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Comment from: Arlen C. Nimrod [Visitor]
Everyone fails to note that Danica risks her life for her sport. Now THAT'S commitment. I guess a golfer could get struck by lightning....
06/15/05 @ 18:40
Comment from: Golf Grouch [Visitor]
Jennifer, you nailed the Pro V1 on the screws with this article.

Rob Gordon is such an idiot. If weight matters so much in auto racing, then wouldn't light-weight drivers dominate? Horse-jockeys would have a new sport.

If Annika can't be the next "Danica," maybe Wie could...
06/16/05 @ 13:19
Comment from: Archie [Visitor]
Pleeeeeease get off the 'Annika doesn't get enough press' crap. It's become such a tired rant. Annika doesn't get press because few people care about women's golf. It's the same reason nobody cares/knows who won the WNBA title. And if you think Annika would magically make the cut in a PGA tour event this year just because she's dominating a bunch of inconsistent female golfers, you need to do some more research about the PGA tour. Annika played to her absolute best on a course that was perfectly suited to her in weather conditions that were most favorable to her as well, and she still would have missed the cut even if she had replicated that performance on day 2 rather than melting down like she did. I think Annika is an amazing golfer; probably the best female golfer ever. But no excuses are necessary because the public doesn't care much. Further, she is NOT in any way deserving of the 'best athlete' status certain members of the press want to afford her. That's such a ridiculous comment that it's not worthy of more than a chuckle, much less a response. And regarding Robby Gordon's comments about Danica, you really should know what you're talking about before you spout on subjects other than golf. In racing, weight is everything and a 100 lb. difference in a car that weighs under 2,000 lbs is a very material difference. Danica is a very skilled race car driver and deserves all the accolades she has received, but that doesn't mean Gordon's comments weren't accurate. They were. But hey, in today's environment, political correctness seems to trump brutal honesty ever time.
06/23/05 @ 11:51
Comment from: Jojo [Visitor]
Danica is significantly lighter than the other drivers she competes against and it does make a difference. While some male drivers may weigh 20-30 pounds lighter than their peers, Danica weighs 110 pounds less than some of the guys. IRL teams have estimated that this gives her a 1 mph advantage over the field. This equates to about 30 seconds over an entire race. 30 seconds is significant. That could mean the difference between 1st place and 10th. Even if they are exaggerating the advantage and it really is a 0.5 mph advantage, you're talking 15 seconds and 4 or 5 positions.

As for Danica receiving much more attention than Annika, two reasons readily come to mind: (1) auto racing is a much more popular sport to watch than golf is, and (2) Danica can be considered a babe; Annika, not so much.
08/25/05 @ 01:19
Comment from: Joseph [Visitor]
Robby Gordon owns Danica, Danica only ran well because of topped equipment that gives more edge, Robby Gordon would dominate if he had her car
08/31/05 @ 02:36
Comment from: Josh [Visitor]
Robby Gordon couldn't drive a short stick up a dogs ass. If you think he has talent, maybe you should check out a NASCAR race. When it comes to road courses, he knows his way around, but when it comes to ovals, he's lost. Gordon drove for Richard Childress, and achieved 3 wins in I believe 3 years. Two were at road courses,(where he has a signifigant amount more experience than his competitors) and one was at a 1.5 mile oval where he stayed out under caution and it started raining. Considering Danica comes from a road-racing background, i'd say she's done well on the ovals considering she hasn't done it before.
10/15/05 @ 22:34

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