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Comment from: R. Smith [Visitor]
Lord, I hate to chime in in the Old Man's defense! But Tim DID start out his blog with "A New York Times story confirms ..." And his second 'graph reads: "The National Golf Foundation reports that ... the average score for the average golfer still stands at around 100, AS IT HAS FOR DECADES." [CAPS MINE FOR EMPHASIS]

So while I'm all for throwing rotten tomatoes at old cranks like McDonald, it's not like he's just making up this stuff.
05/27/05 @ 02:55
Comment from: Jennifer Mario [Member] Email
Sure, the average golfer's score is still around 100. Because with his new equipment, the average golfer drives his ball even deeper into the woods than he was before. Fancy equipment can't replace skill, after all. That's why the true test of the equipment is made by the pros. And look what they're doing, their scores are so low now that golf course architects are complaining that golf courses "are obsolete."

If the average golfer would go out and get some lessons to go along with those new clubs, there's no telling what his average score would be.
05/27/05 @ 10:34
Comment from: Ronald S. Montesano [Visitor]
I concur with JM. The AVERAGE golfer takes no more lessons today, nor practices the short game, nor works out the golfing muscles, nor ponders its mysteries, than she/he has done in decades past. What the AVERAGE golfer does do is purchase more and dream more and expect more. I was recently given two sets of irons, both from the 1970s: Wilson Staff and MacGregor Tourney. I hit the ball on the sweet spot a lot, and pured these babies deep into the woods behind my house. Heaven forbid that I should mishit them, though. If Scottish Kings via edict could not force citizens to practice their archery, how can we expect AVERAGE golfers to practice their golf?
05/28/05 @ 17:23
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]
Well, I'm split. Yes, Tim is right in saying that they are a rip-off (but what isn't?) and that they're not magic clubs. HOWEVER, I must agree with Jennifer and say that hitting a 1940's club WILL make a difference. I use "medium-quality" clubs and have not had any trouble. I have used very old ones and I was undershooting my average distance a bit. And finally, I used a new Taylor Made (I can't remember the model) and I noticed a definite difference (all for the better). I think that this whole issue is a matter of opinion. So stop bitching please...
05/29/05 @ 13:03
Comment from: Chase [Visitor]
I am all with JM on this one. A few days ago I switched from a 5-6 year old driver, to a brand new TaylorMade R540. Although not the best club on the market by any means, what a difference it made. My drives are now much straighter and an average of 20-30 yds. farther.
06/28/05 @ 00:29

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