment from: B-YVR [Visitor]
Come on... both ladies play head games. Pam was just as bad/ or good as Danielle. The little faces/ smirks Pam made were just as bad as Danielle. At least Danielle was up front about it. Any advantages you can get on your playing partner, you would. If you dont then you are not a competitor... then go play pitch and putt then
05/10/05 @ 23:07
Comment from: Brian [Visitor]
Pam was just as guilty as Danielle, and at least Danielle knows how to conduct herself on a golf course.

Seriously, could Pam have been any more whiney? I wasn't rooting for either of them, but I was actively rooting against Pam. She's the worst kind of golfer....no tact on the course and completely unable to handle pressure to the point that she complains about it.
05/11/05 @ 15:04
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]
Ya know, I would love to get all you guys (and girls) in a room together and do a talk show about this. I don't have a talk show, but if I did...

Listen, Pam and Danielle are both O.K. golfers, however to put them on the same level as LPGA players, no way. Not one of the players on BBIII would make it. For that matter none of the men on the 2 first shows could hang with the PGA players. Let's face it, BB takes average golfers and puts them on TV because we average golfers want to watch. It gets ratings, and Danielle gets ratings. I would not be surprised if she gets her own reality show. Danielle is one of the most annoying women ever, not golfer, but as a female. Women who say, Oh I am so pretty that everyone hates me, can kiss my @$$. Attitude like that gets you no where in my book, and she isn't even that pretty. Natalie Gulbis, Grace Park etc... Danielle is not close by any means.

The bottom line is, we as the viewing public have control over what we watch, and we watch Danielle and Pam because we either love or hate them. Either way the Golf channel wins and we get nothing from the whole thing but forums with chat, and a few hours of entertainment.

Love em or hate em, no one on any of the shows has the skills to be at the pro level, because if they did, they would already be there.
05/12/05 @ 11:48
Comment from: Ray [Visitor]
Hi..My name's Danniel. I'm ever so beautiful in black and I hit the ball a looooooooog way..maybe 200 yds. I'm mentally tough which is why I whined the whole series. Please come watch me miss the cut..Oh..I like to walk fast,too.. )
05/12/05 @ 23:10
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]
Hey Ray, I don't see you teeing it up on tour!!! Furthermore, FYI, I was at the tournament, and Danielle does in fact bomb the ball more than 200; probably farther than you could.

For Jennifer Mario, if you're so great that you can knock Danielle, why are you only writing articles, and not on tour?

Lastly, my wife and my kids met Danielle at Kingsmill; she was sincerely kind my kids, and throughout her week at Kingsmill, everytime that she saw them, she called on them by name...oh, and by the way, YES, SHE IS VERY NICE LOOKING AS WELL (for all who say she isn't)!!!

Don't be a bunch haters because you can only wish that you could either play as well, or look as good, or get that much attention from other people!
05/13/05 @ 12:23
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]
Oh yeah, BTW, Danielle bombed the ball past the other tour players...on many holes!!!
05/13/05 @ 12:29
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]
As I said...

Controversy makes money, and ratings even higher.

Her new reality series begins soon,


Big Break Bombshells

05/16/05 @ 11:49
Comment from: Al [Visitor]
Come'on everybody... lets end this silly Danielle thing. Lets face it she's an okay golfer... but LPGA pro capable... I hardly think so. The LPGA needs her like Custer needed more Indians. She's just another big mouth "beeotch" whose augmented chest gets in the way of her swooping swing. Rumor has it she's been pictured topless for some Playboy event. I doubt that ever happened, but wouldn't be surprised if she started the rumor. Who knows maybe even the Golf Channel started that stuff. As far as "how pretty" she is? Yeah she's okay lookin, and has a nice shape... but to go ga-ga over her is just silly. There are many more attractive women playing on the LPGA tour who have a much better game.... Natalie and Jennifer just to name two. So come'on people lets get real here. Lets enjoy the Pro Golf played on the LPGA and let all of us keep in mind.. "IT's JUST A FRIGGIN GAME."
06/09/05 @ 11:55

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