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Comment from: Doug Dennison [Visitor]
If Mr. Callaway left you a sleeve of either the HX Hot's or HX Tour's, I'll be willing to bet $10 that your Precepts will end up gathering dust on the shelf...

I used to be a "Precept guy" myself, but once Callaway came out with the HX lines....bye-bye Precepts....
05/16/05 @ 02:24
Comment from: Colette Sanders [Visitor]
I'm also a female golfer in Chapel Hill. I wished I'd known about the demo day -- my X12s are showing their age. I also could use a spring tune up. I'm not a stalker -- honest -- I'm just interested in where the demo day was and where you bought your new clubs.
05/16/05 @ 17:09
Comment from: larry leverett [Visitor]
Please tell me where and when are teh next demo days. I would really like to see the callaway irons, the taylor-made r-5 fairway woods, and the Titliest 905 driver. I live in Ahwatukee but I have a car and am willing to drive.
Larr Leverett, MD
05/19/05 @ 19:41
Comment from: Ed Weatherby [Visitor]

First of all you need an education as bad as the OEM's doing the demo day.

There is ability and clubs that go with that ability.

There are men that do not hit a ball as well as Anika and do you think she has WOMEN's clubs?

Please educate yourself or forever be food for foder for the marketing crap they all give you
05/25/05 @ 12:30
Comment from: Jennifer Mario [Member] Email
I beg to differ, Mr. Weatherby.
You are right that there is ability and clubs to go with that ability. But there is also height and hand size, and clubs to go with those features as well.

"Women's clubs," as they are called by marketers and everyone else in the world, have shorter shafts and smaller grips than men's clubs. That's what makes them women's clubs. As for senior clubs, that has to do with the flex of the shaft, but they are still too long for most women. Hence my offense at being handed a MEN'S club. I'm not 5-10, the height of the average man. I'm 5-4, the height of the average woman. There's nothing wrong with calling the clubs that I need "women's" clubs. Frankly, it's better than calling them "small-handed short person's clubs," which is apparently what you think they should be called.

05/25/05 @ 19:11
Comment from: Turk Medo [Visitor]
There is a new site online that demos clubs 24-7-365 and they will ship them to your front door. Golfclubdemo.com I havent tried it yet because I just bought a new set of Mizuno mx23 steel reg. If I would have known prior to purchasing it would have helped speed up the process. I could only find a six iron to try before the buy. I think GCD will let you demo 4-6-8-pw or 3-5-7-9
for five days. Sounds cool.

08/15/05 @ 15:42

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