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Comment from: mike [Visitor]
I think that if annika wanted to work on her driving by lengthing her driver for another 10 yards and maybe a distance ball, she could compete on the PGA. What I find interesting is how can you find tournament golf entertaining when you are beating everyone by 10 strokes.
05/16/05 @ 13:22
Comment from: MikeR [Visitor]
I am not amazed watching the women play PGA events. In fact, the more it occurs, the more annoying I find it! I get almost as irritated looking at these gloats about how/if/when comments. In my humble opinion, if it weren't for the 'political correctness' of the subject, these discussions would not be in existance! Annika is fantastic, like Tiger, but the men have closed the gap. What are the women waiting for with Annika? Cross mixing of the sexes is horse pucky! As for Wie, lets get real. With her skills, training, spoon feeding, she's dominating nothing! I could care less about her age, if she steps on that stage, she's fair game. So stop protecting her with the kid gloves stuff. Yes, she has skills, but its like the old addage; "Drive for show, putt for dough." You can give all the exemptions you want, neither she or Annika are ready for the PGA. And Annika hits everything down the middle. Sure, they can play PGA rounds, but from what I see, its a freak show. Lets get real, and stop handcuffing the players real opinions. If the question what we fans think, everyone labels them as anti women. The NBA, MLB, NFL,and NHL, don't do it for a reason, and it has nothing to do with sex. This discussion sounds like the soccer mom's perpetuating this idea that competitive sports are all equal, and no one really win's nonsense! Have the WPGA extended any invitations to the VJ, or Phil? You're are boxing the guys in, taking advantage of their kindness. It's just a pretty version of a quest for inclusion, that we experience in Augusta of lately. Drop the Wie media stuff, and focus on the top ten grinding it out every event! Anyway, Paula Creamer should have proved that your looking in the wrong direction for a story. Thanks for this slot to vent, and don't hate me because I call it the way I hear it on the courses of everyday players.
05/27/05 @ 14:11
Comment from: Steven [Visitor]
You guys who get mad at women playing in the PGA are a complete joke. Golf is a GAME--not a sport. What are you afraid of? That women playing in the PGA will prove this to be true? Any woman taller than 5'8" should be able to play as well as the average PGA player. I personally think it would be fitting since half the male PGA golfers need to wear a bra.
06/12/05 @ 20:32

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